Exploiting an Opportunity Ch. 04


Thursday dawned and everything seemed brighter and more colorful than before. I felt great and… very happy. Mom was gone when we went downstairs and Cathy joined me for my morning swim. Of course we swam nude. Surprisingly Indy came out. In a swimsuit no less!

“Hey guys,”

“Good morning!”

He sat on the edge of the pool. “Leia, I wanted to thank you again for last night. I never dreamed I’d get to see her in the nude, not really.”

Cathy looked from Indy to me and back. “Oh so that’s what’s up! You want to fuck her, no, scratch that. That’s not you. You want to make love to her.”

I expected Indy be embarrassed but instead he got defensive. “She doesn’t deserve to be fucked, she deserves to be loved! Besides who are you to talk? You fuck everyone in your family and us too!”

“Hey easy there Indy,” Cathy replied. “I actually agree with you. She is beautiful and I think you could really please her if she ever gave you the chance. Now me on the other hand, I haven’t tried hard rough fucking, and since Daddy is overseas, I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere…”

Indy slid into the pool and lifted Cathy up onto the patio. He went down on her and in no time at all she was moaning loudly. I climbed out and started kissing her. After a few minutes we moved over and Cathy lay in a chaise. Indy mounted her as he straddled the seat and I sat on her face. I watched as his cock slid in and out of her straining pussy. Then on a whim I lowered my face to try to kiss and lick her clit. After a few minutes of this I lifted my face just a little and begged,

“Give me your cock Indy, let me suck you!” Indy pulled out and thrust his cock into my open, hungry mouth. I sucked him for a minute or so before Cathy was begging for it. We fell into a rhythm. He would fuck her pussy for a couple of minutes, then fuck my face for a couple, then back to her pussy. I was thrilled by the taste of her on his cock. Then Cathy begged for a break, claiming that her pussy couldn’t take it. Indy sat on the edge of the pool and Cathy and I stood in front of him and took turns sucking his cock until he came and covered us again in globs of cum. I turned to Cathy and we made out as we ate the cum off of each other.

Cathy and I showered together and this time we bathed each other, something that would not have gone over well at school. Then she dressed and left, taking Indy with her to drop off at the University. I wondered if they would stop somewhere to make out, but decided that it would probably be okay if they did.

Then I went into Mom’s room and turned on her computer and opened the pics file. I looked at the images of her, Aunt Shelly, Uncle Pete and Mrs. Bishop. The pics were relatively tasteful nudes. Uncle Pete was unimpressive. There were four pictures of him grilling and lounging around in the nude.

Mom looked great and I guessed that the picture was from her vacation last summer. She was lying on her side on a nice king sized bed in the nude. You could see her bush but not her labia. There was nothing at first glance to indicate sex, just a nude. But I looked closer and saw a big red dildo on the nightstand behind her. There were also pictures of her swimming in a pool in the nude and relaxing on a chaise poolside. In all of them she was smiling and happy and oh so damn beautiful and sexy. I remembered her in the pool yesterday and how badly I had wanted to touch her breasts. Her areola were slightly oval, and her nipples were nice short buttons. Not as erect as mine but very big around. Almost the size of mini-marshmallows. I hoped that I would be able to find a way for her to make love to Indy and then to me.

I then looked at the pictures of Aunt Shelly, Mom’s baby sister. Aunt Shelly was only thirty eight and also a brunette. But she wore her hair as short as I did and although she was also 5’8″, she was truly a plus sized beauty. Looking at the pictures I guessed that she probably had tits in the DDD range. She had a slight tummy and nice round hips, with thick but shapely legs. Her areola were huge and round like small saucers, but her nipples were introverted.

