Family Honour



Some events appear to be abnormal crazy, extraordinary, diabolic, taboo, unethical, unbelievable, and even perverted and unacceptable to societal norms. Analyzing the behavior of people involved in such incidents without bias opens a door and reveals human psyche. The persons in the story happen to fulfill their inner psychological need and physical desire the basic instinct in peculiar circumstances. Some people may call it animal instinct and indecent but the desire to satisfy hidden, craving physiological need erupts despite all reasoning, logic, traditions, religious beliefs, and possible consequences. Love and romance made them happy and consequently lead a normal satisfied life without guilty complex. The story is based on real life incidents. Names changed for obvious reasons. However, the essence of what happened described in detail revealing the inner thoughts and feelings of the people involved. There are erotic moments described in detail wherever necessary to reveal their inner psyche.

Chapter 1

It was a Sunday early morning, hearing loud noises from the Hostel corridor, I came out of my room and learnt to my shock and surprise our classmate Mohan was found dead in his room, obviously committed suicide. An empty arsenic bottle and a suicide note found besides the bed.

He hails from a wealthy rich landlord family, the only son of his parents and doing well in studies. He married six months earlier Madhusmita. No one could imagine plausible reasons for his suicide. The Warden informed the Police and the body was sent for Postmortem.

His parents arrived the following morning from their native place. All of us were in the Hostel Common room when Mohan’s parents arrived. The moment, they got down I went near Mohan’s mother Padmavathy and took her hands into mine. She instantly leaned on to me as I put my hands on her shoulders. Mohan’s father accompanied by the Warden and some of our friends went to the hospital to complete the formalities and take his son’s body to their native village.

I being Mohan’s close friend, I stayed back to take care of grieving mother Padmavathy. I took her to the Guest room situated on top floor. She was obviously exhausted and tired. I requested her to take bath and she went to the bathroom. I went out and brought breakfast and coffee in a thermos for both of us from hostel Mess.

She was looking refreshed after having bath and changed into a fresh thin georgette sari.

I said, ‘Amma, you must be starving since yesterday, have some breakfast’

She said, ‘No Shiva, I am not hungry. Please go ahead and have your breakfast’

I said, ‘Let us have some coffee at least.’ On my insistence, she sipped a cup of coffee.

I told her if she wanted to take some rest, I would leave her alone.

She said pleadingly taking my hand, ‘don’t leave me please. I want you to be with me’

‘I will not leave you Amma, I will be with you.’ I said and sat on the sofa.

She was standing in front of full-length mirror. Sitting on the sofa, I could see both her back and front, her huge voluminous bouncing breasts hung heavily from her chest moving as she lifted both her hands to remove hairpins from hair bun. She raised her hands, inserted fingers into hair bun, removed hair pins, lifted up and flaunted her hair to loosen further. Her long thick luxurious lustrous wavy oily smooth silky soft shining hair cascaded down reaching mid thighs. She combed her hair slowly and carefully to disentangle her hair. She combed hair backwards from forehead, parted her hair perfectly and neatly in the middle and put two equal parts onto the front over both the shoulders. She combed uniformly thick voluminous long thick hair until the perfectly trimmed ends. It was a time a consuming task and took long time to disentangle and comb her thick voluminous hair. I was captivated and fascinated watching her comb oily long uniformly thick jet-black luxurious lustrous voluminous smooth shining silky wavy hair. I wanted to comb her long hair but restrained to volunteer for the fear of being rebuked. She tossed her hair back and combed downwards. Her hair spread wide covering her entire back reaching mid thighs.

It was a visual feast to me watching her back and her front image in the mirror watching the fluid moments of her huge heavy firm hung bouncing breasts, curvaceous lean taut hourglass body and the fluid movements of her beautiful hands while she was combing her hair. She arranged her hair with deft hands covering her ears and left loose till the hem of the wide deep very low cut blouse and skillfully arranged by making loops with hands into a neat loose big beautiful bun without hair pins resting on her back.

