Discovery Ch. 14


For our party we had rented a seldom used county park for the day. It was a beautiful setting out in the country with two large pavilions in case of rain. There were grills to cook on, trails for walking, and a beach on a small secluded lake. All our friends came. Bryan & Debra, Dick & Nina, Mike & Jane, Jack & Suzanne, Rick & Sara, Alex & Mary, and Matt & Lisa. Even Marvin and Bridgett made it. Jen’s baby sister Sharon turned nineteen today, so a lot of her friends were there too. Especially her fiancee, Pete. Pete had just joined the Air Force and would be leaving for training shortly. They were planning on getting married when he finished training, so she could go with him where ever he got assigned.

Jen’s mom had gotten two big sheet cakes made, one for Sharon and one for me. We grilled burgers and hot dogs, had potato salad and chips, had ice cream, had lots of soda and beer, and anyone who wanted something else to drink brought their own. We played volleyball on the small beach and some went swimming. The older guys pitched horseshoes, while the girls talked and caught up on all the family things. We had wonderful warm fall day. The party started at noon. By four o’clock the older folks were getting anxious to leave. Some of us had gotten in more of a party mood with the aid of large measures of alcohol and everyone was bugging Sharon and I to open gifts.

Sharon and I took turns opening a gift and showing everyone what we got. We got some very nice things. I had been playing golf quite a bit lately and got some things for that. Sharon was very athletic and got roller blades and softball equipment. We both got lots of clothes. When we had finished all the packages, Wanda said she had left theirs in the car. It only took her a minute to retrieve them. They were wrapped the same and Wanda said we could unwrap them together. From the shape of the package I guessed mine was a bottle of booze. Sharon’s looked the same. When we got the paper off, it revealed I was right. Jen’s mom objected to Sharon getting booze but Wanda assured mom that she would personally make sure Sharon was safe.

Mom finally said okay and decided it was time for she and dad to go home. Within a few minutes all the older people had left. All the people with kids had left as well. Now just the partiers were left.

Wanda called everyone together to propose a toast to Sharon and I. When everyone had gathered around, she said we should open our bottles to drink the toast with. Sharon and I were brought glasses and opened the boxes our booze came in. When we pulled the bottles out of the box, we found each bottle wrapped in matching bikini underwear. Everyone started laughing. Wanda said she wanted to see them modeled and everybody joined in on the call for a show. I laughed and said maybe later. Sharon laughed and said she would have to drink a lot from her bottle before any modeling took place.

I opened my bottle of rum and poured a good drink. Then I opened Sharon’s peach schnapps and Wanda provided the orange juice for a fuzzy navel. Everyone toasted the birthday couple and went back to partying. Jen and I sat down with Sharon and Pete to finish our drinks and talked about their future plans. Pete is a very nice guy. He spends a lot of time in the gym working out and plays softball and basketball and golf. As we poured more drinks, we laughed about leaving it to Wanda to always add spice to any occasion. I told Sharon I would really like to see her model her new underwear though. She said she would like to see me model mine too, but she was going to have to drink a lot more first. We all laughed and went on with the party.

We heard a commotion down by the lake and thought someone might be in trouble, so we jumped up and ran down there. Instead we found it was Tim’s turn to spice things up. He had decided to go skinning dipping. A crowd had gathered, but all we saw was his butt as he ran away from us into the lake. Before long a couple other guys had joined him, all carrying beers with them. I was standing on the beach next to Sharon. She laughed out load saying that things were really getting good now. I suggested she join them then. She looked at me for just a moment and said she wasn’t ready yet.

Pete suggested we carry the table down by the beach, so we didn’t miss any of the show. I helped him move the table. Soon several tables were on the beach. Everyone was either in the water or sitting around drinking. Some girls had finally joined the skinning dippers. I noticed one of them was Sharon’s best friend Sue. She played softball with Sharon and had a beautiful athletic body. Sharon caught Pete looking as well and told him to knock it off. Pete said he couldn’t help it and if she wanted him to stop she was going to have to model her new underwear.

Sharon took a large drink from her glass and said not until Dan does. I laughed and told her I was just about ready. Jen said she dared me. I said okay and grabbed the underwear and headed off into some bushes beside the beach. When I came back out wearing the bikinis, Sharon was already dancing on the table in front of Pete in hers. Wanda and some others had gathered around. I walked over and climbed denizli escort onto the table next to Sharon and danced with her. Everyone cheered, even the skinny dippers came out to watch. I told Sharon she really looked hot in her new panties. She said she hoped they hid more than mine did. I had to agree bikinis are not made to hide a man’s penis. Especially if he is becoming aroused and I was.