Next I examined the pictures of her best friend Mrs. Bishop. There were the typical pictures of her in the nude or nearly nude in what I assumed was her home.Then I saw something really special. In one poolside picture of Mrs. Bishop, there was a young man, about my age, and he was also nude and holding Mrs. Bishop’s breasts from behind. I seemed to recall that Mr. and Mrs. Bishop had a son a year behind me in school. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop were both blonde and so was the young man in the picture. I wondered if there was incest in that house. I also wondered if Mom had fucked him…

I knew Rachel Bishop was Mom’s best friend and had been since college. Yeah Mom went to night school for a while, then switched to regular day classes and finally got her degree around age 32 or 33. She managed to work her way up to be the Secretary for the General Counsel for a big bursa escort corporation. In fact she, the secretary for the CEO and the secretary for the CFO of the corporation were the highest paid clerical staff in the company. They each made as much as some of the junior vice presidents. This was why we had a nice house on a hill with a pool. And though Mom had bought me a car, it was nothing special, just a ’96 model Honda. A couple of years ago she bought Indy one too, but he seldom drove. Mom however, really loved her Volvo sedans. Every four or five years she leased a new one. Now I found myself wondering if she ever made out in the backseat, and if so, who with?

So I sat there and contemplated the sub files. Choosing one I started trying to guess the password. I tried names and important dates. I got lucky when I tried Aunt Shelly’s name and birthday. The folder opened to show pictures of Mom and Aunt Shelly. One picture showed Mom on that same bed using that red dildo… Shit. It looked to be barely smaller than Indy. How nice would it be to give her a real live cum squirting cock to replace it! Another was of Aunt Shelly using it. Hell, maybe it was her’s and not Mom’s. (The one she used the other night was smaller and pink…) Several more showed the two of them in various positions eating each other out or sucking tits or french kissing. I wondered who was taking the photos…Uncle Pete maybe?

I went to the next folder and Uncle Pete’s name and birthday unlocked it and there were pictures of him making love to Aunt Shelly and to Mom. There were also pictures of each of them sucking his cock. Looking at it I was kinda glad to see that he was not exceptional. Good. That meant that if she did make love to Indy, his big cock would be outside her routine. It was bound to be a surprise I hoped. Other pictures included Uncle Pete taking both Mom and Aunt Shelly anally. Wow! I mean, I knew my Mom was sexually active but I hadn’t considered her liking anal… I don’t know why, I just hadn’t.

There were two more folders. Going back to her calendar I searched until I found Rachel Bishop’s birthday reminder… but no year was listed. I made a guess that she was about Mom’s age, give or take a year. Going to the remaining folders I tried several guesses and one was successful. The folder opened to show pictures of Mom and Mrs. Bishop making love. There were no pictures of the mysterious boy. Good. Then I realized someone had to be using the camera… was it the boy? Or Mr. Bishop? Was he the kind who got off just watching?

I sat and pondered the remaining folder. Mom had no other siblings. Dad had been an only child. Mom had no other close friends that I knew of, just acquaintances. Possibly the other people in the pics file that I didn’t know. Then an idea came to me. I tried the date of Dad’s death with our last name. The folder unlocked and it was a journal, a diary. I wrestled for several minutes with the dilemma of whether or not I should read it. Finally I decided to only read the most recent entries. The document had opened on the last page which dated last night. I went back three entries and it was pretty clear that she was lonely for a man in her life and referred to something about “Pete’s condition has left him nearly impotent…” and “glad we had one last summer fling…” and how “Shelly and I decided it would be best if he focused on Mabel from now on…” Mabel was his wife I recalled. Hmmmn…

This must be why she didn’t take her usual early summer vacation at the lake with them this year. All three of them had been born in June and July so they had a habit of celebrating together at Uncle Pete’s lake house. Well, now I knew what went on there. But I had to remind myself that they were all consenting adults and no one was getting harmed. Besides, I was in an incestuous relationship with my brother/lover and fantasizing about an affair with my Mom as well as between Mom and Indy.

The next entry was full of self loathing as she vented her feelings about unwittingly turning Indy on and then trying to spy on him. She remarked that the drapes were closed (good, so she hadn’t seen him jacking off) and how ashamed she was that she had tried. She went on to say that her attempt to masturbate had been unsuccessful until she fantasized about taking him! Wow! So she did want him! But then she went on to say that she knew this could never happen, that she wanted her kids “free of the curse”. She wrote however that her sexual frustration was mounting and that masturbating only took the edge off “without getting to the root of the problem.” The last entry was dated last night. She must have written it when she went to bed.

