Evening With Mother Ch. 2


After the first time I had intercourse with my mum, things were a bit awkward. We didn’t have much opportunity alone and when others were around she wouldn’t meet my eyes. When we did speak niether of us mentioned what had happened. I really wanted it again and I had masterbated repeatedly thinking about her, her tight fanny, the way she opened her legs for me, the noises she made when she came. I had to do something.

A week or so later we had a power failure at college and all the students were sent home. When I got home at about 11am , mum had just made a pot of tea, “do you want a cup” she said,


“are you alright Colin, is anything wrong?”

“I don’t want a cup of tea” I said “I want you”

“what do you mean?”

“you know what I mean, I want you, I want to take your clothes off, I want to make love to you, I want to make you happy, and me happy like last time”

She paused for a while and looked away from me “oh, Colin, we mustn’t it was wrong”

“mum,it wasn’t, we both enjoyed it and hurt no one. I love you and you love me. I enjoyed having sex with you, but not just for the nice feeling it gave me, I really enjoyed it when you came mum and I want to do it again and again”

She stood quietly for a little while then gave me a little half smile, “when I let you do it last time I was doing it for you and it was lovely when you enjoyed it, I…. I didn’t expect to enjoy it …. but I did, its been along time since I enjoyed sex and what happened surpised me. It was really nice but I don’t think we should go on, its best forgotten.”

“Mum, I can’t forget it, I can’t think of anything else. I want you, I want to make you feel good, I would never hurt you.”

“oh, Colin, no” she said and was was silent for a while.

“Mum, what bit was most exciting last time”


“when we did it before, when was it most exciting?”

She was quiet so I said “please tell me”. She said nothing, so I pressed on “please mum, tell me”.

“Alright, I’ll tell you” she said softly “when you first touched me…touched me there, between my legs it was good but most exciting was when you entered me, that was best”

“is it nice thinking of that now, mum?”

“yes….yes it is” she said.

“well mum, I want you to feel like that again” She said nothing, so I went on “go on, think what it was like, think of my fingers tickling between your legs….think of me on top of you, think of me inside you ….. are these nice thoughts? do they make you excited again?”

There was a long silence, “mum” I said “please tell me” She said nothing, just looked at the floor.

“Mum, this isn’t fair I am being honest with you”

“You’re right you deserve an answer” she said finally

“Yes……yes, they are nice thoughts… and it was really exiting”. She paused then looking at me with a grin “alright you’ve persuaded me, we’ll do it again…lets go up stairs”

We went up to her bedroom, me following a few stairs behind on purpose sinop escort so I could look up her skirt at her bum, I’m sure she knew I was looking, because she swayed her hips more than ususal. I watched and saw the material of her knickers disappearing then reappearing from between her buttocks, what a sight.

When got to the bed room, she turned to me and said ” we’ve got all afternoon”

“I know, I’m really excited….can I touch you now?”

“mmm yes, where do you want to touch?”

I said nothing but slipped one hand up her skirt and started to rub her fanny through the material of her knickers. “I should have guessed what you’d go for” she said

“you don’t mind do you?”

“oh no, I like it, keep going”

The crotch of mum’s knickers was damp, she was looking forward to sex and I was determined that she would not be disappointed. I put my other hand behind her, inside her knickers and massaged her bum, letting my fingers stray between her buttocks from time to time, gently rubbing her bum hole – I’d read some women like this, my mum was no exception. I would swear her anus contracted and dilated against my finger, but I was not confident to do any more there, I didn’t want to risk losing it. She had parted her legs a little to give me better access front and rear and began rubbing my cock through my trowsers with one hand and holding me to her with her other arm. I kissed her on the lips and her mouth opened a bit, so I probed with my tongue, soon we were french kissing with some urgency.

I moved her over towards the bed and got her to sit on right the edge and knelt on the floor infront of her. I could see she wasn’t sure what I was doing. I smiled at her and hitched her skirt up out of the way and started to pull ber knickers down. She rested back on her elbows and lifted her bum up to help. When her knickers were off, I felt the crotch of them, warm and very damp. I asked her to lie back and gently pushed her knees wide apart. I was staring at my mum’s fanny – wonderful. My heart was thumping as I looked at it. Mum had medium to dark pubic hair, which was tidy but not trimmed short and the outer lips of her fanny were pinkish brown, they were moist now as her wetness had seeped out. I could also make out the bulge of her clitoris beneath its hood of skin.

I moved forward and kissed my mum’s fanny “ohhhh Colin” she said, “oh yes”. I licked the outer lips and then gently probed with my tongue. I then held her fanny open with my fingers and began licking more inside, tasting her. My mum gave a little moan when my tongue went over her pee hole, so I went back to it licking a little harder, pushing the very tip at her pee hole, my mum clearly liked this a lot so I stayed for quite a while.

