Do You Really Want To Know?


My friends say I’m really lucky to have a solicitous “hunk” for a husband. Tim, my husband of eight years, always tells me I look nice, how much he loves me, and how happy he is that I’m his wife. His actions the last few years have made me wonder if this is entirely true. While it certainly is a fact that just because a man looks at the dessert menu doesn’t mean that he is going to go off his diet, the looks he gives to my friends June and Peg, and my sister-in law Beth, make me wonder. Particularly since they love to touch his arms and hips and constantly stroke his ego by calling him “hunk-and-a-half.” This is especially so since I am the one who has to initiate sex 90% of the time, and I wonder where his mind is when he’s fucking me.

I’ve often wondered “Do I really want to know what’s on Tim’s mind when we make love? Am I his one and only in fantasy as well as reality? Can I be satisfied just with reality?”

Tim and I have vacationed with one other couple on a number of occasions, including with my brother Bill and Beth, June and her husband Jack, and Peg and her husband Artemis. The vacations have been to resorts in fairly typical places. I thought it might be time for something different.

“Tim, what do you think about a vacation with Bill, Beth, June, Jack, Peg and Artemis to a wilderness area? Away from the stress of our jobs for a week, no cell phones, iPads, Blackberries or T. V.s.”

“Really, Sue? I didn’t think that you’d be into that. I frequently camped out before we got married and I know at least Bill, Peg and Artemis have been on wilderness treks.”

“Well it seems that both of us, as well as our friends, have been too busy and we need some ‘chill’ time.”

“I’m game, Sue. Do you want to check into it or do you want me to.”

“Let me figure it out, consult the others, and get back to you if I need your help, Tim.”


A little background.

My two-years-my-junior brother Bill and Artemis have been friends since high school, and best men in each other’s weddings. We got to know Peg through Artemis. June was an old friend of mine from college, where she met Jack. I have known them both since my sophomore year.

Beth is a year younger than Bill and had been a stripper while working her way through college. My filthy rich parents were less than thrilled by that, but I never judged her since she had to do what she felt she needed to in order to pay her way. She certainly had the physical tools and charm to be a first class stripper, but once she married Bill (with a pre-nup) she never worked again. In the six years she and Bill have been married her looks haven’t changed a bit; any strip joint would hire her tomorrow.

June is a hot little red-haired firecracker with a rack that would make any tit-man swoon, and a bottom half that would do any woman justice. She has lost none of her luster since college. While Jack is good-looking and pleasant, I never considered them a good match.

Artemis is a smart and successful guy with average looks, but a keen wit and a gift of gab. I’m sure that the later are what attracted Peg to him. While Peg’s face is pleasant I don’t think anyone would call her beautiful. But she has an absolute killer body, and that “it” factor that is impossible to explain, but that has many guys drooling within minutes of being around her.

I met Tim shortly after college. I work in my father’s business. I like to think I became a V. P. the quickest of anyone ever because of my business acumen and hard work – but I have to admit that though I have both of those, nepotism did help. Although I have always been rich I hope most people don’t consider me a “rich bitch” because I try to be nice to everyone.

Tim is as good-looking, muscular, and charming as any man I have ever met and at first I didn’t believe that he could be interested in me for me. I’m not as beautiful as Beth or June, but my face is pleasant and kind. I also don’t have a body that compares to Beth’s June’s or Peg’s, but it too is certainly passable. I have average sized firm tits, I’m slim, I have good muscle tone, and I do Kegel exercises every day.

By offering to sign a pre-nup that would last ten years, Tim eventually convinced me that he wanted to marry me and not my money, and we tied the knot. I know that many single women were devastated when that happened.

Back to the story.


I’m not sure I was surprised but Beth, Peg and June all seemed enthusiastic about the idea and their husbands didn’t need much convincing. It was a little difficult finding the right eight day, seven night, time frame to fit all of our schedules, but we finally did it; the third week in July, in the Canadian Wilderness.

I arranged a dinner at our house to plan the details, and make sure everyone was on board before we bought the plane tickets and arranged for local transportation. Beth, June and Peg all arrived in slinky outfits. Tim’s eyes were saucer like, but he didn’t say anything izmit escort – at least in my presence – except that they looked “toxic.”

