Derek Pt. 03


Hi! So now Mom and I have our plans set to check out another University next weekend. We hope that it is as wonderful as last weekend.

Monday afternoon Mom and I are slow dancing but more rubbing together than actual dancing. I say, “Mom, Tad and Jim are coming over tomorrow afternoon to hang out. We have been friends for years. When we graduate in June, we probably will hardly see each other after that.”

Mom says, “Yes, you have been friends several years. They are nice young men.”

I smile saying, “Did you know that they decided that you are the only MILF they know?”

Mom says, “MILF? What is that? I hope that it is something nice.”

I laugh, “It is something really nice! It means Mother I’d Like to Fuck!”

Mom gasps, ” You haven’t told them about us, have you? I don’t think that I could face them if they knew.”

I say “No. Nobody knows about us. They just think that you are extremely hot. And I do also. They probably will really be eyeing you up while they are here tomorrow.”

Mom says, “So how should I handle them. Ignore it, thank them, play along with them, or what?”

I say, “Maybe tease them some. I know that both of them are still virgins. I know, let’s show them how we dance together. Maybe wear your twirling dress to show them your panties. That would be a real kick watching them squirm.”

Mom says, “Do you really think I should? You would be okay with me teasing them? How far do you think I should go with the teasing?”

I say, “Mom, they are just like brothers to me. I would like them to learn just a little of what I have learned from you. And no, they will absolutely never know what you and I mean to each other. This would just be between you and Tad and Jim as far as they are concerned.”

Mom says, “I will really have to think about that. But they are very nice young men.”

We continue slow dancing with our bodies moving. I feel Mom hold me tighter as she rubs her pussy on my thigh. I know she is thinking of Tad and Jim.

Mom says, “We have just enough time before your father comes home. Let’s go up to your room.”

I hold her hand as we rush to my bedroom. We both quickly undress and lay holding each other. I reach between her thighs to find that her pussy is soaking wet. Her hand on my cock works its’ magic and I quickly get hard. I slide my cock into her pussy, and she pulls me in tight with her legs around my ass. I feel her soft pussy asking for more and quickly start fucking Mom as hard as I can. I know that her mind is either on Tad or Jim at this moment. She softly says, “Fuck me harder!”

As Mom starts moaning with her climax, I sink my hard cock deep and explode several shots of cum deep inside her. As we slowly start relaxing from our climax, I slide down to lick her pussy. I softly suck on her clit and lick some of my cum from her.

Mom holds my head down saying, “Oh, I’ve never had that done after sex before! It feels so loving, but we need to get up now. Your Father will be home soon.”

We have a nice dinner with easy conversation between the three of us. Father asks about college plans, and we remind him that we will be going to look at the second one on Friday. He says that he will be gone overnight tomorrow and on Thursday.

The next afternoon Tad and Jim come home with me after school. Mom fixes us a snack and gets us to talk about school for a while. She is wearing her short skirt that she wears when we dance. The one that flairs out when she twirls.

Both Tad and Jim say, “Hi Mom!”

Mom says, “Thanks for calling me Mom. I like it. And I have never seen three 18-year-old studs as handsome as you three.”

I say, “Hey Mom. Let’s show them our dancing skills.”

Mom puts on some slow music, and we move together gliding across the floor. I hold her gently and not too close. After the song ends Tad and Jim gives us a round of applause.

I say, “Okay Mom. Let’s show them what we really can do!”

Mom starts the music and then twirls her way to me with her skirt rising to show her bikini panties. I catch her as we swing dance together. I keep twirling her left and right and Mom keeps flashing her panties for Tad and Jim. Their mouths hang open as they see their dream before them. The music ends and Mom and I are out of breath. Tad and Jim gives us a standing ovation.

I ask them, “So what do you think of my dancing instructor?”

They say together, “Will you give us lessons?”

Mom genç gaziantep escort answers, “How about one slow dance each tonight?”

