Dan’s Party


When I was in college, I had this room mate named Dan. Even though he had a girl friend all through college, my other roommate and I happened to find a whole bunch of gay porn on his computer one day while he was in class. He had this one video clip of a guy hooked up to this mechanical fucking machine that really freaked my other room mate out, but we never said anything to him about it. I thought it was pretty disgusting, but at the same time, I was a little turned on by it.
Over the summer one year, when school was out, Dan and I independently decided to stay in the area for the summer and we each rented different apartments. During the summer, Dan was living with his girlfriend, Julie, in an apartment they rented on the third floor of an older building. My girlfriend had gone home for the summer and we talked on the phone every once in a while. After a month I was pretty horny and neither of us could fly out to meet the other.
Anyway, Dan and his girlfriend would have small drinking parties at there place pretty much every week. I was over at Dan’s place one week when this guy we all knew from around campus showed up with a nice size bag of weed and we all started smoking up. –As a complete aside, smoking up and drinking alcohol is something you really shouldn’t do because it can really fuck you up. I did it once a few weeks before midterms and I was so sick the next morning I didn’t get up all day except to throw up.
It was a pretty small party in a nice sized apartment. People started to mellow out after the weed arrived and I noticed that Dan over in the living room with some of Julie’s gay friends doing tequila shots. Julie, came up to me and offered me a drink. We started talking, and I kept noticing how great her tits were under her shirt. She had brownish blond hair pulled back, kinda a cute round face, a tight blue t-shirt and short, tight jean skirt on. I was so horny just looking at her. By the way she was talking to me and laughing, I could tell that the pot had made her a little horny too. It was totally wrong of me, but just had to nail her.
After we finished the second drink we shared a joint and started talking about fucking, and how she said that Dan liked to do her in the ass. I laughed and told her the story about the fucking machine movie. “Really?” she said. Her eyes lit up. “I’ll be right back.”
When she came back she had big, cream colored plastic butt plug and a jar of Vaseline. “Come on,” she said, “we’re gunna have a little pay back.”
There were maybe four or five people in the living room were Dan was on the couch while everyone else was outside on the porch. She went up to Dan and straddled him. He was completely stoned and wasted. She started forcing her tongue into his mouth as she reached down and undid his belt buckle and started sliding off his pants.
“The hell are you doing?” Dan mumbled. I didn’t exactly know what she was doing myself, but I was pretty sure his ass was going to be sore and he wasn’t going to remember what happened.
Julie motioned to one of her girl friends and the girl went over to help her get his pants off. “Take your clothes off and I’ll suck your dick,” Julie said to Dan. The girls got Dan naked on the couch in front of everyone and Julie started sucking his cock while she smeared Vaseline on his ass. Her girl friend and some guy sat next to Dan on either side lifting his legs and holding them spread apart.
Julie pulled off his cock. She got down on her knees and started inserting the Vaseline covered plug into Dan’s ass. Some of the guys outside on the patio noticed what was going on inside through the window and apparently decided to just stay out of the whole thing and stay on the patio. Everybody inside, myself included, started to watch pretty intently.
While Julie was working Dan’s ass with the butt plug, he kept moaning and wiggling his hips into it. It was pretty obvious that he was unaware of what was going on. After she had worked the thing all the way in to the stopper at the bottom, a big black guy moved over to Julie and pushed her aside. Julie smiled and scooted aside to let the guy do his thing. He worked the butt plug in and out for a while, twisting it from side Sex hikaye to side.
Then the guy pulled the thing out nice and slow and put it on the table. He stood up and slid his pants down. I probably should have said something instead of letting him get raped while he was almost unconscious, but I was turned on by the whole thing, and I was looking for way to pull his girl friend to the side and drop a load in her. I could see the guy from behind as he positioned his cock at Dan’s back door and watched him push himself in. Dan just seemed to groan with pleasure as the guy started fucking him. As he was about to finish, he reached his hand over to Julie’s head. After a couple of fast pumps, he pulled his dick out and, turning to the side, stuck it in Julie’s mouth. She opened wide and I could see his spunk shooting out into her mouth. She closed her mouth and gave the black guy a couple of quick sucks before he slide his cock back in Dan’s ass for a few finishing strokes. Julie got up and snowballed the cum into Dan’s mouth. It was so hot watching their slopping tongue kisses, cum dripping down out of her mouth and into his.
The guy holding Dan’s leg and the Black guy traded places with each other and the nest guy dropped his pants so that he could fuck Dan in the ass as well.
Dan’s girl friend came over to me and kissed me as the next guy fucked Dan. Her mouth still tasted like cum and I wondered if she was going to catch the next guys cum too. “I think he likes it, don’t you?”
“I guess so,” I said.
