Drill Sergeant Domination part II


Smith looked at me with some expectation and a carnal desire still etched on her face. I stared back at Smith while remembering those lovely lips sucking down my cum as I fucked her mouth.

The intercom in the barracks broke us out of our sexually induced trance. The Senior Drill Sgt came on in his old ass gravely voice, “Privates!! You have five damn minutes to be in your bay for the pre-lights out inspection! Let us catch you with your shit fucked up and you’ll spend the night enduring a significant emotional event that’ll make you wish you were never fucking born!”

Thank God for that! Otherwise I may have fucked Smith again and that wouldn’t do at all with as late as it was getting. “Listen up Smith….”

“Call me princess, Drill Sgt. Please” she intoned with a little girl whiney voice. A petulant voice that made me want to fuck her again and I’m pretty sure that was the point!

This kind of pissed me off and turned me on all at the same time. I already did what I wanted and knew that I was gonna fuck her again and hopefully Jones as well. But this bitch was presumptuous enough to cut me off! I stepped close enough to her to feel her hard nipples press against my chest, I reached around her smacked her ass as hard as I could, moving my hand up and grabbed her hair yanking her head back. “Listen, Princess, I plan on fucking you whenever I get a chance to. But, when I’m not busy pounding that sweet little pussy we go back to YOU being the fucking Soldier and ME being the Drill Sgt that is in charge of you. Do you FUCKING UNDERSTAND?!?”

Her lip quivered a bit and a small tear welled up in her left eye as I was yelling in her ear. “But…I thought…I mean we…”

“We aren’t fucking right now, slut! Your ass basically belongs to me in what little free time you have. Don’t worry, I’m gonna get you off but I’m the motherfucker in charge here. Your level of comfort isn’t my first concern. I plan on pasting the inside of your cunt with my cum as much as I can. In the meantime….” I quit yelling at this point, kiss her mouth as I let up on the hair pulling a bit. She sob’s slightly as my lips come off of hers. “In the meantime, you are back to being Private Smith. Yes, my little Princess. No one can know about this, understand?”

She didn’t smile but the kiss seemed to calm her down a bit and she finally got where I was coming from and where we were going. “Understand, Drill Sgt. Should I get dressed now and get back in my bay?”

“Yes, and hurry the fuck up.” I calmed down quite a bit and took a seat in my chair so that I could watch her dress.

Smith bent over at the waist to grab her shorts, bra and shirt. As she stood she hooked her thumbs in the seam of her panties to get the cotton out off her ass crack. As she moved it back and forth I caught a glimpse of that beautiful asshole and thought about fucking it one more time. God, I can’t wait!

She kept her back to me while pulling on her shorts, looking over her shoulder and eyeing me in the seductive way that women have. “I really enjoyed our time together Drill Sgt and hope to do this again sometime soon!”

“Don’t worry, Princess. We will. Maybe tomorrow.” She started slipping her shoes back on her feet ( I don’t even remember her kicking those off) and headed towards the door. “Smith!”

Smith turned her head again, biting her lip. Expecting me to fuck her again real quick. “Yes, Drill Sgt?”

“Make sure you tell Jones exactly what went on and let her know she is next.”

That small coy slutty smile came back on her face as she replied, “Roger that, Drill Sgt. I’ll make sure she is ready.” A quick bite of her bottom lip, turn of the door knob and one last shake of her ass and she was out of my office.

Thank God that us Drill Sgts have sound proof offices! I have got to get ahold of that little slut again! FUCK…that was exactly what I needed. As quickly as she came told me that was what she was waiting for as well.
“No, no, no Brown! You’re doing it all fucking wrong! You cannot achieve the dominant position by being weak and timid! You have to get where you need to be and take charge of that shit! If this was combat, if that fucking joker right there had a knife you’d be dead right now because you are about as aggressive as a herd of earthworms. Do what we taught you!” Week 2 of Basic Training and we are at the Bayonet Assault course. The mousey little girl I told you about? Name is Pvt Brown. 5’2” maybe close to 100lbs with long brown hair, brown eyes and glasses and very pale skin. Looks like she spent most of her time in the magical World of Warcraft…fucking nerd.

