F4MM Ch. 06


I was on a business trip and put my bisexual MMF threesome porn and profile search on hold. I always stayed at the same hotel because it seemed like I always got lucky listening through the walls.

One time, I had heard a couple fucking; headboard creaking, woman moaning, guy grunting. He prematurely ejaculated and I could hear him apologize profusely. I prematurely ejaculated too.

Another time I had heard three lesbians going at it, giggling and moaning. I left three stains on the hotel wall; a big one, a medium one and then a little one.

Then there was the time I noticed a couple in the next room. I could hear well enough through the wall but nothing was happening. A light bulb went on inside my boxers. I got on my bed and started making it squeak. I found a way to make a slapping sound, added some grunts and moans, and finished with a noisy flourish. I knew I had succeeded in getting my neighbors horny because I heard them go at it a short time later. I added a blotch to the hotel bedspread.

The best time was when I was staying in a room with one of those adjoining rooms, you know, the ones with a two doors between. I had heard a couple enter late in the evening. There was light showing through the gap at the bottom. I laid down and angled my head to get close, I could hear everything.

From their conversation I understood it was their wedding night and that she had promised him anal sex if he married her. He was agitated because he could not find the lube. I heard rummaging, cussing, and her cheerfully saying “Oh well, I guess it won’t be tonight.” That prompted a “Dammit!” from him and more rummaging until he yelled out, “Found it!” followed by a “Oh, great,” from her.

I heard rustling that I imagined was a wedding dress being lifted up over her head. I have a vivid imagination.

I craned my neck to get even closer.

He skipped the foreplay.

I could hear a squirting sound and her pleading “Please go easy.” She let out a yelp and I heard “More lube!” She was moaning deeply, he was grunting and I could hear his body slapping her.

She cried, “Owwww, it hurts!”

He grunted, “Almost there!”

I heard him let go with a, “Ngh! Ngh! Ngh!” The slapping stopped.

“That’s the last time you get to do that!” from her.

“Dammit!” from him.

My sore neck and afterglow probably lasted as long as her sore butt.

The last time I stayed there I got shut out listening through the walls. I went for a walk, creeping slowly past rooms with a Do Not Disturb hang tag. Nothing.

The hotel had an open area, I guess you would call it a courtyard. I strolled out there and could see the glow of room lights through the curtains. One room got my attention. I could see movement through a gap in the curtains. I crept a little closer and I could see it all; a guy laying on the bed naked, he had a laptop computer open and was jacking off to some porn. I crept closer.

It looked like he was watching a bisexual MMF threesome, at least I imagined he was. I have a vivid imagination.

I watched him make a puddle on his chest.

I went back to my room, opened the curtains a bit, and made my own puddle.

This time they put me in a room on the end. There was nobody staying next door. There was an ice machine humming so I wasn’t going to be able to hear moans wafting down the hall.

I asked for a room change. Nope. I went for a stroll.

I made a lap of the courtyard. There was a room on the bottom floor with a big gap in the curtains. I could see movement inside. I didn’t want to be seen leering from the walkway so I moved closer. The only way I was going to stay hidden was to climb onto their veranda. I straddled over the railing and took a last look around. Perfect.

They had the sheer curtains closed. I was going to be able to watch without being seen.

It was a couple. She was a dominatrix. He was tied to the xslot bed naked. Face down. Ball gag.

She was a large lady. She had on a tight black corset, with boobs overflowing. She had on black knee high boots, black elbow length gloves, and black fishnet stockings with garters.

Raven black hair, black eyeshadow, black lipstick.

She was holding a black whip.

She had on black lace panties, with thighs overflowing. It looked like they were crotchless, but was hard to tell because she was wearing a big black strap-on.

I slipped my hand down the front of my pants. Bone.

My heart was pounding.

I saw her toying with him. The whip was one of those stranded things and she would alternate between brushing him lightly and giving him a good smack. I could hear a muffled grunt each time.

All of a sudden, she strode over to the sliding door and pushed away the sheer curtains. I stumbled back against the railing.

Busted! She slid the door open and stepped out.

I yanked my hand out of my pants and mumbled, “I, uh, uh, I, uh.”

“Silence!” she commanded in a husky whisper. “Not another word from you or I will call security!”

I shakily nodded an acknowledgement.

“Step inside,” she hissed. She closed the door and pulled the curtains all the way closed behind me.

“Strip naked!” she barked.

“I, uh, I, uh,” was met with, “Not another word!”

I sheepishly pulled off my clothes. The tent in my boxers had a wet spot. They came off too.

