Donna Does Her Brother


Soon after I graduated and was at home on Long Island, I happened to go out clubbing. Late in the evening I encountered my brother who was on leave from basic training and on his way to paratroops training in North Carolina. Since neither of us had connected we sort of connected with each other. In that mode we stayed together and also danced a few times.

When we danced I could feel him semi hard against my crotch and it made me warm all over. For a time I forgot that he was my brother and worked it over by grinding into it.

That certainly did give us both some ideas, but we did not act upon them and he went on to North Carolina. We did write back and forth a couple of times. It turned out that his graduation from training would coincide with a visit to our Aunt Ginny who lived about 20 miles from the base. We decided that since he did not have a girl friend that I would be his ‘date’ for their Graduation Ball.

I arrived on a Monday at Aunt Ginny’s and just visited and enjoyed the sun for a few days. On Thursday afternoon Al called and said that they had finished and he had a pass for the evening and would I like to go out. We meanwhile still had a date for a “Graduation” Party to be held on Friday night.

So out we went in my car, an old Chevy 4 door, not much to brag about except that it had a great back seat. We did go to a road house and met up with a few of his buddies and their dates and everyone danced and got each other hot and bothered. We did not announce our relationship, so everybody thought that I was his girlfriend. He later told me that privacy in the barracks was hard to come by and he had had only a few opportunities to relieve his frustrations. Everybody must have been in a similar fix as the couples in the group soon found excuses to leave early, including us.

We decided that since we were ‘dating’ that maybe we could be like other ‘dates’ and go someplace and neck. It took a while to find a place to park but finally we did and we wasted little time getting into the back seat. It was a beautiful night, with a bright moon and it seemed almost like daylight. We kissed quickly and soon had our tongues in each other’s mouth. Almost before I knew it he had my panties off and his fingers inside of çanakkale escort me. I was ready, I don’t know if it was because he was my brother or just because he was a guy with a hard cock and I was sex starved, but as I said I WAS READY.

After a few minutes he stopped and worked his pants down. I opened my eyes and looked at his erect penis. I was shocked. I had never seen one so large. There in the bright moonlight it looked gigantic. I was in shock, my plan had been to sit on him so that I could feel him deep inside of me. I quickly decided, “NO WAY.”

I put my hand on it and it felt almost as big as it looked. I started stroking it and meanwhile got up on my knees beside him on the car seat, spreading them so that he could get his fingers deeper inside me. As it turned out my face wasn’t very far from the head of his penis. You can imaging what happened next. You got it, he erupted, and how he erupted. I guess he had been saving it for weeks, I haven’t seen a guy let go that much before or since. It was in my hair, on my face, in my mouth, on my clothes and on the upholstery.

It was all confusion, apology, laughter, and cleanup for awhile. I did swallow what was in my mouth and enjoyed it. Then we noticed the time and he had to return to his barracks and I went home to my Aunt Ginny’s. I slunk into the bathroom in showered and washed my clothes. The next day I went out and bought upholstery cleaner to get the cum off and then washed the car.

As the day wore on I began to think about how bigger was supposed to be better and picturing that big thing in the moonlight. The more I thought about it the more I began to think “Why not” and soon I started to get turned on about the whole idea. By about four o’clock I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to find out if bigger was indeed better. Then each hour I seemed more and more and more eager. By six and I started to shower and dress for the evening I was pretty darn horny and even gave myself a quick warm-up in the shower..

I picked Al up at Eight and he was shinny and handsome in his dress uniform. We had all we could do to keep our hands off each other while we had a quick supper at a diner and got to the Ball at Nine sharp.

We went through the formalities and then we settled down with the same group as the night before for drinks and dancing. The guys minded their manners and danced at least once with all the girls and then we each began to stick with our own dates. But it was obvious that we were all sex starved. Even though most tried to hide it I could feel a lot of half hard cocks warming me through my thin dress.

Later in the Ladies Room, Linda whose date was also a big guy whispered to me, “I danced with your Al, I can tell, you are in for a great night.” I couldn’t say anything but I got about as red as I could get. The other girls must have figured out what was said because they all laughed and in a minute Linda and I had joined in. By the time we got back to the table we were back in control of ourselves.

We continued to party for awhile but I was beginning to reach a state that I needed to leave. Let’s face it, I wanted to feel that big cock inside of me. Finally someone broke the ice and suggested that it was time to go and the party quickly broke up. Al and I quickly found my car and were inside kissing before the doors closed or so it seemed.

We quickly debated Motel Vs back seat but decided on our parking place of the previous evening as it was close and we couldn’t wait. We raced to our parking place of the night before and both climbed into the back seat without even discussing it. We quickly had our arms around each other and our tongues working. It took him only a minute till he discovered that I had removed my panties earlier in the rest room.

With my cooperation he had his trousers down quickly. We were kissing all this time and moving about and soon I had my back in the corner and my legs spread and was waiting and quaking with anticipation. I didn’t have to wait long till I felt his penis trying to push it’s way into my pussy. We started thrusting toward each other and it was just starting to enter when I felt it begin to pulse and the hot cum was like a flood. Most was all over my pussy and some was in my pussy and between the extra lubrication that provided and our excited thrusting that big thing was inside me in the next instant.

I felt that big cock fill me as I had never been filled before and then start to slide in and out. Before I could even think about it an orgasm overcame me. I then hung back for a minute and maneuvered around till I was on top and then took control and began to slide it deep into me and then lift myself till it was almost all the way out, totally enjoying it’s length and girth. It seemed like only seconds till I felt Al come again. His hot fluid filling me deep inside and spreading and warming me. We hardly slowed down but began to go at it harder and harder till after a few moments we both came again, almost together, and I was so full of cum that I could not hold it all.

This seemed to finish us both, and we lay coupled together for several minutes till I began to think of the time and having to explain the lateness to Aunt Ginny and began to disengage myself. Al pulled away and began to straighten himself out and I sat up and began the search for my panties, I suddenly felt my thighs getting wet as the cum began to come out and spread itself around. I quickly remembered my panties were in my pocketbook and got them on. That seemed to control it somewhat.

We didn’t speak much as we got back into the front seat and I drove him back to the barracks where we made vague promises to call when he was home again. As I drove to my Aunt’s house I was aware of all the cum both inside and out and just a little soreness.

As I walked to the house and to my room I could feel the cum run down between my bare thighs. Once in my room I yanked off my outer clothes and got into the shower before I removed my panties and began to clean up. I buried my underwear in the bottom of the trash rather than try to wash it out, Then I went to bed and relived the encounter several times enjoying each replay in spite of the soreness. I had never come so often up to that point and as I slipped off into sleep I began to have dreams of reliving the experience again and again.

We had one more night together, this time in a local motel. This time I just had to suck that big thing and I was able to keep him on the edge so long that when he did cum that I was afraid that I would never swallow it all, but I did. Meanwhile he gave me a good licking that kept me tickin for a long time.

That was the end of it but once in a while we still say or do something which brings the memories flooding back.

Maybe someday.

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