Her hands started shaking a bit as she tried to grip the rifle the correct way. “Yes Drill Sgt. It’s just…I can’t imagine stabbing someone with a bayonet.”

Un-fucking-real. What organization did she think she was joining? The fucking Brownie Troupe of Greater Goddamn Chicago?

I kept my voice a little more calm than normal, “Brown, the odds of us fixing bayonets ever again are very small. This is more of an exercise of trying to give you the warrior spirit. The killer fucking instinct that you may need someday. We are trying to give you some fucking balls. God help you if you leave here someday and get attacked while going to your car in the mall parking lot and you don’t have that warrior spirit! God help your attackers if you develop it here and understand that you are a fucking LIFE TAKER if you really want to be!” This is me starting quiet and building her up, trying to get her pumped up and wanting to stab something with that sharp piece of steel at the end of her weapon.

Brown smiled a bit at the thought of being a warrior, finally gripped her M4 the correct way and lunged at her partner. It was surprisingly swift and if the sheath wasn’t on the bayonet I would be telling you about the Soldier who got a collapsed lung from being stabbed and how I got to train some Soldiers in 1st Aid during a live exercise. Instead, he just got thumped pretty hard on the right side of his chest, dropped his rifle and started crying about being hit.

“Good fucking job, Brown! That’s the shit we are talking about! Sullivan, quit acting like a little bitch and get up. You have 110 lbs on this Soldier and if you can’t take a little thumping now and then you won’t make it in this Army!” Sullivan, the 6’4” corn fed muscular lineman that played for Ohio State slowly got to his feet with a sheepish look.

“Yes, Drill Sgt. She just surprised me, that’s all.”

Heard that one before, “Yeah right Sullivan. Quit making excuses and both of you head over to the next point now!” “Yes, Drill Sgt!”

They both start to move off “Good job, Brown!” I yell and try to smack her on her back as she runs off to the next station. Instead of hitting her back I swatted her ass instead, totally intentional, in case you were wondering.

She looked back at me startled, smiled and said “Thank you Drill Sgt” and off she went.

After a couple weeks of trying to build up Brown this was my first move on her. I got the feeling from her that she has never really had any type of attention, positive or negative, from a man before. I decided to try smacking her ass in a “good game” type of way and gauge her reaction before I proceeded with my next step.

Just as I thought, she enjoyed it cause the next time I saw her during lunch chow, she was biting her lip.
“Drill Sgt we need you in here quick!”

Can never catch a fucking break. Just on my way to the soda machine in our lounge when Pvt Riley ran up to me with a battle buddy.

“What the fuck is going on Private?”

“Pvt Smith is using the pay phone when she isn’t supposed to be and won’t get off even though I told her to,” his tone took on that of a small child that is tattling on his younger brother.

“Calm the fuck down, Riley. I’m on it.” Slowly I start moving in that direction, knowing what I was going to find but not sure the reason Sex hikayeleri behind it. Was she really trying to use the pay phone during another platoon’s designated phone night or was she trying to get my attention? Either way, I’m gonna be cumming down her throat again tonight! My cock twitched in anticipation.

Turning the corner of the barracks I see the phones about 50 meters away and sure enough there is Smith on the phone, her battle buddy Jones right next to her and Soldiers in 2nd Platoon behind her heckling her and trying to get her off the phone.

“Smith! Jones! Get the fuck over here now!” My booming voice silenced everyone that was able to hear me. My little Princess put the phone down, tapped Jones on the shoulder and started running my way with a small smile on her face. It had been two days since that night in my office and I know that she has let Jones know all about it, and God knows who else.

