Daunting Debate


‘Yes what is it you wanted to talk about,’ asked Asha sitting beside her son on his bed.

‘You saw what happened? Was it not rude on her part to behave like that,’ asked her son making room for his mother.

‘Yes she ought not have created such a scene but,’ she stopped as she recalled the scene.

‘Mom they were walking in the park holding each other’s arms and suddenly what could have happened that she created such a scene,’ he asked.

‘Maybe he tried to take advantage of,’ she replied hesitantly.

‘Come on Mom, they were strolling in the park holding each other’s arms.’

‘She might have felt bad,’ replied his mother.

‘Then why agree for a stroll in the park while it was dark,’ he asked.

‘Yes that’s what puzzles me. But why bother when it does not concern us Sunil,’ she said as she pulled a blanket over him.

‘I think it was high handedness of the women in question. At first why did she agree for a stroll when it was quite dark and had her arms around him. In fact I think she was the one who was encouraging him,’ he said.

‘Oh Sunil stop it, how does it matter us,’ cried his mother as she got up to go.

‘It does Mom it does matter. We will continue this tomorrow, good night Mom.’

‘Good night dear,’ she said as she switched off the lights and on reaching her room ‘I hope he will forget it by tomorrow,’ she thought.

Next day lying on the bed as usual ‘could you reason it out why she had behaved like that,’ he asked.

‘Sunil there could be numerous reasons for it,’ was her stern reply.

‘But Mom we were right behind them and we did not see reason,’ he replied.

‘How can you be so sure and moreover was it not dark,’ she said making herself comfortable on the bed thinking this was not going to end soon.

‘Yes it was dark and that’s what I am trying to imply. Why did she agree to accompany him while it was dark?’

‘You have a point there but again she might have felt it would be fine as she knew him,’ she replied as she could not find any better answer.

‘Yes she knew him and it was because of it she had her arm entwined with his. What do you make out of it?’ he continued with his questioning.

‘Maybe his actions were not respectful enough,’ she said enjoying the conversation.

‘That’s the very point I wanted to strike upon. How could she have thought it otherwise having held him so close while it was dark.’

‘She could have misjudged his intentions,’ she replied ruffling his hair.

‘No, she could not have in the situation they were in. Remember there were other couples in the park and from what I saw from their actions they were more adventurous.’

For once she felt like asking how adventurous then deciding against ‘I see your point,’ replied Asha.

‘It was not fair on her part Mom. She should have taken into consideration what was happening in the surroundings,’ he said.

‘Yes when you put it like that I see your point. There were many other couples,’ she said as her thoughts wandered over.

‘And judging from his actions I don’t see anything wrong he could have done,’ he said.

She wanted to disagree with him as what he had seen of them was their backs and not the front, moreover it was dark. Then changing her mind ‘something might have taken place which could have angered her.’

‘That’s what I want to stress upon Mom. Whatever his actions were she should not have shown her anger as the circumstances surrounding were such that he could not have controlled himself. I think she is the one to be blamed and moreover the way she was dressed might have added fuel to the fire.’

Hearing him my son has a keen pair of eyes where her first thoughts then coming to the subject ‘whatever a women wear’s is her right and it’s not fair on our part to comment upon it.’

‘I totally agree with you Mom. I am not against their way of dressing, in fact I welcome it but that day she should not have not agreed for a stroll in the park when it was dark. Tell me why couples go over there when it is dark,’ he asked and looked up at her.

She was tempted to say to have some fun then changing the course ‘it depends.’

‘Mostly is it not to have some fun.

‘Yes it could be one of the reason.’

‘Then don’t you think it was wrong on her part to go out in the park when it was dark,’ he stressed again on the point.

‘Yes,’ finally she accepted that going to the park while it was dark was wrong.

SO SHALINI THIS IS WHAT THAT TRANSPIRED BETWEEN ME AND MY NINETEEN YEAR OLD SON. Sometimes I wish he had not crossed that benchmark figure and was around 15 or 16 years old. It was my mistake when I told him that as he has crossed eighteen he can consider me as a friend. From that date to this I am under pressure to answer all his queries. What do you make out of this,’ she asked her friend and we’ll wisher Shalini.

