Dr. Harden at Your Service Ch. 04

Alice Merchesi

The walls were lined with masks of all sorts as I looked around on my hands and knees with my front and back sides filled. Dr. Harden must have an interest in collecting colorful masks from around the world. There were also erotic art hanging in between each mask. In each corner were statues of women in compromising positions. The ceiling had chains hanging from them of all sizes and colors that were an art within itself. The ceiling was in layers and the lighting varied due to the different bulbs and where they were placed. It was also painted to show the many positions that a Master can be in to take pleasure from. There were some seats lined against one wall that I do not wish to sit in for they all had something sticking out of it in different shapes and sizes.

If only I did my part to pleasure my Master fully then I would not be here in this position. This is his way of humiliating me and making me feel ashamed of myself for not pleasing him better. It is rare that he would humiliate me in front of others since he usually likes to keep me to himself. I hate every minute of pleasuring the doctor or anyone except him, but if that pleases him then I shall do my best to appease him. The many lashes each day would not compare to how I feel now. He knows I would rather see him be aroused by whipping me till I am red all over than to endure this week of servicing another. How cruel he can be to me, but I have to respect his wishes and love him for disciplining me to his liking.

My body was aching from being on my hands and knees so long. I wanted to rest, but know that I was not allowed to. When I was almost ready to slide out to stand up, I heard the door being unlocked.

“I am back. Did you miss me my darling, Cee Cee?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I missed you. Welcome back.”

“Nice to hear that. Now give me a good kiss to show me how much you have missed me.”

He knelt down, unzipped his pants and shoved his softness all into my mouth. All his moaning made me think of my Master. I ache for his attention and he is no where in sight. The thought of someone else giving him pleasure besides me is too much to bear.

“Oooooohhh… Yes. Take it all in. Savor all this love I am giving you. I know you want me close to you. Ooooohh… Mmmm… Faster. Aaaahh… Faster. Ooooohhh… Now where shall I spurt all this hot goodness?”

“Any where you like, Master Harden.”

He backed up a few inches and then let all the white cream splatter on my face. Then he told me to clean up and come back out. I wanted to cry as I cleaned up my face, but I held back. If I did that then I would not be able to focus on staying wet and that will upset the doctor.

“Let me see how well you did today. The machine shows that you have met your minimum requirements, but did not put much effort to do any more than that. You think that doing the minimum will be enough to satisfy me? Get down on your hands and knees and beg for my forgiveness.”

I did not hesitate to do as he commanded knowing he was upset. Then he reached for a seven inch long, rubber tool with bristles on it and pushed it into my flower all the way in. He waited a few seconds, pulled it out quickly and then pushed it back in again. He did this until he saw my tears and then pushed it hard into my back door.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, Master Harden. Yes, I enjoyed it. Thank you, Master Harden.”

The pain was unbearable. I could not stop whimpering. Then he got out a paddle and gave me a good hit every few seconds.

“Do you deserve to be punished?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I deserve to be punished. Punish me, Master Harden.”

Whap! Whap! Whap!

“Mmm… Mmmm… Aaaahhh… Mmmm…”

Whap! Whap! Whap!

It must have been at least 20 hits before he stopped and grabbed my sore behind. Then he pinched my perky berries until I screamed.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you, Master Harden. Thank you for punishing me.”

“You will stay on your hands and knees until you are given permission to get up. You should be used to this by now. I have a treat for you tonight. Crawl out to the living room and meet a good friend of mine. He is one of the trainers at the school for naughty pleasure girls and boys. I am sure you will enjoy his hard attention and make sure he is pleased with your performance.”

I was afraid of what will happen to me as I crawled out slowly from all the pain. Half way down the hall, he stopped and told me to walk faster or else he will give me a hundred lashes later on. This is not something I could endure from someone else other than my Master. I know that my Master will add on more lashes if he found out about this. He would beşiktaş escort make me hang my head down in shame for a long time.

