Family Bonding


The steam was warm on Brad’s eighteen year old face as the boiling water from the hot tub soaked his toned muscles.

Everyone had vacated the indoor pool area of the hotel, no doubt favoring to spend their night in the suite upstairs. On the eighth floor, Brad’s birthday party was raging; it was a mixture of barely legal teenagers and copious amounts of alcohol – what could go wrong?

But instead Brad found himself downstairs, relaxing in the soothing, quietly bubbling circular tub. At the moment, he simply had no interest in the loud, incoherent mess – one that him and his friends had planned for months – that was unfolding high above him.

Taking a deep sigh, he ran his fingers through his moist, short brown hair. Then he lifted his chiseled arms high into the air, letting out a long moan as he stretched the rest of his fit body.

“Well that certainly sounds like fun,” a familiar voice called out from the door behind him.

Brad turned back and found his older step-sister’s tall frame walking toward him, his peace and quiet suddenly interrupted by her presence. But the interruption wasn’t unwelcome – the very presence of his step-sister Iris brought about a frantic anxiety that she could never know.

It wasn’t a nagging feeling, or the dreadful knot in one’s stomach that forms upon spending time with someone you’d rather not. Instead this was a warm feeling, something similar to affection. But it was deeper than that; his affection was something much more powerful and primal than simply caring for his step-sister. Over the course of his teenage years, Brad had found his feelings towards Iris sink into the forbidden.

The most appropriate description of Brad’s current feelings toward his step-sister was unspoken desire. At its peak, fevered lust.

It was deep. And heavy. And secret.

* * *

Iris had moved into his home five years earlier, when her mother married Brad’s father in the summer of 2013. Brad was an only child, and the sudden addition of three new people into his otherwise empty home came as something of a shock to him at first. Almost overnight he had to share his space with his stepmother Debra, and her two daughters, Iris and Katherine. This was an arrangement that Brad would eventually learn to settle with, but never truly find comfort in.

Perhaps his lack of comfort derived from the older sister Iris, then 18 to his 13 – now 23 to his 18 – and her tendencies to pick on her new, younger step-brother. Back in those days, Iris made an effort to connect with Brad by constantly picking on him for never having a girlfriend, as well as his lack of interest in playing sports. These playful taunts stuck to Brad, and as time passed he quickly realized there was something twisted about the way his feelings were developing toward his new – and intimidating – step-sister.

Through his adolescent years, Brand’s hormones raged as wild as most boys his age, and possibly then some. He was constantly horny and always dozing off in the middle of class to daydream about the attractive young-girls at his high-school. But as he grew closer to his 18th birthday, his lustful thoughts began to take on a shameful nature. Brad found himself no longer daydreaming about the head cheerleader or the prom queen, but instead on his tall, thick sister Iris. What might have simply been curious thoughts had manifested themselves into detailed, illicit fantasies.

Brad even found that eventually sharing a space with Iris was nearly too much to handle. Just upon seeing her curvy figure walk through the door, his heart would skip a beat. In no time at all, heat would begin to build between his thighs as his coherent thoughts melted away into the sexually fantastic.

Back then, his visions never became anything more – no matter how vivid or depraved – than just fantasy.

* * *

Iris slipped her voluptuous, 6’2″ frame into the warm water of the hot tub, positioning herself on the opposite end of the concrete circle from her step-brother. She had came down covered in a towel, but had unveiled her tight, black bikini underneath it before joining Brad in the steamy waters within the hotel’s pool room.

Brad hadn’t answered her playful tease from a moment ago, and the room echoed with the hum of the hot tub’s engine, working to keep the water nice and toasty against their young skin.

He had now settled in from his stretch as his gaze met his sister’s. Brad seemingly hadn’t noticed how much taller iris was than him until this moment; to his best guess, so must have had a good four inches on him. As he mulled this odd realization over, he began to feel an all too familiar warmth inside his tight swim trunks, even through the heated water.

“So, birthday boy…” Iris started, her eyes looking as playful as her voice, “this is how you’re going to spend your big day? Hiding from your friends and sitting by yourself?” Her words were teasing, but halfway serious.