‘Well Asha are you so blind that you could not have read what your son intended to tell you?’ asked her friend.

‘If I had, why would I have adana escort bothered you,’ replied Asha.

‘Well it’s clear as to what Sunil wants you to know and I wish I had a son like him,’ she said.

‘Come on don’t make me run around tell me what he wants to convey.’

‘The woman who he describes in his arguments has nothing to do with what he has to convey to you. Harping on her going for a stroll in the park while it was dark was only to show you a mirror of what you have done. Did you not go out with him to the park while it was dark,’ she asked.

‘Yes I did it as he asked me to,’ she replied.

‘And was it not a fact that he held your hand or had it around your shoulders when you were in the park,’ she questioned her.

‘I think we entwined our fingers and held each other’s hands,’ she replied.

‘And were you not close to each other.’

‘Yes we were close most of the time,’ replied Asha.

‘When it was getting darker and darker.’

‘Obviously it was getting darker.’

‘And were there not other couples in the vicinity who were quite busy having fun,’ she asked.

‘Yes there were a few,’ replied Asha.

‘And still could you not read him,’ asked Shalini.

‘I fail to understand what you mean,’ replied Asha.

‘Come on dear how many times did he not say it was wrong on the path of a woman to go on a stroll in the park while it was dark and what about you. Are you not a woman and being a woman did you not agree to go out with him while it was dark. If not to have some fun what could your intentions be? He is trying to corner you and you better be prepared, that’s it,’ she said.

“You know him how could he,’ she asked.

‘Yes I know him and that’s the reason why I am keeping you informed and also keep in mind that you don’t disappoint him. They easily get hurt at this age.’

After her suggestions Asha recalled every sequence and as the pieces started falling in place and when it became clear as to his intentions, she made it a point to heed to her Shalini’s advice and be cautious.’

Feeling it was a good move to have discussed with her friend and suddenly when the reality of the situation struck her, she felt it very complicated as she was not only her friend but his mother too.

She accepted it as a daunting task which she had to accomplish and being his mother it made it more complicated.

‘What did your friend say,’ was the first question he asked as Asha stepped into her house.

‘How do you know where I had been,’ she asked coming to sit besides.

‘I have studied you so thoroughly that I know all your moves, had you not been there.’

‘Yes I had been to meet Shalini and she also failed to find some logic reason as to how the girl reacted.’

‘What did she tell you,’ he asked and seeing her go silent ‘did she not ask you to be cautious,’ he said and continuing with his questioning ‘Mom you had a better picture of the girl as you stood in front of her. Did you notice her clothes, did you find them shrivelled or a button missing which could throw some light on his actions.’

‘No, I did not see anything like you describe. But why are you so keen, I mean what if he had tried to pull her dress. What has it to do with you.’

‘It has some bearing Mom and I am trying to collect all the information from every possible angle. So you did not see any of the buttons missing or the material of her dress being shrivelled. You know when you grasp the material it tends to loose its ironing.’

‘Nope I did not see any of it and moreover as it was dark I could be wrong in my assessment.’

‘Yes it was dark and let us assume that he tried to undo her top or tried to grasp the material but still I find there was no logic in her screaming at him.’

‘How could you jump to that conclusion,’ she said and sitting straight ‘if he had tried to undo it or held her top obviously she had the right to object.’

‘Yes then why did she agree to go for a stroll in the park especially when it was dark. Here I don’t have to remind you as to what other couples were doing as you may have also seen it,’ he said in a soft tone.

‘It does not mean everyone goes there for the same reason,’ said Shailini.

‘Then why go there?

‘May be it could be to enjoy some cool breeze.’

‘Agreed but what about the timing. It was dark and there were many couples who were in a frenzied state of mind. In spite of witnessing such scenes they continued strolling and suddenly this to happen . . . ‘

His argument made sense and unable to answer him back. ‘What made you go out there. Why do you think people go out in the park while it is dark,’ she questioned him.

Her questioning stunned him and taking a deep breath ‘Yes most of the people go there for some fun,’ he replied.

‘I did not ask about other people. My question was what made you go out there while it was dark.’