Tad stands and walks over to Mom. She shows him how to hold her and what steps to take. Soon they are slow dancing across the floor, and I see Mom move in closer to Tad. I am thinking that she must be feeling his hard-on as they move. When the music stops, she gives Tad a gentle kiss on his lips. I watch him walk uncomfortably back to his chair and Jim moves in to dance with Mom. The moves are repeated and soon Mom is softly rubbing her body on his hard-on. As the music stops, Mom gives him a light kiss on the lips and they both sit down.

Mom says, “You both are smooth dancers. The women will love to dance with you. I’ll teach you how to swing dance another time.”

Tad and Jim sit there and try to adjust their jeans to accommodate their hard cocks. I see a smile on Mom’s face showing that she is quite proud of the reactions she received.

I then tell them about our Thursday and Friday trip to see the college. Tad

immediately says, “Would you have room to take me? I need to start seriously looking.”

Mom quickly says, “I think we would have room. You would have to share a room with Derek and split the cost. Derek will tell you who to call for an appointment. How about you Jim?”

Jim says, “Sorry but I can’t. My mother’s birthday is this Friday.”

Early Thursday morning we pick up Tad and make out trip. Our talk is light and easy. As we get to the hotel I say, “Mom, I don’t think I will make it to my 1 PM meeting at the school. I’m not feeling so hot, and I think I will go to the other University anyway. Why don’t you just take Tad while I try to sleep this off.”

Mom says, “I’m so sorry, Son. Whatever you think is best. Tad, I will let Derek sleep in my room right now so maybe you won’t catch whatever bug he has. I’ll get you in 30 minutes to take you to the college.”

I go with Mom to her room which has a king size bed. Tads and my room have twin queen beds.

As we walk in Mom says, “Okay, what’s going on, Son. You were fine earlier.”

I say, “Mom, I’m just giving you and Tad room to get to know each other. I told you I would like you to tease him a little and then take it as far as you wish. We both know that you and I will have other partners in our life besides each other. I know that Tad is a virgin. Think about what he could learn from someone as nice as you rather than whatever else he might find. He is like a brother to me. I am okay with however far you wish to take this. I’m giving you enough privacy to take it as far as you wish. No one else will ever know. And no one will ever find out about our wonderful sex life. I really love you this much, Mom.”

Mom sits beside me and wraps her arms around me. She says, “I thought that might be what you were thinking. I am really so happy that you would do so much for me. I have thought about what you said previously and am not sure if or how far I wish to take this. It was a real turn on when I realized how big his cock was the other day. But this is still all new feelings for me, even though I always secretly thought about this. I’ll just see how everything goes today. I’ll be back soon from taking Tad. You just be ready for me!”

Mom drives Tad to the college while I take a nap. She comes back and immediately strips when she gets in the room. Mom helps me take off my t shirt and shorts. She immediately starts licking my cock and sucking on it. In just a few minutes she straddles my hips and slowly lowers her sopping wet pussy onto my hard cock.

As we slowly start fucking, I ask, “Mom, how did you get so wet so quick. Were you thinking about Tads cock?”

She smiles at me and nods her head. My cock is now deep in her pussy. What a wonderful feeling I have knowing what a sweet relationship we have. We spend close to an hour holding and fucking in various positions. During this time Mom has two lovely climaxes and we then have a tremendous rolling climax together. I know that it is one of the longest climaxes that I have ever had. As we hold each other tightly, we are so happy.

I say, “Okay Mom, the next load of cum you receive in your sweet pussy might be Tad’s. Talk him into going swimming with you after you pick him up.”

Mom says, “That would be a nice way to loosen up any feelings we might have toward sex. I’ll gaziantep genç escort talk him into it. See you in a few minutes, Son.”

When Mom returns with Tad she comes and puts on her bikini while he is in his room. I smile as I tuck her bottoms up to show more of her ass.

I give Mom a nice passionate kiss and say, “Good Luck, Mom” as she walks out smiling.