“I don’t know what to do with my urges. They seem to come out of nowhere and are so powerful that they make me do things that I know I shouldn’t. Today I discovered that my beautiful daughter is bisexual and in a relationship with a very attractive redhead. On the one hand I am thrilled for her. The girl is adorable çanakkale escort and very sexy and if she ever gave me any sign that she was interested I would gladly make love to her. On the other hand I look at my daughter and a part of me wants to weep. Over the years, in a deep and dark part of me, I dreamed that I might teach her the ways of lesbian love. I know it is wrong and twisted and that I am a horrible person for even thinking it, but damn it all, I do wish to teach her the same tender and loving way my mother taught me, and her mother taught her. To possibly be her awakening. The girls were swimming topless when I got home and Indy was upstairs. I chided them for it and they remarked that they were doing it to have fun and to give him a thrill if he was watching. They then talked me into skinny dipping with them. And damn if I didn’t. I stripped naked and so did they. I secretly wished for either of them to touch me, to caress me, but of course they wouldn’t. I also hoped that Indy was watching from his room. The thought of him coming out to join us was both frightening and arousing. But of course he didn’t. I worry about him. Has growing up without a father figure impeded his sexual growth? Or is it a by-product of his intelligence? What would happen if I walked into his room some night and climbed into his bed? Would he love me? Or would he loathe me for it? And what of Leia? Should I dare to touch her? To kiss her full on the lips like a lover? My god I was so close last night! She praised my body and said that she wished she had tits like mine. I yearned for her to ask to touch them! But she is now in a relationship with that sexy redhead and I dare not interfere. Still I sit here typing and I know that the two of them are no doubt naked in her bed making sweet love and, although I am happy for her, I feel a longing. Now that Pete is no longer available I am left with Shelly, but that is a two hour drive each way, and Rachel. Sadly, Rachel has enticed her son into her bed. Oh I mean it is fine for her, since James is leaving her for his whore. But it leaves little time for her and I anymore. She was kind enough to offer to share Jimmy with me but there is no way in hell I would come between a mother and her son. I guess I’ll stop here and go to bed and masturbate again…”

I closed the files and turned off her computer and went to my room to think.

Oh holy fuck…

Mom was ripe for the picking. It would be so easy for me to entice her into my bed. But what about Indy? I knew he wanted her desperately. But if I let the two of them start to fuck, I feared that there would be less of both for me.Of course, now I had Cathy. But that didn’t stop me wanting Indy or Mom. I decided to get as much of my brother as I could while trying to come up with a plan to get Mom into bed. Then I would see if I could get the two of them together.

Yeah I’m a horrible person.

That night I tossed and turned with strange dreams. Either I was having sex with Indy, or Cathy, or Mom or I was being rejected by each in turn and told how nasty I was. I woke up several times but when I went back to sleep, the next version of the dream was there to torture me. Finally I gave up around five thirty and sat on the deck outside my room.

Shit, things had gotten complicated. I now knew that I loved Indy and always would, in a very intimate way. I also felt myself falling in love with Cathy. Sure it had started as lust, but we had been friends for a few years and the sex was great… But now I had spent hours and hours with her and felt much more of a bond. We made love, but we also talked. And when I looked into her eyes I felt a very special kinship. At once she was a friend, and a lover, but she was also in a way the sister I’d never had. We were so in tune, no, synchronized fit better. How lucky could a girl get? I had stumbled upon a girl and a guy who both wanted me and both were happy to share me as I was to share them! But could this last? True, Mom, Pete and Shelly had made it work. Maybe we could too.

Then there is Mom. What a dilemma. Indy worshipped her. I had always loved her but only this week had started to lust over her beautiful body. And I knew her secret which I had to keep. There was no way I was going to tell Indy. And I couldn’t let her know I had read her diary either. Okay, so do I try to seduce her first? If successful then I would know for certain that she would make love to Indy. And if she turned me down, then I would have my answer as well.

Now, how to do it?

Then I heard the sound of Mom’s patio door opening and she strolled around the corner a moment later.

“Hi Mom.”

“Good morning sweetie. What are you doing?”

“Thinking. A lot has happened this week and my emotions are all over the place.”

“Ah, yes. I understand. I had a rough night myself. What sleep I managed to get was, well, rough.”

“Yeah, same here.” I said.

“Would this have to do with Cathy didim escort and your coming out?”