“You bring a girl?” she asked. But I didn’t even answer. I just couldn’t take it any more. I had to fuck this Julie girl. I grabbed her by the arms and forced her into her bed room. I closed the door and pushed her back on the bed. Then I dropped my pants down to my ankles. Julie looked at me with her devilish smile and pulled me to the side of the bed by the base of my cock. Then she took a good four inches in her mouth as though she was trying to swallow me whole.
She drew back on me, and slowly slid my cock back into her mouth. Her tongue was so soft and warm it made me want to cum right there. She kept going back and forth in long slow strokes, driving me wild. She slide down again and I could feel myself at the back of her mouth where it started to get tight, and she slowly kept sliding down, sliding my dick down her throat until her teeth and nose were crammed into my body and my dick was in as far as it would go. I could feel her throat muscles trying to swallow me. She made small bobs close to my body so I could feel my cock fucking her throat. After a few seconds of bobbing, I was about to cum. But before I could shoot down her throat, she pulled my cock out and looked at me. I couldn’t believe it, I was so close. This bitch was just fucked up.
“You want to fuck me in the ass?” she said.
“Yeah I want to fuck your ass,” I replied impatiently.
“Okay, I’ll let you fuck me in the ass in one condition. You’ve got to let me fuck you in the ass. I got this big black vibrator I want to shove up your ass while you’re doing me.”
“Yeah, sure, whatever,” I said. I was so horny at this point. I just needed to get a load off and I was about ready to go out there and just fuck Dan if this chick wasn’t going to finish me off soon.
I lay back on the bed with my clothes off and my hard on raging like she said. She went to the closet and got out the big plastic box of sex toys. She pulled out some hand cuffs and cuffed my hand to the front of the bed. Then she put a big ball gag in my mouth and strapped it in. I couldn’t believe how kinky this girl was. She obviously knew what she was doing and it made me all the more excited. The next thing she pulled out was a set of leather restraints. “Danny likes to put these on me when he invites some other guys to come and fuck me” she said. She tied my legs up to a choke collar on my neck so I couldn’t put them down. I could only lay on my back with my knees in the air spread wide apart.
She pulled out the black vibrator which was shaped like a thick eight dick and got down between my spread open thighs. She started licking my asshole and then she replaced her touch with the lubed up, buzzing, Erotik hikaye vibrating dildo. The vibrations left so good on my ass I started bucking against the restraints. I found myself oddly wanting the thing inside me. My ass muscles relaxed to take it in as it applied pressure on my hole. Being drunk and stoned might have had something to do with it, but didn’t seem to hurt that much. She worked it in, turning it, twisting it as my hips grinded into it. As she pushed it in, I kept wanting it more and more. I could feel it up against my prostate and the vibrations were just too much for me. She touched the head of my cock to stick it in her mouth and I came all over her hand and onto myself. I let out a giant moan and my whole body shook as she kept rocking it in me with her other hand. I don’t think I’ve ever orgasmed so hard in my life.
She turned the vibrator off but left the thing in my ass. Julie stood up and said, “That’s very bad. You’re a very bad boy. I think you need to get punished.”
I don’t know what it was about her or the way she said it, but my eyes must have lit up.
“You want to be punished?” she said.
I shook my head in approval.
Julie smiled and left the room. As I lay there in the empty room, I could feel the vibrator starting to slip out of my ass which was disappointing since I wanted it in there and I couldn’t push it back in myself. After a while Julie came back in the room with some naked male party guests and a couple of female new arrivals. The new girls had apparently been partying earlier since they were all blood shot and clearly already high.
Julie got on the bed and straddled me with her back facing me. The first guy got down between my thighs and pulled the vibrator out. Then he started licking the cum off my dick and sucking on me. I couldn’t see anything because Julie was in the way, but I knew I was having a guy suck my dick and I started to get hard again.
Julie reach back and pulled down my ball gag, them she attacked my face with her ass like an animal. “Eat it. Eat my ass with your fucking tongue,” she said to me. I licked and ate her ass, darting my tongue in and out as she played with her self. I never thought it would be such a turn on. It tasted awful, but I just had to keep eating her ass.
Down below, I felt the tip of a greasy penis pushing up against my back door. I didn’t even care if it was gay, I wanted to fill my ass again. I could feel ever inch of him slowly slide itself into my colon. I stuck my tongue deep in Julie’s ass as far as it would go. I was tongue fucking her ass the way I wanted my own ass to be fucked, deep and hard.
Julie kept jumping up and down on my tongue, suffocating me in her ass crack. She was rubbing her pussy wildly as she was approaching climax. The guy in my ass went in deep, pushing himself in as far as he could go, warm nuts slapping against my butt, he took short fast strokes, then slowed down to take longer smoother ones. Each time he pulled out, I felt the friction of his dick against my walls, only to be rewarded with a quick push that filled my ass with cock again. I was in ecstasy. As Julie started to cum, she pushed her ass down on my tongue as her muscles contracted around me. I wiggled myself around inside her and she loved it.
