Double Dare

Big Tits

Caleb, Melissa and Darrell were bored. They had drank until most of them couldn’t remember their own names and now the evening was getting on. Finally, Melissa with an impish grin suggested strip poker. She was hot with cropped black hair and large eyes, not to mention she had the body of an athlete. The men were quick to agree. Melissa watched as blond Caleb went to get the cards and black haired gray eyed Darrell set up the table ready to play. Melissa lost the first hand and removed her top without a hint of embarrassment. She had been with both of them over the years and so she wasn’t very inhibited around either.

Darrell lost the next few hands and was soon stripped down to his thin black boxers. Melissa lost the next hand and removed her jeans revealing a pair of skimpy red panties. A bulge was now visible in Darrell’s jeans. This situation was echoed when Caleb had to remove his own jeans a moment later. Melissa lost her bra in the next hand and both guys couldn’t quit staring at her large firm breasts. Caleb lost the next hand and with a slight blush stripped off his undergarments and sat there, his hand protecting his modesty. Melissa removed her panties a moment later revealing her shaven mound without hesitation and finally Darrell lost his shorts.

They all sat there pretending not to check each other out, but both guys were now hiding large erections as Melissa sat there with her legs slightly spread and a wicked grin on her pretty face. She eyed them with a smile. “Want to play adana escort truth or dare?”

Darrell sensed where this was going. “Okay,” he said warily. “but who goes first.”

“I do,” Melissa said, grinning. “Caleb, truth or dare?”

Caleb didn’t bat an eyelid. “Dare.”

Melissa crowed. “Drop your hands.”

Caleb blushed deeply, but dutifully removed his hands revealing his rigid penis. Melissa giggled like a school girl and then looked at Darrell. “Your turn.”

“Melissa,” he said. “Truth or dare?”

She shrugged. “Dare.”

“I dare you to come over here and kiss me for two minutes.”

Caleb kept the time as Melissa and Darrell entwined passionately, tongues and mouths meshing for the allotted time. They seemed reluctant to part at he announced time, but finally did. Caleb grinned at Melissa. “I dare you to come over here and stroke my dick for three minutes.”

Melissa grimaced but then bounced over. She sat down in front of him and reached out. She expertly began rubbing his engorged manhood, the slippery skin moving easily in her grasp. When the three minutes were over Caleb was very close to coming and slightly red in the face. She turned to Darrell and didn’t even bother asking the question. “I dare you to jerk off in front of us for four minutes.”

Darrell groaned, but reluctantly got to his feet. Caleb knew that Darrell was feeling the same amount of arousal as himself, but was trying to hide it. Darrell eskişehir escort began to slowly stroke himself, eliciting small moans as his hands moved slightly faster. He threw back his head and began working his dick furiously, his lips parted as he moaned in pleasure. Melissa was grinning and Caleb was so hypnotized he forgot all about the time. Melissa began playing with herself and this seemed to drive Darrell on to stoke faster and harder. Finally, his legs twitched as he began to breathe heavily. A moment later he began coming in shuddering spurts all over the carpet. Melissa arched her back a few seconds after and began writhing and groaning in a manner that told Caleb and Darrell that she was having an intense orgasm.

It came to Darrell’s dare and he took pity on Caleb. “I dare Melissa to give Caleb head until he comes,” he said, his eyes twinkling.

Melissa came over eagerly and immediately lowered her head. She gently kissed the head and swirled her tongue around the underside, digging her nails into his butt. She slowly began to engulf him, bobbing her head up and down and humming on his penis. Her mouth was a slick tight hole and Caleb felt himself filling in record time. He looked over and saw Darrell was playing with his already rigid dick as he watched them. She began to move faster, licking the pre cum from his slit as her hands massaged the top of his shaft. Finally, Caleb shivered and erupted into her. Melissa swallowed every drop, grimacing slightly and then sat up.

“I dare you to screw both of us simultaneously,” Caleb said next.

Melissa frowned. “How am I supposed to do that?”

“I’ll take back,” Darrell said and went off to get some lubrication.

Melissa came over to him smiling slightly and then parted her legs. Caleb rolled on a condom and then slid into her moist pussy, feeling her muscles automatically clench around him. She moaned softly as he squeezed her breasts, rubbing her rubbery nipples between his fingers. Darrell returned and began lubricating himself, then rubbing Melissa’s tight little ass. “Ready?” he asked.

Melissa nodded and clenched her teeth. Darrell slid a condom on and eased himself into her as she hissed in pain. Caleb began kissing her rigid nipples and as she relaxed Darrell was able to ease himself in deeper until he was home. He began to pump slowly as Caleb rubbed her nipples and his thumb found her pulsing clit. She moaned slightly as the pain became pleasure and both Caleb and Darrell began to thrust. Caleb could feel the brush of Darrell’s penis through the thin layer of skin and this aroused him even more.

He felt Melissa’s pussy clench him like a fist and soon he felt himself ready to come. He moaned this fact to the others and Melissa whimpered, trembled, writhed and cried out as she entered her own orgasm a second after. Caleb grunted as her contracting muscles milked his semen out in throbbing bursts. An instant later Darrell thrust hard and fast into Melissa and erupted with a loud cry of pleasure. When she had finished moaning and spurting he eased himself out and Melissa rose off Caleb.

She kissed them both and then went to shower. Soon, both men followed her. But, that’s another story.

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