Emily and Steve Ch. 06


Emily and I lay in the sun of the hilltop clearing, occasionally speaking but mostly sitting in a very contented silence. The sun was high in the sky, and soon had dried the cum that had I spewed out across my stomach and chest. Other than the rustle of leaves, a few bird songs and an few whinnies and neighs from the horses, the afternoon was quite and still. Exhausted from the passion I had just shared with Emily, I found my eyes slowly closing. Soon I was in a restful sleep.

I was jerked awake when I felt myself spinning in space. I opened my eyes just in time to land face down in the grass. I looked up shocked to see Emily standing up and facing away from me, holding the blanket we had been sleeping on in front of her. I looked beyond Emily, and saw way she was trying to cover up. There were two riders on horses that were staring at us in the clearing. I stood up and faced them, then realized that I was completely naked. I lunged for my jeans, and held them sheepishly in front of me, trying to cover myself as best I could.

The two riders, one female and one male continued to look at us with an expression of shock. Finally the female rider laughed, “Come on, let’s leave these two love birds alone.” With that, the two riders rode off down the path.

Emily and I watched the horses disappear down the path and then we stood there silently until we could no longer hear the clop of horses’ hooves on the ground. Emily and I turned towards each other and started laughing.

“Okay, enough fun for this afternoon. It’s getting late. Let’s get riding,” Emily said, folding up the blanket. She put on her jeans and boots while I searched for my clothes, which Emily had passionately thrown off me earlier. I found all my clothes, got dressed and Emily and I headed down to the horses. We untied the horses, got on them, and Emily led us down the trail. After a few more hours of riding through some amazing scenery, we wound up back at the gate to John and Tessa’s farm.

Emily dismounted, opened the gate and led both her horse and my horse through the gates. Emily got back up on top of her horse, looked at me and smiled. “Are you ready for some real fun?” she asked. Her smiled suddenly turned into a very impish grin.

“What are you planning?” I asked nervously.

“Let’s gallop,” she said, and with that her horse took off towards across the fields of John and Tessa’s farm. My horse followed. Though my horse was named the slow sounding Daisy, she wasn’t afraid to gallop. I held on for my life, getting bounced up and down in the saddle and just trying to stay on. The country side seemed to fly by me in a blur. After what seemed like an hour of horror and torture we arrived back at John and Tessa’s barn.

Emily dismounted and John came out of the main house to meet us. John came over and took the reins from my white knuckled grip. I slid off the horse.

Emily came over and gave me a kiss. “Why don’t you go and clean up. John and I will take care of the horses.”

John slapped me on the shoulder. “We have a hot-tub around the side of the house. It’s great for sore asses.”

Sore asses? My eyes opened wide with shock. Jesus, how could John tell that Emily had fucked me in the ass earlier in the day?

Emily saw my look and laughed. “He means from riding the horses, Steve.”

I tried to slink away, my face blushing red with embarrassment while John gave Emily a very confused look. “Yeah, hot tub sounds good.”

“Great, I’ll meet you there in a few minutes,” Emily said, as she and John led the horses into the barn.

I went up to the guest room to change, and as I was climbing the stairs realized how much my back was aching from the day of horseback riding. I gingerly undressed and put on my swimming trunks. “A nice soak is going to feel very konya escort good,” I thought.

The hot tub was off the side of the house. The hot tub was empty, but someone had already opened up the top and turned on the bubbles, so I was able to slide right into the hot water. I let the water soak my aching back muscles and stared up at the clear blue sky.

“Feels good after a day of riding, doesn’t it?” I looked down to see John standing at the side of the hot tub. He handed me a bottle of beer, “I thought you might enjoy this.”

I took a big sip. “Thanks. Where’s Emily?”

“Upstairs, just changing. She should be down in a minute.” John stood up to leave, but then hesitated. He opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but seemed to change his mind and shook his head instead.

“Something on your mind, John?” I asked.

John looked at me and asked, “What’s it like?”

“What is what like?” I asked, confused.

“Being with Emily? You know, being with a girl who’s a guy?”

“I just think of her as a girl,” I said.

“But with a cock,” John pointed out.

“Sure, sure. Some guys like girls with big tits. Some guys like blondes. Some guys like girls with long legs. I just happen to like girls with penises. It’s just how I feel. It’s kind of hard to explain in words,” I said.

“And the sex?” John asked.