Running up to me they go to parade rest right away, trying to catch their breath and I can see the other Soldiers in the background looking our way. Like I said, it is always fun watching someone else doing some yelling or screaming.

Instead I went right up to their ear and started talking, just loud enough for both of them to hear but in such a way that no one else could. Usually, this kind of talk is reserved when you want to say things that may get you into trouble if they are said too loud, and I know that the Soldiers watching were curious as to how I was threatening them.

“Jones, has Smith talked to you lately about what went on?” Just curious as to what she’ll say at this point.

“You mean about how you almost choked her out with your cock and you came down her throat and had your thumb up her butt? No, Drill Sgt, she hasn’t said a thing to me,” dripping with sarcasm. Wrong….fucking….move.

“Listen you little bitch,” my focus is directly on Jones now. “Next time you talk to me in that tone I will drag you off into the nearest corner that I can find and throat fuck you until you pass out. Then I’ll flip you over on your stomach and assfuck you until you start to wake up. You won’t be able to go two minutes without thinking and wanting my cock in your tight butt. You understand me?” My cock is rock hard at this time as I’m thinking about her splayed out on my desk while I fuck her tight athletic ass.

Smith and Jones respond in the correct way this time, “Yes, Drill Sgt.”

“Follow me.” Leading off at a brisk pace I take them behind the barracks and into the cellar door. These are old buildings that were used as bomb shelters during the height of the cold war and now we use them as extra storage for miscellaneous shit. Tonight, I plan on cumming in both of these girls.

I open the door and start downstairs, not even flipping on the light. Smith and Jones hesitate at the top of the steps not knowing what to do. Privates aren’t allowed down here not even for details or to go fetch something. “Well Princess, bring your little Bitch with you! Let’s go!”

That broke the spell and they both smiled and followed me down the stairs, trusting me to not let them fall. As I reached the bottom I finally found one of strings and pulled it bathing the cellar in a dull yellow glow. At one end was an old work bench with a peg board behind it that had chains, bungee cords, 5 50 cord and duct tape all along the wall.

Not wasting any time I turn to them and tell them to take their tops off. ACU pattern tops come off quicker than I thought they would be able to and they are standing there in their tight brown Army issued shirts with their belts cinched as tight as they can go. Standing, waiting and looking at me with desire and anticipation.

“Well, how about you go to parade rest?” Instantly they go to parade rest and I walk around them like I’m inspecting them. Which, of course I was. As I got behind them they pointed their toes inward just a little bit and thrust their hips back. I silently laugh. We taught them this when it came to searching prisoners, more specifically if you had to do a cavity search. The more you point the toes in then the wider the hips open up and this makes it easy to do a cavity search. The same can be applied to fucking a girl in the ass as well and I’m very happy they caught onto that.

Coming around to face them again I finally notice that four nipples were staring right at me. And their tits looked bigger! These bitches weren’t wearing their bras! FUCK! Thinking they can do their own thing? I’ll break them of that.

“Where the fuck are your bras? Why are your tits hanging out like they are not supposed to be? What do you think you are doing?” I’m rubbing Smith’s tits while I’m saying this and she starts moaning a bit and getting very excited. Jones, on the other hand, still didn’t know how the game was played. Hell, I didn’t know yet. I just knew I was in charge and this was my game.

“Drill Sgt,” Jones began a little hesitantly. “We thought you might like it if we didn’t wear them. We have seen you looking at us and know that you wan….”I go up to hear and slap her cheek lightly but hard enough to cut her off and make it sting a bit. “You fucking bastard,” Jones whispers and I can see her legs start to move as she is about to try and hit me. I let her arm come back and then around before I move, grab her wrist and force her around. Holding her to me with one arm and grabbing her throat with the other I start talking nice and calm in her ear while I grind my cock against her ass.

