The walk through the woods was longer than expected and, by the time Mark and Sandy got back to the small car park, dusk was turning to darkness.

As Sandy was about to get into the car she turned and looked across the car park to the only other car there. It was parked in the far corner, partially hidden by trees.

“Mark, are those men… wanking?” she whispered.

Mark turned to look and saw that, in fact, his wife was right. There were three of them, each with their cock in hand, and yes, they were definitely wanking.

“Without a doubt they are, and if you look closely you can see a woman’s feet up on the dashboard. She’s probably got her bits out for them to cum too.” Mark felt his own cock harden at the thought of a female leaning back in her seat rubbing her clit.

“It’s called dogging,” he said as he slipped behind the wheel. “Men come here to watch, and if they’re lucky, to get sucked off, or even get a fuck, if they are really lucky.”

Sandy sat in silence on the journey home. Mark knew his forty-five-year-old wife was no prude. In fact, she could be sexually quite adventurous, but had obviously never heard of dogging.

After they had been home for an hour, Mark was passing the small room Sandy used as an office. He heard groaning sounds and, looking in, he saw his wife watching a porn video. More amazing was the fact her skirt was around her waist, panties lying on the floor, and she was fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit.

“Fuck babe, what brought this on?” Mark said in surprise as his eyes took in the entire scene: his wife’s firm, plump legs, her hairy cunt, and the video which was showing a woman wanking a cock through a car window.

“Dogging,” Sandy blurted. “Just wanted to check it out. It’s so fucking sexy, I just needed a quick cum, babe. Don’t mind do you?”

“Mind? Fuck no, let me help out.” He dropped to his knees and started licking her wet cunt.

Within seconds, Sandy experienced one of the strongest orgasms she could remember. Then, beckoning her husband to stand, she took his hard cock in her mouth. “Your turn my love.” And, with one hand cupping his balls, she sucked him mardin escort to completion, swallowing his warm cum.

As Mark left the room he smiled to himself, was a new era opening up in their lives? He was hoping so.

“That really turned you on seeing those guys wanking, didn’t it, babe?” Mark said as he undressed for bed.

“Fuck yes, and if you want to see how much, get your arse over here and fuck me,” Sandy said, throwing back the quilt and opening her legs.

For the second time in two hours, Mark found himself between his wife’s legs, but this time with his cock buried in her warm sex slit with his balls slapping her ample arse.

“Mark,” Sandy said when he got home from work, “can we do that same walk this evening?”

Mark chuckled. “Fancy a bit more dogging watching, or maybe having a go yourself?”

“God, no! But yes I would like another look…is that alright?”

“If it turns you into the sex slut you were last night, then yes please.” Mark laughed.

They followed the same path they’d used the day earlier. The car park was empty apart from Sandy’s car. They had taken hers because it was dark blue and blended in better at dusk.

“Shit! No one here, “Sandy exclaimed.

“Let’s give it a while, we can always fool around if nothing happens babe. Your interest in this is giving me a hard-on.” Mark chuckled.

“Had noticed, the way you fucked me last night, both holes are still sore, fucking randy old goat.” Sandy retorted.

Mark smiled to himself, remembering the eager way she had got on all fours, offering him her round butt, and how his cock had slipped from one hole to the other. Sandy loved the final moments when Mark shot his load into her cunt, with two fingers fucking her arsehole.

Five minutes later, a Range Rover drove slowly into the car park, headed to the far side, parked, and doused its lights.

“Game on I think.” Said Mark, sliding back in his seat and unzipping his trousers. “No harm in a little cock rub babe.”

Sandy smiled at her husband, unzipped her own jeans, and sliding a hand inside said, “My sentiments exactly.”

As van escort the middle-aged couple prepared to pleasure themselves, the passenger door of the Range Rover opened, and a young woman with long blond hair and an extremely short skirt emerged.

A few seconds later a man appeared from the driver’s side, came to the rear of the car, and lifted the tailgate, allowing the woman to sit in the open space, legs over the edge.

Almost at once, two figures appeared from the bushes and sidled over to the car.

Mark looked at his wife, her eyes were riveted on the other woman as she casually pulled her skirt up to her waist. Although they were too far away to be sure, it was a pretty safe bet, she wasn’t wearing panties.

Within seconds the two voyeurs had their cocks in their hands, and were wanking.

“Damn, I wish I could see better!” Mark exclaimed. “Just too fucking far away.”

Sandy was too excited to answer at first, but finally said, “well, go over for a closer look then.”

“You coming as well?” Mark asked.

“Fuck no! Do that and those wankers would be up my cunt in a second, I’m not up for that…not today anyway.” Sandy gasped.

Having received his wife’s approval, Mark got out of the car, looked around, then quickly made his way over to stand between the two wanking men.

Sandy sat in the seat gently stroking her clit and watched her husband standing between the two guys. He had his hands in his pockets and was obviously studying the woman sitting on the tailgate.

From Mark’s vantage point he had a perfect view of the woman’s shaved cunt as she rubbed and stroked it.

“Come on mate, show her your appreciation for what she’s giving us.” The man standing to Mark’s left was looking at him as he stroked his hard cock.

“What the fuck!” Sandy said to herself, as she saw her husband unzip and pull out his cock, “Fuck I told him to watch, not wank off over the bitch.”

Mark was trying to tell himself he had his cock in his hand so as not to blow his cover, in truth, he wanted to wank off, or even fuck, the cunt rubbing dogging ankara escort bitch in front of him.

“Time for a cock up you girl,” the man who had been driving the car said, “Stand up, turn round, bend, over and stick that arse out.”

The girl giggled, got down and did as her man asked, “Come on guys, give me a fucking cock, need my cunt plugged.”

The man to Mark’s right came forward, and with no foreplay, rammed his cock hard into her already wet cunt. “Fuck this cow’s fucking pouring juice.” He grunted, rocking back and forth.

Sandy was so taken by the scene unfolding before her, plus her fingers were bringing her cunt close to soaking the car seat with juice, she had forgotten, that one of the men was her own husband.

With a loud groan, the man fucking the girl shot his load up her tight sex slit, pulled out, and turning to Mark said, “all your, she’s a good fuck mate.” Then stuffing his wilting cock back in his jeans, disappeared back into the bushes.

Mark was very aware of the fact Sandy was watching everything going on. “Go, on mate, you fuck her next.” He said to the other man.

As the man fed his cock up the cum dripping cunt, Mark moved round to the side, and taking hold of her hair pulled her head round to face his cock.

The girl needed no second invitation, her mouth opened and Mark’s cock slid inside.

“Oh fuck, she going to suck him off!” Sandy gasped but was surprised to find she was not angry, just incredibly turned on.

Mark watched the girl’s face as she sucked his cock. He also watched her arse bounce as the other man rammed his cock in and out of her cunt.

Sandy’s fingers were a blur as she rubbed her clit. She watched her husband tense and knew he was pouring his cum into the girl’s mouth. At the same moment, an intense orgasm crashed through her.

Mark felt the girl clamp her mouth on his cock as her own orgasm erupted, and the man buried in her cunt exploded at the same time. The jets of cum that poured from Mark’s cock filled her mouth and dribbled out over her chin, it was the hardest, most erotic cum, he could remember in ages.

The moment had passed, Mark returned to the car, and rather sheepishly got into the driver’s seat.

“Babe, I honestly didn’t mean that to happen,” he said looking at Sandy.

For a long moment, she looked him in the eyes, then as a smile crept across her face, and said, “Not a word, just drive, get me home… and fuck my brains out!”

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