David’s Slutty Stepmom Pt. 01


‘David. I’d like a word with you.’

‘Oh. You’ve just got out of the shower.’

‘Two weeks ago, your father found a pair of my panties in the laundry basket.’

‘Your father buys me all this slutty lingerie, and he likes to see me wearing them as complete sets. He’s quite OCD about it.’

‘No. I told him that I had worn that pair of panties while he was out.’

‘The thing is. I’ve noticed several other thongs and panties have appeared in the laundry basket.’

‘I’m sure I haven’t worn them.’

‘You know your father gets up early on Saturday and cooks me breakfast.’

‘Well, he washes all my lingerie then as well.’

‘He hangs the lingerie on the washing line to dry.’

‘Yes. He hangs my lingerie up in their sets. You know your father is quite OCD about that sort of stuff.’

‘Oh. You’ve noticed that my lingerie is always on the outer washing line.’

‘Yes. Your father puts a light-coloured sheet on the line, so the lingerie is on full display.’

‘Your father likes showing off all my slutty lingerie to the neighbours.’

‘He notices when there is a random piece of lingerie out of place.’

‘So while you were in the shower I searched your room and found these.’

‘Yes. They are slutty, aren’t they? Do you like them?’

‘David. What are you doing with my underwear?’

‘David. You don’t have to be embarrassed. You can tell me.’

‘I did notice that my panties were stained.’

‘You’ve gone bright red.’

‘I know you don’t get along with your father since your mum and dad split up.’

‘While I may call my underwear slutty. You know. Your father spends a lot of money on these items.’

‘So, you know they are expensive European lingerie brands.’

‘You’ve checked the brands on the internet?’

‘Your father likes seeing me wearing slutty underwear.’

‘He won’t want to hear that you have been masturbating into them.’

‘That is what you did. Isn’t it?’

‘Thank you for being honest with me,’

‘No. I’m not to blame for your parents splitting up.’

‘Your father is a true gentleman.’

‘Your father always takes me out to dinner on Friday nights.’

‘Yes. He will be home very soon.’

‘Yes. He insists I get dressed up wearing the lingerie sets that he has brought me.’

‘So, çankırı escort you like the dress I’m wearing? It’s not too short?’

‘You want to see what lingerie I am wearing now?’

‘If I show you what I am wearing underneath, will you stop stealing my panties?’

‘That would be kind. Yes, can you pull down the zip?’

‘Let me step out of my dress.’

‘You like what you see?’

‘No. stockings are not only for sluts.’

‘I like seamed stockings, too!’

‘I agree. They are elegant as well as a little slutty.’

‘Well, yes. Seamed stockings are very slutty. Your father likes me wearing them.’

‘Yes. He likes other men staring at my stockinged legs when we are out.’

‘Yes. He has me sit, so I show off the lace tops.’

‘Yes. I always use a suspender belt. I never wear stay-ups.’

‘I know you watched me getting dressed the other day.’

‘No. I wasn’t putting on a show for you.’

‘I forgot that you were home and that Uni had finished.’

‘Did you like watching me putting on my stockings?’

‘You want to feel up my legs?’

‘That’s right. Can you feel how silky smooth the nylon is?’

‘You’re right. That’s how 10 denier silk feels.’

‘David! Why have you dropped your towel?’

‘No. Don’t turn around!’

‘Oh my. David! You’re built just like your father.’

‘My. That is impressive.’

‘No. I’m not going to touch you?’

‘You want me to take off my thong and wrap it around that . . . thing!’

‘Is that what you do when you play with yourself.’

‘Ok. I’ll take off my panties if you show me what you do with them.’

‘If I watch you this time, will you stop stealing my panties and masturbating into them?’

‘Do you know what your father would do if he found out?’

‘Do you like what you see?’

‘Yes. I used to get fully waxed.’

‘No. Your father paid for me to get all my hair lasered off.’

‘That’s right. I’ll always have a smooth, hairless pussy.’

‘Yes. Your father likes me being smooth, too!’

‘What’s that? That’s my clit piercing. Do you like it?’

‘It was my gift to your father for his fortieth birthday.’

‘It makes my clit very sensitive. Oh . . . you shouldn’t.’

‘What. You’ve never touched a woman. cankiriescort.net You know. Down there.’

‘Are you still a virgin?’

‘Don’t be embarrassed. I think that is sweet.’

‘What you are doing feels nice, but you have to stop.’

‘Why? Your father’s going to be home soon!’

‘Oh . . . I didn’t tell you that you could put your fingers there . . . oh.’

