Davis Twins Ch. 06


The next morning, Debbie was still sore from the previous day. Her holes hurt, and her ass still burned from the spanking. Still, she was supposed to meet the ladies for a lunchtime card game. Maybe that would take her mind off how she felt.

They were all meeting at Lisa Mason’s house. She was Ginny’s mom, and was always a lot of fun. She was a tall blonde woman, who always had a smile on her face. In fact, Ginny was almost the prototypical bubbly blonde.

Debbie and the ladies had only played for a few minutes, when Debbie’s squirming became obvious to everyone there. After a while, her friends had to ask what her problem was. Debbie stuttered a little while, and then she finally told her friends that Roger had punished her.

PUNISHED HER, FOR WHAT??? Debbie told them how upset Roger had been about what happened to Alex. When Laura Timmons asked her what exactly Roger had done, Debbie began to cry as she told her friends the whole story. None of the ladies could believe it. What a horrible thing to do to a woman, especially for such a harmless bit of fun. Roger should be ashamed of himself.

They were RIGHT!!! Debbie realized her husband should be ashamed of what he had done to her. In fact, she would tell him that tonight. Debbie and her friends finished playing, and Debbie realized how wonderful it was to have such loyal friends.

Just as Debbie was friends with the mothers of all the girls, Roger was friends with their dads. In fact all of them got together once a week for a friendly poker game. It was just penny ante stuff. It was more to talk and have fun, than to really gamble. After all, their church definitely forbid real gambling.

Debbie went out shopping the rest of the day. Roger would pick up pizza for the guys any way, so she didn’t need to go home and cook dinner. The kids would eat some pizza so they would be fed. It was after 8:00 when Debbie finally got home.

Roger and his friends had been playing for a while when Debbie walked in. Roger didn’t really think anything of his wife coming in at that time, but he was shocked when she interrupted the game, to tell Roger that she needed to speak with him. Roger couldn’t imagine what his wife wanted, but he asked his friends to excuse him and he followed Debbie into the kitchen.

As soon as she had her husband alone, Debbie informed him that what he had done to her was outrageous and she expected an apology immediately. Debbie was going to tell Roger what she expected after that, but the look in his eyes stopped her. Her husband did not look like a man about to apologize, he looked more like someone who was desperately trying not to become enraged.

In fact, that was exactly how Roger felt. He took a deep breath, and then he calmly asked his wife why the HELL SHE THOUGHT SHE DESERVED AN APOLOGY!!! Oh GOD! This was not going the way Debbie had planned at all. Roger was getting very upset, and she was starting to become really scared.

“I t-t-talked to my f-f-friends and the all agreed that I shouldn’t have been p-p-punished like that.”

Roger just stared puzzled. He really was astonished that Debbie would have told her girlfriends what had happened. It was her choice though. But Roger did ask her if her friends understood what she had been punished for. If Roger had been astonished before, he was completely floored when Debbie told him that not only had her friends known about what happened, they had actually known the day after it happened.

Desperately trying to stay calm, Roger took a deep breath and waited a moment. Then he quietly asked his wife what her friends had thought when they first heard about what happened. Debbie told him honestly that they had all thought it was as harmless as she had.

“DAMNIT DEBBIE!! I thought I had made it clear how terrible what happened was. Apparently I didn’t make my point strongly enough. Now go to the bedroom and we will discuss this later. In the meantime, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER GODDAMNED WORD OUT OF YOU!!!!”

With her husband yelling furiously at her, Debbie broke down crying and sobbed her way upstairs to her room. Meanwhile, Roger tried to digest everything his wife had told him. It was unbelievable. He knew his friends would never stand for such a thing. What he couldn’t decide was whether he should tell them or not. Finally, Roger decided that his friends simply had a right to know.

When Roger came back to the game, his buddies could clearly see that he was extremely upset. When they asked what was wrong, Roger told them the whole story. At first, none of the guys could believe it. It was so horrible. Not only that their daughters would have been involved in something like that, but that their wives could have actually condoned it. It was just beyond understanding.

It was Jerry Harris who first suggested that all their daughters and wives needed to be punished as well. This kind of behavior simply could not be ignored. Action had to be taken so that the women would understand how amasya escort unacceptable what they had done was.

