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The final story involving Derek and I. There’s a few more things that I could write about the two of us but there’s two reasons that I don’t feel like doing that; one being that I don’t think they’re interesting and the other is that they would be too short to be any good. So what I’m planning on doing is starting another series of stories after I’ve completed this one, probably about a friend called James.

People have been complaining and negatively rating lately, so I feel like I should probably say this before I continue the story. Included in this story are themes of homosexuality, young love and sex. All characters involved, sexually, are under the age of 16 and are both male. If you’re not interested then instead of reading and then negatively rating, just don’t read and leave now. Thank you.

This story takes place two years after the previous story. I was now 14 and Derek, almost 17. Nothing much had happened between us in that time, the odd blowjob here and there, once or twice venturing to have sex. I’d never had a proper relationship with anyone other than Derek; so I considered him a great friend and a sexual partner – Derek however had developed feelings for other people, male and female. It seemed that he was moving on through life, whether or not he cared that he was leaving me behind; longing to be with him in ways that I didn’t even understand.

School had barely changed in those two years, I’d moved up to year 10 and Derek was in sixth form. We still spoke to eachother if we met in the corridor or passed at break but we no longer met up and talked just to eachother. We’d both moved on and made new friends, only mine weren’t really friends. More like companions that I used to take my mind off of Derek. I tried to make it obvious to him that I wanted to be with him but I don’t know if he was just not interested or if he really didn’t pick up on how I felt. Either way we both shared our feelings and other things a few weeks before the end of the school term.

Life was boring for me now, I had nothing to do outside of school other than play video games and read. School provided a constant stream of homework and distractions from my miserable life but even that would expire when school finished for summer in a week. All that was left was the week coming and the week after then I’d Sex hikayeleri be alone for 6 whole weeks, with nobody but my parents for summer, it was back to how it was before I’d even met Derek.

It wasn’t until Thursday, the night before the last day of term, that Derek and I actually talked to eachother properly. He came over to my house asked if I was coming out, obviously I was curious as to why he’s suddenly decided to talk to me so I grabbed my coat and went out with him. For hours we wandered about the park and the swimming pool, talking about what we’d done and how we felt about eachother. It turns out that although he’d been with other guys since me, he had never actually felt the same towards then as he did to me. He said that he’d felt nervous about talking to me because I might not of felt the same way about him. After that night’s little chat we found out that we were both in love, something that neither of us had experienced before.

For the first time in years, I spent the night at Derek’s house. In his bed. We didn’t do anything particularly special that night, we jacked eachother off and slept naked together. We lay and kissed for hours, whispering our feelings and thoughts to eachother. Feeling the new and special bond that we had unearthed by sharing our feelings. Friday morning we both had to get up for school, so I borrowed some of Derek’s old clothes and we walked along together. Laughing and Joking, we talked about everything that had happened in our lives since that night two years ago. When we eventually got to the school gates, we shared a quick kiss before separating to go and find our friends. I felt better than I had done for months, I’d just spent the night with the boy of my dreams, the subject of all my preteen and now teen fantasies.

I went into school a much happier person and apparently it showed, one of my closest friends (other than Derek) noticed the change in my mood and commented on how he’d never actually seen me so content. For the rest of that day I was constantly smiling and thinking of Derek, all the time until 4th period (lesson 4, after lunch), when my lesson was interrupted by someone unexpected. Derek was standing at the door, looking directly at my teacher.

“Sir, Ben needs to go see Mr ******”

The teacher looked at me and nodded, Sikiş hikayeleri signalling that I should follow Derek and go to see the head. We both left the room and headed down the deserted corridor in the general direction of the heads office. It wasn’t until we made a completely wrong turn, almost doubling back and going towards the room we’d just came from that I realised what Derek might be up to.
He seemed to sense that I’d noticed what he was up to because he looked down at me at exactly the same time as I looked at him, he smiled and nodded towards the closest classroom. Luckily it was empty, one of the old science rooms that were used for storage, so we both moved towards an empty desk and Derek slammed me onto my back; roughly kissing me and groping around my pants. The feel of his lips against mine and his hand frantically searching for my cock instantly caused me to get a raging boner; this basically allowed Derek to find it and start massaging it through my school pants. Up until this point I’d been submissive, letting him do whatever he wanted to to me – now though, I took back some control and started to take off as much of his clothes as possible. Sliding off his tie, unbuttoning his shirt and throwing them both to the floor I was getting more and more hard. My tent now poking into Derek’s naked stomach, his rock hard abs tensing with each twist of his tongue against mine. We pulled our faces away from eachother and our eyes locked. I knew exactly what he was thinking and he knew it; I got up off the table and pulled down my school pants to reveal my huge tent in my brand new tight, black briefs. Derek done the same but removed his boxers too – I went to take mine down but he stopped me…

“Let’s have a bit of mystery before we’re done.”

I had no idea what he meant but I wasn’t going to complain, there was a ridiculously hot 17 year old standing fully erect in fron tof my, oozing precum. I grasped his shoulders and pushed him onto the table in the place I had been in. He put his hands on the top of my head and pointed my face down towards his juicy cock, I wrapped my lips around the head and instantly thrust my face down into his bush, deep throating him and letting the muscles in the back of throat do the work. I must of gotten better at giving blow jobs since the last time Erotik hikaye because it was barely five minutes before his body was twitching and the head of his cock was expanding. Seconds before he orgasmed though he forced my mouth off and jumped down from the table. Then he knelt down and licked at my sopping wet cock through briefs, it had been so long since I’d recieved a proper blow job that I almost came on the spot. I couldn’t wait anymore, I pulled down my briefs and stuffed my whole cock into his waiting mouth. The feeling was immense. Derek nudged me back onto the table and started licking my balls and fingering my ass. The second his finger penetrated my tight hole I came, I exploded into his mouth and down his throat. My cum dripping from his mouth all over his body, my feet and the floor.

“Ben I want to fuck you so much!”

I felt nervous that someone might hear us, moaning and groaning through the deserted section of the school. I wanted to satisfy my new boyfriend so I lay on my stomach on the table and spread my hole ready to accept his cock. Although I couldn’t see, I heard him spitting onto his hand and spreading it all over his throbbing dick. Then without warning he forced his head into my ass and started rhythmically thrusting in and out, once or twice falling out and quickly rearranging and going at it again. Apparently my ass was just as good as last time too, within ten minutes his balls contracted into his body and he thrusted the deepest yet into my ass ready to release his cum. Then it happened, he erupted into me; I could feel the liquid sloshing around and leaking out all over my balls and the table. It was the best sex I’d ever had, his cock had grown and so had his skills. My ass felt better than it ever had, the feeling that his dick had left was unbelievable. I still don’t understand how it felt like it did.
By the time we’d got dressed and kissed more the huge pool of cum had begun to dry and now had a crust. I pointed to it on the floor and then we both set about laughing – we laughed all the way back to my class where Derek kissed me goodbye and I went back into the room.

This is the last story about Derek. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series, I’ve enjoyed writing it. If you enjoyed this story and/or the series then please rate positively and comment. If you’ve got any suggestions for fiction then comment or send me a Pm on the forum.

The next set of stories will probably be true stories about James. At the time I was 16 and James was 14. Next few weeks. 🙂

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