Do I want to save this marriage CH 8


Do I want to save this marriage

Ch 8

I slowly slipped into consciousness. Bright sunlight shone in my face and I raised my hand to block it out until my eyes adjusted. Looking around me, I realized that I was back in my own hotel room. Cuddled up in front of me being the little spoon, Steph slept soundly. She was wearing a pair of pink silk pajama bottoms and a light purple sports bra. An arm draped over my waist, I turned my head to see Cindy snuggled behind me as the biggest spoon. She had on a pair of black boy shorts and a gray spaghetti strap top. I slowly inched my way out from between them and stood at the foot of the bed. Still asleep, Cindy scooted across the gap I left and wrapped her arm under Steph’s and her hand slipped up to cradle her breast. Steph wiggled her butt and inched as close to Cindy as she could. I then reached down to her left hand slowly and gently removed her wedding/engagement ring combo, she was once so proud of.

I stretched my back and raised my arms above my head to get as full of a stretch as I could. Glancing at the clock radio, I saw that we had slept most of the morning away and it was reaching noon. I shuffled into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Stepping out of my boxers, I climbed in and let out a deep sigh as the hot water pelted my sore body. After a few relaxing moments I washed and rinsed. Turning off the water, I climbed out and dried myself off. Tiptoeing into the room, I rummaged around my bag, stowing the rings inside my carry on bag and found a pair of cargo shorts and a v-neck t-shirt. Slipping my sandals on, I grabbed my wallet and room key and headed down to the restaurant. I slipped out the door and quietly eased it closed. Walking down to the front lobby.

As I waited behind an elderly lady checking in at the front desk, I saw a large white van pull up to the glass double doors. A man in a blue coverall stepped out and walked in. He went to the side of the front desk and rapped on the wooden door labeled “Manager on Duty.” A man stepped out of the office and they had a conversation in Spanish. My Spanish was rusty so I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but then I heard the driver say our last name.

“Excuse me, that is me. Can I help you?” I walked over to the two men and the driver gave me a huge smile. Breaking into heavily accented English, he told me that he was from the airport and they had found my luggage. He explained that they felt so bad that it took so long, they wanted to drive it over and deliver it personally. I thanked him profusely and shook his hand. We walked out to the van and he unloaded our two bags. I went to hand him a large tip, but he politely refused. He shook my hand and backed his way to the driver’s door. I thanked him again and he climbed in and drove off.

I then lugged the bags back up to the room, eased the door open and placed the bags in the room, leaving mine nearest the door. I then took my laptop bag in hand and left the room heading

down to get some food. As I sat at my table eating my breakfast alone, the waitress brought over a tray of fresh fruit and toast for me to take back to my room. I then started making my phone Sex hikayeleri calls, first to my lawyer, I told him I would be needing him to get started on my divorce papers. He sounded shocked, he said that he had thought that we had a marriage that would last forever. I then replied that things had changed quite suddenly for us and our lives are not the same as we were. He said he would have the papers ready for me by next week.

My next call was to an old friend of mine who was now a chemist I told him I have some pills I needed checked out and I knew he has the lab to do that. He said “Of course you know where my office and lab are, it may take a few days to get the results for you.”


As I precariously tried to balance the tray of food in my hands, I unlocked the room and pushed in the door. Just as I was about to lose the balance of the tray, I turned and set it down on the small table. They were still sleeping until Cindys cell phone started ringing. She then woke up, moving kind of slowly she answered it.

“Hey baby hello.” she said to the caller I was surprised to hear her say that to anyone else but me.

After a few seconds of listening to her caller she then said “Of course I can see you today just let me get a shower quick and I will be ready in about 25 minutes or so.” She then ended her call and got out of the bed. She then slowly walked past me giving my a quick peck on my cheek as she headed into the bathroom. I could hear the shower start as Steph also got out of the bed.

She looked at me a bit confused about me being awake and the tray of food on the table next to me. “I went out to get the bags and brought back some food for you two.” I said with a bit of a grin.

After about fifteen minutes I could hear the shower stop and Cindy moving around in the bathroom. She then returned to the bedroom with a towel around her body. She looked at Steph and said “I got the call from James.” with a huge smile on her face. She then stepped to Steph who asked Cindy how she felt? Cindy then removed the towel and replied “You tell me.” She said with an even bigger smile as Steph reached out to touch Cindys smooth looking crotch.

It was Stephs turn to smile as she said “You feel as smooth as a baby” Steph then started stroking Cindys lips, touching her clit. Receiving a relaxed moan from Cindys lips. I could see the moisture forming on Cindys lips as Steph touched her.

As I sat there totally amazed with the show unfolding before my eyes. A knock on the door jerked me back to reality. Cindy said with excitement “He’s here that must be James” Cindy then grabbed the tank top she had lay out before her shower. Pulling it over her still damp hair down into place just above her ass cheeks.

Cindy then opened the door wide still being half naked, not honestly knowing just who was on the other side. It was then I seen a big guy walk into the room saying “Hello my baby, you are looking great today.” With a smile on his face, he then wrapped Cindy in a bear hug and lifted her from the floor holding Cindys still naked ass. Cindy then wrapped Sikiş hikayeleri her legs around this large man who must have been at least 6 foot tall and 200 pounds of mussel.