Well that provoked an hour’s discussion of what to do. Finally, it was agreed that all the girls should be punished together. But it was obvious that the ladies would not all just come over to be punished. They would have to be assembled together before they knew what was going on. In the end, it was decided that they would all tell their wives and daughters that Debbie was holding a party the next evening and that they were all invited for a girl’s get together. In fact, Roger told everyone that he would have Debbie call all the ladies and invite them personally.

After that the game broke up. All the guys were simply too angry to keep playing. Their biggest challenge would be going home and controlling that anger, so that none of their families knew what was coming. It was difficult, but everyone managed.

When everyone was gone, Roger went upstairs to his wife. Debbie started to say something, but Roger just told her to shut up. Then he explained about the next night, and told Debbie exactly what she was to do. Debbie begged Roger to tell her what he and his friends were going to do, but Roger told her that all she needed to know was that her friends needed punished and she had better get them all there. If anyone didn’t show up, Debbie would be punished worse than she had been the previous night.

Debbie knew her husband meant it. She didn’t know exactly what would happen to her, but she had absolutely no intention of finding out. Debbie waited till 10:00 the next morning and then she called all her friends. She told each woman that Roger was going out of town again, and she was throwing an all girls’ party. The women were all invited, and Jenna wanted all her friends there as well. Since the women’s husbands had already told them about this party, all of Debbie’s friends were prepared for her invitation.

Most of the women accepted immediately. Debbie had held parties like this before and they had always been great fun. And if anyone hesitated, Debbie would tell them that she was having one of the most expensive restaurants in town cater the party. That ended any reluctance. By 11:00 that morning, Debbie had every woman coming along with her daughter. The party would start at 7:00. Debbie shuddered as she tried to imagine what her poor friends were in for.

Debbie had told everyone that the party would start at 7:00, with dinner at 7:30. By 7:05 everyone had arrived. When all the women were present, Roger and the rest of the men entered the room. Roger walked to the center of the room, while the rest of the men walked over to the door. All the female guests looked from Roger to Debbie to all the other men. They were all completely confused. They became even more puzzled when Roger called Alex down to join the party.

When Alex arrived, Roger explained the situation to his “guests”.

“Ladies. Apparently you all either took part in, or were aware of the humiliation that my son Alex endured. Debbie and Jenna have been punished for their part in that atrocity. Now the time has come for the rest of you to be punished. I have spoken with all the men in this room and we all agree that severe consequences are called for. You young ladies actually believed that sexually humiliating a young man was harmless fun. And you mothers also accepted that conduct as harmless.”

Roger was going to continue, when the women in the room began to yell, complain, and walk towards the door. Then, before Roger could say another word, one of the other men yelled for all the women to “SHUT UP!!!!” Roger looked over and saw that it was Greg Timmons speaking.

Greg continued yelling. He told the ladies that all the men were in agreement and they were to sit down immediately. If any of this nonsense continued, the punishments would be even more severe. The look on Greg’s face was so angry, that all the women in the room quieted at once. Then they meekly found a place to sit and waited to see what would happen next.

When everyone was settled, Roger explained what would happen. “Since each of you were involved, each of you will be punished. That punishment will have two parts. First each of you will be spanked. After that, each mother and daughter pair will accompany Alex into the next room. He will have an hour to play with you. Since it was harmless fun when it happened to him, it should be just as harmless when he’s playing with you.”

After that Roger explained that Alex would spank each mother and daughter. After he had finished a pair, he would take that pair away. After he finished playing with them, Alex would return and start with the next pair.

The women were all trying to adjust to what Roger was saying. It couldn’t be real. Then, when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, Roger added the last part. He told the ladies that while Alex had free reign to do as he wanted for the hour, he did have one requirement. amasyaescort.com His wife had been punished by having objects shoved into her body. Each of the other women would be punished similarly. By the time a pair was escorted out each mother was to have a cucumber in her pussy, and each daughter a carrot up her ass.