I watch from my second-floor window as Mom arrives at the pool. I see Tad swim across the pool to her. As Mom walks down the steps into the pool, Tad is right there to hold her hand. They are laughing together as they walk into waist deep water. I see Tad put his hands on her waist and Mom puts her hands on his shoulders. She reaches up to kiss him lightly on his lips. She then swims down to the deep end. Tad is right behind her watching her barely covered ass. Tad corners her and I see his hands on her waist. He reaches in and receives a longer kiss with some tongue action. Mom locks her hands around Tad’s neck as he reaches in for more kissing. This one is really exciting to watch, and the water is clear enough to see Tad drop his hands to Mom’s hips. He pulls Mom in close, and I know that Mom can feel his hard on against her stomach. Mom doesn’t break her kiss while she pulls his head down to her tighter. After a long passionate kiss, Mom breaks away to swim slowly away. Tad is right behind her and grabs her legs to swim up between them. They are shallow enough to stand now and Tad holds her from behind tight against him. I’m sure that Mom is now feeling his hard cock against her ass. Tad’s hands move up to cup her breasts. I see his hands slip under her bikini top feel her bare tits. Moms’ face looks like a teenager with the glow on it. She turns into Tad’s arms and kisses him deeply. I see her hands cup Tad’s ass and pull him tightly against her. Their hips are now moving in unison. Mom moves her right hand to the front of Tad’s swim trunks, and I see her grasp his cock. After stroking him thru the cloth Tad lowers his trunks enough so that Mom grabs his large hard cock. He is both thicker and longer than my cock is. Mom is totally on cloud nine, kissing this handsome, young man, stroking a large, hard cock.

Mom says, “Lets’ go to your room.”

They leave the pool with their arms around each other. When they enter the room Mom quickly strips off her suit and lays on the bed. Tad strips as Mom watches to look at his beautiful large cock. As he lays beside her, she knows this will be a quick fuck.

Mom reaches for his cock and feeds it into her already wet pussy. The look on Tads’ face is wonderment. He moves on top and starts rapidly moving. Mom wraps her legs around his ass and watches his facial expressions. She is loving the little extra size and the excitement. She feels his cock enlarge and wraps herself tightly around him. Tad strokes hard and moans as his cum erupts deep inside Mom. She continues holding him as he comes down from his climax. As Tad lays there with his softening cock inside Mom he gives Mom a beautiful smile.

Mom says, “That was quick. I’m going to my room now to check on Derek and take a nap. You relax and in a couple of hours let’s get some take out dinner. After that I will show you how to properly make love to a woman.”

As Mom comes into her room, still in her bikini, I give her a huge smile. I say. “You had sex with Tad, didn’t you. It was so hot watching the two of you in the pool And that look on your face now is amazing.”

Mom says, “Yes. we did. But Tad came so quick I didn’t have a climax. I really need one, Son.”

I wrap my arms around her and say, “I am so ready. Just thinking about the two of you really got me worked up.”

I strip Mom of her bikini and drop my shorts, showing her my hard on. We move to the bed and as I get on top, I slide my hard cock easily into Mom’s soaked pussy.

I know the wetness is from Tad’s hot cum. I ride Mom high making sure that my cock has full contact on her clit. Within 10 minutes I hear Mom’s light moaning and know that she is starting her climax. As she rolls thru it my climax shoots my hot cum into Mom to mix with Tad’s cum. Now I really feel like he and I are brothers.

Mom says, “Hold me Son, while I rest.” We fall asleep holding each other.

We wake up in an hour and Mom orders a pizza for the three of us. Tad comes in looking kind of sheepish, but I act like I know nothing. Mom gaziantep genç escort bayan stands and gives him a hug asking if he slept. He nods yes and we start eating. After all the action today we all very hungry.

After we eat and talk awhile Mom says, “Tad, Derek wants to rest a little more to get over his bug. Is it okay for him to go to your room and you stay here awhile to keep me company and finish the pizza?”

