Domestic Discipline Ch. 02


Master sighed deeply when His news was over.

“Sometimes I almost envy you, Sweetie,” He said, slapping my heavy tits lightly with His foot. “The silly little life of yours. No worries, no problems. Having someone wiser to do the thinking for you.” He laughed taking His feet off me and sat straight. He grabbed my chin and lifted me to a kneeling position facing Him. “All you have to worry about is what to cook for dinner and which floor to mop first.” He sighed and smiled squeezing my cheeks forcefully. “Oh, my silly little girl. Such a pretty face.” Sir shook my face a little then let go of it and stood up. Pleased by the compliment I remained kneeling with my head bowed deeply.

“What do we have here?” Adam turned His attention to Monique and Jessica still working up and down on the dildos. “I bet you’re tiny mouths are sore by now, aren’t they?” He laughed warmly as He approached girls and slapped their butts playfully.

“Kneel up, sweeties. I have an idea.” As the girls obeyed, He placed His hands on their heads and began patting them as you would a dog.

“Why don’t we organize a little contest. The two of you will slide on your dildos all the way down. The one that will keep her lips pressed to the floor longer wins. What about the prize you’ll ask? Hmm, let’s see… Apart from making Daddy proud, the winner will be allowed to swap places with Katniss and sleep with me tonight. What do you say?” Girls looked up at my Husband smiling widely, turning heads to kiss His palms. He grabbed their ponytails and pressed their faces firmly to His crotch, chuckling. “I knew you’d like it. Then off you go. Take your places.”

They kneeled in front of their huge dildos sticking from the floor and folded theirs hands behind their backs.

“Oh right, here we go. Ready, steady, go!” He watched amused as they eagerly forced the cocks down their throats making characteristic wet noises I knew so well. Almost immediately they started choking, saliva dripping down their chins.

Sir sat down again watching the contest closely. Quickly, tears began running down the girls’ cheeks and their faces turned red from effort. Finally, when I thought one of them might pass out, Monique kneeled up followed by Jessica just a few seconds later. Both of them were panting and sobbing loudly.

“Now, that’s what I call entertainment, don’t you agree, honey?” Adam asked, squeezing one of my boobs and sending a shiver through my body.

“Yes, mecidiyeköy escort Sir,” I answered respectfully.

“Alright. Jessica, congratulations. Monique I suggest you beg your younger sister later to teach you how to suck a cock. I expected more of you,” He commented sternly. Under His gaze Monique lowered her head and pressed her forehead to the carpet. Jessica on the other hand remained kneeling up with her breasts thrust forward proudly.

“Still, it was fun. Now, form a line in front of me. You too, honey. Turn around and grab your ankles. That’s right, it’s the beatings time,” Sir announced cheerfully while the rest of us shivered with fear.

Master had heavy hand and His punishments were never light. He believed that only a combo of fear and respect gives good results in training a woman.

Sir lifted a paddle from the coffee table and approached us. He stood behind us tapping the paddle against His leg making us jump with every sound it made.

“You know the rules. No moving, no begging. Your cheeks stay relaxed, you’re not escaping any of this. Understood?” He asked rolling our skirts up.

“Yes, Sir!”

“Good. Edward! Come and see, you need to learn how to handle a woman.”

After several seconds my son entered the living room and stood beside His father.

“May I try as well, Dad? Please, they don’t let us practice on real women at school yet. They say we can’t measure the strength.”

“What?” Adam frowned. “That’s bullshit. How else are you going to learn? Of course you can try,” He said passing the paddle to His son.

“All right. So remember to check if they’re not tensing their ass muscles. It would make the beating less hurtful so less educative as well. Take a position and strike, not very hard at first. Let’s try and aim at Monique’s left cheek,” Adam offered, stepping aside.

I heard Monique whimper in anticipation. There was a loud crack and she gasped, a tear escaping her eye and disappearing in the carpet.

“That was alright, but you want to start light to not left too many bruises. You won’t have your wife running around with a blue ass, will you, champ?” Master chuckled, patting Edward’s arm. “Why don’t you practice a little more with me watching and I’ll take over for the more difficult part?”

“Sure, Dad.”

Edward was merciless. By the time He was finished, all of us were sobbing loudly. I felt my butt burning and I was sure it was glowing vip escort istanbul red.