Debbie was almost crying. She couldn’t believe what was going to happen to her friends. Then, Roger told her the rest and she began to cry for real. Roger told his wife that since each man would have to watch his naked wife and daughter being spanked, he should be given something to make up for it. So while any wife or daughter was being spanked, Debbie would be bottomless and across the lap of the father of that family. It would be up to that man to decide what happened to Debbie during that time.

Every woman in the room was in shock. But before they even had a chance to react, Roger was calling the first pair over. He was going to start with Ginny and Lisa Mason. Almost in shock, the two tall blondes walked over to Roger trembling as they waited for their punishments to begin.

A few of the women in the room might have objected if they had been chosen first, but the Mason’s were two of the timidest souls around. Bob Mason was a large, overbearing man, and over the years he had cowed the two women. So, Ginny and Lisa never even considered refusing to do as they were told. When a man told them what to do, they obeyed quickly and without objection. So it was only a moment later that the two of them stood sobbing in front of the room, with their pants and panties around their ankles.

After they were bottomless, the two women were told to stand there with their hand at their sides, while Alex walked around them. The boy couldn’t believe it. These two women were beautiful. Both of them were tall, with wonderfully round asses. As well as two gorgeous blonde pussies. Neither woman appeared to have a particularly large set of breasts, but they both looked firm and in good shape, and besides the rest of them was so fantastic, who cared.

When the boy had admired the two bottomless women for a minute or two, Roger asked him which one he wanted to start with. Alex told his dad that he would begin with Ginny. A moment later, the crying teenager found herself draped over the lap of her friend’s brother. Alex raised his hand to begin spanking, but his dad told him to wait. There was something else to be done first. Pointedly, the man glared at his wife.

Debbie was puzzled for a moment, then she remembered, she was supposed to be bottomless and across Bob Mason’s lap while the spankings went on. And from the look on her husband’s face, Debbie realized that she better get there. Quickly, the trembling woman stripped off her jeans and panties and walked over to where Mr. Mason was sitting. Then, with a quiet sob, she laid herself over his lap.

When his wife was in position over his friend’s lap, Roger told his son he could begin the spanking. A moment later a sharp CRACK!!! filled the room, followed closely by the high-pitched shriek of a teenaged girl. Ginny forgot all about her embarrassment when Alex’s hand landed on her ass. That stung!!. Then, before she could adjust at all, the hand landed again and again on her poor soft bottom.

Alex rained SMACK! after SMACK! on that beautiful behind. Within a minute, it was turning a lovely, bright shade of red, while its owner kicked and screamed for all she was worth. Lord this was fun. Alex continued to spank Ginny as the poor girl struggled and squirmed. As he spanked, Alex realized he could hear other smacks in the room. The boy looked up and laughed as he saw his mom kicking and screaming as well, as Mr. Mason spanked her big, round bottom.

Ginny was screaming and screaming. Her ass HURT!! Why wouldn’t that boy quit SPANKING HER?? The girl kicked and struggled, but she couldn’t get loose. The young lady was giving everyone a perfect view of her pussy as she kicked, but she neither realized it nor cared. All that mattered was the stinging that kept getting worse on her behind.

Lisa was terrified. She watched her daughter kick and scream, and she knew that she would be over that boy’s lap next. The frightened woman really didn’t want to be spanked, but she saw no way out of it. Lisa looked over to her husband, but he as happily smacking away at Debbie’s bare bottom. Then, as she watched, Bob stopped smacking Debbie and just laid his hand on her bottom. Lisa watched as her husband’s hand, slid down her friend’s behind. A moment later she saw Debbie’s eyes pop open, as she watched her husband shove two fingers right up her pussy.

Mrs. Mason was actually going to object, but at that moment a hand grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. Her daughter, Ginny, was standing there sobbing, and Lisa was being pulled over to that boy’s lap. Quickly she found herself draped across Alex and the first spank was landing on her behind.

Any concern about her husband’s fingers being up her friend’s vagina ended with that first SMACK!! It HURT!!! And that boy was slapping her behind again and again. It wasn’t long before Lisa Mason was shrieking and kicking exactly as her daughter had been doing only minutes earlier.

