My birthday was January 6th, and Dylann picked me up at Calhoun Prison the next evening. It was incredible to see her after almost five years! She squealed and wrapped her arms around my neck, and I got lost in her perfumed hair. I held my sister in my arms as she kissed my face and hugged me tightly. Dylann looked at me finally, and my eyes widened. She was beautiful! Her eyes were the same light blue as mine, but her lightly tanned skin was glowing, and her full lips were stunning. And then I couldn’t help but notice her full, perky tits, in a tight blouse, pressed against my chest.

“I can’t believe you’re here with me,” I said, my eyes drinking in her stunning body. “Thank you for coming to get me.”

“Of course I’m here, silly,” she whispered, and hugged me again. “You’re my little brother!”

“Well, and not so little,” she exclaimed, stepping back and checking me out. “You’ve grown into a…” Dylann ran her hands over my muscular arms. “Dakota, damn! You’ve been lifting! And an awful lot of it…”

“Well, yeah. I didn’t have a whole lot else to do…”

“Wow!” pronounced Dylann, biting her lip. “Do you have great abs?” She lifted my t-shirt and stroked my belly. “Yes, you do!”

“Hey!” I instinctively pushed Dylann’s hand away. She threw her arms around my neck again, and hugged me tight.

“Seriously, Dakota, you’re a beast… in a good way!” She stroked my chest and laughed. “Goddamn, baby… fuckin’ sexy!”

“Um, thanks,” I clumsily replied.

“Come on, let’s go.” Dylann finally exclaimed, and I tossed my bag into the back seat of the convertible.

The windows were dark at the Cozy Roadside Motel when we pulled up that evening. Dylann parked her car, and a dim light came on in an upstairs window. The office door was open, and we stepped in just as the office light came on.

“Hello,” I called. “We’d like a room, if you have one.”

“Hey,” answered a female voice, and a young lady appeared. “How are y’all tonight?”

“We’re fine, and you?” I answered.

“I’m just peachy. I’m Daisy,” she said, with a gorgeous bright smile. She was a knockout; eighteen years old, curly short red hair, pale skin with freckles, and pale green eyes. She was wearing a tank top that barely contained her full breasts, and a pair of very ripped very short jeans. My mind went blank while Dylann paid for the room and took the keys.

“I’ll show you where your room is. It’s just past that far building, away from the highway.” Daisy looked me up and down, checking me out.

“I’ll bring the car around,” said Dylann, leaving me to walk the hundred feet or so with Daisy.

“Are you and your wife on vacation?” she asked. She was a step ahead of me in the darkness, and I was watching her ass cheeks, which were swaying and half exposed by her shorts.

“Dylann’s my sister,” I stammered.

“Your sister!” Daisy took me by the arm and leaned in. “Are y’all staying in town for a bit?” Her green eyes were very wide. Daisy was a blowtorch! I tried to remember how to talk.

“Probably just for tonight. We’re heading um… west.”

“That’s too bad,” Daisy pouted. “I’d love to show y’all around our little town.” She gave me another dazzling smile “But here’s your room!” Her hand gave my arm a quick squeeze.

She opened the door and stepped inside while I got the bags out of the back of the car. The room was interesting; orange drapes blocked the view from the gravel parking lot; there was lime green shag carpeting, flowery bed spreads, and an air conditioning with ragged fiberglass insulation hanging from it.

“Okay,” I said, stepping into the room. There were two queen size beds, and I dropped the bags onto one of them. It did seem soft.

Daisy turned on all of the lights, strolling around the room and making sure I got a good look at her magnificent ass and swaying tits. I sat on the bed, trying to hide my swollen dick.

“You two have a great night,” she purred. “Let me know what I can do to take care of y’all.”

Dylann and I looked at each other when the door closed, and I fell back on the bed with a chuckle.

“Do you want to go back to the desk and let Daisy take care of you?” Dylann laughed.

“I wish,” I replied, “but I’m exhausted. I just want to get a good night’s sleep.”

“Honey, you hop into the shower, and I’ll unpack.” That sounded like a great idea, and I stepped into the shower and turned the hot water on. I was so tired! I wanted to sleep for about a week, and then wake up finding myself back in time about four years. The hot water ran over my body and the small bathroom filled with steam.