When we made it to the living room, he had me give his friend a warm welcome. It was about an inch shorter than the doctor, but round and full the same as his and Master’s.

“You enjoy a good mouthful I see. Aaaahh… Your mouth deserves a lot of attention. Mmmm…”

“How does she feel, Julius?”

“She feels goooood. Her Master is a lucky man. Ooooohh…”

“Yes, I have told him that before. Do not spoil her too much. She needs to learn how to pleasure her Master better.”

“I am close to my climax, Al. Oooohh… Where should I unload my creamy goodness? Maybe on her face? Mmmm…”

“Oh no. She does not deserve that. You are still too kind. Why not unload yourself onto this towel?”

His friend, Julius was quickly unloading all his cream into the towel. The doctor is putting me to shame in front of a stranger. I know he will do this to me all night.

“Are you forgetting your manners, Cee Cee? What do you say to Master Julius for being so generous?”

“Thank you Master Julius for your generosity.”

“The pleasure is all mine. You will be able to service me more in a short while. I know you will look forward to that.”

“What would you like to drink, Julius?”

“Scotch on the rocks for me, Al.”

Dr. Harden poured a bottle of Talisker with a seal showing it has been aged 20 years into a highball glass over ice and handed it to his friend. Then he poured himself some Armagnac into a snifter glass and sat across from him on the matching, brown, leather sofa that was directly aligned in front of the fireplace. It was unusual looking with different sections of it sticking out as if the designer forgot to smooth out the edges.

They both removed their pants and were naked from the waist down. Then Dr. Harden opened the parts of the fireplace to reveal handcuffs. At the edge of the floor with the raised, marble stone connected to the fireplace were more handcuffs. He had me locked in to where my back was at an angle. It looked as if I was in a horse stance, but my legs were spread out more and I am leaned back a little more. It was the perfect level for them to stuff my mouth with their eager fruits. My soft behind could feel the cold marble. This is a very uncomfortable position to be in. I could not move my arms or legs even an inch.

“Does she look ready for a good filling, Julius?”

“Indeed she does, Al. I know you are ready to devour my softness. Open that mouth up to show you are ready for me.”

I opened my mouth and he threw in an ice cube and then pressed himself inside me as he held my head close to him. It was difficult to swirl my tongue with the ice cube in my mouth. When the ice melted, he put in another one. Once he was hard, he pulled out and put a ribbed condom on.

“Lift your lazy behind so I can stuff you with what you always want pleasure girl. I will make you work for my relief.”

I lifted my behind up as much as I could and he pulled the bristled tool out of me and quickly pushed it back in back and forth till I was screaming in pain. After a dozen times, he pulled it out and shoved his hardness into me.

“What do you say to Master Julius?”

“Thank you, Master Julius. Mmmm… Thank you for your generosity. Mmmm…”

“It sounds to me that you are enjoying my hardness. Move those hips and relieve me.”

I tried moving my hips in motion the way he wanted and then Dr. Harden put an ice cube in my mouth as well before placing his softness in me. This was most humiliating. What would be more humiliating is if my Master was in the same room to watch this. I could not believe how much Dr. Harden has humiliated me today.

When Dr. Harden was ready for relief, he pulled out and put a condom on. Then his friend told me to stop moving and squeeze.

“You are lucky enough to receive my hardness in your flower, but you shall not have a drop of my juices.”

He shames me even more by saying that in front of his friend. Then he pushed his way in with force making me scream at the top of my lungs in pain.


“Ahh such a beautiful scream. You are enjoying this obviously. Should I put a gag on her, Julius?”

“No, Al. Let her scream helplessly the way she should. Those screams tell me she wants me hard in her and indeed I am still very hard. Just the way you like it, eh Cee Cee?”

“Aaaaahhh… Mmmm…”

They both laughed boisterously taken pleasure in my pain. They were pushing against me one at a time making me ache, but it also felt good and istanbul escort I wish that it was my Master in me.

