did I get her pregnant ?I will never know


Did I get her pregnant?

Nancy was a good friend that likes to get high,but when she gets high she likes to have sex. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter who she gets it from as long as they please her. Don, my good friend and usually is the one that she lays with,but when he is gone it can be any one.

Now Nancy is a pretty girl 21 years old with red hair ,green eyes and a body that will get any man hard. She usually dresses casual ,jeans,and a nice blouse ,but when she is on the prowl she dresses very seductively .Her jeans will be tighter, her blouses are left home and she is wearing a tube top revealing her firm breasts and hard nipples.

The first time I had sex with her we were double dating ,Don and Nan, her friend Mary and I.We were at the drive inn ,parked in the back row and when the lights went off,well you can be certain that clothes would too.

It was the first for Mary and I so it not much more than kissing while Nan and Don were going at it in the back seat.I knew by the sounds what the were doing and Mary would look back at then then whisper to me.”She is sucking his cock, or she has his hands in her pants ”.

It was getting uncomfortable for Mary, but for me it was getting hard not to get an erection.Being our first date I knew I wasn’t going to get anything from Mary Sex hikayeleri so to put her at ease we sat outside. It was fine, Mary was a pretty girl and I hoped that having a few more dates would put me in the back seat with her.

As the night went on Don and Nancy smoked a lot of pot and Don ,well lets just say he liked his beer.He was so wasted by the end of the night all he wanted was to get home, so he was the first one I dropped off. Since Mary lived closer she was the next one ,leaving horny and high Mary all alone with me.

Well it wasn’t only a couple of miles down the road when Nancy laid her head on my shoulder and her hand on my crotch.Now normally I wouldn’t have sex with a friends girl but when she ran her hand up and down my cock she whispered to me.

“Since Mary didn’t use this I can use it”,she then kissed my neck and unzipped my pants.As she pulled my cock out she lowered her mouth down and began sucking it. I immediately began looking for a place to park while sliding a hand down to her ass. I had to stretch a bit but when I got a finger in her pants she was wet.

I finally was able to pull over in the town park and found a spot far back so as to not be disturbed. I shut the car off and was pushing the seat back all while Nancy was pulling my pants to the floor.She kept her Sikiş hikayeleri hand on my cock while she moved up and started kissing me.

I made a quick removal of her pants and was fingering her sloppy wet pussy when she straddled my legs and told me to fuck her.”Fuck me good and hard” she said then impaled herself on my cock and sat there as she became relaxed with me inside her.

Now I hadn’t planned on this happening , fucking my friends girl friend but she wanted it. I have to admit that I would do it whenever she wanted because she felt good . Now I am not a bull but my cock filled her nicely and she rode me like I was. She pounded her fast and hard for about 15 minutes until I couldn’t hold back and unloaded my cum deep inside her.

Long after my cock stopped twitching she stayed on me, she was kissing me telling me how good it felt.I started playing with her nice firm tits while we continued to kiss,She slowly started moving her hips stirring our juices around until my cock started to harden again.

Sure I have been with other girls before but never did they stay connected to me after I came inside them. Nancy seemed to be enjoying how much I came and how wet our groins have become.She also liked that I could get hard again easier than any boy has done ,and how long it took me to cum again.

Erotik hikaye I finally was able to get her to lay down in the seat where I started fucking her this time. I had her legs against my shoulders and could see her smile in the moonlight. She was smiling from ear to ear as she had her hands on my hips pulling me down hard each time I pulled away.Finally after another half hour I put another load deep inside her as she climaxed and came with me.

“Wow”Nancy finally said as her orgasm settled down and her pussy pushed my cock out along with a stream of our cum.She giggled when she scooped more cum from within her soaked pussy. “Damn you sure know how to get my juices going”she said then sat up when I moved away.”I hope we can do this again”she said then put a finger to my lips “but don’t tell anyone”.

We did manage to fuck around again and it was just as good as the first one. Don and Nancy got married and I was his best man and Mary was her maid of honor. I even got a nice blow job from Mary after the wedding was over.We dated for a couple of months and had some great sex.

Don came to me a month later “guess what” he said sounding excited “I am going to be a father”he said. A few weeks later he told me that he was enlisting in the military”would stop and check on Nancy while I am gone” ..

Well of course I did and we had sex regularly until boot camp was over then he came back and got her . I don’t know if I fathered her child or not ,nor did I ever see them again so who knows

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