‘Yes. I get very wet.’

‘The clit piercing has made it easy for me to squirt.’

‘No. No. Don’t put a second finger . . . oh god that feels good.’

‘Here. Let me stroke you with my slutty thong?’

‘Why do you want to see my tits?’

‘So how do you know that my nipples are pierced?’

‘Oh. You’ve seen them already?’

‘How long were you watching me last week?’

‘That long. You naughty boy!’

‘So you saw me completely naked last week.’

‘What else did you see?’

‘Everything! You are a naughty boy!’

“Yes. Naughty man.’

‘No. I wasn’t putting on a show for you!’

‘You want to know why I got my nipples pierced?’

‘Your father said sluts need to be fully pierced!’

‘You want to see them? Up close’

‘Here be careful. Bras can be tricky.’

‘Do you like them?’

‘Don’t call me a slut.’

‘Because I’m your stepmom.’

‘Oh, fuck! That feels good.’

‘Yes. My nipples are extremely sensitive.’

‘Be gentle!’

‘No. Your father will never leave me to get back together with your mum.’

‘Look at me! Why would he leave me for your mum?’

‘So you agree that I’m way hotter than your mum.’

‘I’m fifteen years younger her.’

‘Yes. And sluttier!’

‘I know. I have a brother your age.’

‘You know him?’

‘He’s in your class?’

‘Are you best friends?’

‘Hey. What are you doing? Don’t push me.’

‘It’s lucky I landed on your bed. You could have hurt me.’

‘Hey! Let go of my ankles!’

‘Let go of . . . oh fuck . . . you . . . have . . . stop . . .’

‘Slow down . . . oh . . . yes . . . but . . . you . . . have . . . to . . . stop.’

‘Slow down your licking.’

‘Honestly. Slow is good. Oh . . . so . . . good!’

‘David. You have to stop this!’

‘Oh, fuck! That text was . . .’

‘Oh, fuck . . . your father. He will be home . . .’

‘. . . soon.’

‘What are you doing?’

‘Your father texts when he is stopped at the lights at the end of the motorway.’

“We can’t!’

‘No. it’s wrong!’

‘Yes. I’m always wet.’

‘No. Stop!’

‘Don’t . . .’


‘Oh. fuck you’re . . . so . . . big. Oh. Please . . . don’t . . . stop.’

‘David. You have to stop.’

‘Don’t call me a slutty whore.’

‘I know your father calls me that!’

‘When do you hear him calling me that?’

‘Is that why you steal my panties?’

‘Do you wank to the sound of us making love?’

‘No. It’s more than just fucking. I love your father.’

‘Is that when you play with my panties?’

‘David. You must stop. Your father will be home very soon.’

‘Yes. I’m your slutty stepmom.’

“Oh. Fuck! You feel so deep.’

‘Yes. You are definitely bigger than your father.’

‘No. You can’t cum inside me.’

‘David. I’m not on birth control!’

‘No. You need to pull out before you cum!’

‘No that’s not the reason. Your father and I are trying for a baby.’

‘David. Hurry up and cum.’

‘No. not inside me.’

‘No. You can’t get your slutty stepmom pregnant.’

‘What do you mean, your father will never know.’

‘Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum soon.’

‘David. Hurry up and cum.’

‘Oh, fuck. I’m cumming.’

‘Oh, please cum soon.’

‘Oh, Fuck I’m squirting.’

‘Can you feel how wet I got?’

‘Please hurry up and cum.’

‘Fuck. That’s your father in the driveway!’

‘Oh, that’s it. Fuck, it feels good.’

‘I can feel your cock filling me up.’

‘David. I can feel your hot cum deep in my womb.’

‘Quick. Get off.’

‘No. I haven’t got time to get cleaned up.’

‘That’s the garage door opening!’

‘Yes. Your father always plays with my pussy when he drives.’

‘No. I’ll do up my bra.’

‘Help me with my dress.’

‘Where are my panties?’

‘No. Give them to me.’

‘No, I can’t go out wearing this short dress with no panties.

‘It doesn’t make any difference that it’s a thong.’

‘No. Slutty stepmoms do wear panties.’

‘A thong is a pantie!’

‘Oh, it’s too late. I’ve got to go.’

‘You’re right! I’ll have to give him head instead.’

‘Yes. That’s what slutty stepmoms do.’

‘David. Don’t call me a slutty whore.’

‘No. I hope you losing your virginity hasn’t got me pregnant.’

‘I’ve got to go!’

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