Degraded Teen Part 1


My 30 year old wife Carmen is a sexy Italian girl with D cup real boobs and a bubble butt, her skin is olive colored and smooth and her lips are full and pouty. I can only imagine how hot she was in high school. One night out of the blue after consuming lots of cocktails she confessed the following story to me.
She was a senior in high school in a small Northern California town. Her good friend Traci moved to Nevada about two hours away. Traci was a average looking blonde girl who was a bit on the heavy side. She liked to hang out with Carmen , because she would attract a lot of boys. So during spring break she went up to visit her and stay the weekend. Once she got there they went to the mall and they met up with her friends new boyfriend, Darren, who was quite attractive and athletic and he was black. This came as quite a shock to my wife Carmen, as her friend Traci had never shown any interest in blacks, nor were there any in their hometown. So they hung around the mall with Darren and decided to meet up with him and his friend later that night. When Darren came and picked them up he had his friend Tyler with him who was also black, but was more of a gang type than an athlete, as he had numerous tattoos and had even done a short stint in state prison. Traci had set Carmen up for Tyler, and told Tyler he could probably score with her if he played his cards right. After driving around and drinking they ended up at Darren’s apartment. After a couple of hours at the apartment, and after a few futile attempts, Tyler decided he wasn’t going to get any action from Carmen and he headed home. The three of them continued to drink and eventually Traci passed out on the couch. Carmen went to the spare room to lay down because her head was spinning, then Darren quietly came into the room and sat on the bed next to her and started talking. Before long he was telling her how hot she was, and how he liked her firm tits and her bubble butt. They started making out and pretty soon he had her dress hiked up, worked her panties off and stuck his hard cock in her and fucked her for about 15 minutes. When he was about to come Carmen begged him not to come in her because she wasn’t on the pill, he asked her where she thought he was going to come, and she told him she would swallow his cum and suck his cock clean.
While this was going on, Traci had woke up and heard the moaning and peeked in on them and saw Carmen begging him to pull out because she wasn’t on the pill. Darren said he would as long as she swallowed his come and sucked his cock clean, she promised she would. Traci watched in disbelief as her boyfriend stuck his cock in Carmen’s mouth and she sucked it and stroked it until he blew his load down her throat, she continued to suck and lick his cock, and told him how much she loved his cock. Traci was infuriated to be betrayed by her boyfriend and her best friend. She devised an evil revenge plan for the next night.
The next day she didn’t say a word to Carmen about what she saw, she asked Carmen what happened that night after she passed out. Carmen told her Darren went home and she fell asleep in the spare bedroom. The following night they went to Tyler’s apartment for what was to be a little party with some of Darren’s friends. After they arrived, Carmen thought it was a bit strange that they were the only girls at this party and Traci’s boyfriend Darren wasn’t there. There were three young black guys and one younger Hispanic guy hanging around and drinking. Tyler was drinking quite a bit and was much bolder than the night before, he was coming on strong to Carmen. Carmen tried to ignore him as she looked to Traci for reassurance. Traci didn’t seem too bothered that Darren’s friend was trying to put the moves on Carmen, she almost looked as she was detached from the whole scene. Traci went to the bathroom which left Carmen alone with Tyler and the other four guys. As soon as Traci left the room Tyler started to force Carmen towards the bedroom. She resisted, but he pushed her and dragged her to the back bedroom. Once inside he threw her down on the bed. He said he knew he wanted her from the moment he laid eyes on her, and now he knew he was going to have her any way he wanted. She tried to protest as he ripped her blouse open with one hand. The buttons went flying across the room as she laid there in her bra and skirt. Traci came into the room and Carmen breathed a sigh of relief until Carman said “I watched you fuck my boyfriend last night while you thought I was asleep, and now it’s payback time you little slut”! She walked over to the bed and pulled out a long piece of nylon rope and proceeded to tie her hands together and then string them above her head to the headboard. Tyler produced a knife and Carmen thought he was going to kill her until he used the blade to slice the shoulder straps of her bra and pulled the remains off her chest. Now with her tits out in the open, they were totally exposed to his lecherous gaze. He pulled off her skirt and gawked at Sex hikayeleri her perfectly tanned legs. “Oh yeah baby, we gonna have some big fun with you” He used the knife again to cut off her panties, although he could have just slid them off her legs.
