Dora’s Mistake


Dora hesitated as she walked up the winding staircase to her bedroom. She twisted her long brown hair in her fingers as she contemplated her situation. She knew her husband would be angry with her over her frivolous slip with their joint debit card. She looked down at the black leather wedge sandals with the magenta silk lining, and they gave her courage as she put her trembling hand on the doorknob.

She walked into her bedroom and saw her husband sitting at his desk paying bills. His long blonde hair lay in waves down his back, and his muscles showed clearly through the black t shirt he wore.

He turned around to greet her and his piercing blue eyes penetrated her very soul.

Her breath caught as she greeted him. God, he looks like a Viking, she thought.

“Hello Sven.” She said with as much cheerfulness as she could muster.

“Dora! Just the woman I wanted to see!” Sven smiled and beckoned for her to sit in his lap. She cheerfully hopped into his lap and gave him a kiss on his smooth cheek. The hairs of his mustache tickled her chin and made her giggle.

He hugged her warmly but then his manner changed.

“I wanted to ask you love- could you look at this and tell me what you find wrong with it?”

He passed Dora an official looking piece of paper. It was a statement from the credit union they did their banking at.

She took the paper and felt her stomach knot as she looked at the last charge on the statement. It was from Macy’s, a charge for fifteen hundred dollars.

“See where it’s highlighted in yellow?” He gestured.

“I think it’s a fraudulent charge. I am sure neither you nor I would be so foolish as to spend that kind of money there.” He looked into her dark brown eyes and waited for her to answer.

I could lie… she thought. I have a way out, and he would never know.

“I thought I should ask you before I called the bank.” he continued.

“Call the bank Sven, why?”

“They will reverse the charge and the employee who took the charge at Macy’s will be found and fired for not checking id.” he stated, his eyes glittering ominously.

Damn… I should tell him before he gets too mad, she thought.

He went to pick up the phone in his pocket, with Dora still perched on his knee. He dialed the number and Dora heard it ring.

“Sven wait! It was me. I bought these shoes see?” She held out her foot to show him the shoes in question.

He hung up and stared at bayrampaşa escort her with a look she had never seen on his chiseled face before.

“They were on sale…….”she trailed off sheepishly.

“How could you? With as tight as things are right now, we have no money coming in because the bands not touring. We have no income until the royalties from my bands last album start coming in!”

She looked down at the floor.

“We have money in the bank, and it was a onetime thing.” she assured him.

“Return them. Today.” He stated with an edge in his voice, his Swedish accent thickened by the anger he felt.

Dora shivered. He had never been this mad at her before.

“Honey, I can’t, they were final sale. They won’t take them back.” She whispered gently, as if that would calm him down.

“Well then my dear; let’s make sure you won’t make such a selfish mistake again.”

Dora found herself thrown over Sven’s knees and she protested mightily.

“Stop, you can’t do this, I’m a grown woman!” She thrashed trying to escape from her husband.

Sven laughed to himself at her struggle. She was 5’2 to his 6’7 frame. The poor woman didn’t have a chance.

He was relentless and held her in place as he pulled her tight little pencil skirt up and removed her white satin panties.

“Sven, I’m an adult you can’t do this!” she repeated, tears filling her voice.

“Save your tears Dora, I haven’t even started yet.” he said calmly.

“Furthermore, I will treat you like an adult when you act like one. Today, you have shown me that like a child, you can’t even be trusted with money!”

Dora whimpered as the first slap reached her bottom.

“I don’t ask you to work, I give you money freely, and you betray my trust!”

He slapped her hard to punctuate every point he made and the tingle Dora felt between each strike began to turn into a persistent sting.

He began to spank her harder and faster until her ivory cheeks turned a deep pink.

Every time he hit her she heard the sharp sound and it startled her. She was worried that the neighbors would hear her punishment; and she was ashamed at the thought.

She struggled more “Sven stop! I’m sorry I was wrong please stop!” She wailed.

“I’ll stop when I feel you have been punished enough. And if you interrupt again I use something that will sting far more than my hand” he threatened.