“God that thing is small!” she laughed.

Great, thanks, I thought to myself.

There were four more shackles on the bed. She pointed with her whip. I shuffled over and she buckled me in. Face down. Ball gag.

She leaned down and hissed into my ear, “It was his desire to have a bisexual threesome. It was my idea to lure someone in with the open curtains!”

“You belong to Madame Butterball!” she cackled.

“Mmmmf!” was all I could manage.

“Oh, and your safe word is Mmmmf! Bitch!” she growled.

She started in on me with the whip. I flinched with each touch not knowing if it was going to be a light brush or a nasty whack.

“Mmmmmf!” She was lying about the safe word.

I heard her rustling behind us. It sounded like she was pulling goodies out of a bag. Something sounded like a lube bottle being opened. A squirting sound and my butt crack was dripping.


I felt her kneel on the bed and work her way in behind me. I felt that giant strap-on part my butt cheeks.


She probed the huge tip up against my hole then pulled back. Some rustling sounds and I felt another probe. Slam! She ran it in.


Wait! It wasn’t the big one! She had swapped it for a smaller attachment!

It was nice and small. She started railing me.

Now, I have seen lots of pegging porn clips. They are a real turn on. I especially like watching ones where the guy comes while he is being pounded.

“That’s right you fucking bitch!” she growled into my ear. “I’ll fucking teach you not to peep, you fuck!”

I’ll probably do it again, I thought to myself.

“Mmmmmf! Mmmmmf! Mmmmmf!”

“You fucking men are so fucking easy to trap!” she hissed. “This is what you deserve! Bitch!”


“Oh God Yes! I’m going to come in your ass!” she hollered, as she grunted and moaned in a good imitation of a male orgasm.

“That’s right you fuck!” she growled as she dismounted.

There was more rustling. She came back with the big one on and made sure he saw it. Back behind him and she gave him the same treatment.

I tried to signal the other guy with my eyebrows. Doesn’t anyone know Morse Code anymore?

She railed him and “came” in his ass. I wondered how much he had paid for this.

She unbuckled me, holding the whip at the ready, and buckled me back in facing up.

“What xslot Giriş do we have here?” she laughed.

I had a rock hard boner.

“Mmmf!” I wanted to tell them that I was totally up for this. My erect unit told the story.

“I’ve seen bigger cocktail wieners!” she chuckled.

She went back to her bag and pulled out a mid-size strap-on attachment. She unbuckled him, took out his ball gag and ordered him to get on his hands and knees on the bed.

He had a rock hard boner too.

“God that thing is small!” she hissed.


“Get down there and suck his dick! Bitch!” she commanded.

“Yes, Madame Butterball!” as he complied, taking me into his mouth.

He started sucking me. Not too bad a technique, I’ve had better.

She was standing behind him with the whip, snarling, “You better fucking moan like you are enjoying it! Bitch!”

I was enjoying it. but I had no way of telling them.

“Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmmm.” How are you supposed to moan with a ball gag in your mouth?

“That’s right, Bitch! You fucking cocksucker!” she snapped at him.

Crack! I heard the whip smack him on the ass.


“Look, Bitch!” she snarled in my ear. “I’m going to take out that ball gag and put something else in your mouth! Not a word out of you! You Fuck!”

I furtively nodded an acknowledgement.

She removed the ball gag and quickly stuffed the strap-on in my mouth.


“Suck it! Bitch!” she snapped. “That’s right you fucking fuck! Suck! My! Dick!

“No fucking teeth! Bitch! God you are fucking bad at this!” she snarled.

The guy was still working me over but I was too distracted.

“I’m going to come!” she yelled, “You better swallow it all! Bitch!” She grunted and moaned. When she pulled out I thought about saying something but she put her finger to her lips signaling silence.

She climbed up and straddled my face. Yes, crotchless. She had her entertainment center hovering over me. She planted that big thing, grinding away. I struggled to get a breath of air.

“Lick that snatch! Bitch!” she snapped.

I think I surprised her because she let out a “Fucking Yes!” when I worked my tongue on her clit.

“Whoa! It’s almost like you want this! Bitch! That’s right! Lick Madame Butterball!” she hollered.

I tongued her like a prizefighter working a speed bag.

“Right there! Bitch! Oh Yeah!” she yelled out as I could feel her tensing up.

“Fuck Yeah!” she yelled out, “I’m going to come!”

She started with a low moan, her body trembled as orgasm crested the wave. I kept at it is as she writhed in pleasure.