“AAAAAAHHHH!! OOOOOHHH!! Mmmmm… How I love being in a tight anus. Mmmm… I will stay in till I am ready for another round. What do you say to that pleasure girl?”

“Thank you, Master Julius. Thank you for keeping me fulfilled.”

“You did not have to relieve yourself inside of her, Julius. You should use a towel.”

Dr. Harden pulled out of me quickly, wrapped the towel around his hardness and relieved himself.

“AAAAAAAHHH!! AAAAAAHHH!! Oooooohh… Ssssss… Oh yes.”

“I must say it felt nice when you were hard in her, Al. It was even tighter and I love it tight.”

“You will get that feeling again soon, Julius.”

The doctor catched his breath, got a sip of his drink. Then he handed his friend his Scotch. It was clear how much they were enjoying themselves.

“Move those hips some more, pleasure girl. Yes, nice and steady. Good. I know how much you like to earn my relief. Do you not?”

“Yes, Master Julius. Mmm… I love to earn your relief. Mmmm… Thank you, Master Julius. Mmmm…”

“Good pleasure girls and boys always want to earn their Masters’ relief. If not, they will be severly punished, shamed, humiliated and be out of the sight of their Master.”

The doctor loves to rub that shame into me. As if I am not humiliated enough, he takes out another rubber toy with bumps sticking out of it about seven inches long and one inch wide and shoves it into my aching flower. I let out a loud scream and he pulls it out quickly making me scream again. Then he pushes it back in. Each time he does this, I know he is trying to humiliate me and show that I am not worthy to receive his hardness.

“Does that feel good, Julius?”

“Yes, it does. All that hardness pressed against mine. Ooooohh… More, Al. Lots more.”

“More it is. I take much pleasure in pleasing my guests.”


“You think that you can get away with a little quivering? I felt you quiver lightly. You were ready to shake without permission. You wanted relief without working for it. Is that right?”

“No. No, Master Harden. No. Mmmmm… I do not dare. Mmmmm… I do not deserve relief.”

He kept pushing and pulling that rubber toy in and out of me till he was hard. Then he shoved with all his might into my aching flower again. Before long, his friend was relieved and this time he pulled out. He took the same toy that Dr. Harden was using and stuffed it into my anus. The doctor pushed till he was ready for relief and pulled out to let it all out on the towel again.

“I think you have enough pleasure from me, naughty pleasure girl. I gave you the pleasure of my relief inside you. What do you say?”

“Thank you, Master Julius. Thank you for your relief.”

They left me in that position as they went into another room to clean themselves up. This is such a humiliating position to be in. I could almost cry from feeling the shame, but instead my tears are from the pain. I wish my Master would fill my flower to ease the pain a bit. It would feel so good to have him fill me with his cream.

About 15 minutes later they came back into the living room. The doctor set me loose to be on my knees with my hands behind my back.

“You should thank our guest for giving you so much pleasure before he leaves, Cee Cee.”

“Thank you for giving me so much pleasure, Master Julius.”

He stood in front of me waiting for me to give him more pleasure.

“Go ahead. Show me your thanks. Take it all in that naughty, little mouth of yours. Aaaahhh… You have been craving for more of my attention obviously. Ooooohhh…”

He was enjoying himself very much and Dr. Harden was getting semi-hard watching us. Right when he was ready to let it all out, he pulled back and Dr. Harden relieved him with his hand onto the towel. Then he promptly put his pants back on and the doctor showed him out the door.

“Did you enjoy all that attention from us, Cee Cee?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I enjoyed all that attention from you and Master Julius. Thank you, Master Harden.”

He told me to be back on my hands and knees. Then he picked up his clothes and put them on my back. He removed his shirt and stacked it on top too. I followed him to the bedroom and he told me to get the shower hot and ready.

“Your shower is ready, Master Harden.”

He removed the toy out of my anus and then told me to get into the shower. I was washing him up and down noticing that his manhood was hanging down, but still thick. It would not take long for him to become bakırköy escort fully erect. He stood behind me as I was trying to clean myself up and could not help to squeeze my behind and pinch my berries.

