Dani Cums to Me


I’m 47 years old and I’ve never felt a cunt as wet as the one attached to Dani, who by the way, was attached to the rails of my staircase. Her body glistened with the moisture of excitement and embarrassment. After all, it was the first time that she had ever shown me her hard little body and now she was helpless to hide her most private parts.

It had taken about 2 months to get to this point, and now, I was providing a valuable service to Dani before she got married and concentrated on pleasing her husband. She and I work in the same office and are often paired together on various assignments. We both hail from the same neighborhood, although she is about a generation behind. We now live some 3,000 miles from that city and have come to share many laughs and nostalgic moments talking about the places that are familiar to us but no one else.

About 7 weeks ago, I noticed that I started having feelings for this beautiful young woman. While I’m not married, I would never let her know how I thought about her, after all, she is only a few years older than my daughter, who is in her third year of college. After fantasizing about her for about three weeks, I decided that the only way to get her out of my head would be to have a single fuck session. Then, we’d both continue along our slightly connected lives. To begin the process, I began to talk to her more often and to complement her efforts on the project. I adopted her opinions on several key decision points and helped her increase her value to the team and to future projects. We also began talking about her upcoming wedding and her new life, which she was slightly hesitant to enter.

Dani is very attractive, borderline beautiful. She worked out three times a week and it showed. One day after work, she seemed to want to talk, but didn’t seem too focused on what she actually wanted to talk about. After about 30 minutes, it became apparent that her concern was about sex. It seemed that Dani was not very successful in the sex department. I now understood why she had not been very successful at keeping men in her life. As we continued to talk, it became clear that Dani was sexually active, but had not ever enjoyed the pleasure of an orgasm! It seemed like she was still in high school, giving pleasure freely but experiencing nothing in return. Even her fiancé took but never gave. She was also feeling the guilt of being raised by a strict Catholic mother. She was taught that sex was bad and that masturbation was a sin against God. So, being a good kid, she minimized her desires and had never even felt the tingle of her own fingers. Dani was dieing to find out what it would be like to be pleasured.

I told her that I would be more than glad to help her with her problem, but that she had to tell me what she wanted before I would provide it.

A few days after that discussion, she approached me again. She said that her fantasy was to be tied and tortured, although she wasn’t into pain. She really wanted to be tied and pleasured. I told her that this would be fun, for both of us. I also told her that I had a method of fulfilling this fantasy, but that she would have to trust me completely, do everything I say to do, and allow her to surrender to her pleasure. She agreed and we set a date for the next evening.

On Wednesday, we were paired together in several meetings. Thinking about my plans for her that night had me going hard and soft the entire day. I was excited! For the first time in my life, I was going to enjoy a gorgeous sexual being that was half my age! This was going to be fun.

At the end of the workday, I gave Dani one last out. I told her that if she has any hesitations, not to come over and that once she walked into my house, she was committed and that she was going to be my pleasure slave. She blushed when she looked at me and said that she would come over at 7pm.

After a shower in which I shaved my cock and balls, Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort I dressed in a loose fitting sweat suit and prepared for her arrival. I secured the leather restraints that my ex and I used and I began plotting the evening and all of the pleasure points that Dani and I would enjoy.

My heart thumped when I heard the doorbell ring. When I opened the door, I was confronted by one of the most beautiful sights that I had ever seen. Her dark brown hair was down framing her face and neck perfectly and she was dressed in a pair of low cut jeans with a short knit top that left her flat stomach in plain view. OK, I admit it; I fell in love with this sight.

By now, I was more nervous than she appeared to be. For the first time since I had met her, I was staring into the eyes of a very confident young woman. I decided that I had to gain control of the situation immediately, or the chance of a lifetime would be lost.

“Come in and stand in the middle of the room.”

She entered my living room, stopped when she reached the middle, and turned to face me. The look in her eyes betrayed her innocence and let me know that she had arrived with a goal in mind…to be pleasured.

“So, what do you plan to do to me?”

“You’re not to speak, Dani. If I need your input, I will ask you directly for it. Now, turn your back to me and take off those clothes.”