After a nice meal I started the discussion.

“Hey, campers; you understand that this is the real wilderness, and we have no way out once we’re in, and no form of communication except a restricted range satellite phone.”

“Isn’t that the idea, sis?” Bill laughed.

“Yeah, I just didn’t want any confusion. No electronic devices of any kind but the phone.”

“Can we handle an emergency with just a restricted range phone?” Peg asked while “scratching” her leg, exposing her thigh almost completely.

“The satellite phone will allow us to have 24 hour communication with a commercial wilderness rescue agency called, appropriately, ‘Wilderness Rescue’ where we will pick it up. We pay a daily fee to have them on retainer and we will buy an insurance policy that will pay them if we do need a rescue.”

“Sounds like a plan,” June chimed in. “Let’s get the tickets on-line now, and start partying.”

The soon-to-be-campers didn’t leave until 2 a.m. Everyone was in a good mood resulting in a helluva lot more groping than I had seen before. I wondered what that meant for the vacation, now coming up in about three months.

As the departure day approached, everyone purchased all of the right equipment to make things as comfortable as possible while still allowing us to reasonably carry it on our backs into the wilderness. In the three months since the dinner/party it seemed that all of the would-be campers, especially the women, had tried their best to get in shape. It was almost like every time I went to the health club I ran into Beth, June and/or Peg, and the last time I saw each of them on the treadmill or elliptical their thighs and calves were hard and shapely. The three of them looked even better than normal.

The departure flight to Quebec City was basically uneventful, although the excitement was palpable. On the small plane ride to the wilderness area the enthusiasm level increased even more, and after we picked up the restricted range satellite phone at Wilderness Rescue and then flew by pontoon plane to our drop-off point the sense of adventure went over the top for most of us. We solicited from the pontoon plane pilot where a good first night camp location might be, confirmed the pick-up time eight days hence when we would return to the exact spot he dropped us off, and virtually bounced away toward our supposed campsite.

The terrain was beautiful, thick with natural wonders and animals of all sorts. We talked little, almost spellbound by the natural elegance of our surroundings as we trekked through the verdant forest until, guided by Bill’s GPS, we got to where the pilot had suggested we camp. The campsite was alive with activity as we set up small tents and air mattresses, gathered dry twigs and wood for a small campfire, and broke out rations for our first meal.

With a full moon overhead and the reflection from the fire, the toned nature of June’s, Peg’s and Beth’s legs was evident to all the males. While trying his best to hide it, it seemed like Tim’s eyes rarely moved away from Beth’s legs in particular except to make eye contact with another camper while conversing with them. After a simple but satisfying meal, we were spellbound by Artemis’ stories of mystery and terror, and entertained by June’s singing accompanied by Jack on a harmonica. What a nice surprise that we had three such talented companions for our adventure.

When we got into our tents at night, there was enough moaning and groaning from all of the venues so that no one felt self-conscious about their own festivities. Tim was very frisky the instant we got into our tent, and needed no encouragement from me as he virtually yanked my clothes off, stroked my thighs and pressed his lips firmly against mine while exploring my mouth with his tongue. He seemed to be really focused on my thighs, periodically kneading them when he interrupted his strokes. Finally he got around to my pussy.

I had rarely seen Tim in such a frenzy as he slurped and fingered my pussy, nor had his tongue and finger work typically had such a profound effect on me. In short order I was writhing and moaning in orgasm. In a night of continued previously-infrequent activities, Tim brusquely turned me onto my stomach, scooted his dick up my vagina while I was prone, and pounded the shit out of me while swearing a blue streak. His dick felt so large in my pussy when I was in that position I thought I had a cucumber reciprocating in me. I could barely remember the last time he fucked me in that position, or that he talked dirty while fucking, but I wasn’t complaining about either as I went through two more orgasms before he ejaculated a full charge of cum into me when I squeezed his cock with my pelvic floor muscles, sapping every last ounce of strength that I had.

The next morning at breakfast everyone had a possum grin on his or her face. There were a few crude comments by the guys, which much to the males’ disappointment the girls didn’t react to. Taking out our very basic map of the area we planned the day’s activities and where the next campsite might be.

