Dissoluteness Ch. 01

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She looked down at the card in the console tray of her car. She knew what it said. She studied it for close to an hour after it was handed to her. Now, driving home, her eyes kept stealing back to it. It was a simple card, plain white with simple block print barely big enough to be legible. “Dissoluteness” On the next line centered beneath that one word. “Instruction and Training” and a phone number. How it came into her possession was equally mysterious.

She was in the used book store. She favored this particular store because they had a large selection of erotic novels. She was quietly looking at the titles when he had come into the store. She noticed him; tall, dressed all in black, dark eyes, grey hair, a goatee and mustache neatly trimmed. He disappeared toward the back of the store. She returned her attention to the titles on the shelf when she realized she was not alone in that section of the store. She glanced to her left and saw him with his back to her. He was reading the back cover or a book and seemed unaware of her. She continues looking for something interesting to read when she felt a touch on her elbow. She turned and found him standing close to her, with the card extended. She took it and without a word, he turned and left the store.

The card perplexed her. No name, no address, just that cryptic three lines. she found a dictionary, the word dissoluteness was unusual and unfamiliar to her. Reading the definition caused more confusion. She returned to the shelves and found a book she thought might keep her entertained for a few hours. At the counter she made her purchase. The young woman at the register polite as usual prompted her to find her frequent purchaser card. With her book in hand she walked straight to her car. As she sat and waited for traffic to clear in the parking lot, discovered she had tucked the card into the book. Pulling it our she perused it again. She wondered what it meant and why he had given it to her.

At home she stashed the book in her dresser drawer and hurried to the kitchen to get dinner together. Her husband would be home in less than an hour and he expected to be able to sit down and eat immediately so he would have plenty of time for his evening activities. That of course depended on what day of the week it was. Mondays were football, sometimes at his friend’s house. Tuesday was poker. That game traveled and would occasionally end up at their house. Wednesday usually found him with some of his buddies at the local billiard hall. Thursdays were his lodge nights and Fridays were always the local fights, again with his friends. She invariably went to bed and was asleep when he came home and he was up and gone to work long before she woke. To fill the time she lost herself in the erotic novels that she purchased at the used book store.

Typical to form, he parked the car, came through the front door and disappeared into the back of the house. In a few minutes her returned and walked straight to the dining room table. If dinner wasn’t ready to be put on the table, he said nothing but his eyes spoke volumes. She put the plate in front of him. Without a word, he began to eat. She brought her plate in from the kitchen took the chair at the far end of the table. When he finished he simply stood and walked to the living room, sprawled in the arm chair that he had staked out as his territory and turned on the TV. She ate in silence before picking up the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

She retrieved the novel from the drawer and made herself comfortable in the chair in the. She glanced up when she heard the front door shut and the car pull out of the driveway. With a sigh, she returned to her novel and was soon lost in the mystery and excitement of the lives of the characters about which she was reading.

She read more than a dozen pages when she turned a page and the card fell from the book. She picked it up and read the small print one more time. Dissoluteness. What a strange word and even stranger to find it on a business card. She remembered the definition. “indifference to moral restraints.” Why, she wondered would anyone want to be “instructed and trained” in something like that? She put the card in the front of the book and continued reading until her head nodded forward. The book went back in her dresser drawer. changing into her nightgown she climbed into the bed, alone.

She never heard him come in and she never heard him leave in the morning. She knew he had been there because his dirty clothes from the day before were piled near the closet door. She sat up and looked around before getting up and going to the kitchen to make coffee. With a cup of fresh hot coffee, she went back to the bedroom, retrieved the novel from the drawer and returned to where she had left off the night before.

As she read, she lost herself in the story. The young and beautiful heroine was besieged by a multitude of troubles and enemies. She found herself in one dire predicament after another, many of which had Ümraniye Olgun Escort her bound or otherwise restrained. She recalled the description from the back of the book. She flipped the book over to re-read it.