“It’s too crazy up there,” Brad antalya escort answered, motioning his head up towards the room on the eighth floor. “Besides, it’s nice and comfortable down here.”

“You forgot to mention hot,” Iris snapped back, beads of sweat now forming across her forehead. Both of them could feel a strange unevenness overtaking them as the warmth of the water mingled with the alcohol they had been consuming throughout the night.

Neither had drank enough to be considered “smashed”, but the heat pouring off the water seemed to temporarily heighten their inebriation.

Both of their bodies were soon covered in a coat of fresh sweat as Iris hand reached out and played with the water indifferently. Then she swam over and made herself comfortable next to her little brother.

Brad’s heart thumped against his chest so hard that he was afraid Iris might hear it.

“But really, what are you doing down here all alone? Don’t you want to go upstairs with your big sis?”

Iris had turned her gaze directly upon her step-brother, her dark eyes looming down onto him.

Brad could hardly face her without turning a deep shade of red, and his eyes struggled to keep themselves off the warm, thick breasts bouncing with the bubbles at the surface of the water.

“I’ll be up when I’m ready,” he answered back quietly, the nervous words sticking to his tongue.

“C’mon, we both know that’s not true. You think you can just hide down here, away from growing up? But guess what? You’re of age now,” Iris countered, her words becoming softer as she appeared to lean in with each syllable.

Brad’s throat was clenched tight; he didn’t utter a word.

“You think I don’t know how badly you want to grow up? I’ve been around you long enough to see the man beneath your quiet facade; your eye’s give up everything about you…”

At this, Brad finally turned to his step-sister.

He studied her beautiful face to find that her smirk carried the same demeaning attitude she had forced on him since they met years ago. To Brad’s silent surprise, the sight made his swim shorts throb underneath him as he felt Iris’ thigh suddenly press up against his own underneath the water.

“Like it or not, you’re going to grow up tonight…” Iris whispered, her breath now pouring out into her step-brother’s ear.

Brad jumped, abruptly feeling Iris’ fingers crawl up his swim shorts before quickly landing on what they were searching for: his already firm shaft.

Her left hand give Brad’s engorged sex a firm squeeze.

The young man was speechless; he felt himself melting away within his step-sisters grasp, her dark eyes never breaking contact with his own as her grip loosened, her palm now rubbing the outside of her step-brother’s swim shorts.

“We’ll just have a party right here, what do you say?” Iris whispered to him, squeezing Brad again.

A soft moan escaped his lips that managed to echo off the walls of the pool room.

“Now that’s the answer I was looking for…” iris let out as she released her step-brothers cock altogether.

Brad felt drunk and dazed as his eyes followed the curves of his step-sister’s body as she stepped out of the pool. Her thick ass bounced back and forth as she made her way over the side of the hot tub, finally standing up and staring down at him. Her eyes darted quickly towards the nearby restroom and her head beckoned him to follow.

Blinking to himself, Brad felt as if he must be in trapped in some hallucinated wet-dream. Moment ago, he was simply minding his own business. Now, his shaft was pulsating, his step-sister having fondled him discreetly under the warm water. The experience was everything his hormonal-body had craved and more, though his conscience coated him in a suffocating fog of shame.

Now, as his step-sister’s wet feet stepped one after another, her hips swaying back and forth, Brad could only exit the pool himself and follow her into the female restroom just by the door to the hotel lobby.

* * *

Iris nearly tackled Brad as the bathroom door swung shut on its hinges behind him, her bikini-clad figure pushing him firmly against the wall. Without wasting a second, her eager lips pressed themselves against Brad’s, her tongue playfully licking at his lips. In moments, his mouth had opened to allow his step-sister’s tongue inside to explore. Her warm muscle circled around his own tongue again and again, each time bringing a fresh throb beneath Brad’s dripping-wet, tight swim shorts.

In the heat of the moment, he hadn’t released he was trembling. Perhaps it was from the anticipation of finally experiencing some form of what he had only fantasized about all these years, or maybe it was due to the creeping anxiety of his step-sister jamming her tongue into his mouth here, inside the girl’s hotel bathroom.

A strong fear weighed on him; it would only be a matter of time before someone walked in and caught them in the artvin escort act.