“Listen, bitch. You are only here because of my good graces and because you want my cock as much as I want to fuck you silly. This isn’t Fight Club. There is only 1 rule here and that is ‘Drill Sgt is in charge’ do you understand me bitch?” She is only putting up a token resistance now and starting to move her hips back against my dick. “So what’s the rule Princess?”

“Drill Sgt is in charge,” Princess replies and I notice she is still rubbing her nibbles the same way that I was just rubbing them. Guess she liked it.

“Well, Bitch, what is the rule here?” Knowing she didn’t have much of a choice she finally responded, all the while moving on my cock like the slut she is.

“Drill Sgt is in charge,” this seemed to deflate her a little and the tension went out of the arm that she tried to hit me with.

“That’s right. Now, Bitch, you are going to get on your knees. Princess you move over there and take off the rest of your uniform and start playing with yourself. You better cum before I get done over here!”

Princess opens her eyes dreamily and moves off, “Yes Drill Sgt” she intones as she starts to take off her belt and work on taking her boots off.

Bitch finally gets on her knees in front of me and looks up with her hazel eyes and a small look of fear on her face. “What the fuck is wrong with you? You ready for what is about to happen?”

“Yes Drill Sgt, it’s just I have never been with a man before,” this came out in an ashamed whisper and I turned and looked at Princess to see what she would say.

“She’s not a virgin Drill Sgt. I’ve fingered her out and she has gone down on me before. She is bi but has never been properly fucked with a real cock. I figured you wouldn’t mind that though!” Smith is stroking her pussy while she is explaining this to me, I look over and Jones is watching her touch herself while her face turns red.

“You have never sucked a cock?”

“Not a real one Drill Sgt. Plenty of strap-ons but not with a man before.” I can hear a little excitement in her voice now. Good.

“Well close your eyes and just relax. This’ll be good I promise.” At this point I take off my boots and trousers real quick. My big cock springs out of my boxers needing no help from me and seems to point right at her. Off comes my brown shirt and I move a couple steps forward I putting my hands on both sides of her head and place my dick on her lips. “Open Bitch!” as she eagerly opens her mouth Sikiş hikayeleri and takes my cock in.

Damn! She’s pretty good at this! Of course she may have been deep throating bright pink strap-ons for a few years by now. They could have been a little bigger than my 8” but they probably weren’t much thicker! Even though she is taking it like a champ I can still feel her gag just a bit. Her throat trying to get more in. “That’s it Bitch. Be a good girl and I’ll make sure you enjoy this.”

While I’m throat fucking her I can her Smiths’ breath starts to quicken in the background. I look over my shoulder making sure that Jones keeps bobbing her head up and down the way she is supposed to. Smith looks like she is cumming! Sure enough I see a little liquid squirt on the dirty floor as she starts to shudder. This just turned me on even more and I doubled down on the bi-sexual little Bitch at me feet.

Her eyes are on me now as I’m pumping away in her mouth. I don’t even feel her teeth on my dick! This virgin cocksucker is a pro! Thank God for lesbians that taught her the right way! But, even though she has obviously done this before I’m sure she has never had a load of cum on her face! I laugh a little evilly as she keeps sucking me off.

Just as I’m about to cum she drops her head all the way down. I un-expectedly pull back and out. Bitch looks at me confused until I start to cum all over her face. HA! This is great!

“Fuck! What the hell? I wanted to taste it!” Not the response I was expecting but I didn’t mind it at all. That just means she’ll be swallowing it soon!

I turn my head and see Princess get on her knees next to her battle buddy and kiss her deeply, licking her face off in between kisses. Just the sight of this kept my hard!

“Ok Princess enough of that shit! Lay down on your back! Bitch, quit trying to get my cum off your face, get naked like Princess over there and then get your head down in her pussy and your ass up! Just like the song, you know what I’m talking about! MOVE!”

“Yes Drill Sgt!” Coming from two throats at the same time from two horny sluts. God this is great!