After she had let out a low deep moan, she slid off me and the next drunk girl kneeled down around my head, shoving her thick matted bush into my face. I was in such ecstasy from the ass fucking I was receiving, could barely control my head. My tongue reached out in search of her slit, as she pushed her hips into me. She reached down and spread herself with her fingers and my tongue found her burning, dripping hole. Her pussy was so hot and covered with thick, sticky juices. The smell of her sex was overpowering. Just as I touched her clit, I felt a warm liquid filling my ass with a couple of short deep thrusts. Just touching the girl on my face drove her wild, she was so worked up to begin with.
The cock in my ass slide out and the next guy positioned himself at my rear. I felt a bit of cum drip out my ass, but the guy caught it, and pushed it back in with his fingers. Then the tip of his cock edged in. He Porno hikayeleri grabbed my legs and rocked himself in. Then he started fucking me faster and harder, abusing my ass like a sex toy. It hurt and felt good at the same time. My breathing was so heavy I could barley get enough air from under this weird girl’s pussy. I couldn’t concentrate on my oral sex, I just held my mouth open and my tongue out while she grinded against me.
The guy on my ass was cursing and swearing, “Fuck” and “Shit.” My whole ass felt like it was vibrating. Finally, he came inside me, and the girl on my face came right after. I kept gasping for air afterwards, and everyone let me catch my breath.
Julie got back down between my legs. She picked up my swollen, aching cock and popped the tip back in her mouth for a moment. She pulled her head back off and picked the vibrator back up from off the bed. “You’re not done being punished she said.”
“No, more,” I said. I didn’t think my ass could take anymore. But she just smiled and started forcing the thing in my aching cum filled hole. It hurt more this time, but then she turned the vibrations back on. Oh, God it felt so good. She arched it up toward my prostate as she took my dick back in her mouth. I just put my head back and kept enjoying it. The big black guy got on the bed with me shoved his hard on into my face. It was big and tasted like sweat, ass and Vaseline. I didn’t think this was going to work, but he put his hand behind my head and started forcing it into me.
I closed my eyes and imagined it was my own dick, and started sucking in rhythm to Julie’s sucking and to the rhythm of the dildo being pulled in and out of me. He kept trying to force himself down my throat and it burned and made me gag. I wanted to take him all in, so I just relaxed myself and let him push. He started pushing it past the back of my mouth and past my gag reflex. Julie must have seen him, because she started sliding my dick down her throat as well. Julie turned the vibrator off and concentrated on her sucking. I was about to cum when she stopped again. She just watched her friend throat fuck me instead, and when I could tell he was about to cum, he pulled out and spewed all over my face. He called me a bitch and said to lick it up.
The weird girl came over and started pushing some of the cum into my mouth with her fingers. It tasted worse than Julie’s ass, but made me so horny eating it. I didn’t want to swallow it down, but it didn’t want to not swallow either. The guy laughed at me as I ate it up, and then the crowd left the room.
Julie followed them out, and I suddenly felt all dirty and used, but I couldn’t do anything about it tied up either. I wondered whether she was going to leave me here for Dan to find in the morning.
When Julie came back in the room, she grabbed my penis with one hand and said, “You still get to fuck me if you want. Eh?”
She untied the restraints and took the hand cuffs off my wrists. She was about to put them back in the box when I grabbed her and threw her down. I had a feeling it was her turn now. I cuffed her hands behind her back and put the ball gag in her mouth. Then I propped her so that she was on her knees with her ass in the air and her head down in a pillow. I was being pretty rough with her now, so I tied her legs to her neck so she couldn’t get up or move from that position.
I spread her cheeks and stuck my tongue back in her ass. By now I needed to just punish that ass good, so I grabbed the tube of lube and squirted the whole thing right into her hole.
I put my hard cock to her ass and pushed it in one continuous motion, I could tell it hurt by the way she whimpered with the gag in her mouth. She wanted to scream as I fucked her in long fast strokes. It was so tight the way she kept clenching her ass, resisting every push into her I made till at last I couldn’t keep the cum from welling up inside me. As I felt it coming, I just kept pumping wildly. I didn’t want to stop; I wanted to keep pumping even as I was coming. “Oh, God,” I said out loud, as a started shooting load after load with every pump.
I collapsed on the bed afterward. I was exhausted and my ass hurt like hell. Dan apparently, never remembered anything that happened that night, or at least he didn’t mention it. But it wasn’t the last time that Julie and I fooled around in college or experimented with bi sex.

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