Whatever the reason, Brad couldn’t stop himself from quaking to the bone.

He also couldn’t break his lips away from his step-sister.

Iris had taken notice.

“Let me calm you down…” she let out, breaking their kiss and thrusting her hand down into Brad’s shorts. In no time, she found his cock and gripped it tight, this time working her hand up and down his length in slow, sensual motions.

“You think I haven’t noticed your eyes on me all these years? The eyes that so desperately want to be fucked?” Iris began, her teeth nibbling at her step-brother’s ear lobe as she pushed her barely clothed body against him harder, pinning him against the cold, tile wall. “You’re so transparent… so predictable..” so continued, her fingertips now rotating against the pounding head of Brad’s cock.

The eighteen-year-old was now moaning much more than softly, his eyes beginning to roll back in his head from the pleasure.

Suddenly, Iris released him and stepped away, breaking her stranglehold upon his senses.

“Just be careful what you wish for; I’m not your average girl, so don’t expect this to be just an average fuck,” her words echoed off the bathroom walls and into Brad’s head. They repeated inside of his mind, growing loader and loader. For a moment, he almost told her to be quiet… almost.

To him, it seemed like his sister hadn’t a care in the world. In fact, she seemed like a different person altogether. This couldn’t have been the girl he grew up next to all these years – something about her had changed.

The thoughts and words slowly dissipated as Brad watched Iris’ plump ass trail away from him down the bathroom, her bathing suit swallowed between her ass cheeks. She stopping at the stall furthest from the entrance door and turned quickly, lifting her hand and beckoning him closer with her index finger.

Brad found himself obeying without a word of protest, barely shaking; the pervasive fear of being walked-in on still coiled tightly around him.

As soon as he was within reach, Iris grabbed him by the waistband and pulled him inside the large, handicap-accessible stall before closing the door and locking it behind her with a click.

Within seconds, she had her step-brother’s swim shorts down between his ankles and watched his modest, eight inch cock burst forth, exposing itself before her gaze as it throbbed into the open air.

Brad watched in silent anticipation as his step-sister’s eyes seemed to examine every inch of his eager shaft. She noticed the smooth was skin and jumping with excitement; she wondered if anyone had ever touched him besides her.

“Turn around. Now.” Iris barked at him and caused Brad to hesitate for a moment. He was halfway expecting his step-sister to resume stroking his shaft, or even better, taking it between her soft lips. But now he found himself surprised as Iris commanded him against the wall, making him place both of his hands against its cold surface as he slid the last bit of his bathing suit off of his body, spreading his legs wide when she told him to.

Iris then dropped to her knees and her hands grasped firmly onto her true target: her step-brother’s toned ass cheeks. With a jolt from Brad, she quickly brought her lips between the spread mounds and extended her tongue towards his tight, pink asshole.

Brad almost yelled as he felt his step-sister’s hot tongue press against his puckered hole before licking the entire thing from top to bottom.

His thighs quaked as fresh blood rushed into the already erect cock.

This was something beyond any fantasy, no matter how elaborately perverted.

Iris didn’t stop at a single lick. She quickly ran her tongue against the clenching orifice again and again and again. With every touch of her hot muscle, she felt her step-brother’s entire being tense up.

She reveled in the reaction.

Before long, the licks turned into circles as her playful tongue trailed the edges of the pink hole.

Brads lips parted to let out a moan at the exact moment the bathroom door flew open.

The sound caught itself in his throat, but only barely.

Even Iris had stopped the movement of her tongue momentarily.

Brad listened for a familiar voice, but there was none to be found. Instead he could only hear the loud clicks of someone – presumably female – making their way to toilet two stalls down.

The strange intruder hadn’t even locked the door when Brad felt Iris’ cruel appendage continue working against his asshole, the thing seemingly even more determined to make him moan than before.

Even worse, Brad almost gasped out loud as Iris reached around with her left hand and began stroking the entire length of his cock quickly and firmly. Each stroke of Iris’ covered him from base to tip, and it seemed every other stroke she paid special attention to his head, gripping her fist beylikdüzü escort tightly against it before slamming it back down to his base. All the while, the tongue continued exploring him, now working at entering the drool-covered hole.