Jones starts to undress as quickly as she can. She gets to her panties and I can see a small wet spot directly where her pussy is. Good, she is primed to go! Looking up I see her pull her shirt off in a quick expert move making her smaller tits bounce and exciting me even more. I finally get a good long look at Jones’ body. Sure enough she has the well built calves and thighs of a girl that grew up playing sports, toned arms and just the faintest hint of a six pack that used to be there but she probably lost here at Basic. She caught me staring and gave a little smile before getting back down like I told her to. No tattoos, no blemishes or birthmarks. Just a beautiful tight and toned body all the way around!

Before I can even get behind her she is already lapping away a Smith’s pussy like a pro. Of course, she has eaten her out before! She knows exactly what Smith likes and how to get her off. Grabbing her hair again I pull her off the pussy she is licking and kiss and suck on her neck before I whisper in her ear “You’re gonna keep licking that pussy till she cums. But, if she cums before I get to then we are gonna have problems you understand? I’ll punish you and I’m sure it’ll be a little painful. Got me Bitch?”

“Yes Drill Sgt. But you just came and it could take you awhile!” A touch of fear but more excitement was in her voice.

“Too fucking bad. Get to work!” I throw her back toward the sweet pussy, grab her hips and plunge myself all the way to the hilt in one smooth stroke. She yelped with surprise as I hit her cervix. Holding it there while she wiggled her hips I started smacking her ass. After a few seconds she got used to it and started licking Princess’ pussy again.

I almost came right then and there. Just from watching Smith’s face while I slowly fucked Jones. Seeing her eyes close tightly as I imagined Jones’ tongue licking first the outer folds of her pussy and then plunging her tongue deep inside of her slit. Looking at the back of Jones’ head as it moves slowly back and forth eating out Smith I decided to try and distract Jones a bit. SMACK! SMACK, SMACK! Her ass turned white at first followed by a nice deep red. She mumbled something and started raising her head but I grabbed her hips and hit her cervix again with my cock, as hard as I could this time.

I finally got a little scream of pleasure out of Jones with that one! I tried to pull back but her pussy gripped me tighter and she moved her hips back in order to keep my cock buried as far as it could go. I decided this was as good a spot as any and gave her booty one more rough SMACK.

Smith’s tits started heaving harder as her moans became louder. “Hey Bitch! Is she about to cum? I’m gonna give you a taste of what may happen if she gets off before I do!” With that I pulled my cock out and pressed it against her ass hole.

“God, no….please please no! I haven’t had anything bigger than a finger in there! Please…it’s gonna hurt!” Jones started sounding desperate.

“Tell ya what Jones. You keep licking her pussy. You will give her one minute of good solid licking. If she cums within that minute then I’m slipping my cock as far up your ass as I can!” For emphasis I pushed a little more making her asshole push in just a bit. Jones’ hips tried to move away from me but my hands held on and kept her in place.

“God I just want to cum! Please keep licking me, Bitch! MAKE ME CUM!!” Smith was right on the edge and was starting to get aggravated. She needed to squirt again and was determined to do it all over Jones’ face. At this point she didn’t care if Jones felt any pain or pleasure, she was only concerned about getting her nut.

Hearing how close her buddy was Jones dove back in with renewed vigor and I could actually hear her eating her pussy. Almost sounded like someone going to town on a bowl of pasta without any silverware. Still I was gonna prepare for fucking her ass. I spit on my cock and watched it sit on the head a slide down to her puckered ass. I pushed a bit, very slowly and gently making my spit press against her cherry asshole. Pulling back and watching it relax a bit I waited a couple seconds and applied pressure again.

Her pretty crinkled hole pushed in a little farther, I spit on my cock again, and held it there while she started moaning this time with pleasure instead of protest. Of course it helped that my left hand reached underneath and started playing with her clit.

Smith finally started moving her hips more and thrusting them up into Jones’ face. I guess that wasn’t enough for her cause she grabbed Jones by the ears, held her head down and wrapped those lovely legs around her head. Smith started to actually hump her face while she started cumming.

