Director’s Cut Ch. 02

Caressing Pussy

This is the second part to Director’s Cut. Once again, I always appreciate all feedback I receive and would love to hear ideas for a third part in the series.

It was 7:10 a.m. Ryan’s alarm clock had been gradually getting louder and more obnoxious for the past ten minutes but he just couldn’t seem to get himself out of bed. He had this fantastic dream …

Finally he pulled himself up and reached over to switch the clock off. With both hands, he rubbed his eyes gently. ‘What a night! I slept like a baby,’ he thought to himself as he continued to stretch. Still half asleep, he struggled to remember what had happened.

‘It was incredible, I remember having my sexy sister strip down for me and tease the shit out of me, then I got to bang the shit out of her little pussy!’

Standing up was tough, he felt like he ran a marathon the night before. Glancing down at the floor he realized why. The video camera that captured the whole ordeal still was laying on the floor untouched since it was finally shut off after the experimentation between the siblings had been finished.

“Holy fucking shit,” Ryan swore. “I fucked my damn sister. Fuck!”

Ryan crouched down and buried his head between his legs. ‘What have I done? How am I supposed to act now?’

In the other room, I was not in the same troubled state. Surprisingly, this was something I had fantasized about before. I have always admired my brother’s good looks and never found a guy who could ever come close to matching his brilliance. I smiled as I replayed the events of last night in my head …

“I want to do that again,” I grinned.

Looking at the time, I realize my mom would kill me if I was late to breakfast so I pulled on my gray gym shorts and a loose white tank top and stumbled downstairs.

“Lisa, what is with you? You can’t ever be on time to anything. It’s even affecting your brother now.”

“Carol, please,” my father pleaded with her. “It’s Lisa’s first full day home.”

“You know, Jim, it is just a bad habit that needs to be broken. We have rules in this house …”

And to think I was actually happy to see her last night! I forgot how cross she could get when things weren’t going her way. My mom was usually angry about something or other so I wasn’t surprised by her greeting. It sort of suited her. She had always been old fashioned. She made breakfast everyday and packed lunches for us all still. It was like she was always trying to be perfect. Even while I was growing up, I rarely saw her with her hair down and honestly, I don’t think I have ever seen her wear jeans. In her mind, she is too classy for that. Those sort of things have always irritated me about her. She always acted like I was failing her by being a normal girl and not some prissy, goody-goody like herself.

“Sorry,” I scowled as I pulled a chair up to the breakfast table. I helped myself to some of the fruit set out for us all.

“How was your evening, sweetheart?” my dad inquired, chipper as always.

I shrugged. I wished I could just blurt out that I had the greatest sex of all time and it was with my brother, but somehow I figured that would be a tad inappropriate.

Finally, my brother samsun escort came downstairs, his dark hair was all messy and his face was unshaven. He looked like hell. Obviously my mother dug her claws into him right away and forgot about my tardiness. She was really upset that he didn’t wake up looking like a magazine cover like she does every morning.

Even Mr. Positive Attitude himself, my dad, had to excuse himself early, having grown tired of my mom’s endless supply of complaints. Dad wandered up the stairs to be alone.

My brother and I ate in silence. I noticed that Ryan didn’t make any eye contact with me at all. ‘He must be embarrassed,’ I thought to myself. It was really awkward eating breakfast with my brother who I was all over hours before. I started feeling guilty for what happened.

Ryan stood up and collected most of the breakfast dishes and took them over to the sink and dropped them in.

“That’s right, just leave the cleaning for me,” my mother bitched. “I am only here to serve you, Ryan. The very least you can do is comb your hair and shave before you come to the table. Everyone else is ready to start the day!”

“Whatever, Mom. I am going to get ready now. Good lord, get off my back for five minutes!” He stormed up to his room and slammed the door.

‘This is going to be a long day,’ I thought. All I could hear was Ryan’s door slamming shut and him stomping into the bathroom. There was more noise as the door swung shut and the shower started.

All I wanted to do was stay out of Mom’s way … I picked up the rest of the dishes to the sink and started running the water and pouring soap in.

“Well, Lisa, I am glad you are learning from Ryan’s mistakes. It is good to have some help around her. I get sick of doing it all every day. In fact I bet Ryan and your father have five loads of laundry upstairs that I don’t even know about yet.”

I just tuned her out and continued scrubbing. Little did I know, things were about to be very different.

My mom wandered up to Ryan’s room, in search of dirty laundry and anything else she could hold above his head for awhile. While she was up there she picked up a video camera that he was careless enough to leave on the floor.

“Not only do I do everything around the house, he thinks he can throw expensive equipment around like it is nothing!” She frowned as she pulled the tape out and added it to her pile of “to-do’s” she picked up from Ryan’s room. “What the hell does he need a video camera for in his room?”

Curiosity had finally gotten the best of her and she went down to the family room and popped the video into the VCR. Minutes later, she settled into a daze, watching her daughter seductively dance. She was in shock and in awe at the same time.

By this time, I had finished the dishes and wandered into the room. My jaw dropped when I saw what my mom was watching. I was so embarrassed that she was going to see that. I had to do something!

“I am so sorry, Mom!” I blurted out. “It was all my fault!”

Startled, my mom jumped a bit on the couch. “Lisa, why would you do this?” She switched the video off.

‘Thank God!’ I thought to myself. At least she only saw the mellow part of it.

“I … I … I just wanted to look sexy,” I stammered.