‘Obviously for the same reason,’ he replied. You know different people go out for different reasons. While adanaescort.biz some stay away some try to get closer.’

‘Still you have not answered me. What were your intentions,’ she asked staring at him.

‘Well I wanted to know you better.’

‘Wanted to know me better? Not even a single day has passed without me being out of your vision and still you say you want to know me better.’

‘Not after we became friends. Not after I turned eighteen.’ Replied Sunil.

His words stumped her. Getting up slowly she crossed over to her room.

Once in her room weighing the pros and cons of the conversation and unable to make up her mind she called Shalini.

‘How are things shaping. What more could you gather from him,’ asked Shalini giggling.

‘It’s as you said. He has come out in the open and said that he’s no more a child and I find it very scary,’ replied Asha.

‘As I told you be cautious. Don’t over react, stay cool and try to keep him as close to your heart as possible. Don’t lie to him be positive and don’t forget that I am here if you need anything.’

‘Yes I know I can fall back on you and that’s a big relief. Still to cope with him I need all the energy to stabilize myself,’ she said cutting the line.

‘I see a change in you Mom, did you had a chat with your friend,’ asked Sunil the next morning.

‘I don’t have to fall back on her for every decision and remember my boy I am quite capable of handling any situation,’ she said showing some anger in her voice.

‘That’s good and so you believe that the scene she created was unnecessary. Knowing very well that he could take advantage of her in the darkness, don’t you think she was at fault for accompany him.’

Gaining some confidence ‘let us assume she was at fault but what I cannot understand is in what way could he have taken advantage of her when they were so many people around.’

‘Don’t you know how a person would react in such a situation. You ask what he could have done with so many people mingling around. May be a touch, an attempt of having her button undone or feel dress material, these could be some of the reasons.’

‘Were those thoughts also running in your mind when we were in the park. Is it for that reason you asked me to join you,’ she finally addressed him.

‘What did you think when I asked you to come along. Could you have thought of something else considering the fact it was getting dark. What went in your mind when I asked you to join me for a stroll in the park. Did you not know why other couples go there while it gets dark,’ he shot the question back to her.

‘Yes I know all about it but I still dared to venture out with you thinking of the bondage, the relationship we have and I thought it would be safe,’ she said letting out a steam.

‘Don’t you think you ought not have agreed to go out with me considering the facts which you have just mentioned. Were these facts not binding on you to have stopped from venturing out with me,’ he asked.

‘I may have not considered them but why harp on it when nothing materialized between us. I did not see you either touching me or trying to undo any of my buttons,’ she said anger still in her voice.

‘But you had hoped it would have happened. You had hoped I would take advantage of you, though nothing materialized was it not this which you had hoped for,’ he asked.

‘Yes it had been playing in my mind for sometime and I saw nothing wrong in venturing out with you in the park while it was dark as every mother has this instinct to play with her son. Tell me what’s wrong if you could have touched me or even if you had undone a few buttons. What wrong could you see in it. Moreover did you not feel like doing it,’ she questioned him.

‘Yes, though I had not thought of venturing out so far I had thought of making you understand that I was interested in touching you,’ he said and the reason for me to harp on those lines was after having studied you for so long.

‘From when did you start reading me. What did you find out by studying me?’ she asked.

‘I have been watching you from a very long time and I don’t understand why you have remained single. Why did you not have a companion. Was I the factor behind your sacrifice. I had thought on those lines and could not think of a better way to help you out.’

His words made her emotional. How could she say the reason for not having married. How could she say under what circumstances she brought him up. How she had led her life and what support she had got from others. She wished she could tell him all that had happened.

Changing the track ‘do you still want to go out in the park,’ she asked poking a finger at his ribs.

‘It depends upon the circumstances. If you really think your motherly instincts deserve a trail run then yes come let’s go,’ he said.

‘Okay let’s go,’ she said dragging him on his feet.

As it had drizzled that evening many a drops of water were still floating on the leaves when they entered the park. Holding each others hands and feeling exuberant as they started strolling in the park Asha had to strain her eyes to capture the sight in front of her. Had she not focused her eyes then probably she would have missed seeing the couple kissing. They looked so romantic and were so well camaflouged sitting under the bush, that Asha raised her hand to acknowledge them.