I told Sharon I thought I’d better get down. She reached out and grabbed my hips and rubbed her mound against my growing cock. Then she abruptly turned and got down off the table. I jumped down quickly but not before everyone knew what she had done to me. Sharon was laughing and said she didn’t know I would be so glad to see her. I laughed too and said she should be spanked for that. Pete helped me catch her. I put her across my lap and gave her a birthday spanking. After the first couple smacks, everyone was counting. By the fourth, Sharon was really squirming. I wasn’t hitting hard enough to really hurt her but it was enough to turn her cheeks red. By the time I reached ten, the new bikinis were working their way between the red cheeks of her very pretty butt. By fifteen, she was squirming even harder, but so was I. My dick was getting hard again and rubbing against her mound as she squirmed on my lap. By nineteen, I had to just hold her down on my lap and wait to calm down.

Jen realized what the problem was and said, “What’s the matter honey did you like that too much?”

Sharon laughing said, “He sure did. Come on Pete, I’m going swimming to cool my butt off.”

With that she headed to the water with all the other skinny dippers, throwing her clothes off as she went. Pete stripped to skin and joined her. Jen and I and Curt and Shannon were left sitting at the picnic table sipping our drinks. Everyone else was in the water. Penny, who could be a little stuffy at times was horsing around in the water like a little kid. Looking around, I found Penny, Curt and Shannon, Pete and Sharon, and Sharon’s friend Sue were the only ones left at the party that we had not had sex with. They were all naked except Curt, Shannon, Jen and I. And I was sitting there in a skimpy pair of bikini underwear. I told Curt, Shannon, and Jen I thought it was time to join the party. I stood up and stripped off my clothes. I took the last drink from my glass and caught Shannon looking at my cock. As I headed for the water, Curt, Shannon and Jen still sat at the table.

When I got near the rest of the group, I found everyone nearly paired off. Penny didn’t have a pair and had hooked up with Marvin and Bridgett. They appeared to be in some heavy political discussion. Sue, the other single, was staying close to her friend, Sharon and Pete although they appeared to be more playful. I snuck up behind Sharon and grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her down into the water. When she came up sputtering, I told her I wanted to make sure she had cooled down. She and Sue grabbed me and shoved me under. When I came up sputtering, Sharon laughed and said she could see I had. Pete tried to dunk Sue but she ducked down and he ended up going over her head into the water. When Pete came up I suggested a chicken fight. He and Sharon both liked the idea, but Sue wasn’t getting on my shoulders. Sharon said okay she could get on Pete’s shoulders. Sue wasn’t buying that either, but Sharon wouldn’t give up and called her chicken. Finally, Sue gave in and said she would get on Pete’s shoulders.

Pete and I ducked under the water and came up under Sharon and Sue. The fight was on. The competitor in us all took over and we had a real struggle. Let me tell you, if you think chicken fighting can be difficult, try it with your nineteen year old sister-in-law on your neck naked. I stepped on a sharp stone and lost my balance and we went down. Sharon came up demanding a rematch. I couldn’t wait. Sharon came up behind me and just jumped up on my shoulders.

Before we started we agreed the loser had to get new partners before they could come back and challenge. I was determined to keep Sharon riding me a while longer and this time we won pretty easily. Sharon got Sue bent over backward and down they went. Pete went right over and asked Wanda to be his partner. Sue was a little uneasy, but finally asked Tim to be her partner. Sharon and Wanda had a real struggle also. I thought we were in trouble, but somehow Sharon got Wanda twisted around until her pussy was right in Pete’s face. Pete lost it and went down. We were all laughing so hard, we had to take a break for a minute to recover. Wanda told Pete if he couldn’t stay up better than that she didn’t hold out much hope for his honeymoon. By the time Sharon and I were ready to face Tim and Sue, several more chicken fights were breaking out. Wanda had gotten James and Pete got Betty for partners. Curt, Shannon, and Jen had finally joined the water games. I was getting pretty tired. I thought about it for just a second and decided if I could lose as gracefully as Pete had with Wanda, it wouldn’t be that bad.