I watched the moments of her beautiful loose big hair bun, her curvaceous hourglass shaped body draped in a flowing thin transparent chiffon plain sari with plain border, pleats tucked neatly much below the deep navel, taut belly, and the narrow waist acıbadem escort widened as it went down to wide huge bouncing hips. The sari pallu open along her shoulder as well as arm highlighting her top heavy breasts and hour glass figure. The shape and contours of her top-heavy big extra-large huge firm swinging bouncing breasts, proportionately large areola and long nipples were visible through her thin matching color blouse and bra in the mirror. Her breasts looked from the side view like mountains with firm erect large brown nipples.

At that moment, I remembered her beautiful exuberant confident smiling happy and joyous sexy sizzling image exuding and flaunting her beauty and feminine sexuality during her son’s wedding ceremonies. She was like a Beauty Queen. She was wearing rich pure silk gold Zari border silk saris low hip and backless blouse. She was adorned with elaborate heavy gold and diamond jewelry from head to toe, showing off her beautiful curvaceous hour glass sexy sizzling sensuous body. Her wide expressive large eyes kajal lined, top heavy extra-large big bouncing conical huge firm voluminous provocatively swinging mountainous full breasts with firm large erect nipples extending out of lean frame, thin taut lean midriff, jasmine flower threads adorned thick silky thigh length long braid.

She was undoubtedly a beautiful and sexy sensuous woman exuding feminine grace, epitome of sensuality, the height of prime sexuality and crescent linger of explicit womanhood.

I recalled her actively encouraging engaging indulgent flirting conversations, her bewitchingly beautiful and inviting smiles, her deep husky sexy voice, her invigorative intoxicating body scent mixed with aroma of jasmine flowers in her braid, the unmistakable infatuation, mutual fatal attraction and love at first sight, and the longing desire to spend time with each other. I felt bit surprised at myself having such thoughts about her at that juncture. She was a grieving mother. I looked into her eyes with admiration, love, lust, compassion, empathy and desire.

She sat on the sofa, adjusting her sari pleats and pallu neatly. She was calm but her large sorrowful expressive eyes revealed showed the agony and grief.

She asked ‘when did it really happen?’

Even before I replied, she started crying, stream of tears rolling down continuously on her cheeks making her sari pallu wet.

I said, ‘Amma, I can understand the pain and agony you must be going through ever since you heard the news. I have so many fond memories of him hanging out and but most of all we remember the beautiful days we spent. I talked about some memories and the good times I shared with Mohan. I said, ‘he became my closest friend in the college and I miss him very much.’

She was crying and said, ‘He is a nice boy. he is very sensitive too. He told me many a time that you are his best friend. Did he not share even with you any of his problems or feelings that led him to take such a drastic decision to end his life?’

I said, ‘No, had I known the reasons or had any slightest inclination, I would have definitely helped him in whatever the way I can. He did not tell me about his problems. It is a mystery to all of us and I cannot see any problems which could not have been solved.’

She was restless and continuously crying. She got up from the sofa walked to the window looking out. I went near her, standing beside her.

She said, ‘I wish he could have told me, shared his thoughts and feelings, his problems, inhibitions and fears to me, confessed to me whatever his problems were. I could have helped him, comforted him, and counseled him to overcome and solve his problems whatever they were. I would have done anything he wants. I brought him up with so much love and care and we provided everything he wanted. He has everything, property, money, social status, good education and so much life ahead to enjoy with his beautiful wife. What more a young man wants from life?

‘Shiva, Did he have any issues academically or otherwise,’ she asked.

I said, ‘No, Amma, no issues I am aware of, actually he was good in academics. I agree with you that he should have told you about his problems and come to you for advice. You could have helped him. Who can understand him better than his own loving, caring and giving mother?’

It seems my statement triggered agony and she continued to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks, she said, ‘who else can understand him better than me? I should have helped him, but I wonder how I could have helped him, unless he tells me. Why did he not come to me?’

Not knowing and not having any clue how to console a crying, grieving and mourning mother, to comfort and to console her, placing my hand on her shoulders wiped tears from her cheeks. She got up and instantly leaned on to my chest. I hugged her and put my hand on her head stroking to soothe her and to show empathy as a gesture of sharing atalar escort her agony and thought ‘let her cry out.’