Traci left the room but returned shortly with her camcorder and told Carmen she was going to tape everything that happens tonight for future assurance that she won’t fuck her boyfriends.
Tyler stood up and undressed himself while making rude comments about how he was going to fuck this little white whore good. Carmen shivered at the thought of being raped by this paroled convict, and having her best friend filming the rape for blackmail. Carmen looked down between his legs and saw that his cock looked extremely long and menacing and he was uncircumcised. He stroked it a few times and it grew to about 9 inches, she had never seen a cock so long and so black . He went around to her head and waved it in front of her face and asked her if she wanted to suck it first. She shook her head back and forth to indicate she didn’t. He said “Oh yeah, I forgot, You like to suck it after it’s coated with your pussy juice” He laughed and went between her legs and grabbed her ankles and pulled them up to his shoulders as he guided his massive cockhead to her tight opening.
She let out a gasp as he pushed in about 3 inches of his thick black fuckstick. Traci said laughing
’ If you thought Darren had a great cock wait till you get all of Tyler’s” Tyler pushed in the rest of his cock with one hard thrust and Carmen let out a yell. “Oh God, your killin me , pull it out”
“I’m going to pull it out alright baby, but then, I’m gonna jam it up your ass!”
Traci had a smug look on her face as Tyler fuck her relentlessly for 20 minutes. Tyler grunted that he was “going to pump this bitch full of black seed” Carmen pleaded that he should pull out before he came, she was unprotected. “Guess you’ll just have to attend graduation with a black bastard in your swollen belly then bitch” Carmen started to cry as Tyler started to grunt and pump his cock harder and deeper that ever, intent on sending his potent seed into her cervix. He pulled his cock out of her flooded pussy and walked around to her face and told her clean up his cock like a good whore, cause he might want to fuck her some more later. She tried to turn her head away but her grabbed her by the hair and forced his wet slimy cock across her lips. She reluctantly open her mouth and started to lick at his now deflating cock. She was unaware of another guy climbing on the bed and sticking his cock in her dripping wet hole. Tyler pulled his cock out of her mouth and made a comment about how he would be back for her ass after everyone had a turn on her pussy.
She looked at the guy on top of her who was fucking her like it was his first time and realized it was the Hispanic guy from the party. He was short and stocky, and she could barley feel his cock after being fucked by Tyler’s. He pumped for a few minutes and then shot his load into her well lubricated pussy. She sobbed knowing everyone was going to cum inside her, and she would probably get pregnant. The three young black guys from the party took their turns after the short guy, they all lasted a few minutes each and unceremoniously shot their loads into her stretched out pussy. She finally thought her ordeal was near the end when two more black guys walked in the room. These guys were older, around 40 or 45 and we’re both overweight. They were not at the party and she started to wonder where they came from. Traci must of read her mind because she said “ I’ve decided since you liked black cock, mainly my boyfriends, I’m going to get you all the black cock you could ever want” The first older fat guy took off his pants and a short fat cock hung down below his fat belly. He thanked Tyler for inviting him and his buddy Thomas over. We old guys can always use some nice young, tight teenage pussy. As he was shoving his short fat cock into her well fucked hole, his friend Thomas went over to her face and dropped his thick black snake on her lips.
“Lick my black serpent you sweet little whore” As she licked his cock it grew to enormous proportions. It must have been ten inches long and as thick as summer sausage.
As his friend pumped away, Thomas climbed up on the bed and lowered his ass down on her face.
Traci moved around by the headboard with the camcorder to see Carmen’s nose and lips right in the crack of his fat, black hairy ass. Traci was ecstatic when she said, “Wait until everyone sees this video of you licking a hairy black asshole” “Get your tongue up my ass you little tramp”
Carmen reluctantly licked at the crack of his ass as everyone in the room remarked about what a slut she was. Soon, he was rubbing his ass back and forth across her face as she drove her tongue deeper into his smelly ass. His friend pumped away at her pussy and quickly shot his load, then climbed off and told Thomas he Sikiş hikayeleri broke her in for him, they all had a laugh about that. Thomas moved down and started rubbing his giant cockhead up and down her wet slit. Then without warning, he plunged in with one long thrust. Carmen screamed in pain so loudly they thought she would alert the neighbors.