“Some, yeah. But I don’t think of it as coming out Mom. I wasn’t hiding my sexuality. I was truly ignorant of, no, there was nothing to be ignorant of. I just discovered that Cathy was turning me on and that I wanted her. She has been Bi for a while but I had no clue. The entire time we’ve known each other I had no clue. Right now I don’t know if other women are going to be a turn on for me. Well, there is one but she’s out of reach. Besides which I now have Cathy to think of.”

“So Cathy was your first… girl?” Mom asked as she tugged her robe tighter around her.

“Yes…” Then I recalled a line from her diary, “I guess she was my awakening.”

Mom turned and leaned on the railing. Okay Mom I’m about to give you the opening, let’s hope you take it.

“But as much as I enjoy it, I still feel like I’m in over my head. I just wish I knew more… But you can’t exactly enroll in Lesbian Lovemaking 101 at school, you know?”

Mom was very quiet. She had already admitted that she might be considered Bi, or had had lesbian encounters. Now she just needed to come talk to me. Hold me…

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, figuring out what works for the two of you is half the fun. I, uh, need to do my workout and get in the shower. Have a good day sweetie.”

And she was gone. Damn.

I hung around in the kitchen until Mom left for work. This time I didn’t wait the normal fifteen minutes but an entire half hour. I kept hoping that she would come back to talk. I finally gave up and went to Indy’s room and crawled naked into bed with him. He awoke and pulled me close. It felt nice.

I woke up a little after nine to discover that Indy’s erection was pressing against my thigh. Grinning in anticipation I gently lifted the covers and began kissing it ever so softly. It grew to its full majesty and twitched. Slowly Indy awoke.

“Aww geez Leia, that feels so good. I could get used to being awakened this way.”

“Yeah, sure beats an alarm clock huh?”

After a few more minutes of fellatio I stopped and sat up.

“Okay bro, we have covered many topics in our lessons. But to be honest there are way too many positions for us to cover all of them, and no, I haven’t tried all of them. One thing that is important for you to know and accept is that for most couples, vaginal sex alone is not going to always give her an orgasm It is important for you to understand that she may need some help. She may want to use a toy or vibrator for that. So we are going to try some positions that will allow me to masturbate while we fuck.”

I showed him the reverse cowgirl and several others. He came in me early but I so wanted to keep going that I just kept on riding him until most of his cum had been pumped out of my pussy by our actions. His bed was soaked with our fluids and sweat but I was glad to see that the mess didn’t faze him. And even though he had cum, he stayed with me, inside of me. Never completely flaccid but at least semi erect and mostly stiff.

After a really long fuck-session we collapsed panting onto the sodden bed. When I could speak I complemented Indy.

“That, that was great bro. You have incredible stamina.”

Indy grinned. “Yeah well it’s easy to stay hard when you’re fucking a real amazon beauty.”

“Awww, what brought that on?”

“Well it’s true. You are incredibly fit and athletic and I noticed how firm and defined you are. And yeah, you’re pretty, really, really pretty.”

I kissed him and then asked him a question. “We made a real mess of your bed, doesn’t it bother you? “

“Nah, not really. The fun is worth the mess.”

I giggled, “Yeah it was fun wasn’t it?”

I decided we would shower together and Indy seemed to really enjoy washing me all over. I even allowed him to toy with and gently probe my ass with his finger and then his thumb. It was arousing in a way. Possibly because we were both thrilled by another taboo (albeit a very minor one unless compounded by the incest) and also because this time it was my choice and in fact my initiative.

“Okay the next lesson is on tenderness and the care of your delicate flower, your woman. You are going to shave me. We’ll start with my underarms and then do my legs. And if I’m not bleeding profusely, then my pussy.”

“Your bush?”

“No my labia, my pussy. What?”

“I didn’t realize you shaved there.”

“Well yeah, now I do. I didn’t start until I became sexually active. Guys prefer to eat a smooth pussy and after puberty, it ain’t no more! Fortunately I only have to shave it once or twice a week on average.”

Indy did well until we got to my labia. I calmed him down and told him to take it slow. It was actually a pretty good job. Hell, if he liked it and was willing, I might just contract the job out to him. It would be easier that trying to do it myself looking in a mirror. Of course, maybe Cathy might like that job… I rinsed off and then smiled at him.

“Okay time for a quality check. You need to see if you missed anything.”

Indy started to reach for my pussy but I stopped him.

“Nu-uh. Your hands are not that sensitive. But your lips are…”

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