Tim is a big strong guy and as I said Sue is very athletic so losing wasn’t that difficult. diyarbakır escort Getting Sharon spun around on my shoulders facing me proved a little more difficult. Not impossible mind you, but difficult. As I felt her red pubic hair brush past my right ear, I stuck out my tongue. Sharon still refused to go down easily, but by that time I was practically on my knees. I came up complaining that I had nearly drowned. Sharon looked me right in the eye and asked how the water tasted. I stared right back and said it was the best lake water I had ever been privileged to taste. Sharon said she was ready for a break too and we walked up and sat down in the shallow water. I told Sharon I hoped she was having a good time as it was the best birthday party I had ever had. She said it was her best also. We decided another drink was in order and walked up to the picnic tables and made some. We noticed some others were coming out of the water. I suggested we gather up some wood and take it down to the beach and build a bonfire. Everyone agreed that was a good idea and in no time we had a very nice fire going.

People started gathering around the fire on blankets. Everyone got more to drink and some were finishing off the food. Penny was really toasted and was telling a story about going on vacation to the Bahamas and visiting a nude beach. Like I said, Penny can be a little stuffy and it was hard to picture her on a nude beach. Then again, here she was nude on a beach. So was everyone else. Almost thirty close friends and family. How could this happen?

We all sat around drinking, talking, watching the fire, and just having a great time. Penny was still with Marvin and Bridgett. Jen, Shannon, Curt, Mary and Alex were talking. Betty, Tim, Mike, Jane, Bryan and Debra were all together on two blankets. Jack, Suzanne, Matt, and Lisa are on one blanket. Rick, Sara, Dick, and Nina are on another. And then there was Pete, Sue, Sharon and I. As we sat watching the fire, I noticed Matt was holding Jack’s wife Suzanne and Jack was holding Lisa. Rick had paired off with Nina and Sara with Dick. I wasn’t sure if anyone else noticed or cared. Actually I was sitting with Sharon and Sue was laying down next to Pete on the blanket we were sharing.

We had carried the coolers over near the fire and nobody had to go far for a drink. I pointed out a beautiful sunset taking place over the lake and everyone turned so they could watch it. I put my arm around Sharon’s shoulder pulled her to me and kissed her. It was a soft loving kiss which she responded to. “Happy birthday” I said as our lips parted. “Happy birthday to you too.” she said and pulled me close and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I looked over to see if Pete was watching and found him kissing Sue. In fact, everyone seemed to be kissing someone. Even Penny was kissing. She was kissing Bridgett.

I continued to do battle with Sharon’s tongue and found myself rubbing her back down to her hips. As we continued kissing, we slipped down on the blanket next to Pete and Sue. I brought a hand up to close it over her right breast and felt the nipple grow hard under my palm. We didn’t break the kiss. I felt her hand close around my stiffening cock. I traced my hand from her breast down across her smooth flat stomach and into her womanhood. Her legs parted to afford access and I felt her moist response. I raised up and she slid beneath me still holding my cock in her hand. She guided the head to her opening and waited. I pushed gently forward and entered her sweet, hot, moist, welcoming pussy. She pushed back to force me further inside her. I withdrew and returned to the heaven she offered. I moved in long slow comfortable strokes back and forth. She met every stroke. Our lips never parted. We kept up the slow pace as long as either of us could stand.

Our mouths and groins became more demanding. Our mouths finally had to part. I raised up on my arms and toes. I slid back down. Sharon met me on shoulders and toes, the rest of her body well off the blanket. Gradually our pace increased until I was slamming up and down as fast as my body would allow. Sharon now had her mouth at my ear giving me encouragement. In gasping breaths, she told me she was getting close. She asked me to fill her up with my cock. I did my best to fill her. As she started to clamp down her interior muscles went into spasm around my cock, her teeth closed on my ear. I knew she was trying to control her noise level but I could not. I came in buckets and gasps. As I was coming down from my high, I realized I was now going to have to fight her fiancee. I looked over at Pete’s grinning face. He just said, “happy birthday”.

I kissed Sharon again, thanked her, and wished her another happy birthday. I asked her if we could just lay close for a while and she said she would like that. I rolled off to her right side and held her close to me. As I held her close, we watched Pete screw Sue. As a matter of fact people were screwing all around us. I asked Sharon if watching Pete with someone else didn’t bother her. Sharon said sex was so beautiful she thought it should be shared with everyone. antalya escort She said Sue was going to be her matron of honor, that she loved her, and that she and Pete felt the same about sex and had been with Sue before. I decided right there that this younger generation was going to be okay. I told Sharon I loved her and thought she and Pete were going to do just fine.