She was wailing by now, and escort bayan istanbul still Sven rained sharp slaps on her poor behind. When she began to writhe he only held her down more firmly, and hit her harder than she would have thought possible.

Dora despaired and lay limply over Sven’s muscular legs sobbing and weeping from the pain he inflicted. Still his hand made contact with her rear and she thought he would never stop.

After what felt like an eternity, the smacks seemed to slow down and they seemed less sharp.

“Do you understand why you are being punished?” he queried.

“Yes…. I’m sorry. I won’t be so stupid again.”


“Owwww! What was that for??” Dora cried indignantly as her tears began to flow again.

“Do not refer to yourself as stupid. You made a mistake, you are not however a fool.” He said firmly.

“Now where were we?” He continued.

“I’m sorry. I really won’t do it again.”

“Good. Because if there is a next time, your name will be taken off the account and I’ll have to give you an allowance like a child.” he threatened forcefully.

“There won’t be a next time.” She promised her voice still thick with tears.

He sighed deeply and wiped her tears away.

“I love you Dora.”

“I love you too Sven.”

He brushed her hair out of her face.

“Love…” he started.


“Next time I’ll use my belt.” he whispered into her ear.

She shivered and hoped with all her heart she wouldn’t be in this position again.

He lifted her to sit in his lap, and she winced as her bottom made contact with his leg.

Sven laughed at the look on her face, and held her close and kissed her warmly.

She kissed him back, and her lips parted to grant his tongue access. His kiss was sweet, and gentle. She felt the tingle in her stomach that meant things were getting hotter. He pulled away and began to trail kisses down her neck. His lips went lower and lower until he reached her collarbone and licked the tender spot there.

Dora moaned with pleasure. He smiled into her neck and lifted her so that her legs straddled his waist, then lowered her to their large bed.

Dora loved how the cool satin comforter soothed her hot bottom.

Sven took off his shirt, and Dora watched him with lust in her eyes. She stared at the perfection of his muscular body, and at the dusting of gold hair that always felt so soft against taksim vip escort her.

He leaned over her and started to undo the buttons of her proper white blouse. He removed her blouse with a groan as he took in the fact that his lovely little wife was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were so soft and perky she didn’t need one.

He enclosed his mouth over her pert nipple and she mewled as he suckled her breast. He moved his hand up to her other globe and lavished it with the attentions of his clever fingers. He kissed his way down to her smooth tummy and removed the barrier of her skirt and panties. She thrust her hips up at him, knowing where his mouth would go next. Sure enough she felt his hot tongue on her nether lips as he licked her slick entrance.

“Sven please…” She begged him to release her.

He laughed and she felt his warm breath against her aching center. He teased her more with his tongue and then thrust it into her and licked her g spot. His fingers strummed on her little bud and she felt the familiar tightness that she begged to be released from.

Dora screamed his name as she came, and he greedily lapped at the juices that emitted from her.

She panted as she sat up.

“Now it’s your turn” she whispered huskily

She pulled his pants off and drew out his cock. She licked up and down it, feeling the ridges his veins made. She wrapped her hand around it and pumped his huge muscle as he moaned loudly.

He groaned as she wrapped her warm mouth around his throbbing cock, and fisted his hands in her hair so she would take his thick member deeper. She obliged and sucked his long prick as she squeezed his pendulous sack. When she felt them draw towards him, she stopped.

He looked at her, his eyes smoldering with lust. She smiled mischievously and spread her legs wide for him.

He positioned himself at her entrance and lifted her hips to meet his. He slammed his huge cock into her tight vagina and pistoned in and out of her hard. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted them both off the bed. He walked her over to a wall and she felt herself presses between the cold wall and his well muscled chest. He looked into her eyes, and forced her to look at him as he drilled her.

“Cum for me Dora… I want to feel your tight little pussy clenching around my cock!” he growled.

It was too much for Dora and she came powerfully, her sex milking his dick.

He came then and together they finished.

He carried her back to bed and held her close.

“If this is what being punished is like, you should do it more often…” she teased.

He smiled into her neck.

“You’ll pay for that later love.” he laughed and pulled her tiny body closer to his.

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