“Let’s just say that it’s very hot.” I was getting a little uncomfortable talking about this, and was hoping that statement would stop the questioning.

John was undeterred, though. He leaned down, closer to me and asked, “But do you make use of her… ummm… cock when you fuck?”

I could feel myself blushing. “Yeah, I guess so,” I mumbled. I looked up and saw Emily approaching. She was wearing a very small black bikini, and still had on her straw weave cowboy hat. She was carrying a bottle of beer barely hanging off the end of her fingers, and as she walked, her hips swayed sexily.

John stood up. “Well, I guess I’ll leave you two alone to soak now. Tessa’s got a chicken roasting for dinner. It should be ready in about an hour.” With that John walked back towards the house.

Emily slipped into the hot tub, and snuggled up beside me. “How are you feeling,” she asked.

“Sore, but the water is helping.”

“Sore from riding the horses, or sore from me riding you?”

“Definitely just from the horses. I really liked when you rode me,” I said, giving Emily a kiss. She smiled.

We soaked for a bit in silence. “You know,” I said, “John was asking me some weird questions earlier.”

Emily looked at me. “What type of questions?”

“About us, and our relationship… our PHYSICAL relationship.”

“Oh, he’s just curious. Tessa said that he was asking her about my sex life as well. He’s been nothing but great to me since finding out about my living as woman, but I guess it’s a very weird thing for him. I think he’s just trying to understand it.”

We sat soaking for a few more minutes, sipping our beers. Then Emily turned to me and asked, “What did you say?”

“What did I say about what?”

“To John, about our physical relationship?”

“He asked me if I USED your cock when we had sex. I said, yes that I did make use of it.”

Emily straddled me and started grinding her hips against me. “Would you like to make use of it now, or are you too sore from the riding?”

I started thrusting myself against Emily. “I think I can manage.”

We kissed as I undid Emily’s bikini top. It fell into the bubbling water. I started to kiss down Emily’s neck and across her chest. I flicked my tongue across her right nipple. She moaned with pleasure, and grabbed my head and pushed it against her breast. Though flat-chested, escort konya Emily had very sensitive nipples. I sucked on her right nipple, flicking it with my tongue. Emily continued to moan and grind her hips against mine. I could feel her hard cock as it brushes against mine through the fabric of our bathing suits.

I moved my mouth over to Emily’s left nipple and started to work with my tongue on that nipple. It grew hard in my mouth, and I started to gently bite on it, applying just a little pressure, a move I knew Emily liked. Emily shivered with pleasure. Emily grabbed my head, and pulled it up to her face. We kissed, my tongue probing deep into Emily’s mouth.

I noticed a flash of movement over Emily’s shoulder. I looked, and saw a curtain fluttering from the second floor. I watched the window for a moment, and saw the curtain pull back just a peek. John looked down on us.

“I think we are being watched,” I said.

“By who?” Emily asked.

“John. He’s in a room on the second floor of the house,” I said.

Emily stood up and pulled off her bikini bottoms. She sat on the edge of the hot tub and stroked her hard cock. “Well, he wanted to know how you use my cock. Why don’t we show him?”

I hesitated for a moment, not sure if I liked the idea of John watching, but the temptation to take Emily in my mouth was too great. I pulled myself up to the edge of the hot tub between Emily’s legs, and started sucking on her cock. Emily played with her nipples as I worked the head of her dick. She grabbed my head and pushed me down on her. I took her entire length in my mouth. Emily started bouncing up against me, fucking my open mouth.

I pulled my head off of Emily’s member. I looked up at the house. John had the curtains wide open now, and was watching us intently. I couldn’t see below his waist, but I noticed that his right arm was pumping something furiously. “I think he’s whacking off watching us,” I said.

“Then let’s give him a good show,” Emily replied, leaning back and throwing her legs in the air. Her asshole opened wide. I drove my tongue into it, licking her ass with abandon. Emily’s asshole opened up to the probing of my tongue.

“God, I want you inside me,” she said. I lifted myself up and pulled down my shorts. My cock was already hard, so I pressed it against Emily’s ass. Her asshole gave little resistance to my dick. I grabbed her legs and held them high above my head, allowing me deep access to her ass.

After a couple minutes of this, Emily pulled off me. She repositioned herself so that her ass was pointed directly at the window John was at. “If you hold my one leg over your right shoulder, and I keep the other leg along the ground, I think John will have a really nice view of you entering me,” Emily said. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, letting this guy watch, but I was so horny I didn’t care. I did as Emily said, and we gave John an excellent view of my cock pulsing in and out of Emily.

