Door Prize


John was kicking back watching a movie in his bed when his sister, Marilyn, knocked on the door.

“It’s open.”

The door opened and Marilyn walked in, wearing jeans and a tank top.

“I thought you worked Saturday nights, Mar.”

“I do, but I have an urgent problem and I’m hoping you’ll help me.”

“How can I help?”

“I need you to be the door prize at a bachelorette party tomorrow.”

John chuckled, “What kind of door prize?”

“Whoever wins gets to fuck your brains out.”

“Even for you, this sounds a bit off the charts.”

“I had it all set up but the guy backed out.”

“Fill me in first.”

“Ann, at work, is getting married.”

“The hot redhead?”

“Yeah, we’re throwing her bachelorette party tomorrow evening at the club.”

“If I can do her, you’ve found your man.”

“There’s a one in 20 chance it will be her. There’ll be 20 of us there. Everyone gets a number. If their number is drawn, they get you in the back room for 90 minutes.”

“Are these the dancers you work with?”

“Mostly, but there are four guests too.”

“Fat ladies?”

“No, I know every one of them. They’re all hot. It’s going to be a great party. We’ve even got male strippers lined up.”

“Why me, if you’ve got the strippers?”

“They’re getting paid. If they do it we could be charged with prostitution. You’d be getting paid with pussy.”

“Mar, I’m not even old enough to go in the club. I’m only 20.”

“You’re not old enough to go in while the club is open. It’s closed for a private party.”

“The idea’s intriguing but I’m not sure I want everyone in the world knowing I did something like that.”

“They won’t know. Both you and the winner will be blindfolded. I’ll be the only one who’ll know, besides you.”

“You’ll have a number too?”

“Yeah, but I’ll make sure my number doesn’t get in the basket. Wait a minute, I thought you said I was hot?”

“You are, but you’re also my sister.”

“Will you do it? Please?”

“When do you need to know?”

“Now, if you won’t do it, there are going to be 19 angry and disappointed women. Bro, you’re the perfect choice; single, handsome, well built, well endowed, and you haven’t gotten laid in over a month.”

“Okay, I’m in. What time do I need to be there?”

“7:45 tomorrow evening.”

“What should I wear?”

“Whatever you want. I’m going to have you be naked when the winner walks in. Oh yeah, no talking in the room we need to keep you anonymous. A lot of the girls would recognize your voice.”

“Back door at 7:45?”

“Yep, thanks John, You’ve saved my life.”

She kissed him on the cheek and left. John was excited about this opportunity. Marilyn was a dancer at the very upscale Stars Gentleman’s Club and worked alongside fifteen of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Each of the girls was a look alike for a beautiful star, some past and some present. That mean’t his odds of getting to bed one of these exotic dancers was better than 3:4 with Marilyn taking herself out if the running.

At just a few minutes after 9 on Sunday morning, Marilyn’s phone rang.

“Hi, mom.”

“Hi Mar, what time is that party tonight?

“I thought you were going to be out mersin escort of town until tomorrow.”

“I got back a day early and decided to join you.”

“6:30, come in the front door. Dancers are from 7-8.”

“Okay, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Cool, mom. Bye.”

Marilyn was glad her mom, Stacy, would be going. She hadn’t had a night out in years. A date either for that matter. She knew mom would have a great time at the party. Marilyn would have to remember to take both hers and her mom’s numbers out of the basket.

She also hadn’t told John the whole truth. In addition to sound, the entire episode would be videotaped and projected on the big screen in the party room. She was afraid that would turn him off to the whole thing. It wouldn’t due to let mom see her son having sex. Marilyn had intended to leave it on but this changed that plan.

At 6:30 everyone had arrived and the festivities were fully underway. Everyone’s car keys had been confiscated and the drinks and snacks were flowing. The male strippers were a big hit. Like in the club, with the girls, there was a no touching rule. Stacy and everyone else were having a great time.

At 7:45 John arrived and Marilyn put him in the back room where the private dances were once done. There was an oversized massage table, a couch and a few chairs. She told John to undress and lie down on the table after she left. Marilyn gave him his mask, which covered the top half of his face, including the eyes, and reminded him not to speak or remove the mask. She joined the women in the party and was looking through the numbers in the basket when Olivia grabbed her and pulled her out of the room. She had removed her number but hadn’t found mom’s before being pulled away.

Ann was having cold feet and wanted to talk to her in private. When she returned Julia had already drawn a number. She looked around the room, there were two women missing, her mother and one if the other dancers.

Marilyn walked to where her mother had been sitting.

“Have any of you seen my mom?”

All three pointed at the huge wall size video screen. A woman was lying on the massage table. Her brother John had his face between her legs, licking her. The woman was Stacy, her mother.

“Oh shit!” she murmured.

Marilyn immediately went over and turned off the video feed. She was met by a mutiny and someone turned it back on. She sat at the table to watch with everyone else and was surprised how much watching her mother and brother having sex was turning her on. Apparently the sex with John was working on Stacy too. She was moaning loudly and came a moment later.

John stood and pulled her to the end of the table and the audience went wild. For the first time they saw his fully erect cock. He was huge. John slipped inside Stacy and she locked her legs around him, pulling him all the way in. She came again in just a few minutes as he steadily drilled her. When he came they both moaned and Stacy came again.

Stacy unlocked her legs and took his arm to pull him onto the table. She kissed her way down his body to his semi-erect cock. It took her no time using her mouth and tongue to get him hard again. She was able to get him almost all the way in her mouth.

“Mar, who the fuck is that guy?” Ann asked.

“Sorry, that’s a secret.”