Tad says, “Yes. I would be pleased to stay awhile.”

After I leave, Mom motions Tad to the king size bed. She says, “Now we are going to make sure that you know all about satisfying a woman.”

They stand and kiss while slowly undressing each other. She takes off his shirt and shorts and they lay in the middle of the king size bed. Their kissing gets more passionate as Mom moves down Tad’s chest to suck on his nipples. She then lets her tongue trail further down to his large hard cock. She takes a minute to marvel at the large veins on it and then slips her tongue out to taste his pre-cum. Mom slowly sucks the head of his cock into her mouth, marveling at the size of it. She takes him deeper and then comes up to trail her tongue down his shaft all the way to his anus. She comes back to suck and nip on his balls. Tad is in heaven and breathing very heavy.

Mom says, “Don’t cum yet. Just slow down and we will teach you how to please a woman. Have you ever given a woman oral sex?”

Tad says, “No, I’ve never had sex other than masturbation before today. Derek and I looked it up on the computer though. I know that I need to keep my tongue soft and use my lower lip too. Teach me the rest.”

Mom says, “Slowly lick up and down between my pussy lips. Now slowly lick all over the outside, then the crevices with my legs. Now, come up to my clit, right there, and softly suck on it. As you are sucking on it, flick it with your tongue. Suck a little harder now. You can feel it swelling. Oh, that is so good! Keep doing it! Let your lower lip glide up and down over it. Oh, yes! Oh, I am going to cum now! Suck hard on my clit! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, that is so good! Thank you, Tad!”

After I rest a minute, I roll over between Tads’ legs. I say, “I’m going to give you a blowjob now, but don’t cum. Stop me if you feel a climax starting.”

Mom likes the precum from his cock head and then slowly sucks his cock head into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around it and then takes him deeper. As she works her magic with her mouth, she watches Tads’ face. Mom tongues his shaft, tracing the large veins in his cock down all the way, then on to his anus and then comes back up to work his balls with sucking and nipping on them. Tad holds Mom’s head still for a minute to stop his climax. As he lets loose of her face Mom glides up his body. Giving Tad a deep, very passionate kiss, she rolls over for Tad to be on top. She reaches down to feed his beautiful large cock into her wet pussy. Mom can feel the wider girth and length of his cock. She is absolutely loving the feeling.

Mom says, “Tad, move up so that your cock is sliding over my clit. There, that’s the spot.”

Tad takes his time, fucking Mom slowly. Mom wraps her legs around his back to pull him in deeper. After several minutes Tad stops and lays quietly on top of Mom to still his intense desire to cum. Mom kisses his neck passionately when he resumes his stroking her.

After several minutes, Mom says, “Okay, I’m ready to cum now. Let me have your cum deep inside of me.”

Tad starts driving his cock harder and deeper into Mom. He can hear her moaning as his balls tighten up, His cock reaches its’ maximum as he explodes, sending waves of cum deeper inside Mom than anyone has before. Mom finishes her intense climax at the same time holding tightly to Tad. They hold each other while kissing tenderly for several minutes before rolling apart.

Tad asks, “How did I do, Mom? Is it always this wonderful?”

Mom says, “It is if each one is thinking of the other persons satisfaction. You are great!”

After they rest a few minutes Mom says, “You better go back to your room now. I’ll see you boys about 9 a.m.”

At 9 a.m. I go to Mom’s room. She answers the door in her short nightie.

I say, “Wow! You two must have had a great time last night. Tad isn’t up yet either!”

Mom says, “Yes Son. It was great. Thanks for being okay with me having sex with Tad.”

We leave for home at 10:30. When we drop Tad off, I tell Mom, “Look how tall and self-confident Tad is now. I feel the same way since you made me into a man. You can sure be proud of what you have done for the two of us. But remember, we have Jim also who is our brother.”

Mom looks at me slyly. She says, “I have been thinking of that, I’m sure that you will make some plans for us.”

We ride the rest of the way home quietly thinking.

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