. . . Bernadette finds herself without hope of escaping Baron De Valle’s lascivious and dissipated desires. In his castle and at his mercy, she is condemned to either serve his debased appetites or suffer at the hands of his dungeon master. . .

She looked again at that passage. Just reading that passage caused her heart to beat faster and that flutter between her thighs. She returned to reading and lost herself again in the story.

It was almost 1pm when she looked up at the clock. She had not eaten breakfast or lunch and she was starving. Her engrossment in the book caused her to lose all track of time. Not only that, but the detailed and graphic descriptions of the trials and tribulations of the heroine had her aroused. She could not remember when a book had affected her to this degree. In the kitchen and she quickly put together a sandwich and a cold drink before returning to the bedroom, her chair and the book.

Her heroine suffered at the hands of the Baron. Bernadette had refused the Barons latest advance and in retribution he had sent her to the depths of the dungeons where she was delivered to the dungeon master with the Baron’s instructions to teach her to accept her situation. Bernadette was quickly stripped of her clothing, tied to a wooden frame and then subjected to a number of cruel and harsh punishments. She was whipped and flogged before the dungeon master and his henchmen used her in the most barbaric and savage manner. They left her in a cold dark dungeon cell to consider her decisions and her next actions.

Putting the book down on the bed she carried the dishes back to the kitchen. It was almost 3pm and she knew she should be thinking about getting dinner ready. Instead, she returned to the book. She didn’t read further opting instead to reread the portions she had just finished. She felt her arousal build. Closing her eyes she imagined herself in Bernadette’s place. When she again looked at the clock it was almost 5 and he would be home in less than an hour. She quickly put the book back in her drawer and headed to the kitchen.

As soon as he was gone for the evening, she pulled out the book. She changed into her nightgown and crawled into bed to read, continuing with Bernadette again facing more painful and degrading treatment at the hands of the Baron and his men. She as she read she felt the twinges of need in her own self. The more she read the more the need grew until she could no longer contain herself. She lay back on her pillow and pulled the nightgown up around her waist. She groaned arching her back as the waves of relief swept over her. She lay that way, her mind lost in the images of Bernadette, the Baron and his men, until she drifted off to sleep.

She woke almost blinded from the bright ray of sunshine that had crept in through the small gap in the curtains. She returned from the dream world she had been enjoying stretching lazily. She lay thinking about her dreams. It had varied. At time she was Bernadette. At others she was watching Bernadette. Even now, as she thought about it she was feeling things she hadn’t felt in years. To some extent it bothered her a bit, but she had to admit that she did enjoy them.

The book slid off the bed the night while she slept. She picked it up and the business card fell from its place in the book. She picked it up and looked at it again. It occurred to her that the feelings she was having from the book were a bit dissolute. Her eye fell on the second line of printing on the card. “Instruction and Training.” It was still confusing and strange. How would one be trained and instructed in being dissolute?

That question remained with her as she went about her daily routine. It was her day to do the market shopping and then several other errands. She needed to drop off some dry cleaning at the neighborhood laundry. She normally drove through and handed it off to the lady in the window, but this time she had a piece with a particularly bad stain and she meant to talk to them about how to best deal with it. The store owner assured her that they would remove the stain and leave the garment undamaged.

As she was about to open the door to her car, she noticed the store next to the dry cleaners. She had never paid attention before. The store was small, barely noticeable. The only sign was small posted next to the door. “Delectable Deviance”. Before she realized what she was doing she was inside the store.

The smell of leather struck her immediately. Scanning the store, she saw racks of leather clothing. Walking toward the back she found shelves of adult novelties. Blushing noticeably walking between shelves loaded with dildo’s and vibrators, she came rows of whips and floggers hanging from pegs on the wall.

She Ümraniye Sarışın Escort stopped, looking at the things on the wall when a voice startled her. She spun and gasped. It was the man who had given her the card.