“Is it one of our regulars? He looks familiar.”

“He’s never been a customer here.”

“If she doesn’t wear him out, I want him next,” called out one of the girls.

“Me too,” several more shouted.”

Stacy climbed up and straddled him. She rode him like a wild woman and came again. She increased her pace and was cumming again in no time. Every woman in the room, including Marilyn was wet and hot, all wishing they could trade places with Stacy.

John and Stacy moved into the 69 position with Stacy on top. Stacy was able to take him all the way into her mouth in this position. Both came again and Stacy swallowed everything. She got on her hands and knees. John slipped into her from behind. Both were glistening with perspiration.

“Fuck this!” Ann said as she took off her clothes and walked into the back room. “This is my bachelorette party and I’m getting some of this.”

She walked behind him and began massaging his balls, then walked to the other end of Stacy and began kissing her. Stacy came again then collapsed on the table. Stacy laid beside her and pulled John’s cock into her already wet pussy. Stacy began massaging Ann’s large breasts. Ann raised one of Stacy’s legs and slid under her and began licking her pussy. Stacy moved to where she could lick Ann. John slid from Stacy’s pussy to Ann’s mouth. He allowed her a few licks before putting himself back inside Stacy. Both women came and John came inside Stacy. When he slipped from Stacy, Ann began licking up her cream pie.

John put two then three fingers in Stacy’s ass while Ann took him in her mouth again. When John was fully hard he pulled out of Ann’s mouth.

“Don’t even think about using her ass. That monster’s going in my pussy.” Ann insisted.

Stacy rolled over and John moved to the other end of the table and slowly entered Ann, working his length inside. He pounded Ann and after they both came he collapsed onto the table. The audience applauded.

“That was the best sex I’ve had in my entire life,” Stacy told him.

John froze then ripped away his mask.


Stacy pulled hers off and looked at him with her eyes open wide.

“John? Oh my God!”

The crowd became silent as everyone looked at Marilyn.

“Oh fuck!” Marilyn said under her breath.

Someone in the room started laughing and everyone fell into place except Stacy and John, who just stared at each other. Ann left the back room laughing. Stacy’s hands went to her breasts to cover them. John began laughing.

“It’s a bit late for that now, mom.”

“Yeah, late,” she whispered.

“It was wonderful for me too, mom,” he added.

“Yeah, wonderful,” she replied.

Marilyn walked in and handed them their clothes. Both continued to stare as they got dressed.

“I’ll see you at home, mom,” John told her.

“Yeah, home,” she replied.

John left without another word. Stacy walked out of the back room. One of the girls she passed had a drink in her hand. Stacy took it and chugged it. She walked to where the keys had been placed and took hers then went to her car and drove home.

When she arrived the only indication that John was there was the light shining under his closed bedroom door. She went to her room, undressed then showered. After drying herself she put on a hideous pair of flannel pajamas and climbed in her bed.

Sleep came very slowly for both of them.

When John got up he went downstairs for a cup of coffee. Stacy sat at the table staring into her half full cup. John poured himself a cup of coffee and sat across from her. He stared into his cup. After several minutes Stacy spoke.

“John, we need to talk.”

“Yeah, I suppose we do.”

“What we did was illegal.”

“So is speeding and jaywalking, mom.”

“But this was different.”

“Mom, what we did was beautiful.”

John got up and went to his room, leaving his coffee behind. He showered, got dressed and left the house.

Marilyn walked in quietly about an hour later. Stacy was still in her flannels and seated where she had been when John left. Marilyn sat beside her.

“Why, Marilyn?”

“Mom, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Your name was supposed to be taken out if the basket along with mine.”

“Why John?”

“The guy I had lined up bailed on me. I convinced John to fill in. Have you and John talked?”

“Very briefly, he said it was beautiful.”

“It was, mom. That was two people who love each other sharing their love. It really was beautiful.”

“Yes, and it was wonderful.”

Stacy looked at Marilyn with a soft smile. Marilyn smiled for the first time all day.

“So what now, mom?”

“I don’t know, but if he thinks he’s getting away with this scott free, he’d better think again.”

“Mom, it was all my fault.”

“You taught him how to fuck like that?”

“Of course not.”

“Good. I’d hate to steal your fuck buddy.”

“You mean…?”

“That’s exactly what I mean. I want an encore,” she said, grinning.

“I’d get rid of those ugly jammies if I were you.”

“They’re warm, Marilyn.”

“So are house fires but you aren’t likely to make any new friends by starting one. I’m thinking pretty night gown.”

“Got time to take me shopping today?”

“I’ve got all day.”

Stacy and Marilyn went shopping. Stacy picked up a couple of beautiful nightgowns and a couple of baby doll outfits. John came home about nine.

When he walked in he nearly tripped over his mother’s shoes that were in the foyer. Her jeans were about ten feet beyond that, also on the floor. As he reached the stairs he found her blouse laying on the step. Just outside his room was her lacy bra. He walked into his room and found her matching panties laying neatly on his pillow. John took off his clothes and showered. He put on a pair of gym shorts then sat on his bed holding the panties. John took the panties and walked to his mom’s room. He knocked.

“Come in.”

He opened the door and saw her standing next to the bed wearing a beautiful dark blue nightgown. He looked at her a bit confused and held up the panties.

“Are these yours?”

She pulled up her gown and looked down. John did too. She was pantyless and now shaved bare.

“It appears they are. I’d ask you to help me put them on but you’ll just have to take them off again in a few minutes.”

She was smiling and took the gown off. Stacy stood before him nude and held out her arms to him.

John grinned and walked to her.

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