He then carried my wife to the bed as she was trying to suck his face off. Kissing him as she once would have kissed me.

He then dropped her on the bed looking down on her smiling he then removed his shirt and dropped his own shorts, exposing his hardness must have been a very thick at least nine inches, stepping out of his shorts, he reached down and pulled Cindys tank top off with one hand. Letting her sweet firm C cups bounce free. Cindy smiled as he did this wiggling her nice firm breasts as her shirt was pulled free. She then leaned forward taking his throbbing hard cock in her mouth, moans escaping her mouth as she sucked him as deep as she could fit him.

I sat there in disbelief that she would serve this man after the way she had used and abused me the night before.

After a few minutes of her sucking him he pushed her back, she spread her legs wide for him as he climbed on top of her using the head of his massive cock he stroked her wet lips before pushing the head inside her. She moaned loudly as he entered her pushing his size deeper. In long slow strokes pushing and pulling but never removing. Thrusting deeper Cindy wrapped her arms and legs around him not wanting him to leave her body. He grunted as he thrust deeper filling her.

After several minutes of his grunting and thrusting and her moaning orgasms. Their skin slapping as he was now balls deep inside her.

He then moaned and grunted as he flooded her small love box with copious amounts of his seed. Cindys eyes must have rolled back in her head nearly passing out as he did try to breed her. After his huge tool had shrunk a bit he removed with a loud pop their combined fluids leaked out of her and down her ass crack. He then rose from the bed, looking down at her still motionless body, he said “Thank you my baby you were a wonderful fuck. Hopefully your birth control passes my personal test.”

he smirked.

He turned and looked at me and asked “Are you on clean up duty again today?” waving his slime coated tool in my direction.

I then told him “If I am ever again forced to take a cock in my mouth, you will be needing a good doctor to put you back together, I will never again allow another person to abuse me in that way.”

The smile on his face has faded as he processed what I had said. I then continued “I am sick and tired of seeing my wife cheating on me, in front of me.” That is the primary reason I have made the phone call I did this morning about our impending divorce.

By that time Cindy had recovered enough to be sitting up on the bed with a confused look on her face, after hearing what I had said.

I looked at her well used body and said “You and your new friends are the ones that have caused this whole situation, I brought us here to help fix our marriage not destroy it.” My voice growing louder with each syllable.

During this time James had gathered his clothes redressed and was walking toward the door, turning he looked at us and said Erotik hikaye “Thank you all, I had a wonderful time.” He then quickly opened the door and left the room closing the door behind him.

Cindy had gotten up and was sitting on Stephs lap. They were softly stroking each others bodies. Cindy then looked at me and then asked “What happens next then?” I then looked back at her naked form and stated “If I had tried to drug you, then kidnap you to some god forsaken hell hole, stand by watching you getting used, abused, gang raped, and torchured. All this while pissing on our wedding vows and cheating on you and then tried to kill you. What do you think you would do in that situation?”

Cindy looked at me and yelled “WHAT DO YOU MEAN TRIED TO KILL YOU, NOBODY TRIED TO KILL YOU!” I then reminded them about the leather strap wrapped around my neck, choking the life from me at her command. Cindy started crying and said “You must hate me now.” I then said “Not nearly as much as you hate me it seems, if you do truly love somebody you would not have done or said the things you said and now THAT is why this marriage is finished after nearly 13 years!”

During this whole exchange Steph had lifted Cindy from her lap allowing Cindy to have that seat. Steph then came close to me dropped to her knees reaching for the front of my cargo shorts, opening them and removing my used and abused penis softly stroking me as not to cause me more pain. She then lowered her head to take me into her mouth. Her head was bobbing down and up on my lap sucking me deeper feeling my cock grow in her mouth.

Stephs moans around my hardening cock as I stroked her long dark hair. Her moaning brought me closer still, I looked at Cindy as she was watching us with a smile on her face. I then groaned as my often denied load burst forward from my used and abused cock. Steph took all of my load in her mouth and held it there. She then crawled over to Cindy pulling her down to the floor pushing her face to Cindys face kissing her deeply sharing my load with her. After their deep passionate, cum sharing kiss they both looked at me smiling. Steph asked me “Am I forgiven yet of do you need more?” I chuckled and informed her that she did not betray me or my love like Cindy did with her lies.

Cindy after tasting what I had produced, crawled to me asking “Am I allowed to play also?” Cindy then took my spent member in her mouth. Steph looked at me and said “You have two beautiful naked sluts in your room, isn’t it your turn to play and use us like so many did last night?” Steph then pulled Cindy on to the bed and climbed between her legs slowly licking her extracting the deposit left by her early morning lover. Cindy then moaned and pulled Stephs head closer and deeper to her freshly filled pussy. Cindy was moaning and pushing her gift into Stephs mouth.

Cindy looked at me and asked “Aren’t you going to play also?” I looked back at her and smirked and said “After this week and your words and actions, I am not touching you until a respectable doctor tells me you are clean and not pregnant with one of your many random lovers offspring, as a matter of fact I think I should be checked also after the way I was assaulted last night.” After that statement I then redressed and turned to collect my items and leave for the airport as I knew my flight would be leaving in about two hours.

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