I had been in prison for forty-four months and three weeks, much of it in solitary. Why? Well, it all started with a fight I had with four boys in a hallway at my high school. One afternoon, I found myself backed up against lockers, surrounded by a crowd, and when they started pushing and swinging, I hit them back. Looking back on it I guess I panicked, but I managed to hit two of them before a couple of adults jumped in and pinned şahinbey escort me to the ground.. I blackened the first boy’s eye, and actually broke the second boy’s nose. Unfortunately, he fell backwards, hit his head on the stone floor, and fractured his skull. A week later, unbelievably, he died.

The local DA in our small Alabama town decided that the outsider (me) needed to be prosecuted as an adult, even though I was just over thirteen at the time. The history of bullying, self-defense – none of those were accepted as mitigating factors. I was sentenced to six years, or until I turned nineteen. I was scared to death. I was barely a teenager, a good-looking muscular kid, and everyone in my new home was older than I was. Bullying was a nightmare for me in school; in prison, I was put into solitary confinement for all but two hours a day for my own protection.

Dylann and I were from California, and our family moved around a lot when we were kids. We were close; our family wasn’t rich and sometimes we shared a bed when we were growing up. Dylann and Dakota. We even looked a lot alike. Dylann was petite and I was tall, but we both had light blonde hair and blue eyes. But Dylann had a definite wild side, very different from me. She was the girl who got caught with a flask or whiskey at the football game, and got a tongue piercing without permission. I was the quiet kid who never got into trouble. Until we moved to Rock Creek, Alabama.

Dylann and I both looked like California to everyone in Rock Creek. Dylann adjusted by sleeping with all of the guys on the football team. I didn’t adjust; I was bullied and just tried to keep a low profile. My sister didn’t make that an easy option sometimes. Dylann was the school slut and everyone reminded me of that every single day. My father threatened Dylann, and she acted out in response to him. My father threatened me, and I retreated to my room.

The first year we lived there I got bullied every day. Life was tough, really tough. My grades went straight downhill, and except for Dylann I was by myself almost all of the time. I started lifting weights, I guess with the idea that it might help me defend myself. I had lots of time to work on myself. I think the local kids took it as a challenge, because that year the bullying got more physical. And then came the fight.

My parents decided that they had had enough. First it was Dylann’s slutty behavior, then our complete lack of success in school, and then I turned into the killer kid who made the news all around the South. They cut off all contact with me, and moved again, this time to Ohio. I talked to them once during the first year I was in prison, and they made it clear they weren’t interested in talking ever again. I filed for emancipation when I turned sixteen.

Dylann left home on her eighteenth birthday, and moved to California. She became Sabrina Saxon, the newest blonde porn star. Dylann made videos with girl, with guys, with lots of guys, and I figured out how to watch each and every one of them. I jerked off to all of them, not quite believing that it was my sister! I loved watching her deepthroat guys, and especially loved her gangbang videos. Eventually, we began emailing each other often, and I didn’t dare bring up her new career – too shy. I just asked how she was doing, and she always told me that she was doing great.

And me? I lifted weights and got a lot of reading done. I read Treasure Island, the Jungle Book, more books that I could count, paperback after paperback. I lifted for hours and hours every day, until I couldn’t anymore. I took all of my frustrations out on those weights, and I got huge. I did bench presses, situps with weights on my chest, leg curls, all until I couldn’t move the weight anymore. I lifted until I cried in pain. As the years went by my chest became massive, cutting to a tiny waist, huge thighs, and my body fat was practically nil. I suppose I just wanted to turn into someone else, all while directing my anger at something constructive.

But Dylann’s letters and calls were the highlight of my life. I was just waiting to get out, and trying to survive. I saved and reread her messages, and savored every second of our phone calls. She came out to see me a couple times a year.. We couldn’t have any physical contact, of course, but she looked like heaven. She grew up into such a beautiful young woman! I had dreams about her; living on a tropical island, or out in the middle of nowhere, away from the world. And eventually, I did get out, and my sister promised that she would drive out from California to pick me up. And she did.

I turned off the shower, and wrapped a damp towel around my waist. I stepped out of the bathroom, and the room was dark.

“I was just about to check and make sure you hadn’t drowned in there,” laughed Dylann.. “Would you like a glass of wine?” She was already pouring me a celebratory glass.

“Um, sure,” I replied. Why not? Freedom! “I haven’t taken a long shower like that şahinbey escort bayan in a long time,” I admitted. Dylann lay on her side, her legs curled under her. She appraised me and sipped her wine. She had on a black robe that wasn’t quite tied enough and may have been open to her waist. I couldn’t quite tell in the dark.