I then moved down a little and licked round the entrance to her vagina in the same way, though now there was room for my tongue to go right in “ohhh, that’s nice” she said,”really nice” I pushed my tongue into her vagina time and time again in between giving her sivas escort whole fanny a good lick and sucking at her lips. At last I settled on her clitoris. I stretched the skin away from it and began licking it backwards and forwards, gently at first then more pressure. “ooohh, thats the spot” she said in a breathy voice “just there”. With this encouragement I contiuned licking my mum’s clitoris at the same pace and pressure, being rewarded with sounds of her enjoyment. After a few minutes I could sense my mum’s orgasm comming, she opened her legs wider and pressed my head towards her, I kept licking as I felt her fanny, pressed against my chin go into a series of contractions. As she came I could hear my mums groans,”mmmmmmmmm… don’t stop Colin, Ohhhhh …mmmh,mmhh,mmhhh…. mmmmmmmhhh, ohhh Colin, ohh…” these were not loud but obviously pleasurable.

Her orgasm subsided and she said “oh dear, I’m weak after that” I smiled at her and pushed her knees apart “not again, I couldn’t” “yes you can” I said,I kissed her fanny “ohh Colin..” and ever so gently rubbed her clit with my tongue, round and round. In less than 20 seconds she came again and seemed to enjoy it even more. I licked her to orgasm twice more before she had enough for now. I got on the bed and lay next to her.

“Oh Colin that was absolutely wonderful … I suppose I had better repay the compliment” she said with a grin, “what, you mean…” “yes, you did oral sex on me, I should do it to you”

“Mum you don’t have to..” I said. She looked at me “Colin, I want to, I want you to feel like I just have and I want to do it”

My heart was pounding fast now, as she freed my cock from my trowsers. She couched over me pulled down my foreskin out of the way and started to lick my glans – my god it was good. Her tongue traced round the edge of the glans, underneath where it meets the shaft then licked the front of it over and over. She licked the opening in my penis, licking off the pre-cum that was there She then took the head of my cock in her mouth and began a combined gentle sucking with a sort of round and round tongue motion on the glans. It was heavenly. Mum did’nt wank me at the same time, as one of my gilfriends had, she concentrated with her mouth on the end of my cock. This seemed to prolong the ecstacy and I seemed to be on the very edge of coming for some time. When I did come! Well words are inadequate, it was divine, I began spurting semen in to my mums mouth, but, bless her, she did not stop she kept on with the delicious sucking and licking motion of her tongue, swallowing my semen. When I had finnished I touched her head “Mum, I’m done” She stopped and looked up at me, smiling “aren’t you glad I did that” she asked “oh yes, it was fabulous mum” I said, “but isn’t it nasty when I come in your mouth?”

“It can be” she said “but not then, not with yours, it was lovely. I like the taste of it and better still was knowing how good it was for you”.

We lay together on the bed for a while until I recovered. tekirdağ escort She wasn’t for moving either – we both wanted intercourse. I lay thinking of being on top of her, her legs apart, thrusting in and out of her, I was remembering last time, how good her fanny had felt as I pushed my cock in and out…With these thoughts in my mind my cock stiffened and I was ready for action – its wonderful being a teenager, able to go again so soon.

“Mum, can I get on you now?” I asked, “oh yes, lets do it” she replied and rolled over onto her back. She parted her legs and raised them up so her knees were pointing over her shoulders. Mum’s fanny was still red and swollen from the attention it had recieved earlier. She reached around and opened her fanny lips with her fingers “Come on” she said “put it in Colin, I need to feel you in me”

Supporting myself with one hand, I guided my cock towards her hole with the other. The feeling as my cock slid inside her vagina was incredible. My glans was really sensitive from its early sucking. “Ohh Colin,” she said “thats really nice, do me, please do me”. I lay on top of my mum thrusting in and out, supporting part of my weight on my arms but letting some of it press down on her, I wanted to feel her under me.

I was now going up and down rythmically on top of my mum, withdrawing my cock so just the tip remained in her vagina, and then pushing in as far as I could. Mum was holding on to me, kissing my neck, putting her tongue in my ear and whispering encouragement “oh, Colin, its lovely…. you’re so hard …. I love it … I love your cock in me, …..keep going, … oh yes ” The feeling was terrific and I didn’t want it to end, I could feel every part of her vagina, tight on my cock, stroking the glans deliciously with every thrust. Last time I came first, this time it was obvious my mum was going to come first. We had been going for for about seven or eight minutes and she was letting out little gasps and uttering more encouragement “oh Colin, oh yes”. I felt her body start to go taught and she was thrusting up at me to meet my downward strokes. Then mum came. I was used to her quiet vocalisations by now, but volume isn’t everything and I knew my mum was really, really enjoying it “ohhColin “shesaid “mmmmmmmmm…,Ohhhhh …mmh,mmhh, mmhhhh…. mmmmmmmhhh, oh ohh Colin, ohh” the sound of my mum orgasming under me while my cock pounded in and out of her tight wet fanny together with the blissful physical sensation was more than enough for me and I was close to coming. Mum sensed this and whispered in my ear “come inside me darling, I want to feel you come in me” I came seconds later, shooting several bursts of semen deep into her, each time my cock spurted I pushed it deep in to my mum’s fanny, experiencing those wonderful spasms that accompany a good ograsm, “oh yes ” she said “I can feel your come … its so hot…I love it”

Afterwards as we lay together she said “that is the best sex I have ever had”

“me too, but … it won’t be the last will it?” I asked

“oh I hope not” she said smiling “if we are alone and you want me, I’m yours”

I reached over and put my hand on her moist fanny and started rubbing again “Mum I really want you”

We had sex twice more that afternoon.

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