Thomas fucked her for a couple of minutes and said “ This pussy is all fucked out, even my giant cock is lost in there” He turned her over face down and told Traci to get him some oil out of the kitchen. When she returned, he took some oil and poured some down on her ass crack and told her that her virgin as was his. Tyler tried to protest that he wanted first shot, but Thomas said there would be plenty of ass left to go around! Thomas pushed his bulbous cockhead slowly into her ass, and it made a pop like sound as he plunged in the first two inches. Carmen was screaming as he pushed her face down into the pillow and continued to push his cock in farther while her screams were muffled by the pillow. The guys in the room were in awe as he buried half of his mighty black serpent half way up in her little bubble butt. He reached under her and grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed them hard like they were handles for the ride. Traci zoomed in on his mammoth black cock stretching her little asshole to ungodly proportions. He pushed even more cock in, as she cried even louder, the guys in the room were high fiving each other. After about three minutes of ass torture his cock was completely buried and his huge balls were resting on her ravaged pussy.
He held still for a moment and then began to slowly pull it out and push it back in. Carmen’s cries of agony only seemed to fuel his fire as his strokes became more brutal with each thrust. After ten minutes of mercilessly fucking her ass he told Traci he was gonna cum, and he wanted to blow his load on her face for the camera. Traci got up close to Carmen’s face with the camcorder and Thomas pulled his mammoth log out of her ass and rolled her over onto her back and straddled her chest as he pumped his black log with his right hand inches above her face and held her head steady by grabbing her hair with his left hand. He told her to open wide, and if she got lucky maybe she could get a taste of his delicious cum! Traci told Thomas to coat her worthless slutty face with his hot cum, and then make her taste her own ass by sucking his cock clean! Thomas roared that he was gonna drown this little ho in cum! The first shot of cum came flying out of his cock and landed above her forehead in her hair, he adjusted his aim and the next shot landed right in her eye, followed by a shot on her lips and three direct shots on her nose. The guys cheered as he continued to shoot stream after stream of cum down onto her young teenage face. He told her how she was now baptized in black mans cum and would always be a cum loving slut. After his flow of cum subsided he grabbed her head and pulled it up and shoved his black snake forcefully into her mouth. “How’s your ass taste baby? “Lick your ass off my cock you cum loving slut” As she was sucking on his ass coated log a new guy stepped up and shoved his cock into her well lubricated ass. He groaned, saying that this little bitch has a tight fucking bubble ass! After Thomas pulled out of her mouth, another guy stepped in to get his cock sucked while the other guy pounded her ass! He complained about his cock getting wet from all the cum on her face, so he pulled it out and jerked it off inches above her face. Within a minute his cock was shooting strands of cum through the air with the majority of it landing on her already cum coated face. The guys formed two lines, one was to fuck her ass ,the other was to jerk off on her face.
it seemed as if it was a never ending line of black guys. Some of the guys who already fucked her ass would come back and get in the other line just to jack off on her face and make rude comments. After three hours of violating her pussy and ass, and having numerous guys blow their loads on her face it seemed the line had finally tapered off. She could still hear what seemed like a lot of guys in the other room drinking and having a good time. She was covered in dried cum and had cum oozing out of her ass and pussy. The bed she was lying on was soaked. Traci had filmed the entire thing and she dreaded that anyone would get to see the video. Her pussy was so full of cum, she had lost count after the first fifteen black guys and at least two Hispanics. She would have no idea who the father was if she was pregnant. As she was laying there, relieved the rape had finally ended, three guys came into the room picked her up and carried her to the bathroom and laid her down in the tub. She assumed someone would come in and give her a bath to clean her up and wash away any evidence.