She appeared shocked for a moment, but eventually turned and pulled her top over her head. The slowly reached back and unhooked her black bra and dropped it to the ground. I could see by the red color blotches on her back that she was uncomfortable, but now was not the time to stop. She unzipped her jeans and pulled them and her panties off, all in one swift movement. Then she stood straight.

“Good, now without turning toward me, I want you to walk over to the table and put on the blindfold that I’ve placed there.”

Without hesitation this time, Dani walked slowly across the room and did exactly as I had asked.

“Now, turn around so I can look at you.”

Dani turned. Thank God for the blindfold because I was shocked by her body. She was magazine model material. Her breasts were slightly on the small side, but when viewed with the entire package, she was absolutely beautiful. Her pussy was shaved and her lips were distended, full, and very shiny wet. She was also bright red. I decided to build some trust before dishing out the torture.

“Walk toward me and give me a hug. I want you to know that you are safe and that I will not do anything to hurt you.”

She walked over to me and we embraced. I kissed her forehead while rubbing my hands slowly around her back. She melted into me and started to relax. “Dani, I am going to ask you a question and I want you to answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no'”. She held me tighter and I felt her tremble. “Dani, are you here to be pleasured?”


I kissed her on her nose and she raised her face to me so that we could kiss on the lips. It was tender, but more like sealing a contract than being in love. I took my arms off of her and turned her toward my stairway. I then took one arm at a time and secured her with the leather cuffs to the upright rails of my stairway. I had her spread her legs a few feet apart and attached her ankles to a stick that would prevent her from moving them.

Once secured, I stood back and enjoyed my fine work of art. Her hair looked beautiful against her tanned skin and for the first time, I noticed how small her ass and hips were. Her hips were not much wider than her waist, but her “lines” were fantastic. After turning on the stereo, I snapped a few pictures with my digital camera. Hey, this was a moment to treasure, and I planned to treasure it often!

I quietly walked toward her and pressed myself against her back. My hands began to lightly caress her arms, neck, head, back and tits. Her Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort nipples hardened instantly and gave me something to pinch while I began to kiss and lick the back of her neck. After a few minutes of general ‘petting’, I reached around her waist and ran my hand softly against her hairless mound and pussy lips. She had the wettest pussy that I had ever touched! I was rock hard in my sweat pants but was committed to providing her at least three orgasms before I took one for myself. I crawled around to her front side and knelt staring at her treasure. Her slit was low and with the large labia, she had what I and my friends refer to as a “cookie”.

I leaned forward and blew hot air across her lips as she immediately shivered and flexed her legs. Then, while kissing and licking her thighs from her knees to her hips, I began rubbing a finger up and down her soaking slit. It felt as though someone had poured melted butter into her and it was now leaking out. With this amount of discharge, I began to wonder if this was why she hadn’t had an orgasm, she was too wet to build sufficient friction.

After a few minutes, I leaned in and licked her slit from the bottom to her clit, and then did it again letting my tongue penetrate the outer lips. Her taste was fantastic and made my cock throb in my sweats. Had it not been for our bargain, I believe that I would have tore myself out of my sweats and humped her right then, but I had a job to do.

It was time for her first orgasm, so I set my tongue free to do what it had been trained to do so many years before. Very quickly, I could tell that she was approaching a climax. I fucked her with two fingers, searching for her G-spot while attacking her slit and clit with my lips and tongue. After a couple of minutes, I could tell that she was primed, but couldn’t release, so I went for plan “b”. I got up and went around to her back and I thought I could hear Dani moan with disappointment, but she was about to get my most personal treatment.

Kneeling behind her, I reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. With my free hand, I spread her ass slightly and blew hot air on her rosebud. I immediately saw her pucker her ass and try to flex her cheeks shut as it appeared nobody had taken this path with her before.

“Trust me Dani” was all I had to say and her cheeks softened. I leaned in and began licking her rosebud while finger fucking her cunt and rubbing her clit. It only took about 10 seconds and she moaned loudly, stiffened, and enjoyed her first orgasm.

When she stopped straining, I brought her down slowly, hugging her from behind, kissing her neck, and rubbing her quietly. When she regained her balance, I said; “well, you learned that lesson well, now on to the second step.”