Poor Lisa shrieked and screamed. Her bottom was burning. No one had ever spanked her before, and it was awful. In between squeaks and shrieks, Ginny’s mom pleaded with Alex to stop spanking her, but the SMACKS just kept coming. Lisa knew she was kicking and spreading her pussy for everyone, but she didn’t care. The blonde woman would do anything to try to stop those awful slaps to her behind.

Finally, the blistering smacks to her bottom stopped. Lisa was still sobbing as she was pulled to her feet. The poor woman was still rubbing her behind as Alex took her and her daughter by their hands, and led them into the next room. It wasn’t until Alex had released them and was closing the door, that Lisa remembered what happened next. Everyone in the other room heard a howling NOOOoooo!, as the door slowly closed.

At first, Lisa thought that maybe this was really a joke. She had been punished and surely that had been enough. But then she saw a pile of cucumbers and carrots in one corner of the room and realized it was all actually going to happen. And DEAR GOD!! Where that cucumber was GOING TO GO!!!

Meanwhile, Ginny was pleading with Alex to leave her alone, but the boy was just unbuttoning her top. Lisa looked over and saw what was happening to her daughter. She wanted to scream at the boy, but all she could think of was that if he was focused on Ginny, maybe he would leave her alone. Ginny was begging Alex to stop, but the boy had her shirt open and was reaching into her bra. Lisa just cringed, as she imagined it being her boobs being felt up.

Alex was having so much fun. And the night had barely started. He had Ginny’s shirt open, and her bra peeled down. The boy was playing with her little tits, and tweaking her cute little nipples. Then, after a while, Alex decided it was time to work with the other set. As he walked away from Ginny, the girl started to put her bra back in place, but Alex just growled at her to leave it where it was. Whimpering, Ginny put her hands down and left her small tits hanging out.

Lisa watched Alex walk away from Ginny. Oh NOO! He was coming over to her. Lisa was so scared, she could hardly breathe. The boy was unbuttoning her top now. Her shirt was being pulled open, and her white bra was completely exposed. The poor woman found she couldn’t move, as the boy reached out and pulled the cups of her bra down below her boobs. Then his hands were on her nipples and she was being fondled and played with.

God this was great, Alex couldn’t believe how great this was. The mother’s boobs were a little bigger, and they were just as much fun. He played with Mrs. Mason for awhile, before deciding to move onto other fun parts.

Lisa had closed her eyes. She could feel her breasts being shaken and squeezed, and her nipples pinched and petted. Then, at last it stopped. The shaken lady opened her eyes and Alex was just looking at her. Then he told both she and Ginny to go sit on the bed. Lisa followed her daughter and obediently sat down on the edge of the bed. After that, she heard Alex’s next order and the shaking lady couldn’t imagine how she would bring herself to obey it.

Alex told both females to lay back and spread their legs. Neither woman moved. They just looked at each other, each one waiting to see what the other would do. For a minute Alex didn’t say anything, he just looked at the crying ladies and enjoyed how uncomfortable they were. After all, they had enjoyed it when he had been the one crying.

Ginny and Lisa continued to just sit there. They were too scared to move, but they didn’t know what to say. Then Alex just quietly asked them if they would like to get their pussies spread, or if they needed their asses tanned again. Ginny still didn’t move, but Lisa couldn’t stand the idea of her poor bottom being spanked again. It was already burning so bad. So, with one more loud sob, Mrs. Mason lay back, and lifted her legs up and apart so that Alex could see her pussy. Ginny wanted to die. No boy had ever seen her pussy, and now with her mother spreading, she had no choice. A moment later, with tears in her eyes, Ginny laid back next to her mom and spread herself open, so Alex could see her pussy, too.

This was incredible. And the night was always starting. There were these two beautiful women spreading themselves for him, and Alex still had 3 more couples to go. Meanwhile, Alex wanted to see more of Ginny and her mom, so he told both women to pull their pussies open for him. When neither of them moved, the boy just asked them if they needed him to open them up for them.

Lisa didn’t know what to do. The boy wanted her to pull her vagina open for him. She couldn’t do it. But then he was saying that if she didn’t do it, he would pull it open for her. Dear GOD! she couldn’t have that. Trying not to be physically sick, Lisa reached down and found her lips. Then she took a deep breath and pulled her pussy wide open.

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