“That’s its Jones! She’s cumming and you had 5 seconds left! Not doing what I tell you to do Bitch. I warned you!” With that I slowly started putting more pressure on her asshole and watched it reluctantly open up. Her hips started retreating from me so I quit rubbing her clit and grabbed her hips with both hands keeping her still. Smith still had her head locked in her legs while she finished cumming and I could tell Jones was trying to breath, protest, and get one of her hands to her clit to pick up where my hand left off.

I kept continuous pressure on her booty hole while I pulled her ass back towards me. Spitting another generous amount on my cock I kept pushing in. Smith let Jones up and I could finally her Jones’ short but loud screams of pain mixed with pleasure. Jones started to bring her body up and push her tits out making my cock pull out of her ass just a little bit. I pushed her just below the back of her neck and forced her to stay down as I regained the lost ground that I had in her ass. God it was so fucking tight!

“Hang on baby. I’ll help you out!” And with that Porno Hikayeleri Smith scooted her body down underneath Jones and kept going till her hips were near my knees. Like a good battle buddy Smith started licking Jones’ clit while I got a little farther inside of her ass.

This pushed Jones over the edge and she started cumming. God, her asshole started convulsing around my cock as her body relaxed and tightened up all at the same time. Finally it relaxed just enough and my cock slipped in all the way to the hilt of her ass.

“Fuck me that feels amazing! GOD!” Jones is screaming at the top of her voice at this point and I finally get the chance to earnestly fuck her ass. Smith was being a good girl and kept that tongue moving so that she wasn’t overcome by pain. I start fucking slowly and begin to build up the pace. Jones finally stops cumming and is about to fall over so I grab her wrists and hold them behind her, holding her up so that she doesn’t fall onto Smith. Jones just gives in from exhaustion as I keep fucking her tight ass. Now that her orgasm is over she starts to tighten up a little more and whimper just a little bit.

One last final push all the way to the hilt was unexpected for her and Jones gives a loud scream that lasted for a few seconds. I’m blasting away inside of her ass and keep pushing forward, determined to get just a little deeper, open her up just a little more.

Smith, always the good battle buddy, moves directly under Jones. I finish cumming and let go of her wrists and Jones falls down on top of Smith who is waiting with open arms. Smith starts kissing her and I slowly pull out of Jones’ ass. The hole stays open for just a second and I catch a glimpse of the dark pink tunnel that I just blasted into before it finally starts to close.

After sitting there watching them kiss for a few minutes I finally stand all the way up and started to pull on my clothes. By the time I got my brown shirt back on and my trousers up I looked down at my semi hard cock and knew the last thing that was missing.

“Princess, Bitch, get over here now! You’re not finished yet!” Slowly they got to their feet and started moving towards me. Looking in their eyes I see a look of satisfaction and curiosity with what was coming next. They must be thinking, Is he really gonna go for a third time?

Well the answer is no. But, my cock needs to be cleaned off. In case you have never fucked a girl in the ass before there is always the chance of it getting a little dirty. Depending on how clean the girl is and her hygiene routine. In this case Jones is fairly clean but left a few dark streaks on my cock. It had to be cleaned off one way or another!

“This is what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna get dressed and get back up stairs and get back to your bays for lights out,” it was already dark outside and I knew that all the other Soldiers were already in. “But before that happens both of you are gonna clean my cock off. I don’t care how you do it, but make it clean.”