I pointed out Jen to Sharon and told her that Jen and I felt the same way about sex as she did. Jen was on the blanket with Curt, Shannon, Alex and Mary. Curt was fucking Jen from behind. Jen was on her hands and knees with Mary underneath her, Jen was licking Mary’s pussy while Mary licked both Jen and Curt. Shannon was on her hands and knees watching, while Alex pounded his fat cock into her pussy. In the light from the fire, we could also see Bridgett lying on her back with Penny eating her pussy. Penny had her ass in the air and Marvin was sliding his humongous cock into her from behind. Sharon said she didn’t know how anyone as small as Penny could fuck such a big prick. I asked Sharon if she wanted to find out what that felt like. She said she would but Pete was a little racist and might not like it. I told her if he was fucking Bridgett at the same time he couldn’t object. Sharon said she thought I was right but didn’t know how to get it started. I told her to leave that to me.

By that time I had another hard on. I slipped it between Sharon’s legs from behind. She threw her top leg over my hips to allow better access and I slid right in. As I began to get into rhythm, Sharon climbed up to her hands and knees. Pete and Sue were relaxing. Sharon crawled over and put her mouth to Sue’s pussy. Sue began to suck Pete’s cock. As soon as Pete had grown to his full size, Sharon pulled away from me and backed up to Pete. Pete slid right in. Sue was now licking Sharon’s pussy and Pete’s cock. I crawled up to where Sharon’s face was buried in Sue’s pussy and lifted her head. I slid my cock into Sue’s neat little tight pussy. Sharon went back to work and licked my cock and Sue’s pussy. We screwed ourselves to a wonderful orgasm. Sue may have been a little shy earlier, but as Pete and Sharon rolled away to enjoy the afterglow, she drove her tongue deep into my mouth. She threw her hips into me and locked her feet behind my butt. As orgasm caught up with her, she was yelling for me to “fuck her good”.

As similar requests were heard from the group around us, I let go and pumped a fine load into her pussy. I flipped her to the top and rested. Sue collapsed onto my chest and I felt her nipples pressing into mine. As I recovered I looked up and saw Penny staring down at me. “Sue, do you mind? I would like to give the birthday boy a kiss.” Sue said, “Of course not.” as she rolled away. I sat up and met Penny’s lips and tongue. I could taste Bridgett, still on her tongue. As she pulled back she said , “That was very nice, but not the kiss I had in mind.” She lowered herself to kiss the head of my penis. As I enjoyed the flicking of her tongue, I looked past her head to see Bridgett suck Pete’s cock into her throat. I knew that soon Sharon would be getting her desires fulfilled. Happy birthday.

Penny had breathed life back in to the birthday boy with her substantial oral skills. God she was tiny. Without removing her mouth from my cock, I lifted her hips and stuck my tongue right between her lower lips. She tasted salty sweet. She came as soon as I touched her clit and poured copious amounts of sweet nectar into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could and lapped up more to swallow. She flooded me and I could feel some escaping and running down my chin. I kept lapping through another cum which didn’t spill quite as much, before I filled her mouth with my third load in the last hour. Happy Birthday. Penny came back to kiss me goodbye before heading off in the direction of Tim.

As I watched her walk away, Sharon’s noises caught my attention. Pete was involved in a sixty-nine with Bridgett and couldn’t see, but Sharon was straddle of Marvin’s thighs. Even if she did have some sexual experience, there was no doubt this was the largest cock she ever had or ever might have. She was making the most of the experience. With her on top she was able to control the depth and pace. She was able to stand flat footed and just squat over that huge black cock.

Jen and Shannon came over to my blanket to watch the show with me. I kissed them both and told Jen thank you for such a nice birthday party. Jen said she was glad to see Sharon was enjoying it as well. Shannon reached out to stroke my cock and in spite of recent events, I started to respond. I found Shannon’s soft fleshy breasts and massaged her nipples while keeping my eyes on Marvin and Sharon. Jen walked over and joined Pete and Bridgett. Pete mounted Jen’s pussy while Bridgett lowered hers to sit on Jen’s face. Now Pete had a full view of Sharon lowering her pussy onto Marvin’s dick. Shannon straddled my lap facing me and slipped her pussy over my cock. She was very warm and soft. We rocked against each other. Sharon had dropped to her knees and now was sliding back and forth over Marvin’s monster. She was whimpering “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” over and over. Tim walked over and stuck his foot long cock into Sharon’s face. Sharon looked up and began to lick the head of his cock. Tim picked up Penny from beside him and sat her on his shoulders with her pussy in his face. James was laying on his back with Wanda riding his cock. Curt had his cock buried in her butt.

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