I slowed to a stop with my tongue, but she yelled out “More!” She grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my head back down. I went back at it with my tongue. She tensed again and let out a loud “Aaaaaaargh!” as her body convulsed and shuddered again.

She climbed off onto the bed and laid there with chest heaving.

I started to say something, but she held up the whip.

“Fuck his face!” she barked at the other guy, “Not a fucking word out of you!” and the guy moved up and put his member in my mouth. She moved behind him and was giving him the occasional crack with the whip.

“Come in his fucking mouth!” she commanded.

He was humping my mouth pretty hard. I was doing my best to pleasure him. It must have been working as his moans got louder.

He ran it all the way in a few times. He was smaller so it didn’t hit my gag reflex.

“That’s right, Bitch! Suck it good!” she yelled.

His pace slowed. He was going to let go.

“You better swallow every last drop! Bitch!” she hollered.

He had just his head going in and out. I had the perfect lip lock on him and added a little tongue on the tip. He started a deep groan as his stomach muscles clenched.

“Oh God Yes! I’m going to come!” he yelled out.

“Every! xslot Güncel Giriş Last! Drop!” she hollered.

A big grunt from him and I felt the first dribble on my tongue. He yelled out, “Aarrrrgh!” and spurts hit the back of my throat. He convulsed and groaned as I felt the streams in his pulsating member before they gushed into my mouth. I swallowed but there were still more stuff coming out. He shuddered and groaned as I sucked out the last drops. One last gulp and he pulled out. He flopped onto the bed with chest heaving and member throbbing.

I made sure Madame Butterball could see that my mouth was empty.

“Good little Bitch!” was her compliment.

They unshackled me and took the ball gag out. I told them that I was totally enjoying myself. They thanked me and offered to let me have it any way I wanted as a reward for being so cooperative. She said he had paid in full and we still had some time left.

“Can I, like, you know, get pegged again?” I meekly asked her.

“That’s not how this works,” was her terse reply. “It’s May I get pegged again please, Madame Butterball!”

“May I get pegged again please, Madame Butterball?” I whimpered.

“And one last thing,” I added, “Could you have him suck my dick? Oops, sorry. Could you please make him suck my dick, Madame Butterball?”

“That’s more like it!” she hollered.

“Get your ass over here! Bitch!” she commanded as she got up from the bed. “Choose your weapon!”

I stepped over to her bag of goodies and found an appropriate size attachment. It was smaller and had veins like ropes.

“Get on you hands and knees! Bitch!” she commanded, pointing the whip to the center of the bed.

I climbed on the bed and got into position.

I flinched at a slight brush of the whip on my upturned butt, then she gave a good crack.

She worked her way in behind me and slobbered on more lube. She pushed the strap-on up against my hole and gave one more lash with the whip. She pushed the tip in and started slow, adding more lube, then picked up the pace.

“Now suck his dick!” she barked at him.

He crawled under and angled to get his mouth on me.

I didn’t recall seeing this combination in any porn clip, and I have seen a lot of porn. I made a mental note to search for “Bisexual Doggy Pegging” next time.

He had been sucking me before but I was distracted by everything else, now I could focus.

“That’s right! Bitch! I’m fucking you in the ass like you deserve!” she hollered. The whip cracked again.

I moaned out when he hit the right spots. He got the message and focused there.

She grabbed me by the hips and was reaming me hard.

“Fucking Bitch!” she yelled out, “You are being Butterballed!”

I reached the point of no return pretty fast. She had a good pace going and he had good hand and mouth action.

“Right there!” I yelled out as they kept at it.

“You better fucking come! Bitch!” Her yelling took me over the edge.

The orgasm started deep in my soul. His lips worked my head perfectly.

“Almost!” I panted.

He took his hand off. I could feel the pulsations start. He flinched when the first big spurt hit the back of his throat, but he kept his mouth on me. My sphincter muscle clenched the shaft, feeling every vein. I writhed and convulsed in pleasure as they both slowed to a stop, The last throbs drained a few more dribbles into his mouth.

“Bitch!” was my reward.

“Swallow!” she hissed at him, he complied.

The guy wiped his mouth and said, “Hey, uh, thanks.”

I responded, “It was my pleasure.”

She looked at her watch, collected her stuff, put on an overcoat and left.

“So, how much was that?” I asked him.

“That’s not how this works,” he replied.

I pulled my clothes back on and walked stiffly back to my room, creeping slowly past rooms with a Do Not Disturb hang tag.

I have wondered which would have been more sexy; to be in the room or listening through the wall.

Now I have another experience that will live on in my fantasies. I can’t wait to share this story with someone else.

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