“Good god, I know I’ve said this already,” she finally said. “But you’re huge!” I was startled, and glanced down to make sure the damp towel was covering my dangling member. “Look at your arms, and your chest. You’re a beast!. And Kota, your abs are spectacular.” Dylann took another sip, tilting her head to the side.

“Well, it took a long time,” I finally said. I took the glass and gulped the wine. Impulsively, she leaned forward and ran her little hand up my thigh.

“I didn’t know legs had those muscles,” she laughed. I backed away, and slid under the sheets of my bed.

“Sure,” I said awkwardly, “everyone’s does.”

“Why don’t you enter, I don’t know, bodybuilding contests? You look like you’d win!”

“Oh no,” I replied. “I’m not big enough. I haven’t ever used steroids, and my proportions aren’t what they look for.”

“I suppose, but your proportions look great to me,” she mused. “Anyway, it’s so good to see you. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you.” It was kind of turning me on seeing how my beautiful blonde sister was appraising my body.

“I’ve missed you, Dylann” I said. “I haven’t had a hug for years! I forgot how nice it feels.”

“Well, you’re going to get lots of hugs! Every day!” she laughed. “But right now, it’s shower time.” She stepped into the bathroom, and I could hear the shower start.

“Kota! It’s like a sauna in here!” she yelled.

“Sorry!” I yelled back.

I finished my wine, and curled up under the covers. Should I have made a move on Daisy when we walked over here? But I hadn’t talked with a girl besides Dylann in years, really. I was so incredibly tired! I stretched out under the covers, thinking about Daisy, her pale green eyes, that round ass, those tits… Dylann yelled something something from the bathroom. I had lots that I wanted to talk about after she got out of the shower, but the bed was soft and so warm and I was so sleepy, I fell asleep and didn’t hear anything more.

Sometime later, I woke up and felt Dylann snuggled up behind me. My eyes opened wide as I remembered that I was naked, and my cock was already rock hard. I’m not sure what time it was, but the room was pitch black. She shifted slightly, one lithe leg moving against mine. I felt her hand on my shoulder.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I spilled my wine, but I’m fine. You, on the other hand, are ice cold.” Her warm hand ran up and down my arm, and her nails began to stroke my back. My stiff penis twitched. I brought my right arm close and pinned it against my abs.

“You feel so good,” she whispered.

“Well, if you’re in the mood to give me a massage, I’m down for that,” I said, all too aware that my voice was shaking. Was she naked? It felt like she was naked. She was naked in my imagination!

“I’m far too tired for that,” she announced, and pressed against me, throwing her arm around my waist. Her hand was inches away from my throbbing dick. Her firm tits were pressed against my back. Sleep, I thought, was not going to happen. I laid there for awhile, and Dylann’s breathing grew deep and regular. Apparently, she wasn’t going to have any trouble sleeping!

The next thing I remember, I woke up, and it was morning. The room was dimly lit, and I could hear the trucks passing on the highway. I couldn’t feel Dylann, and rolled onto my belly. Where was Dylann? She must have been standing next to the bed, because she tore the sheets off of me and sat down firmly on my buttocks. I tried to turn around, but she pressed her hands on my shoulder blades and leaned forward. I was immediately awake.

“Good morning Kota!” she squealed. “You’re nice and warm now.”

“Good morning, Sabrina,” I laughed. “So are you.” Sabrina was her porn name, apparently. I was trying to be funny. I blinked and smiled at her over my shoulder. Dylann gave me a kiss on my ear.

“You are just full of energy this morning,” I observed.

“I got a great night’s sleep, snuggled up with my incredibly muscular and gorgeous brother,” she grinned.

“Oh sure,” I whispered, awkwardly. “Sorry I feel asleep on you last night.”

“I don’t mind,” she said crisply. “I want you to be well-rested and back to your old self!”

Dylann’s long nails ran down my arm and back, and I hummed with pleasure. That felt great! Then she pressed her little hands into my back muscles.

“I can’t get over all these muscles,” she purred. “So very fucking sexy….” My cock was rock hard and uncomfortable confined against my belly. Her little fists dug into my shoulders, then my lower back. She was pretty good at this whole massage thing! I involuntarily moaned.

“You like this! Your ass,” escort bayan şahinbey she mused, “is incredibly muscular and tight.” I felt her slide off of my buttocks, and she sat on my thighs and her hands begin kneading my ass cheeks. Good god that felt wonderful, and if she did that for too long I was going to cum! I squirmed beneath her.

“Okay, Sabrina,” I whispered hoarsely. “We should probably start packing and get going.” My cock was fully erect and throbbing, and I was feeling a little desperate.