Instead, Traci came in and set the camcorder up on a tripod, pointed directly at her face and naked body. Her hands were Erotik hikaye still tied so she could not move much in the tub. Traci told her that she had betrayed her and had been the cause of Darren breaking up with her. She was going to send all the guys in, all of them had been drinking beer for the last two hours. She told them they had to save their piss for Carmen, because she wanted to good video showing what a piss loving whore she is.
She told the guys to make sure they aim their stream at her face and drown her in their stinking yellow piss! Carmen could not believe that Traci could be so cruel, there was nothing she could do except wait for the guys to use her like a toilet. The first guy came in and told her he really enjoyed fucking her tight little ass, and he had never pissed on a girl before but it sounded like fun. He pulled out his limp cock and pointed it at her tits, at first the piss just trickled out, but soon he was pissing a steady stream and he played it over her tits and stomach. Traci came back into the bathroom and had a couple of clothespins in her hand, she had an evil grin on her face. She told Carmen that unless she opened her mouth and let the guys piss in her mouth she was going to clamp the clothespins on her nipples, and she would show the bathroom video to her friends back at school. Carmen agreed she would do anything to avoid the clothespins on her nipples and the video being shown in her hometown. Traci smiled a wicked grin and yelled out to the kitchen that the bathroom was open for business. Carmen looked up to see Thomas and his older fat friend come in to the bathroom. Thomas smiled as he fished out him limp cock and stood over her face, his friend stood next to him and they both started pissing at the same time. Traci poked her head back in to watch the watersports and yelled at Carmen to open her mouth like a good piss drinking slut or “I’ll put the clothespins on now” Carmen opened her mouth and closed her eyes as Thomas played his piss stream right into her open mouth. The torrent of piss was so strong it splashed back out of her mouth and splattered all over her face. Thomas and his friend laughed as she fought to keep from swallowing the piss that was shooting into her mouth. His friend aimed his piss right at her eyes hoping she would open them briefly and get hot piss in her eye. Her hair was already getting soaked from all the piss, and there
were at least fifteen more guys waiting their turn. Thomas had a never ending stream of piss and he kept calling her dirty names as his piss splashed all over her face. He asked her if she liked the taste of his piss, she could only shake her head in the affirmative, although she thought she was drowning in urine. After Thomas and his friend emptied their bladders on her face they zipped up and left. Three more guys came in, lined up on the side of the tub and dropped their pants and started pissing. They all were aiming at her face and she kept her mouth open to please Traci. There was so much piss raining down on her that her whole body was getting splattered by piss. Her hair was completely soaked, her mouth was overflowing with the stinking yellow broth. The guys called her a dirty piss drinking whore and said that they wanted a copy of the video for themselves. Before long the others got tired of waiting and they started to crowd around the tub. Five and six guys at a time were draining their bladders all over her face & tits. She could barley gasp a breath without sucking in a mouthful of piss. Some guys even pissed on her pussy because so many streams were shooting down on her face. Traci watched with glee as her friend was being used as a human toilet. She knew she was going to show the video to Carmen’s boyfriend and then try to fuck him for the ultimate revenge. By now over twenty guys had came into the bathroom and pissed all over her face and tits and it seemed as if it would never stop. The truth was Traci had went out to the apartment complex common area, and told any guy that was hanging around to come on up to the apartment and piss all over teenage slut. So more guys who were never at the party would come in and casually pull out their dicks and piss on Carmen’s face, a few even went ahead and jacked off on her face, since they didn’t get to fuck her before she was put in the bathtub. Traci was ecstatic that so many guys were dropping loads of cum or pissing on Carmen, that she told Tyler maybe they should keep her around one more day and charge everyone to have a shot at her. He thought it was a great idea, as he was sure everyone who saw her today would be willing to come back the next day and pay to fuck her. After twenty plus guys had either pissed or came on Carmen’s face or body, Traci decided it was enough for the day and they would get her cleaned up for tomorrows money making rape-a-thon. She went in the bathroom and told Carmen that the following day they were going to sell her pussy, ass and mouth to generate some cash. If it all went well, Traci would give her the video of today’s gangbang and she would not video tomorrows party. Carmen cried as she nodded her head in agreement, knowing she had no choice.
Look for part 2 coming soon.

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