I stroked, fondled and caressed her hair and the back of head affectionately and lovingly. She hugged me tightly, an intimate hug, her hands encircling, enveloping and reaching fully around me. She leaned forward, wrapped her arms around me. The grasp was soft and gentle yet firm. Impulsively, my fingers slipped into her huge big hair bun and caressed her silky hair and nape affectionately hoping that my gesture would comfort and relieve her stress and tension.

While she was hugging me tightly, I loosened and unfastened loops of her hair bun and her hair cascaded down like a waterfall, spread wide and covering her entire back reaching mid thighs. I ran my fingers through her thick silky hair downwards along the length of her hair, feeling the oily silky smooth texture and softness. Feeling her beautiful silky smooth long hair, and smelling aphrodisiac erotic natural scent of her body aroma and her huge firm breasts pressing against mine sent electric waves though me.

“Her huge heavy breasts hung from lean chest before her, offering me a different view of them. They were not the spheres they normally seemed. Suspended from her chest, they were more like slightly elliptical inverted domes, capped with the jutting of her big, hard nipples and their surrounding abundant areolas. The sight of her breasts made me want to hold them in my hands, as if to weigh her big heavy voluminous, full, fleshy breasts. The slope of one breast seen from the side in profile was triangular shape with a circular base, from which her large long extended nipple projected. Her soft breasts flattened between us as she embraced me tightly. I loved the feel of their buoyant fullness and their satin smooth touch, the inward curving slopes of her breasts which felt like the sweep of satin.

I continued running my fingers through thick strands of her oily smooth wavy hair, while she was hugging me tightly, an intimate whole body touching hug. I cuddled her tightly, closely and intimately, watching her back fully covered with her beautiful thigh-length hair, cupped her big arse cheeks with my hands pressing and squeezing.

Padmavathy’s hair is jet black, mid thigh length long, lustrous, uniformly thick, lustrous, voluminous, oily, smooth, silky, soft and shining. I was enjoying the feel of her oily sexy long hair immensely. She did not object and did not pull herself away. I continued stroking her head and gradually her crying reduced to sobs.

We were entwined, entangled and interlocked in an intimate and tight embrace. The hugging mutually became more alluring, coaxing, engaging, engrossing, encompassing, involving, indulging, intimate, intense, inciting, invoking, invigorative, seeking, sensuous and feeling each other’s body.

My fingers ran through combing her uniformly thick oily voluminous thigh length hair disentangling from head to the perfectly trimmed ends. Her hair was uniformly bewitchingly tantalizingly thick and voluminous until the ends reaching mid thighs, a rare phenomenon. Her extra-large voluptuous heavy huge firm soft hanging pendulous mountainous and conical breasts were pressing against my chest.

Every part of her whole body was closely touching and pressing mine sending electric waves through my nerves. We were completely entangled, entwined, encircled, enjoined and enticingly enveloped in each other’s arms, as if our two bodies were trying to unite with each other and become one. I could smell her distinctive erotic feminine body aroma. The effect was a sudden fullness in my cock and its unwitting rise, touching and pressing her mound. Her pressure against me did have the effect of pushing her breasts against her open neckline of her deep low cut blouse giving me a delightful view. My fully painfully erect, rigid, turgid, throbbing and pulsating long thick cock was pressing her mound thorough my lungi. I felt awkward, since I was not wearing underwear. My blood ran faster in my veins into my cock. I hugged her more closely and tightly moving my cock forward and pressing against her mound while cupping and pressing her arse cheeks with my hands towards me.

I could see that she was obviously excited in our intimate indulging and tight erotic embrace. She did not try to wriggle out or move away as I expected. I was afraid that she may chide me, since I was sure she felt my hard cock pressing against her. Instead she moved herself forward even more closely pressing herself towards me, her whole body touching mine indicating her eagerness. I was delighted to feel the heat and pressure of her soft sensuous body. I pressed my hands on her hips bringing her more closely. Simultaneously, She was pushing her backside intentionally towards me more closely and her heavy breasts were pressing against me in the front. Our arms were encircling each other tightly. I could hear her breathe aydınlı escort heavily, feel her heart beat faster, and smell her invigorative distinct erotic exciting exotic enticing body aroma. I looked at her back. She was undoubtedly thrusting herself against my hard cock gyrating and rubbing her mound. I cupped her soft big inverted pot shaped round fat soft arse cheeks with my hands pressing, squeezing and pushing further towards me, while my hard cock pressing hard against her mound.