“Well,” she began, “you most certainly did look sexy. It was a very, um, mature dance you were doing.”

I had never seen my mom so … so natural … before. It was strange. It was almost like we switched roles. Suddenly I was the one in control of the situation. I could tell my mom was really out of her league on this one.

“Did you like it?” I asked. “I wanted to practice with a video camera. I want to be sexy around guys. I wanted to see how I looked to them. I don’t want to look foolish like the other girls I know.”

“It … it was really … different,” She blushed and looked down.

“I do have to ask,” I began. “Did it turn you on watching me dance and rub myself?”

My mom blushed and looked away.

“Come on, Mom. Tell me. Woman to woman.”

“Yes,” she answered shyly. “You are a very sexy young woman.”

When I heard my mom say that, I realized something. My mother was a very sexy woman too. Her tall, thin build was a lot like mine and she had such beautiful deep red hair I always wished I had, tucked away neatly in a curly bun. I was aroused by my power over her at this moment.

“Do you want to see more?” I casually asked her.


“Would you like me to show you more of my dance? I can show you all that I know. Maybe you can surprise Dad with it,” I suggested.

She didn’t respond. She just had a confused eyebrow raised and looked at me with an almost childlike look on her face.

“Follow me,” I grabbed her hand and lead her up to my room. I closed and locked my door. “Mom, here is your first lesson in fun …”

My mom sat on my bed in awe as I put a CD in my stereo. I turned with my back to her, and started dancing like I had seen girls in music videos do. I shook my ass and ran my hands up and down my body. Glancing at my mirror I saw my mom start to relax a bit, getting used to my hot dance. I smiled and turned around to face her. I continued dancing, stepping closer to her little by little.

Finally, I grabbed her hands and pulled her up to me. Holding both of her hands I began to run them down my body, starting at my slender shoulders, down to my hard tits, pausing to let her palms feel my nipples poking at her, begging to be free.

I lead her hands further down, still keeping my dance going, to my tight stomach. I brought her hands together and pushed them down to my pussy. I started to grind myself against her hands then I released her.

Her hands lingered my pussy for awhile as I worked my body on them. “Come on, Mom. Let’s dance,” I said. My mom put her hands on my small waist and I started seductively bumping against her body. I was really getting into this.

I leaned into her and kissed her on the mouth. She tasted like the strawberries and bananas she served with our breakfast. She returned my offering and slowly put her sweet tongue in my mouth. It was the sexiest kiss I have ever had. I sucked on her tongue as I rubbed my firm body against hers.

Slowly, I pushed my hand towards her vagina. I could feel the heat of her body against my palm. She was wearing a pair of neatly pressed khaki pants so I began to unbutton them carefully and reveal her soft, satin panties. I let myself enjoy the way I could feel her bush through the thin material. They were very damp towards the center. I slid my hand through the side.

“Oh Lisa, I don’t think …”

“Shut up,” I automatically replied. I was too turned on to stop now. Why let this hottie mom get away now?

I engaged her in another tongue lock as I let my fingers wander their way up and down her slit. She was soaked from top to bottom and two of my fingers easily slid in. “Oh, Mom, you are a sexy, wet bitch.”

I worked my fingers in her for a few minutes and she moaned as I massaged her right breast with my free hand. She started getting even more into it and stuck her hand down my shorts. She wasn’t surprised to find me damp as well and began to return the fingering favor I offered her.

I pulled my hand out only to reach up and pull off her shirt and free her beautiful tits from her bra. They were much larger than mine and the nipples were firm and obviously excited as I lowered my head down and sucked on them gently, nibbling just a bit to make them even harder. Mom groaned as I kneaded her other tit with my hand.

Reaching back down, I pulled her pants and panties down and she finished the task by kicking them off and onto my floor. I pulled at her clit just a bit and she released another moan. Slowly I let my tongue lick its way down her body, over her fat tits, down her pale tummy, all the way to her thick bush and into her musky pussy.

I began eating my way into her. Licking her from her anus to her clit and back down several times, stopping only to shove my tongue into her tight snatch as far as I could. She feverishly probed her fingers in and out of my twat, her pace was speeding up as she became closer to an orgasm.

My pussy was soaking her fingers and hand as she rubbed my clit and finger fucked me to my delight.

“Let me taste you too,” she begged, her sexual high was starting to peak.

I climbed on top of her, in a 69 style position and she began to lick and suck my cit and push her fingers in and out of my hole like she was an expert. I opened my mouth as much I could and began sucking her pussy. It was hard to suck and lick in between moans, but it seemed like my mother enjoyed me moaning on her sensitive little clit.

Finally, my mom clenched my butt cheeks with both hands as my sucking and moaning sent her into an incredible wave of ecstasy. She came hard into my mouth, causing her whole body to erupt and shake like nothing I had ever heard of before. This completely set me off. I wanted an orgasm like that too.

When she finished cumming, I lapped up all of her delicious juices and sat up to straddle her face. I ground my twat against her mouth and she violently sucked and tongue fucked me. I pinched and twisted her nipples to encourage her to continue on. It really got to me when she started to gently bite at my clit. I pulled a pillow over my face to muffle my screams and moans of intense pleasure as my love juices filled my mother’s sweet mouth.

I rolled off of her and put my head on her naked breast and asked once again, “Did you enjoy that video I made, Mommy?”

“Sweetie,” she panted, “I enjoyed the live show much more.”

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