“May I help you?”

In a state of shock she stared at him for a moment.

“Ma’am, are you ok?”

“Oh . . . Yes. . . I just saw your shop and came in to see what it was. I had never seen it before.”

He smiled.

“Just make yourself at home. If I can answer any questions don’t hesitate to ask. My name is Damion.”

He turned away, leaving her standing and watching his back. She returned to browsing the shop, fascinated by the array of different sex toys. She had no idea that there existed such diversity in style, shape, color and size. She was intrigued by the whips, floggers, canes and other things she found in the back of the store. She moved back toward the front of the store, intending on leaving. She stopped and slowly thumbed through the leather apparel on a small display tucked into a corner. She held up a rather severe leather corset, holding the hangar and looking in the mirror. She heard the voice behind her.

“That is a very elegant item. Would you like to try it on?”

She blushed and hung the corset back on the rack.

“No. I can’t. I must be going. I’m late as it is. Thank you so much for letting me look.”

“Your very welcome. Come back often.”

She sat looking at the store front and the small plain sign. He brain was racing before she almost absentmindedly started the car and backed out to head home.

She grabbed a piece of fruit from the refrigerator and hurried to the bedroom. She pulled her book from the dresser drawer and sat down to read. She the place she had marked the night before with the card. Her thoughts immediately flew back to the man in the store, the same man who had handed her the card in the bookstore.

She began to read and was transported to Bernadette’s world. Deeply involved in the depravities of the Baron and how he played them on poor Bernadette, she became more and more intimately associated with the scenes she was reading. The tone of the character Bernadette began to change. She no longer fought and resisted the advances of the Baron and his evil minions. There was now an air of acceptance and at times even cooperation with their disgusting and vile demands. The change in Bernadette captivated her and drew her further and further into the story until at last, poor Bernadette had given up all semblance of her original self and became a willing participant in the Barons ever demanding games. She was absorbed the final description of Bernadette, wearing only an iron collar being led into the Barons banquet hall before his assembled guests where she is the public spectacle and the willing entertainment for the evening.

She closed the book. Her breathing heavy, she felt the wetness between her thighs and her nipples tingled continuously. She quickly put the book away and went to the bathroom. She watched the tub fill with hot sudsy water. She lowered herself neck deep and lay her head back. The hot water began to relax her. She drifted into a light sleep and discovered herself being led in a procession, clad only in a collar. She was clad in a black leather corset and the man holding the leash was the man in the store. He led her about until he stopped and turned her to face a crowd of strange men and women who looked at her silently. She woke from the dream with a start. She bit her lip at the remembrance of the dream and then slid her hand down her belly and between her thighs. Her eyes closed and she returned to Bernadette’s world and the attentions of the baron. She groaned and tensed. Her body convulsed as an orgasm erupted through her. Water and suds cascaded over the sides as she writhed in pleasure. Slowly coming down from the sensuous high she had experienced, she slowly opened her eyes to find her husband watching her from the doorway of the bathroom. Without a word, he turned and was gone.

She climbed from the tub and grabbed her robe from the hook on the back of the door. Dripping, she hurried to the living room but he was already gone. Through the window she saw the car backing from the driveway. She had lost all track of time and she knew he would be angry at having no dinner. She sighed heavily and sat down on the couch heedless of the water stains on the couch. She spent the rest of her evening thinking about his reaction and what he might do when he got home. She resolved to wait up and meet whatever he brought with him head on.

She was dozing on the couch still in her robe when she heard the key in the door. She faced the door and she could see his surprise to find her still up. She could also see that he had been drinking. He stopped and looked at her.

“Did you stay up to apologize for not having my dinner?”

“Yes. I am sorry.”

He stood a bit unsteadily.

“Just what Ümraniye Şişman Escort were you doing in that bathtub and why was there water all over the floor.”

She looked back at him.

“I was masturbating if you must know.”

He staggered slightly like someone had hit him.