A few more minutes was all I could take. “Oh, I’m close!”

“Pull out. Cum on my face. Let’s really do it up like a porno for John,” she said. I pulled out of her ass, and Emily sat on the edge of the hot tub. I stood up and started stroking my cock. Emily opened her mouth wide, occasionally flicking her tongue against the tip of my cock or sucking on the tip. It didn’t take long before I shot my load. Half of it went into Emily’s mouth, the other half spread across her face and torso. Emily licked her lips, and then plunged her mouth down on my cock to clean the remnants of cum off it.

I looked up at the window. John was still watching us, but his arm had stopped pumping and he appeared to be breathing heavily. “Looks like John had a good show,” I said.

Emily stood konya escort bayan up, and pushed me to the other side of the hot tub. “What makes you think the show is over,” she said, pushing me up so that I was sitting on the side of the tub. She grabbed my legs and pulled them apart, positioning her cock against my asshole. She kissed me, and I could taste my cum on her lips. She thrust her cock into my ass at the same time she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth. There was a brief moment of pain, but then it passed and soon I was enjoying Emily’s cock moving in and out of my ass.

I looked up at the window. John was not alone now. His wife Tessa was standing beside him. They both watched as Emily fucked me. John moved behind Tessa, and though I couldn’t see what was happening below their waists, it was obvious that John was fucking Tessa from behind, allowing them both to watch Emily hammer my ass.

“Tessa’s joined John, and they are going at it in the window,” I said. Emily just smiled and started hammering me faster and deeper.

John lifted up Tessa’s shirt to expose her tits. He grabbed the right breast and massaged it. Her left breast was soon pressed hard up against the window as John fucked his wife from behind. “I wonder if he’s in her pussy or in her ass,” I said.

Emily took a quick look over her shoulder at the duo in the window, but soon turned back and concentrated on me. “Poor John,” she said. “He’ll never get to know the pleasure from having his girlfriend’s cock deep in his ass. Genetic girls are fine, but there’s nothing like a t-girl, is there honey?”

I squirmed with pleasure. “No, there isn’t,” I said, though I was barely able to get out the words. I was practically panting as Emily was pounding my ass with jackhammer speed.

“I’m going to cum,” Emily said. “Do you want it in your ass or in your mouth?”

“Mouth,” I cried.

Emily pulled out of me. She lunged up and straddled my chest, pushing me down. She stroked her cock for a moment, and then drove it deep into my mouth. Waves of cum came gushing out and down my throat. She pushed her cock deep down my throat. I hungrily swallowed every drop.

Emily moved off me, and slipped back into the hot tub. I followed her and snuggled up beside her. Looking up, I saw John and Tessa, still fucking, though John was making face that indicated that he was in the very finishing stages of the act. He quickly came, and then Tessa pulled the curtains shut.

Emily and I soaked for a little bit, and then went to clean up for dinner. Dinner conversation was light and airy, no one mentioned what had happened. Emily and I turned in early, exhausted from a day of riding, both horses and each other. It was a rare night without sex for us, but given the adventure we’d had that day, I was very happy.

The next day we got up late. John showed me around the farm, and we spent a lot of time looking at a 1967 Porsche 911 he was restoring. Tessa and Emily were off catching up. After a late lunch, Emily and I said our goodbyes and got ready to drive back to the city.

I hugged Tessa goodbye. “I really would like to offer you something for having us up this weekend. Would you let me give you some money to cover the cost of food?”

Tessa shook her head. “No, please. It was our pleasure. Besides, the show that you and Emily gave John and I on Saturday afternoon, that was payment enough.” Tessa smiled and winked at me. I just blushed.

Emily and I got into my car and drove away as John and Tessa waved goodbye.

“That was a great weekend, wasn’t it?” Emily asked.

“The best,” I replied. I meant it, too. It was so nice to have Emily all weekend long, and not having to worry about going out and being seen. Emily was still very shy about going out in the city during the day. She was completely passable as a woman, but lacked the confidence to see it. I definitely wanted more days like the ones we just had. Maybe it would mean more trips out to the country, which would be great. But what I really wanted was for Emily’s male alter-ego Mike to disappear, and Emily to live full time as a woman.

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