“Great job, son. That’s how you want your woman’s bottom to look after a good beating. Remember, that this is only an everyday beating though. It helps women keep their heads low and build respect for you. If you have to give a real punishment, you want the woman to feel very sorry for what she’s done so you have to be way harsher. Now give me the paddle and I’ll finish the lesson,” Adam said positioning Himself behind us.

“Girls, you know what’s coming. Stand with your legs apart. Farther. That’s it. Bend your knees a little and grab them, arch your backs. Heads bowed. That’s one of the proper position for this kind of teaching, watch closely, Edward.”

I whimpered in fear and more tears run down my cheeks. This was so far the worst kind of punishment I had experienced and I still couldn’t get used to it.

Master started with Jessica. WHACK! He smacked her pussy without as much as patting for a warm-up. WHACK! WHACK! He repeated it with Monique and me wasting no time. I squirmed in pain fighting the urge to close my legs. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Came another round. After each of us got five smacks, the punishment was finally over.

“Come here, it’s all over now,” Sir assured us as we sank on our trembling knees crying openly. “I hope you learned something from your lesson. Edward, you can go now. They’ll just thank me now and go back to their duties, nothing to watch.”

We crawled to Master’s feet and started to cover them with kisses and tears. I kneeled up and looked at Master’s face sobbing. He smiled down at me and patted my cheek with the wooden paddle. I turned my head and kissed it lovingly before going back down to worship His feet.

“For the lesson to sunk in you will spend 30 minutes by the wall, as always,” Master informed us after we composed ourselves a little. “Run along, form a nice line.”

We got up and stood by the wall leaving even intervals.

“Jessica, head a little lower. That’s right, you know Daddy likes His things organized. Now, press your noses to the wall and make sure those butts are sticking out properly.” We obeyed and He walked over to roll our skirts up. Now all of His work with the paddle was revealed. “Keep your skirts up. Very nice. I want you to stay like this. No making sounds, no moving. Think about your place in the world and in this house. Maybe you can do something sarıyer escort more to serve me and Edward better? Reflect. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Good. Stay.”

Minutes were passing by and though I knew the orders, at first all I could think of was the pain in my pussy and butt. I was fighting un urge to rub my bottom but that was, of course, out of the question, so I kept lifting my skirt as ordered. When the pain became ignorable, I followed the orders and sank in deep thoughts about myself. I knew I was obedient – Adam had to give me hardly any punishment over the last years. I was at peace with myself. I embraced my role and tried to became the best at it. It wasn’t hard, really – my parents and teachers taught me well. The biggest part of that education I had probably Adam to thank for – He was a great master. Stern, precise. Never overlooked any mistake I did, but punished me hard making sure it won’t happen again. Only thanks to His work now I could call myself a good wife – respectful and obedient.

After 30 minutes, Master told us to come and kneel in front of Him. I bowed my head especially low. I always felt a new level of respect for my Husband after His beating. And this time I felt the same towards my Son, whom I will thank later, if there is an opportunity.

“Why don’t you fix me a drink, Katniss?”

“Naturally, Sir,” I answered standing up. Master slapped my bottom hard to send me on my way.

“Girls, stand up.” He adjusted their outfits so it covered their boobs and butts once again. “Now smile, you look prettier like this.” Girls smiled and looked at Him from under their eye lashes shyly.

“Good. Kiss me good bay and off you go to your duties,” He ordered slapping their cheeks lightly. Then He moved His hands back onto the armrests of His chair. Girls bended forward with their legs straight and kissed Sir’s fingers lovingly. They stood back up and giggling, marched off to the master bathroom.

When I returned with the drink, Master was sitting comfortably in His chair working on His laptop. He looked up at me and pointed to a coffee table. I placed the glass there and stood at attention in front of Him.

“Cleaning, Honey. Run along,” He ordered with a warm smile. “Oh, wait. Cover those juicy boobs of yours again, will you? I don’t want them to get dirty.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I adjusted my uniform on the way to Sir’s bedroom. Passing His bathroom I spotted Monique on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Her butt was sticking out so you could see all of her asshole and pussy. Jessica was cleaning the toilet with her head in the bowl not to overlook any dirt. “We did rise our daughters well,” I thought with pride and headed to Adam’s bedroom.

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