She was holding me tight, she does not want to leave as if she was so enthralled and in love with me and she doesn’t ever want to let go and was too afraid to express with words. Her tight full body hugging full chest to chest and hip to hip contact indicated a different level of intimacy, need and desire.

I pressed my painfully erect hard throbbing cock against her mound like I was already deep inside her. She was being overwhelmed by the speed and force with which I was grinding against her mound and she was visibly excited and groaning.

Her clenched hands were gripping me tightly and fingernails were digging into my back. The softness of her thick long silky hair touching my hands further aroused my basic instinct, banal, carnal, irresistible and uncontrollable physical desire. For a moment, I thought it was indecent and improper having sexual thoughts and desire for her at that moment. But her eager response feeling my cock against her, gyrating her mound alleviated my doubts and prompted me go further.

My hands pressing her soft hips travelled slowly and gently upwards on her back. Her sari pallu already dropped to the floor, I ran my hand upwards, touched her shoulder with the tips of my fingers, placed my hands on the back of her shoulders, and stroked them downward with a bit more force. I also ran one finger along her shoulder. I used both my hands to push firmly into the area above her shoulder blades kneading out some of the tension in her body. Her hands were on my back gripping and digging.

I took her beautiful face in my hands, stroked her cheek, her ear, chin and the side of her face along the jaw line with my fingers. I stroked the back of her head, slowly massaged her scalp, running fingers through her thick hair, brushed the strands of hair away from her eyes as I made eye contact, leading her to want something more. I liked the feel of stroking her oily long thick luxurious lustrous smooth shining silky jet-black hair. I tucked some strands of her hair behind her both ears to give her ears an extra caress.

Padma felt my callused hands, and the sinewy muscles leading up to broad shoulders. When Padma inhaled my rich natural sweat scent Androstenol singed her senses and slid over her bare skin like a powerful aphrodisiac.

I cupped her face in my hands gently with love, desire and empathy. I wanted to love, comfort, possess, own, make love and devour her. I could see in her wide expressive eyes pleading desire to be taken, to be owned, to become united, to be filled, an unmistakable urgent need. It was an uncontrollable, irresistible and intense desire. Her large expressive eyes wide open looking into my eyes were inviting me.

Impulsively, I kissed on her forehead, eyes, eyelids and cheeks. She was moving her face conveniently to receive as I kissed, licked, and nibbled lovingly, delicately, slowly and passionately all over her neck, cheeks and face. I licked and nibbled at her earlobes while my fingers caressed at the back of earlobes. I kissed her earlobes, the sides of her ear, and the area behind her ears gently. I stroked her ears as I continued to kiss and also brushed my lips along and behind her ears and nibbled her earlobes taking into my mouth. I kissed her chin and nose.

I lovingly stroked the sides of her neck while kissing, tossed her hair back so that I can caress her neck a bit more by running the sides of my fingers up and down her neck down to the base of her shoulder and all the way up to her earlobe. She was eagerly enthusiastically accepting and receiving my sensuous loving licking kisses moving and turning her face closely and conveniently to receive as I kissed each and every inch of her fore head, her eye lids, cheeks, chin, neck, shoulders and all over her face. I ran a finger on her juicy soft thick lips and holding her lower lip gave her a soft kiss, paused to caress her lips by holding the kiss for a few seconds. I ran tip of my tongue on her thick full beautiful pouting wet juicy soft top and bottom lips. Finally, I ran my tongue between her wet juicy thick pouting inviting lips forcing her mouth to open.

She opened her mouth fully inviting and taking as my tongue slipped into hers. My tongue explored her mouth, touching her inner cheeks, her tongue and deep into her throat. Her arms snaked around me tightly and our tongues caressed each other and she tasted my tongue. She took my lower lip into her mouth and started sucking, chewing and biting digging her teeth, all the time pressing herself against me. She was biting and chewing my lips till bleeding. She sucked and chewed on my lower lip for a long time. In turn, I took her lower and upper lip one after another alternatively chewing and sucking them gently.

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