I’m laying in my bed wondering what had woken me up. The room is dark and the clock said it is only shortly after 12:00 AM and though I didn’t hear anything, I sense that I’m not alone. As I slowly roll over to turn on the light, a soft voice came from the chair across the room. ” Please don’t turn that on.” Startled, I sat up looking in the direction of the voice realizing at the same time that I recognized it. ” Meredith?” ” Yes.” Meredith and I had been married for 5 years before getting a divorce due to the long hours both were putting into our careers. Since then, Meredith had remarried and except for things that involved our children, we seldom talked. ” May I ask how you got in and why you’re here?” Silence fills the room as I waited an answer. ” I took the set of keys you gave Manny and had a copy made a long time ago. I wasn’t sure why I did it. I told myself it was in case the kids needed me while they were here with you, though it sounds kind of stupid when you think about it. As for being here, I heard that you a different woman every night so I knew you might not be alone and Ned is gone again for a golf tournament so I just thought … oh shit … I’m not really sure what I thought. I left TV station and the next thing I knew I was in my car driving over here.”

” Well, I’m flattered but … do you realize it’s 12 AM in the morning?” ” I know. It sounds really crazy but I get lonely and once in awhile I think about how it is between us before we split.” ” But what about the kids? Aren’t they at your house?” ” The nanny is at my house… besides … it’s adult companionship that I miss or more specifically you.” I close my eyes remembering some of our times together. We had met after I bought the TV station she worked at and quickly became an ” item” spending time together. It only seemed natural that they soon became lovers and after graduation, got married. Smiling to myself, I remember some of the more intimate times together; making love while overlooking the beach in Hawaii or while at my mountain cottage, or ” breaking in” every room in one of my houses. Slowly, my body reacts to the memories and my cock begins to harden, raising a tent in the sheets covering me. I’m so involved with the memories that I didn’t notice when Meredith got up from the chair and came towards me until I feel her crawl onto the bed and lightly stroke my face.

” Penny for your thoughts.” Laughing I replied. ” You wouldn’t need a penny to know what they are.” Gently reaching under the covers, Meredith slides her hand down across my stomach until she feels my hard shaft. ” You’re right I wouldn’t. I was kind of hoping that you’d remember and that this might happen.” ” Meredith, if you keep doing that something is going to happen that hasn’t happened in a long time.” Leaning closer she whispers, ” I hope so.” I turn my head to look at her and instantly feel her lips against mine, her tongue pushing between mine. Instinctively, I return the kiss which becomes more and more passionate. My mind is in a fog. Here is my ex-wife, in my bed, slowly stroking my cock while we are making out like a couple of high-school kids. Gently pushing her away, I ask, ” You realize what you’re starting here?” Without hesitation Meredith replies, ” Yes,” as she stood up and removing her coat, revealing that all she wore is a pair of black high-heels. ” I have to admit I wasn’t quite honest with you when I told you that I hadn’t thought about this. With Newell gone all the time trying to become a golf pro, I’ve found myself just sitting around the house, working, and raising our kids alone and I’m sick and tired of it. I came here hoping you’d make love to me. I need someone that will make me feel like a desirable woman and make love to me instead of using some damn toy. You were always a great lover. That was never our problem. If anything, it was that you demanded sex all the time Sex hikayeleri and I never wanted sex that much, but right now I want you to do all the things we used to do. I want you to start by licking my pussy until I’m nice and wet. Then I’m going to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth, which is something I never let you do when we were married. After that, I’m going to have you shove your cock deep inside me and fuck me. I not only want you to make love to me, I want you to fuck me hard and deep. I want you to use me like one of your wanton sluts, because that’s exactly what I’m being right now by coming to you like this. I want you to fill my pussy with your cum until it leaks out and runs down my legs! Think you can do that? Think you can fuck your ex-wife like one of your damn sluts?”

I sat for a moment looking at Meredith. ” Let’s see what you’re offering before I make up my mind,” I replied as I turned on the bed-side light. At 32, she is in fantastic shape. Her hair is shoulder-length blonde and her blue-green eyes seem to twinkle as she gives me a challenging stare. Her skin is tanned with just the barest hint of tan-lines so I knew she has taken up sunbathing. After two kids, her breasts rode high on her chest with no sag and her nipples are hardening and getting darker as I look her over. I know that before the night is over I’d be sucking on those nipples and I remember how hard they got just as she was about to orgasm. Continuing, I notice that her stomach only has the slightest hint of a ” baby pouch” from when she was pregnant and that her legs are hard and toned. Then my eyes returns to the cleft between her legs and I’m surprised to see that Meredith is shaved bare. There isn’t a single hair on or around her pussy to block my view of how swollen her outer lips are becoming as her arousal increases. Only then did I smell the faint aroma of her excitement beginning to fill the room. ” Since when did you start shaving?”