“Mmmm… Mmmmm…”

“Turn around and let your tongue thank me for all the attention I have given you.”

The water was hitting against my head as I was knelt down showing my thanks to the doctor. I closed my eyes pretending it was my Master that I was pleasuring with my mouth. My mouth was getting sore and he pulled out to relieve himself squirting all his thick, white cream on the edge of the tub. He told me to clean that off with the hand towel and to clean myself up as he stepped out of the shower.

“You have five minutes to come out. I will be in the bedroom waiting.”

I was all wet standing there in the shower and feeling the pain on both sides. It burned as if there was a flame held close to me the whole time. If only there was something to ease the pain.

When I came out, Dr. Harden was on the phone. He handed me the phone saying someone wants to speak to me.


“How are you enjoying your stay with Dr. Harden?”

“Master! Master, I miss you very much.”

“Ha ha ha… Have you? I want you to keep your ear very closely to the phone until I ask for the doctor.”

I was listening closely. It sounds to me that a woman was giving him pleasure and then he screamed out loud as he unloaded himself into her mouth. This was too much to handle. How could my Master do this to me? I am to listen to someone else giving my Master pleasure and then receive his cream? It almost brought me to tears.

“I know how much you enjoy hearing and knowing I am relieved. Now hand the phone back to the nice doctor.”

I handed the phone back to the doctor as my head hanged down. My whole day and night has been one humiliation after another. Just when I thought the night would end, the doctor hanged up the phone and told me to get on my hands and knees again. He picked out one of the many whips on the wall. There was one that has thin braids which would heighten the sting. He was about to pick the wider one and then changed his mind to the thinner one.

“Do you deserve to be punished?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I deserve to be punished.”

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

He started with my aching cheeks and then went at random on my back. I could not hold back my tears half way through.

“I see those are tears of joy coming from your eyes. I have been too nice to you.”

The pain was unbearable. I was almost ready to collapse before he held onto my waist and thrust himself in my aching, dry flower. If it was not for the lubrication on the condom, it would have been more painful. He would have been very upset to find out how dry I was due to all the pain.

“AAAAAHH!! Mmmmm…”

“Ahh such a warm welcome. Now you will squeeze. Yes. Keep squeezing. Good. I will find out if you have improved much since the other day you were in my office. Mmmm…”

He kept squeezing my stinging behind every minute making me ache some more. Then he would give me a hard push in between at any given time to throw my squeezing out of line. When he ready for relief, he pulled out and used a towel before quickly changing into another condom and pushing himself back in again. He wore some latex gloves and played with my back door a bit.

“Squeeze. Yes. Squeeze. If my softness does not feel your squeeze then you are not working hard enough. After all, my softness is thicker than the poles that were in you earlier today.”

Again, the doctor rubs into my face the shame of having an object in me that is smaller than his softness. It could be worse. He could have me in that room again squeezing for the machine to record me. Him fulfilling me helped take some of the throbbing pain away temporarily.

“You are making some effort, but it is not good enough. You will keep squeezing until my next relief. Not in you of course.”

“Yes, Master Harden. Thank you, Master Harden.”

How I wanted the night to end and him to be out of me. I was tired and wanted to sleep. This has been the most humiliating day of my life. I was relieved when he pulled out of me and told me to clean myself up. It was difficult to clean myself with all the pain. The doctor is as skilled as my Master being able to whip me without causing any blood to come out. I could not believe how much I looked forward to being chained to the bed.

“You shall hold onto this plug and ball every night. I know you love the hard attention. Good night, Cee Cee.”

“Good night, Master Harden. Thank you, Master Harden for the hard attention.”

Even when I am asleep, he would put me to shame by inserting these objects into me. The only comforting thing is he fills some sort of special, cold cream in both places to ease the pain and to tighten me up. I dread to wake up to another day.

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