Seeing her responding ‘Is that what motivates a charming woman like you,’ he asked.

‘Yes anything that is romantic and blissful in nature makes me excited. I was drawn to their kissing. They were so much into their kissing they did not even stop when they saw us approaching and I liked it,’ she said and turning to face him she blew him a kiss.

‘Does it in any way imply as to what you have in mind. In this serene cool atmosphere do you want to create a world of your own,’ he said as he moved closer.

Seeing him come closer as she backtracked and collided with the tree, the water drops from the leaves came pouring down on them. Thinking it had started raining they cantered to a safe place and looking back they both laughed at their misadventure.

While Asha was dapping the rain drops on her face with the top of her sari that her midriff got a bit exposed and Sunil standing in front ‘you look so pretty Mom,’ he said.

Blushing like a teenager and covering herself ‘it’s bad manners to look at a woman,’ replied Asha.

‘Yes it’s bad manners if one does it intentionally. But if it’s an act of the nature you ought to feel proud of having an opportunity to look at something which otherwise would have been out of your bounds. I really felt proud when my eyes stole a view of your sublime waist and you really beautiful there Mom,’ he said.

Hearing him and in a blissful state ‘then you ought to thank the nature. If not for it then you may not have had an occasion to see what your eyes saw. Was it that exciting?’ As she let those words out she regretted as it implied more than what she had in mind.

‘Yes it was very exciting to look,’ he said closing the gap between them.

Seeing him move closer Asha felt her knees buckle. With great difficulty she stood her ground and as he held her face and closed his lips on hers, she felt as if the earth shatter under her feet.

Brushing her lips and with a smile on her face ‘I think the nature was more than generous today.’

‘Yes and it has also thought me a lesson that patience is rewarding, Is that not a fact,’ he asked.

‘How do I know of how you will be rewarded again,’ replied Asha hiding her smile.

‘What transpired today can it not be repeated again,’ he asked.

‘What if the nature does not favour and what if it does not rain,’ she said putting an arm around his waist and started moving out of the park.

‘Whether nature favours or not, I wish to have some favours from you,’ he said softly as they moved out.

Next morning ‘What had she to say. Did she again asked you to thread cautiously or did she gave you a better advice this time Mom,’ asked Sunil seeing her come out of her room.

Placing her hands on her waist ‘from when have you started spying on me,’ she asked and when he did not reply ‘what makes you so sure that I spoke to her,’ she asked.

‘From your facial expressions its clear that you spoke with her and have I not said that I can read your mind,’ he said patting the sofa for her to sit.

Sitting by his side ‘so you can read my mind. Tell me what’s running in my mind right now,’ she asked lifting her eyebrows.

‘In the sublime beauty of the early morning what else would one think of other than kissing,’ he said and before she could react holding her face and caressing her soft glowing cheeks ‘its still difficult to picturize that I really kissed those lovely lips of yours Mom,’ he said and caressing her lips softly ‘I need to kiss them again for it to be stored in my memory forever.’

‘What an excuse to kiss me. Could you not have said I want to kiss you Mom. Do you think I would have said no if my son had asked me,’ she said.

‘No, you would not have said no, not when you were wanting to be kissed,’ he replied.

‘Come on don’t be under the impression that I have no better business than being kissed by you early in the morning,’ she said teasing him.

‘Can I ask you a question directly Mom. What if I say I just want to touch you,’ he said looking at her.

‘Well that’s definitely a different proposition which I had never anticipated. Now that you have so nicely put it across, where is it you want to touch me,’ she asked shyly.

‘Under your armpits.’ I have had this desire to feel you there. I would consider myself fortunate if you allow me to touch your armpits,’ he said.

‘Armpits,’ those words sent hot waves rush up her body. Feeling excited ‘one never knows what you crazy men think of,’ she said and shrugging her shoulders ‘feel it if that’s just what you have in mind.’

‘Oh! Mom, you are so good,’ he said and caressing her out stretched arm and gradually bringing his fingers down under her armpit ‘It’s to feel these coarse hair is what that makes us go crazy. How I wish I can keep feeling them.’ Said he as he continued caressing it softly.

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