Smiling, Meredith purrs, ” Well, to be honest, this is the first time in a long time. Usually I just trim myself but when I decided I was going to come over here and have you fuck me, I remembered how much you loved it when I shaved. I had shivers running up and down my back when I thought about how you loved to nibble on my pussy lips while you were licking me, so I figured what the hell. The only problem was that I got so turned on doing it, I ended up using one of my toys and came three times pretending it was your cock instead of a piece of plastic.” ” Well, I’m definitely not a piece of plastic so why don’t you get over here so I can see just how good a job you did shaving and if you did a really good job, I’ll lick that pussy of yours until you scream.” Meredith quickly climbs on the bed and lays on her back with her legs spread open. ” That’s exactly what I was hoping for.” I slide from under the covers and head directly between her legs, instead of beginning to devour her pussy as she’d hoped, I begin to caress her legs and thighs causing ‘goose bumps’ to form on them. ” I had forgotten just how good that felt. It’s almost like an electrical charge is running from my legs right to my pussy. I can already feel how wet I’m getting.”

Looking down, I see her pussy lips are full and engorged with her arousal and her juices are beginning to coat the outer lips as I continue to tease her. ” Do you like the way your ex-wife’s pussy looks? Do you like the way it gets all warm and wet just from you touching her? Just imagine how good it’s going to feel when you slide that hard cock of yours inside it and fuck her.” I smile at the transition that is taking place. I had been told years ago that a ” Perfect Woman” is one that can be a perfect lady out of bed and a perfect slut in bed and Meredith definitely fit that description. Outside the bedroom, she never would have thought of behaving the way she is now. Sikiş hikayeleri She has only one thing on her mind and I know what it is as I slowly slide my hands down the inside of her legs until they met at the junction. ” That’s it, lover. It’s all yours. Lick my clit, suck on my pussy lips, pump your fingers in it. You can do anything you want just as long as you finish by sticking your cock in me and fucking me.”

I lean over them, nipping each one as my stubble teases them erect. Meredith purrs in satisfaction reaching for me. She rolls over onto her stomach to kiss me, I grab both of her wrists forcing them down onto the bed. Raking my nails lightly down her back as I straddled her upper thighs wrapping her thick blonde hair around my free wrist. I pull it tight, making Meredith gasp as her eyes water. I lean down placing my mouth on her neck, whispering to her. ” I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,” I murmur. ” I’m in a mood.” I turn my wrist enough to tighten her hair enough for her to realize she isn’t going anywhere. Not until I’m done. She tenses. She knows the kind of ‘mood’ I’m in. She’d been married to me for nearly six years, before our divorce, she hadn’t worked up the courage to let me know how she liked to be fucked. She didn’t want it sweet, gentle, or ladylike. Sometimes she wanted a rough, hot fucking. She craved that forcefulness like now. The way I kept her forced down on the mattress, not enough to harm her, but enough to know she can’t get away made her feel feminine and helpless. She feels my hard monster cock pressing between her ass cheeks and she moaned. I flex my hips, shoving it more forcefully against her.

” You like that don’t you? You like it rough. Don’t you?” I pull hard on her hair to cause her to cry out, then moan. ” Tell me what I want to hear. Now!” ” Yes. Yes! Yes, I like it.” Meredith rasps out. ” Please,” ” Please, what?” ” Please, more…,” She feels the slick wetness between her thighs and wants more. She has wanted to be treated this way for so long. Her insides burning and quivering. Oh, thank God. I’m going to fuck her. Really fuck her. She moans in relief. I eased back pressing her knees apart so I can move between them. I let go of her hair, roughly grabbing her waist, pulling her back onto her knees, leaving her face down on the pillow. Gripping my hard cock in one hand I rub the tip of it back and forth across her dripping cunt, causing her to squirm, a muffled moan coming from the pillow. I pause to pull her back up against my chest, whispering against her neck, ” You like being treated rough, don’t you? You like it hard and rough.” My eyes glazed, ” Dirty” I pushed her forward on her hands and knees, leaning down my tongue went from halfway to her navel all the way up the crack of her ass to the small of her back. Meredith shrieked surging forward in alarm, she looks back over her shoulder in horror as ever nerve ending in her body tingled.