“God Damn Ellen! What has gotten into you?”

She sighed heavily.

“Nothing has gotten into me except that you haven’t touched me in more than a year. Is there something wrong with me?”

She could see his alcohol riddled brain trying to formulate an answer.

“Aggh! Leave me alone. I need to sleep. I have work in the morning.”

He stumbled past her toward the bedroom. She stood without moving trying to understand what she was feeling, what she had expected, what she wanted. She plopped down on the couch until she heard him snoring. She considered going to bed but could not bring herself to go back to the bedroom. Finding a fleece throw she curled up on the couch. In time, sleep overtook her, returning her to dreams alternating between the baron and his attentions and her husband’s lack of them.

She heard him go through on his way out the next morning but he didn’t stop to speak or even acknowledge her. Confused and upset. she could not understand why he didn’t do anything! She had expected him to rant or at least evidence some sort of anger. Any kind of reaction from him would have been better than what she got . . . nothing.

In the bedroom she put on her clothes. She noticed that the book was still laying on the floor. Picking it up, the business card fell out into her lap. She considered the face of the card again. Her mind jumped to the definition again. She remembered the description on the back cover of the book; the barons” lascivious and deviant desires” . . . she thought about how she had reacted to the things she had read and the feelings the descriptions had evoked.

She gathered her things and headed out the front door to run her errands. She stopped at the local McDonalds and grabbed a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee. She headed to the cleaners to pick up the things she had dropped off the day before. Her intention was to pull into the drive through window when her eyes were drawn to the small shop next door. She pulled instead into a parking space and headed into “Deviant Desires”.

She again browsed through the racks methodically working her way toward the rear of the store. She worked her way down an aisle lined on both sides with devices of all kinds. She recognized the dildos for what there were. The butt plugs were identifiable but foreign to her. She saw gags, and blindfolds, and hoods. There were handcuffs of all kinds as well as ankle cuffs and collars. She paused to examine the various styles of nipple clamp. Some of them made her shudder imagining them affixed to her own nipples. She was soon among the whips, floggers and canes. She touched several of the floggers and was surprised to find the leather soft and supple. Turning to go down the other side of the shop, she found Damion standing behind her.

“Welcome back.”

“Thank you.”

“Have you found something that interests you.”

She looked around and then shook her head.

“No. I think I am just browsing again.”

He nodded and smiled.

“IF I can help, please come find me. I may be in the back but just stick your head through the door.”

She smiled at him

“Thank you again.”

He turned and she watched him disappear into the back of the store. She continued to browse her way back to the racks of leather goods. She was drawn to the leather corset. She held it up and looked at it slowly, touching the leather. It looked much to small for her and she hung it back on the rack.

As she left the store and headed next door to the dry cleaners, she did not see him standing back in the shadows of the backroom and watching her. As she left he smiled and turned back to what he had been doing before she came in.

She picked up the dry cleaning. Her next stop was the market. She did her grocery shopping for the day. Once there she hung the cleaning in the closet, put the groceries away and sat in the living room. She stared at the clock and made a decision that surprised her. She went to the bedroom, found the book and began to reread the passages of the book that had affected her so much. She was still absorbed in the book when she heard the door open. She waited for him to come down the hall. When he wheeled into the bedroom she looked up at him.

“Where the fuck is dinner?”

“It’s in the refrigerator. All you have to do is fix it.”

He threw his jacket across the room.

“God Damn It! The only things you have to do around here are keep this place clean and make sure dinner is ready when I come home.”

She looked up at him calmly.

“Yes, those sound like a wife’s duties. But a wife has to have a husband and all I have had in the past year is . . . nothing.”

He looked at her in a state of shock. His mouth opened and closed making him look like a fish out of water. She almost giggled as she watched him

“What the hell has gotten into you, Ellen?”

“I just want you to act like a husband and not like a tenant.”

“What the hell does that mean.”

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