Decoy Ch. 03

Big Ass

As the saga continues…Susan, my decoy cop wife, who at 5’4″ was a sexual dynamo who knew all too well the attraction men and (yes women too) had for her 38D tits and bubble butt. On top of that, her Strawberry blonde hair framed her very pretty and youthful oval shaped face and green eyes that sparkled when she smiled. Her firm athletic build and youthful appearance disguised her 46 y/o age and allowed her to pass for someone much younger, but more importantly she could look innocent or slutty if so desired. I was very lucky to have a wife that would indulge me in my voyeuristic fetish.

Susan having seen how aroused I got when she told me of her decoy assignments enjoyed the attention and would often wear her disguise as she told me the details. Once, I was so excited that I subconsciously stroked my cock through my pants as she spoke. Susan seeing my condition told me it was ok if I wanted to take it out and jerk off. She admitted that the sight of me hard or for that fact any man excited her and fueled her own fetish of being an exhibitionist. So there you have it, I lust to watch and she loves to show. We were definitely a well balanced couple.

One of our favorite decoy outfits was her Catholic high school girl uniform. Susan educated me on how many perverts roamed the streets, subways, school yards and parks. Little did she know that I myself on occasion had looked lustfully upon a young tart, one too young to be the object of such sexual focus and desire, I feigned outrage to mask my perversion. Susan’s school uniform was complete with blue plaid skirt, white button down blouse, knee highs and patent leather Mary Jane shoes.

Now, for the juicy details of her disguise! I prefer to call it what they really are, our “play clothes”. The skirt which was already short to begin with was made even shorter by her when she rolled up the waist band up, showing much of her firm thighs and shapely calves. Her delicious bubble butt protruded from underneath the fabric and depending how she stood her ass would be very prominent. I often kidded her that she had a black girl’s behind and how I often saw black guys do a double take when she walked by them. Susan would Betturkey just laugh it off and remind me how lucky I was that she didn’t go off with one of the many Mandingo warriors that approached her regularly.

The blouse was pristine white with 12 pearly buttons. The fabric was shear enough that you could easily make out Susan’s braless full breasts and nipples. That alone should’ve been a tell tale sign that she wasn’t what she was claiming to be. Susan actually bought a size smaller so that the fabric of the blouse would be tight around each tit and cause some of the buttons to stretch open a bit, revealing to any onlooker the cleavage on display.

The patent leather Mary Jane shoes she wore had a 2 ½ “heel which made her thighs and ass appear even firmer. Sometimes she wore ankle socks or knee highs, but my favorite was when she wore nothing at all and shows her gorgeous bare legs. Speaking of wearing nothing, Susan would often have nothing underneath her plaid skirt, just pussy. Sometimes to please me she would wear cotton panties or a thong. I know! I know! What can I say? Many of you must think that I’m crazy to prefer her per pussy covered at all! But there is just something naughty about seeing a woman’s ass in white cotton panties or the luring tease of a thong that drives me crazy. Although, I must admit that knowing Susan’s shaved pussy was readily accessible and for the viewing excited me also.

During one of “hunts” we elected to see what mischief Susan could get into in a crowded subway. Susan reminded me that she was a cop 24/ 7 and if something serious occurred she would have to respond as one. I agreed to respect her position. But to be honest, I was so horny that surely I would have agreed to just about anything! Shit! After all, she was my wife and fuck buddy first before becoming a cop!

Being the height of the rush hour crowd we almost became separated as we boarded a subway car. After all, it wouldn’t be too much for me if I weren’t able to watch Susan and just get stuck on an unneeded smelly subway ride, now would it? But I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Near Susan stood two young men, who based Betturkey Giriş on the tee shirts they had on appeared to attend one of the local colleges on the subway route. The two, one Latino looking and the other one black had obviously spotted Susan. Susan glanced my way and winked as she held on to the pole in the middle of the subway cart. That was the signal that she was aware that the “hunt” was on. The young men had positioned themselves strategically, one in front, one behind her. The Latino looking dude was in front of her, inches away from her face obviously trying to intimidate her with his stare. In the interim, the black guy had begun bumping his crotch into her ass which was masked by the movement of the train. Susan just looked on as if nothing was happening.

At times my view was blocked by other passengers but as people got off it improved. The opportunity arose where a seat became available near Susan, but instead of taking it she remained standing. With a sudden gaze and widening of her eyes she let me know that I should take the seat. I almost lost the opportunity to an old man with a cane. Fuck him! Thinking how he shouldn’t be out in rush hour anyway with a gimp leg anyway!

Now although the crowd had thinned considerably there were still enough people to warrant the trio by the pole to continue to stand closely together. I watched as the Latino brazenly got closer and closer to my Susan, the large bulge in his pants now obvious and pressing against her. From where I sat I had an eye level view of the show, as his hand now on her hip pulled her closer to him. The black guy now more confident stopped the bumping and replaced his assault with a deliberate slow grind against her ass. Susan must have enjoyed this since she now stood with her legs slightly apart. I could see what appeared as if she was responding to his grinding by pushing her ass out to him.

I watched as the Latino now raised his hand, leaned his shoulder against the pole and cupped her right tit, slowly rolling her nipples between his fingers. The hand that was on her hip now was under her skirt and no doubt had found its mark. At the last minute Susan had opted not to wear anything under her skirt, which must have attributed to the look of pleasant surprise on his face. A smile broke out on Mr. Latino’s olive colored face as he realized this. Susan half closed her eyes as he rubbed her pussy. Unfortunately, I was unable to see this clearly but by the motion of his forearm I could tell he was fingering her hard. Susan lowered her hand on the pole and let it press against his cock.

Being eye leveled, I could see how thick his shaft was and how constrained it was in his pants. I could see Susan had located the head of his cock and was now gently circling it with her long French manicured thumb nail through the material. Once in awhile she would allow her hand to actually come to rest on his cock and stroke it with a tight squeeze. Not wanting to draw too much attention, Susan’s movements were slow and deliberate. I could tell on the look of his face, he was ready to cum. Susan must have sensed it as well because she suddenly directed her hand to squeezing almost pinching his cock head, causing the kid to tense up and make a barely audible moan of pleasure. A dark wet spot appeared on his crotch area as he relaxed.

Not to be out done the black guy took matters into his own hand, quite literally! He opened his zipper and apparently like Susan wasn’t wearing any underwear because his cock popped out with ease. From what I surmised, he now had placed his engorged cock against her ass and was really rubbing against her bare butt. Due to the angle of where I sat, I could only see glimpses of his cock now and then. But one thing was evident, Susan was enjoying Mr. Mandingo! At one time I saw her reach behind her and I assume must have grabbed his cock, shortly after that I saw a stream of cum run down her thigh. Later, Susan confided that she indeed had grabbed Mr. Mandingo’s cock and rubbed it against her asshole, which is what made him cum.

Once home, Susan gave me explicit details as to how their cocks felt rubbing against her in such a public area and how excited she was, knowing I was watching. I stroked my cock as she spoke and replayed it in my mind’s eye. Susan even joined in and fingered herself to a powerful orgasm.

We often joked later about how Mr. Latino & Mr. Mandingo probably never realized that they were the hunted and played with or for that matter how close they came to being arrested.

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