It feels like a warm wet Scotchbrite, she didn’t move, she didn’t breath. Meredith feels sick at her stomach, I licked her pussy again and she made a disgusting noise, something a bitch might make. Tears running down her face dripping onto the pillow, I lapped her pussy for a few minutes, getting her wet and raw. Meredith feels every sandpaper bead on my tongue on her clean shaved pussy. Her clit, swollen outer lips, her slit is probed by the tip of my tongue and then her anus. Suddenly I mounted her, laying my chest on her back wrapping and locking my arms around her grabbing her breasts. Meredith screamed in complete terror, as I shoved forward with my cock, driving my long thick shaft roughly into her. Meredith screamed again and tried to crawl away from me, but I lunged forward over her. I grabbed her neck and shoulder with my teeth not deep, I bite down hard and growled in her ear, ” you stay still,” breaking her skin with my teeth, Erotik hikaye not deep just enough to make my point. Meredith feels blood seeping out of the wound, ” Okay, ” She moans ” I’m yours…I’m whatever you want…I’ll do anything you tell me to…just please…please don’t hu–.”

Meredith sucks in an agonized breath as my hot, sticky baseball bat size cock enters her tight pussy. She screams then moans as my hands grip her tits tight, her body shaking trying to get me out, instead I thrust deeper. ” No,” She moans. ” Please no, let me go… take it out.” My monster cock stretching her pussy is hot slamming in and out of her, driving hard and deep with each thrust. Meredith never imagined the pain with the sheathing and unsheathing of my shaft. My hard, rough, deep thrusts driving her back and forth on the bed. I continued driving unmercifully in and out of her, Meredith is sobbing as her body aches enduring my relentless strokes into her. Meredith finds herself watching between her legs as I slammed into her. My cock as big around as her forearm, redish colored with a cobweb pattern of vicious blue veins and is at least a foot long she thought. As terrifying as my shaft is, what is at the end of it is worse. There at the end of my shaft is twice the thickness of the shaft and angrier red color is a horrendous round knot. ” No,” She moan as I continue driving in then out of her.

” I can’t…I can’t…No…No…No…please.” I whisper in her ear, ” You asked to be fucked…telling me I could do what I wanted.” Meredith buries her face in the pillow, then she raises her head to watch as the knot grew nearer to her with every thrust. Then suddenly the knot hit her with a sucking, slurping sound that made her bite the pillow. The knot stuck in her for a moment before I pull back…and the wave of pain hit her like a tidal wave. On the fifth thrust I finally push the knot all the way in and she is thrashing around wildly with pain making muffled screams and beating the bed with her fists. Then she feels my cock growing then erupts like a volcano sending hot wet cum into her. Cum running down her thighs and onto the bed, her abdomen cramping. Then I collapse on her back gasping for air, our bodies covered in sweat. Meredith collapsed on the bed as a mixture of cum and blood soaked the sheets. I got up leaving her laying there, her pussy aching and sore and she feels numb.

Meredith got up walked to the bathroom when she returns to the bedroom, I grab her, ” Get down on the floor on your hands and knees. I’m not done yet.” ” Shhh…shhhh. I’m not going anywhere,” I buried my face in Meredith’s neck, ” You love it when I fuck you from behind. You want it hard again don’t you? Fast. You love me fucking you…rough…you missed feeling my cock and knot stretching your pussy.” Meredith isn’t sure what is up until the blinding flash of sudden pain as I thrust again, finding my mark in her tight asshole. Meredith wasn’t prepared for that, screaming in surprise and pain, I breath into her ” Your ass is soooo tight.” Meredith feels me growing bigger until I explode deep inside her, my knot causing her to feel like her anus is on fire. I grab her hair, pulling her head to the side and bite Meredith’s neck. She shudders as she feels me blast into her. The throbbing of my cock as I came sending tremors through her abdomen.

I stopped moving and just rested laying against her until the swelling subsided, and my limp cock fell out of her ass and moved away. Meredith collapsed to her elbows, sobbing softly with pain, pleasure, and satisified. Meredith is sure she will be bleeding, she didn’t care. Meredith is not surprised when I pressed my tongue against her pussy again, licking her clit and pussy. Then I pressed my tongue harder into her pussy, Meredith moaned. She feels the tightening, her orgasm is approaching. I know she is close to having an orgasm, my licking is more fevered and rougher. Meredith is shuddering as wave after wave cascades over her from a powerful orgasm. We both lay on the floor panting for a few minutes, recovering.

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