On our trek Tim was quite the gentleman in helping the girls up steep inclines or rocks, though I wondered why he really needed to put his hands on their thighs or asses when doing so. He never got any complaints from them however, not even the time I saw his hand supporting Beth by her crotch to keep her from falling. I was surprised at how “helpful” the other guys were to me too, but taking my cue from the other women didn’t complain when my ass was a handy “help” area.

That night as we ate and laughed during dinner around the campfire while most of the day’s light had receded and only the dimness of a far North evening glow remained, the satellite phone buzzed. I had been in charge of the phone during the entire trip, mounted on the outside of my backpack. Bill was closest to it and quickly retrieved the buzzing instrument. We continued happily filling our faces, not paying much attention to Bill’s conversation until he came back to the campfire unusually pale.

“What’s the matter, Bill?” Beth inquired.

“That had to be wrong – we need to check someplace else before getting concerned.”

The words “wrong” and “concerned” drained the color from most of our faces.

“What in the fuck is it?” Jack barked. “Spill it!”

“Well, shit. This guy Dwayne at the rescue agency said that a meteor that was supposed to miss Earth by a fair amount has suddenly drastically changed course and in three days is supposed to impact the Earth.”

“What the fuck,” Artemis and Tim said almost in unison.

“Worse, it is supposed to hit within a few miles of where we are and it is large enough that it will instantly kill anything within a 200 mile radius.”

“That’s not funny, Bill; how could you be so cruel,” I screamed as June started whimpering and the rest of the campers stared in disbelief.

“I’m not fucking with you,” Bill shot back, and his wide-eyed look and lack of color in his face made us believe that he really had been told what he disclosed to us.

“That can’t be fucking true,” I screamed, even more loudly and frantically than the first time. “Meteors don’t just suddenly change course from where they miss by thousands of miles to where they wipe us out.”

“Shit yeah,” Jack chimed in. “I read in the newspaper on the plane that the meteor had been tracked for years, and was going to miss the earth by 30,000 miles or more, and scientists weren’t the least bit concerned.”

Bill said nothing more, just buried his head in his hands.

Artemis immediately got back on the satellite phone and called the rescue agency. All of us except Bill huddled around as the phone beeped for the longest time before it was finally answered by a woman with a frantic tone to her voice.

“What’s this about a meteor?” Artemis huffed.

“It’s gonna hit Quebec Provence, get the hell out,” was the agitated response on the other end.

“This is the Martin group in the wilderness. Can you send a helicopter for us?”

“Are you shitting me? All the helicopters are long gone. The pilots are saving their own families by flying as far South as their fuel will take them. I’m hopping a plane in minutes myself. You should live out your fantasies before your quick death.” Then the phone clicked off.

After a long period of silence, with as restrained a voice as possible, I said “That can’t be right. Can’t you find some other place to call to confirm. Maybe these people have a sick sense of humor or bad information.”

“There’s a small directory connected to the phone which indicates what numbers it can access,” Bill yelped as he jumped up from his rock perch. Grabbing the phone from Artemis he quickly located the directory and started thumbing through it with most of the group straining to look over his shoulder. Over the next hour Bill called every other number accessible by the phone while the rest of us looked on like a committee of vultures. Most numbers rang endlessly, never being answered. The few people he got through to didn’t mince any words before cutting us off. Typical was a woman at a government office in Quebec City:

“I only answered because I thought it was someone who could take me South. Get the fuck out if you can,” followed by silence as she obviously dropped the phone and took off.

After those unsuccessful attempts we all had resigned and terrified looks on our faces. People congregated and whispered in twos and threes for a while thereafter in between times just sitting and crying or staring blankly while perched on a log or rock. We were all emotionally drained and went to our tents the instant darkness completely enveloped our campsite, even letting the fire reduce itself to embers.

Tim and I lay side by side, saying little. Eventually my emotional fatigue got the best of me, and I fell into a deep though troubled sleep.

I awoke before the sun arose because of Tim’s activity in the tent.

“What are you doing, Hon?” I asked, still half-asleep.

