I was on a work trip, just a few days away in the Midwest. Heading back from work to the hotel, I called my wife to check in and see how she was. Pretty normal conversation for the most part, but she seemed a bit off. She didn’t sound focused on the conversation, like something was bothering her. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it seemed like something was different.

After dinner I decided to check in again and make sure everything was ok. This time she seemed quite relaxed, and was in a really great mood. Happy, chatty, and nice. When I asked her about our earlier call, she giggled and said it was nothing really. Not convinced, I pressed her for more. Finally she opened up – literally!

“Well, remember that big black dildo we bought together a while back? I finally decided to give it a try earlier, so I was kind of distracted when you called”. My normally shy wife had been lying naked in bed when I called, trying to stuff her pussy with an oversized black silicone cock! It’s no wonder she couldn’t focus on our call.

She had been reading some steamy stories – ‘romance novels’ as she calls them. That’s been her normal inspiration when I travel. Read a few stories, zenci gaziantep escort get her juices flowing, slip her hand into her pants, and scratch the itch. Usually she reads in an easy chair in the living room. When she gets worked up, she’ll recline the chair, unzip her pants, and go to town!

This time she needed more. We had bought the toy late one night on the way back from a strip club. We were both worked up from getting lap dances at the club and it seemed like a good idea when we saw it. To my knowledge, it had rested, unused, comfortably in our closet. Until that day.

She had been reading a sexy story where the lead character was a handsome black man who ended up seducing a married woman. The story described his chiseled body in sufficient detail to capture her interest. Then came the descriptions of his large black cock and how he used it to pleasure the woman. He had a strong back, smooth round ass, chiseled abs, and a cock that was larger when soft than mine was at full attention. That’s when the idea struck her.

Moving into our master bedroom, she retrieved the toy from a box hidden in the gaziantep zenci escort bayan closet. Unused until now, it was on the bottom. That meant she sorted through all her other options until she found what she wanted – or needed! She closed the blinds, stripped naked, and laid on the bed. Remembering the story, she turned it over in her hand a few times, wondering if it would fit inside her. The story had her excited enough that her pussy was wet and eager for the challenge.

She rubbed the head over her lips a few times, smearing it with her juices. It was large enough that she needed both hands to steer it between her legs – not like the others in her modest collection. Trying to work it inside her was a challenge. Her mind wanted it, and her body needed a release of sexual energy. Summoning her courage, she rubbed her clit for a bit to build the excitement.

She spread her lips with one hand and pushed the toy inside. Gasping at its girth, she knew she had to take it slow. She stroked it slowly in and out, working it inside her

pussy inch by inch. Then the phone rang!

She made it through gaziantep zenci escort the conversation with me, quietly wishing she could get back to work. Her desire was still strong, and so was the smell of pussy. Little did I know from the other end of the phone that the entire time we talked, my sweet suburban wife had a 10 inch black dildo halfway inside her and was determined to take the rest of it! All the time we talked, she slowly rubbed her outer lips to keep the juices flowing..

After we hung up, she got serious. She turned face down on her knees with her ass in the air, both hands under herself controlling the toy. In that position, she pumped her hips while holding the toy still. It wasn’t easy, and she had never felt so full inside. It was intense but not painful. Now her juices started to run down her inner thighs, helping her cause.

She took most, but not all of its length before stopping. The pressure in her pussy was something she had never felt before. She squeezed her legs together to keep it in place and dropped her hips to the bed. Then she discovered the secret! With a full pussy and tension building, she ground her hips against the mattress. The fullness from the toy and pressure on her clit did the trick. She humped the bed wildly and finally came. Hard.

Her orgasm was an intense release of the mental and physical tension that had been building for hours. Spent, she opened her legs and the the toy slide out. taking it in her hand and admiring her accomplishment, she thought to herself “I guess it’s true – size does matter!”

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