Easter, the Goddess of Sex – Part 2


In part 1, Easter, the ancient Sumerian goddess of sex and fertility, had just developed her very feminine curves. She had just become aware of the intense desires that burned in her sweet little black boat-shaped pussy, from her cute little hard horn protruding from the bow end of her love-canoe. And with her sprouting of perfect female sexual anatomy, she had also developed a true sex goddess’s nearly insatiable feminine hunger for cock.Easter had widely distributed a plaintive poem about her intense desire to lose her virginity, to fulfill her destiny of becoming the true Goddess of Sex:Who will plow my vulva?Who will plow my high field?Who will plow my wet ground?Who will plow me with the mighty power of an ox?Only two suitors responded to her plea.The first suitor, a farmer named Ezekiel, had babbled endlessly about a god made of smoke, bird wings, and wheels. Unimpressed, Easter summarily dismissed him.The second suitor, a shepherd named Damuzi, promised Easter that he would plow her field, plow her wet ground, anywhere and anytime that she wanted, as often as she wanted.He promised her that his tongue would make her flow like honey, and that he would joyously drink all the liquid that flowed from her loins.He then showed her how her perfect curves caused his tree to sprout as big and strong as a mighty cedar, and to glow a bright cherry red. Damuzi even offered to daily serve her as much of his fresh, thick milk as she could drink.Astonished and very pleased at the magnificence of this shepherd’s mighty tree trunk, Easter told Sex hikayeleri Damuzi that she chooses him to plow her vulva and that he is the man that her womb loves best. She told him she wants him to daily churn her sacred womb until she oozes like thick melted cheese.Easter boasted to her most trusted priestess, how on their wedding night, Damuzi had plowed her field like a mighty ox, how he was her beloved stud bull. Her field was no longer fallow. He had planted many seeds, he had watered her womb, and he had fed her loins with fresh milk. He had licked her fifty times until her honey could no longer flow from her loins onto his handsome face.And that’s where Part 1 left off.Hearing of how much Easter had enjoyed Damuzi on her wedding night, her first and unsuccessful suitor, the farmer Ezekiel, flew into a jealous rage. Why had she not picked him, Ezekiel, to plow her wet ground? After all, he was a farmer. What could a shepherd know about plowing?Ezekiel beseeched his winged, wheeled smoke god to destroy the marriage between Easter and Damuzi. Since his smoke god was merely that – a wisp of smoke in his fevered imaginings –  there was no reply.But Zule, the god of the underworld, the god who looked after the dead, soon heard about Ezekiel’s prayer. Zule was also jealous – not of Damuzi, but of Easter herself. Easter was the goddess of both sex and fertility, the queen of the heavens, the daughter of the moon and of the plants, the sister of the sun, and the favorite goddess of the powerful grain industry. That Sikiş hikayeleri gave her tremendous power, far above that of the god of the underworld.Zule and Ezekiel soon hatched a plot to wreck the marriage of Damuzi and Easter. Although Damuzi was strong and vital, and a long way from being dead, Zule took it upon himself to drag  Damuzi off to the underworld anyway.Zule thought that, with her beloved Damuzi no longer daily plowing her field, without him daily filling her sheepfold with his fresh milk, Easter would become too distraught to exercise her greater power than Zule.  Zule would thus become the most powerful of the Sumerian deities. Or so he thought.Easter’s most loyal worshippers were the women of Sabi, or the Sabine women, the owners, and controllers of the entire Sumerian grain supply. These Sabine priestesses and grain industry magnates were as distraught as their beloved goddess Easter was, at the disappearance of her beloved Damuzi. They would no longer hear their goddess’s tales of her man’s cherry-red tree and of the flowing of his milk and of her honey, or see her glow of happiness every time “the one my womb loves best” plows her wet ground.Easter and her Sabine Women spent days weeping and wailing over the loss of the ox-strong stud Damuzi. Until their tears flooded the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.Easter, the Innana, the mighty goddess of sex and fertility, pulled herself together from her many days of weeping and wailing, just enough to start enquiring where her stud bull, Erotik hikaye her husband, had gone.When she learned that Zule had dragged her man, her hot stud, off to the world of the dead, even though Damuzi was still very much alive and still very sexually vigorous, Easter switched from weeping to a fierce determination. A determination to bring her stud-bull back home, back to their bed, his tree truck back in her sheepfold, back into her black vulva boat, back where he belonged. Back to licking the horn at the bow of her canoe. Back to plowing her wet ground. Until she would once again flow her thick honey from her vulva, onto the One Her Womb Loves Best, onto her beloved shepherd Damuzi, onto the man of her heart.For her excursion to the  underworld, Easter dressed in her favorite ceremonial dress., The one with the neckline plunging all the way down to her navel, and both sides of the skirt slit all the way up to her curvaceous hips. She also wore her bejeweled ceremonial headgear, her symbol that she was the most powerful of all of the deities  She combed every feather of the magnificent wings that grew from the perfect orbs of her magnificent ass. Easter had never looked sexier, she looked more determined than ever to have her man plow her like the stud bull he was.Easter’s feet were bare, as the goddess of sex preferred. But her hands were far from empty. In her left hand, she carried a sturdy bow. On her shoulders, she carried two quivers of arrows. In her right hand, she carried her sharpest scythe, ready to dismember and behead all who stood in the way of getting her desperately hungry pussy satisfied again, by the man her womb loves best.She was angry, her horniness was frustrated, and she was armed to the teeth.Ezekiel and Zule had picked the wrong goddess to mess with!

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