“Sue, it’s been nice being married to you, better than I expected, especially since you have a great pussy. But I’ve always had the hots for both Beth and June, and they for me. I wanted to screw them for a long time but never acted on it because of the conditions of the pre-nup. Now I’m spending the two or three days we have left fucking them. We’re leaving the campsite; don’t follow.”

I was jolted awake. “No, you can’t do that. We’re supposed to stay together.”

Coldly Tim exited the tent turning to look at me as he made a final remark. “You’ve been a great gravy train. Maybe someone else will give you a final fuck. Bye.”

I was devastated. I didn’t know quite what to do. I lay softly sobbing until first light, when I dragged my ass out of the tent and looked around. Tim, Beth and June were sure gone. But so were Peg and Jack.

I shook Bill and Artemis awake. Bill had some caked blood on his face and was moving his jaw back and forth.

“What the hell happened to you Bill?” I asked.

“I tried to stop Beth from leaving with that asshole husband of yours, and he punched me. He was too fucking big for me to do anything about it.”

“Where’s Peg?” Artemis asked, frantically looking around.

“I don’t know,” I said, “but I do know that June and Beth are with Tim and since Jack is gone too I can only assume that she’s with him.”

“No, she wouldn’t do that,” Artemis replied in a totally unconvincing voice. “She would at least have told me or said good-bye.”

“Maybe she was afraid there would be a scene and that you’d beat the shit out of Jack,” I shot back.

“God damn it I would have!” Artemis virtually screamed.

The three of us faced a new reality. We weren’t important enough to our various spouses for them to spend the last two or three days on earth together. Instead they were going to live out fuck fantasies with our so called “friends.” It was a bitter pill to swallow.

We ate breakfast almost in silence. Afterward Bill attempted to snap us out of our self-pity. “Look, we have only two or three days left. We can either spend them depressed or do something.”

We speculated about whether we could track the assholes down, would we want to, what we would do if we found them, were we going to spend our last few days trying to get out, would we resign ourselves to our fate, etc. We talked out virtually every option that came into our brains.

We still had the satellite phone, for all the good that would do. I finally decided what I was going to do. “I’m going to go back to our drop off site,” I said. “Maybe the pontoon pilot has a conscience or is resigned to his fate too, and will pick us up if I can reach him by the phone.”

“You’re dreaming,” Artemis said as Bill shook his head in agreement. Then they both went off to Artemis’s tent whispering away.

I slowly got my stuff together, including picking up the satellite phone and securing it to my backpack. I didn’t take down the tent but I did deflate and gather up the air mattress. I was almost ready to leave when Bill and Artemis approached.

I could tell Bill was nervous as Artemis started talking. His words came out slowly but deliberately and forcefully.

“Listen, Sue. I want you to know I’ve always found you sexy. Of course while I was married and since Bill is my best friend, I never acted on that. Things are different now.” I was shocked; but it was nothing compared to how flabbergasted I was when Artemis turned to Bill like he wanted him to say something.

Bill’s voice was not deliberate. It was hesitant and chagrinned; but it was as forceful as Artemis’.

“Sue, I’ve always loved you as a sister; still I’ve had a dirty secret I’ve suppressed since I was 18. Always in the back of my mind was something else.” I couldn’t believe it when he confidently stared into my eyes and said “I wanted in your pants.”

I stared blankly. I couldn’t be hearing this right. I finally realized I was when Bill continued.

“When Artie and I were rising seniors in high school we talked about double-teaming you when we saw you sunning yourself topless on a lounge chair at the pool during the summer. We knew it was idle talk and never would happen – until now.”

“You guys can’t be serious?” I gulped. “You’re teasing me, right?”

From their looks I knew they were serious.

“Look, we only have a few days of life. Our spouses have left. Who the fuck cares what social mores are now?” Bill carried on, his words no longer hesitant.

“Please cooperate,” Artemis said with a tone more of an order than a request. “We need to do this.”

When they both took off their shirts while boring holes in my head with their stares I knew it was going to happen. I wasn’t thrilled by it, but I had always been fond of both Bill and Artie; why not fulfill their fantasy under the circumstances? I became resigned – there was no reason to fight it. Hell, maybe I would even enjoy it.

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