All the while, the intruder was oblivious as they took a quick piss. However short it may have been, to Brad the moment might as well have stretched on into eternity.

Ignoring the sounds, Iris tried for a few seconds more at sliding her tongue inside her step-brother, but quickly found herself annoyed with impatience.

She knew an easier way to get inside of him.

Her tongue suddenly left from her step-brother, she quickly slipped her right index finger into her mouth. Without ever releasing her left hand’s grip from Brad’s throbbing sex, she popped the slimy finger out of her mouth and quickly brought the tip of it to her step-brother’s tense asshole.

Without warning, her left hand released his cock and found a tight grip on his aching ball-sack – the exact same moment that Iris slipped her probing finger two inches inside of Brad’s hungry hole.

Brad now strained with all of the fading focus that remained inside of him to keep his lips sealed.

The task was nearly impossible as he felt his ass being violated deeply by his step-sister’s curious, probing digit. This forbidden sensation, coupled with the pain swelled up from the vice-like fist his balls were trapped within, sent his bent knees quivering.

But something in the dark recesses of his mind impossibly held him steady, keeping him from letting out the slightest sound. Somewhere in that depraved corner of his mind, Brad knew that if he made a sound now, he would never find himself in this position again.

This was his moment, the only time with Iris he was ever going to have.

Then Brad’s ears strained to listen as the toilet flushed and the stranger stepped out of the nearby stall.

As the unfamiliar woman washed her hands clean, Iris was working a second finger into her step-brother’s expanding asshole. By the time the bathroom door flew shut behind the stranger, Iris was fucking Brad’s asshole roughly, slipping both her index and middle finger in and out him.

Her left hand released the aching balls as a rush of fresh pain and pulsating-blood shot into the now precum-dripping shaft. The hand bolted towards the begging cock, taking a firm coil around it once more as it began to pound the hard meat up and down.

Seemingly alone once more, Brad’s lips finally gave way as fevered pants burst forth. Thin strings of drool slid down his lips and onto his chin while he panted like a dog in heat, overcome by the two fingers burying themselves ever deeper inside of him.

Iris was fucking her step-brother almost mechanically now, her pleased eyes fixated on the gaping hole that puckered in and out, welcoming her fingers inside.

With each new stroke and thrust against his aching body, Brad found it increasingly difficult to stand. His legs were jelly as every muscle in him seemed to twist about, tightening as they tried to keep his impressive frame upright.

None of this slowed Iris’ assault upon her step-brother’s inexperienced sex. In fact, she knew very well that she had her poor step-brother on the edge and deliberately slowed the pace of her stroking hand, letting her fingers indulge themselves for just a bit longer against the flesh lining Brad’s penetrated orifice.

But once again, she quickly found impatience growing within her. To counter this, Iris increased the strength of her grip against the throbbing shaft. Her strokes grew hard and quick, and in mere moments she worked the aching cock to its limit.

Joining with the sounds of Brad’s low, rumbling moans were fresh spurts as semen erupted out of him. The white hot liquid slammed against the cold walls just beneath him, the same walls he found his shaking hands still pressed against.

In the throes of his orgasm, he nearly slipped to the floor.

And just like that, Iris released herself completely from the quivering mess that remained of her step-brother. Unlike in Brad’s fantasies, she still retained her bikini and he hadn’t even touched an inch of her body. Instead, it dawned on him that all that had happened was that he had been used like some sort of toy.

Surely this couldn’t be it.

But for Iris, it was.

In her mind, she knew that any average Stacy could give a man a blow job or fuck him in some bed, but only a certain type of woman could force a rim job and finger fucking upon a trembling body locked in the stall of a public bathroom. This was an exercise to push the lust she so readily saw on the surface of Brad to the next level; she had no desire to fuck him – at least not yet.

Tonight was simply the first step: give her step-brother something he’d never forget.

An experience like this would linger with him for hours. Days. Months.

Iris wanted him to stew on the experience of this evening.

And as she left him in the stall – his young body still panting and viciously quaking – to return to the party on the eighth floor, she knew that her step-brother would carry on for days with a twinge on the outside of his asshole.

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