I dropped my sweatpants and climbed onto the second step. Her face was against the stair rails and was cock-high as the guys in the glory holes call it. I told her that she needed to rest her pussy for a few minutes but that she needed to keep busy so that her mind would remain poised to feel pleasure, again. With that, I leaned my hips forward and my 7 inch cock nudged against her lips. Without being asked, Dani opened her mouth and took me in. I could feel her tongue and lips work in unison as she was obviously very experienced in this area. It didn’t take long before I was ready to pop. She knew and took me in deeper as I shuddered and sprayed her throat with several hard, hot jets of cum. She swallowed most of it, but some dribbled out her lips (and I think her nose), down to her beautiful breasts.

“Thank you Dani, now are you ready for another orgasm?” She nodded yes, and I told her that this one was going to be different. Climbing down the stairs, I crossed the room and picked up a cock-shaped latex vibrator, then knelt behind her and slowly kissed her ass. Her pussy was still soaked, and I ran my fingers through Kurtköy İranlı Escort her lips to make sure that she was ready for the next trick. I licked the head of the cock to make it wet and slowly fed it into her starving pussy. Judging by the flexing of her ass cheeks, I could tell that she was enjoying this game. I very slowly fucked her with about four inches of the “cock” while running a finger over her clit once in a while.

“Do you like to be fucked, Dani?”


“Do you like being fucked this way, Dani?”


Her hips were moving now, and I decided it was time to charge-her-up. While on the upstroke, I clicked the button and heard the purr of the vibrator. Dani immediately recoiled and groaned several times.

“Does this feel good, Dani?”

“Oh yeah”

I leaned in, again, and began licking her ass while fucking her with the vibrating cock, taking care to create clit contact on each upstroke. Soon, Dani thrust her ass against my face and tightened her entire body. She stayed this way for quite a while as she enjoyed her first “hard” orgasm. Her entire body broke out in a sweat during this time and when she finished, she slumped down as far as she could considering the restraints. She was shaking like she had fallen into a cold pool.

I let the vibrator slide out and quickly removed the restraints from her legs. Then, I supported her weight as I unhooked her arms. I carried her up the stairs to my room and deposited her on the bed, laying face down. I tore off the sweat top that I was wearing and covered her body with mine, taking care to keep as much weight on my arms as possible. When she stopped trembling, I lay beside her and rubbed her legs, ass, and back as gently as I could. I also noticed that my hard cock was attempting to push itself through the skin on her hip.

“Are you going to try for three?”

“Yes, please.”

I asked her to keep the blindfold on and climb on top of me, which she did with practiced precision. She reached back, grabbed my cock in her hand for the first time, and sat back on it. She was still so wet that I bottomed out on the first stroke. Once again, I took in the beauty of her body. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and the nipples stood out like small pencil erasers. I leaned up and sucked on one while we began to find a slow, sensuous rhythm. At this moment, I felt closer to Dani than I ever had with any woman before. I was glad that she was still blindfolded so that we could not read the feelings in each others eyes. We continued.

“Dani, do you think that you can cum in this position?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Then do.”

She started to ride me harder and I reached in to rub her clit with my finger. In less than a minute, she dropped onto me, hugged me very tight, and exploded with the hardest of the three. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I released a huge load inside of her.

“That felt great, Dani, now roll over on your back”.

My cock popped out of her as she twisted onto her back.

“You’ve been such a good sport; I will give you the full spa treatment, today.”

I placed my hands under her ass and proceeded to lick every drip of my load out of her trembling cunt. Before I was finished, she trembled again, but it was much milder than any of the others.

When she was cleaned, I climbed up and kissed her on the lips. She seemed to suck me into her as she enjoyed the taste of our combined passion.

When our lips parted, I removed her blindfold and kissed her gently on the forehead.

“I believe that you have now experienced an orgasm.”

“Four”, she replied as she hugged me and pulled me down for another passionate kiss.

“I think you’re ready to enjoy your man fully, but if you need more lessons in the future, you know where to find me!”

She just looked at me, slowly got out of the bed, walked downstairs and dressed. Before she left, she walked back to me and gave me one last hug.

“Thank you. I can’t wait to see you at work, tomorrow.”

“Ditto”, I replied.

I felt kind of empty as I watched her drive away, but then I remembered my video cameras and I scurried-off to discover what I’d captured on tape!

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