Smith lept at it like it was a flotation device and she was drowning. Jones made a small disgusted look with her face and slowly moved forward. Smith eagerly spit on her hands and my cock before stroking it, making it nice and shiny and clean looking. Since Jones took her time getting over and showed actual disdain for the task I grabbed the back of her head and put my cock against her lips again. “Listen Bitch, you better get used to doing what I tell you to do in a timely order and with enthusiasm just like a Soldier should. If you don’t want to clean off a dirty dick after you get assfucked then you should take care of your ass a little better. You are lucky Princess here already got most of it off. Start sucking!” And with that my cock started moving in and out again. “That’s a good Bitch get into it,” I had to give her kudos cause she started moaning around my dirty dick and sucking harder. I looked down and saw that Smith was biting her nipples while she fingered her out. That’s why! That makes more sense. I feel like I won the lottery with these two horny sluts!

Smith looked up at me and said, “Can you go again Drill Sgt? I really gotta feel your dick inside of me. I’ve been dying for it!”

Keeping my cock going in and out of Jones’ mouth I just looked at her, winked, and said, “Go over to the work bench and lay down on it with your legs spread. I’ll be there in just a minute Princess.”

Happily she jumped up and ran over to the bench. Sitting on it she slowly leaned back on one elbow while rubbing her pussy with her free hand, trying to stay nice and wet for me. Back in my world I’m almost at full mast again and Jones starts to gag a little while she keeps pinching her nipples and playing with my balls. That almost sent me over the edge and I wasn’t even all the way hard yet! Fuck, nice young girls like this are better than that little blue pill!

I pulled out of Jones’ mouth and smacked her cheek with my cock playfully. Standing her up I leaned into her pressing my cock against her stomach, “You did a wonderful job Bitch,” and with that I put my mouth over hers to show her how happy I was. She eagerly kissed my back using her tongue and trying to jump back up onto my cock. “Hey now Bitch, it’s Princess’s turn. You calm down, I’ll fuck you again some time!”

She gave me a little pouty look as I turned my back to her and started walking toward Smith with my cock leading the way. “Will you fuck my ass too Drill Sgt?”

We just finished Rifle Bayonet training yesterday. After training we played rock, paper, scissors and I was the lucky Drill Sgt that won and got to leave early for the day. Today is Sunday and this means that we split the day up since no training is going on. Being a good guy I take the early morning to mid afternoon shift and end up having to wake up the Soldiers.

Sundays are a little more calmed down. A lot of cleaning details get done and the Soldiers get a chance to go to Church if they wish. Also, everyone gets 15 minutes on the pay phone. Wheeee!

Going upstairs to do my inspection after morning chow I hear a fucking shower running! I step in the bay and all the female Soldiers yell “At Ease!” and go to parade rest right where they are. The water is still running and I’m assuming that the Soldier in the didn’t hear anything over the water.

I felt a little thrill shoot through me and very quietly I said, “Not another fucking word,” as I moved to the back of the bay and down the small hall to the latrine and showers. It’s a big open shower and I couldn’t believe what I saw in front of me.

With her eyes closed that innocent looking girl, Brown, was standing under the water and slowly rubbing her pussy with her washrag. Her back was to me and I could tell she had a very high, firm and tight ass that matched the long stringy legs. Not many curves to speak of but my cock sprang instantly to life.

“What it the holy fuck are you doing in the shower Brown?” My voice is menacing but calm and she lets out a small squeak and spins around. Her tits are about the size I thought they would be making her torso look much longer than it really is. She almost resembled Anne Howe, one of my favorite porn stars. Quickly she tried to cover herself up but that didn’t work too well.

Before she could say anything else I point to her and tell her to get fucking dressed and be in my office in five minutes. I spin on my heal and go out the back door of the bay so that the rest of the Females cannot see the hard on that I had sprouted.

Quickly I made my way to my office and started rehearsing in my head what I was gonna do and say and was wondering the whole time how she would react.

Three minutes later there is a knock on the door with a timid voice, “Drill Sgt? Pvt Brown reporting as ordered.”

“Get the fuck in here Brown. Tell your battle buddy to go away!”

The door slowly opens….

*****This is my first set of stories. If you have gotten this far please take the time to post a review and let me know what you think! I have many more of these stories in mind, just need to know how people are taking to them. Thank you!!

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