“We have time. We have lots of time.” I felt her voice close to my ear, and thought I felt her lips on my back. Did she kiss me again? Dylann’s hands kneaded my buttocks, pulling my ass cheeks apart and squeezing.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered dreamily. “Are you tense?”

“I’m probably just a little tense.”

“You shouldn’t be… I’m your sister! How does that feel?”

“Dylann, it feels great, but…” I didn’t know what to say next. What was I supposed to say? My mind was in a whirl.

“Oh, I’m Dylann again,” she whispered. “I thought you wanted me to be Sabrina in bed with you?” Her fingers, and her nails, dug into my ass as she squeezed and kneaded the muscles. A finger brushed along my anus, and I moaned involuntarily. I couldn’t help it, it felt so good. Dylann gave my butt a spank.

“Do you like that, Kota?”

“Jesus,” I whispered. “Dylann…”

“You are just delicious. I have to be honest, now that I’m getting a really good look at you, I’m getting a little wet!” My cock, all nine thick inches of it, was throbbing, and my balls were now aching.

“Maybe we should get ready to go –” I was just desperate now.

Suddenly Dylann slapped my butt. “Okay, roll over, muscle stud,” she laughed. “Come on, roll over,” she ordered, when I started to protest.

“No, come on…”

“Yes!” she firmly ordered, and slapped my ass hard.

I grunted and rolled onto my back, and Dylann knelt between my spread legs. “And… you’ve got a huge horse cock,” she whispered, “of course you do.” My cock swung over and laid on my abs. She was gloriously naked, her pert breasts bouncing as she sat up straight. She reached down and lightly stroked my hard dick with her fingers.

“Jesus, you’re huge. Long and thick,” she said, more to herself than to me. She grasped my cock in her small hand, and stroked it slowly while she stared.

“Dylann…” I moaned. I was so turned on I couldn’t think at all. “No, come on…”

She leaned forward, and, took the tip of my cock between her pretty lips. I couldn’t believe my eyes; my own sister was sucking my cock! I groaned loudly and half sat up, and then plunged my hand into her silky blonde hair. Her tongue piercing lapped at the underside of my head: her plump lips massaged my thick shaft, and her little fingers pulled at my full, aching balls. Without thinking, of course, my hand pulled her head down on my dick while my hips thrust upward. Dylann gagged, and looked up at me.

“Kota, I love it…” she panted, and slid my length between her lips again. Dylann took me all the way into her throat, moaning with lust. I thrust my hips upward, desperately fucking her throat. I didn’t last long. I groaned loudly, and exploded, holding her head down while stream after stream of my hot white cum filled her mouth and dripped down my thick shaft. Panting, I collapsed back on the bed and closed my eyes. I’d never felt anything as good as my sister’s tongue and lips on my hard penis. As my breathing slowed, I felt Dylann’s greedy tongue lapping at my semi-hard dick, savoring every drop of my cum. Finally, I felt her mouth pulling gently on my balls, her tongue swirling around them.

Then she laid on top of me, and I looked up. Dylann slid her tongue between my lips, and we passionately kissed for several long, delicious minutes. I could taste my sperm on her tongue. She looked into my eyes, her look still frantic with passion.

“I want you to fuck me, Kota…” Dylann’s little hand was stroking my slick cock, which was almost hard again.

“I’m your brother,” I said, barely able to think.

“Yes, and I want my brother to fuck me,” she growled. “I loved it when you grabbed my hair and made me take it…” And with that, I lost any idea about incest being wrong, or about anything at all being wrong. I probably moaned, and threw Dylann on her back, spread her legs roughly, and lowered my face for my first taste of her sopping wet pussy. She was delicious, and intoxicating, and I was instantly addicted. I lashed her sweet pussy with my tongue and made Dylann cum once, then twice, then three times. She writhed on the bed, moaning, and squeezed my head between her thighs. She squirted with a loud squeal the third time, spraying her juices across the bed.

“God, that was so fucking good…” Dylann moaned. I couldn’t get enough of her. I suckled her full tits, taking her stiff nipples between my lips one at a time. Dylann’s legs wrapped around me, and pulled me closer.

“Please, Kota… please,” she pleaded. “Fuck me…” The thick tip of my cock pushed slightly into her slick pussy, and Dylann pushed her hips upward frantically to get me inside her. Impulsively, I grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her head back as I slid my dick into my sister’s tight cunt. Dylann screamed and moaned, and I pushed until I was balls deep into her womb, her blonde hair still in my fist.

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