Drilling Aunt Lily Ch. 02


To get the whole story please read “Drilling Aunt Lily Ch.01”


“It is very early to do so but you shall get your wish fulfilled. But as of now it is time for me to taste the holy nectar from the treasure hole. After all this effort you deserve to get some favor in return” I said while I was still catching my breath and winked at her.

With these words, I lifted her and in a one swift motion lay her on her back while she giggled and tussled in my arms. With a complete dominating attitude, I held her hands against the bed and kissed her passionately and deeply for few minutes. My hands wandered all over her body and caressed her every bit. I squeezed her melons, sucked them on my way downwards. I then kissed her flat, well toned belly and tongue fucked her belly button. On the way down, I licked and kissed her whole body. Finally I reached near her pubic mound but I lifted myself and went further down towards her toes. She was surprised but it added to the excitement. I sucked on her red painted toes and made my way up licking, kissing and nibbling her legs and her inner thighs. As I went upwards, her breath became faster and heavier. She was playing with my hair and as I approached the pussy, her grip became stronger. I nibbled her inner thighs and left her cunt without any contact. My intention was to tease her and make her beg and I was slowly achieving it. My hands were fondling her breasts while my tongue licked the inner thighs very close to her pussy. A strong aroma of sex was emanating from her vagina and I liked the smell. She soon lost control and began pressing my head towards her cunt and pleaded,

“Please don’t do this to me. I beg you to lick my cunt. Enough of your teasing. Please lick me.”

I wanted the same. I then obliged to her demands and with one long stroke licked her cunt and buried my face between her thighs.

“Ahhh…Oh yesss…like that..” she gasped and clenched my head between her thighs by pressing them hard against my head. Her hand pushed my head more adana escort into her pussy and encouraged me to eat her out. With enough of my tricks performed, I then resorted to eat her out. I dig my tongue deeper into her vagina and began tongue-fucking her. She was loud with the moans and that might have disturbed the neighbours. But none of us was worried for that. I continued licking and sucking onto her clit. With every stroke of my tongue, she moaned and pushed my head deeper into her hole. Her hips thrusted against my head and I gasped for breath numerous times. But that was of little concern as I was enjoying my fantasies for real. Her hisses, moans, the Ahhhhs, Oooooohs and swearing words filled the room as I licked faster and nibbled on her cunt. I felt her leg muscles tightening as she gripped my neck with her legs and pushed my head deeper with her hands. With one hand, she twisted and rubbed her nippples while the other hand kept the force on my head.

“Faster…Ahhhhh…yesssss…like that…go faster…” She moaned and I obliged with speedy licking and nibbling.

Finally she came with a loud groan. Her juices spurted out of her pussy like a geyser from the earth, all warm and salty. For a moment she blacked out. Her head was thrown back and her eyes buried in her skull. Her breathing was heavy and her boobs traversed the troughs and crests all because of her heavy breathing. The site was truly erotic. Her grip loosened from my neck and I, with a kiss on her pussy lips, went to her face to give her a taste of her juices. I kissed her passionately and our tongues wrestled for the space in each other’s mouth.

“Mmmmhhh…I taste good.” She said seductively with her eyes peeping inside mine.

“Indeed” was my reply before we resorted to kiss again. As I kissed her I kneaded her breasts with my hands. I was never getting full of her breasts. They were so inviting. The time was for some real action. She signaled me to go down and into her. I stood on the bed on my knees and afyon escort she sat up while jerking my dick. She took my cock in her mouth and spat on it to provide some lubrication. After a round of about 10 seconds of blowjob, my dick was rock hard solid and ready for penetration. She laid back and opened her legs wide invitingly. I positioned my dick right on the orifice and rubbed it on her pussy lips. She held my cock and guided into her. I took it from there and dug it in till he head was in. I retracted it back, rubbed it against the lips again and thrusted my dick into her pussy again, this time pushing more than quarter of my length into her.

“Ahhhh…Yesssss…That feels incredible young man.” She managed to say between her heavy breaths. Her pussy walls were satin like and my dick felt like surrounded in soft rose petals. I paused for a moment to salvage the pleasure. I began thrusting and after few thrusts, her pussy completely accommodated my dick and her hips thrusted in synchronisation. I was now on a beast mode as I moved in and out of her like a possessed man. My forceful thrusts made her squeal and she responded aptly with her rhythmic thrusts. Both of us had orgasmed few minutes ago and were in no mood for another quick one. Her breasts rocked in all directions as our bodies moved and the site made me fill with adrenaline. I sucked on her boobs as I fucked her. With minutes into the position I was a bit tired and my pace slowed a little but orgasm was not near.

Sensing this, she offered to straddle me and I happily agreed. She arched her back a little upwards and I, with my dick still embedded in her cunt, swayed her upon me in one swift motion, so that she was on top of me now and I watched and enjoyed from beneath. She began moving up and down on my erect penis as I watched her boobs jingling on my face and chest. She smiled seductively and leaned in for a kiss. We kissed sloppily. An orgasm was building in now and I could sense the same in her. Her pussy muscles convulsed around alanya escort my shaft and began milking it fast. She too was panting and sweating. I raised my back against the bed rest and took her boobs into my mouth and my hands. I too began thrusting in sync with her movements. She threw her arms over me to get hold of the bed rest and increased her speed.

“I am close…I am cumming..” I announced seconds before I actually came after resisting it for a real long time.

“Come inside me. I want you to feel it inside me.” She said.

I kissed her, sucked life out of her boobs, nibbled her nipples, kneaded her jugs to redness as I felt the gush of semen travelling all the way though my balls and the entire length of my penis and finally I exploded into her. Her pussy muscles milked my cock to squeeze the last drop of semen from it.

My orgasm was like a trigger as she too came at the same time. Her body stiffened and her rolled back in her head. Her hands gripped my head into her boobs and she moved her groin in circular motions so as to salvage the entire pleasure.

“Arghhhhh…Ohhh…Holy Shit…Fuck Yessssssssss…” she groaned as her body released the womanly juices.

With seconds after this, she collapsed onto my chest and we both were panting heavily. She lied there as my limp dick popped out of her cunt. The mixture of our juices leaked through her womanly hole tracing through her inner thigh and then onto the base of my shaft. Sensing this she moved down and licked it from there while her eyes locked into mine.

“ummm…we taste fantastic.” She cooed.

“I am not calling it the end of the day.” I said as she began moving out of the bed towards the bathroom.

“Neither I am young man. Just wait for what is in the store ahead. I am sure you will be pleased.” She said seductively.

“And you shall be sore when the sun rises.” I winked at her, indicating that the night will bring more fun.

She giggled and left into the bathroom after saying, “Ah…I would love to be. Young men … Ah…I love that stamina and it makes me weak in my knees. But before we start another round I think the junior down there needs some respite. I will make sure that I am not able to walk properly in the morning.”


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