Family Vacation Ch. 7


That night at supper, sexual tension ran high. All four family members had sex with each other within the last 24 hours. The cocks of father and son were hard and stiff within their jeans, longing to be in the pussies and mouths of mother and daughter. The pussies of mother and daughter were wet and clits were sensitive needing relief from father and son. Everyone knew that it would be a wild night, yet no one seemed to be sure how to get things going.

As supper was finished, Lisa said, “OK, now the three of you go into the living room around the fire. I have a special surprise for dessert.”

Her husband, son, and daughter looked at each other and then at her with questioning eyes. “Now, go on in there. I will be right out.”

The three of them moved away from the table and out of the room. They sat down in front of the warm fire on the large rug and got comfortable. They could hear the sound of the refrigerator door open and close. They then heard the sound of something spraying out of a can. It sounded like whipped cream.

From out of the kitchen came Lisa’s voice, “Alright, everybody close your eyes and keep them closed. I will tell you when you can open them.”

Her family obeyed. They heard her foot steps come into the room. No one peeked.

“OK, you can open your eyes”

There before them was Lisa, naked on the rug. Her tits and pussy were covered with whipped cream. She smiled at her husband and two children. “This is something which I think you all will enjoy and I want all of you to have it. Now who wants some?”

Her three family member took in the erotic sight of this beautiful, sexy, loving woman. Then they all took action. Within seconds, they were all removing their clothing. Everyone’s eyes were on the bodies around them. The women admired the hard cocks that pointed out from the groins of the men. The two women looked lustily at each other’s tits and pussies and knew the pleasure they could and would bring to each other. The two men let their eyes move over the beautiful women with them and thought of how they would soon be fucking them. The two men looked at each other’s dicks and knew the pleasure of sucking each other off. Pussies and cock heads were already wet in preparation for the fucking to come.

Father, son, and daughter joined mother on the floor and let the evening of pleasure begin.

Mike and David laid down next to her, each taking one of her tits into their hands and its nipple into their mouths. The whipped cream smearing over their faces and her tits. Debbie was at her mother’s pussy, licking the whipped cream away to get at the sensitive clit and wet slit she knew she would find. She loved the flavor and feel of her mother’s pussy on her face. Her mother’s thighs were wide open to welcome her face.

Father and son were delighting in feasting on Lisa’s tits. The whipped cream was gone quickly. The double licking on Lisa’s nipples sent waves of powerful pleasure to her clit where her daughter was now licking.

The cocks of the two men were hard and pressed against her leg. She could feel the heat of their shafts and the wetness of their semen on her legs. With her men sucking her tits, she was unable to reach their dicks.

At the same time, the two men reached across the woman between them and found the dick of the other. They began to jerk each other off slowly. Debbie became aware of their hands moving near her. She reached under her mother’s legs and found the balls of her father and her brother. While they jerked each other’s dick, she was able to add to their pleasure by caressing their nuts while eating her mother’s pussy. David and Mike shifted their hips forward. The heads of their dicks her inches away from Lisa’s pubic hair. Debbie smiled. For a moment, she was able to lick her mother’s pussy and the cocks of her father and brother all at the same time.

Debbie’s pussy was running juice freely. She pulled her face away from her mother’s pussy and begged, “Please, I need some one to fuck me. Daddy, would you fuck me, please, I want your cock in my pussy.”

Mike let his wife’s nipple escape from his mouth and gave his son’s cock a final squeeze. He moved around behind his daughter, between her legs. Debbie raised her hips. Her hot, wet cunt, and tight little asshole were displayed to her father.

Mike moved closer to his daughter. He took his cock in his hand and ran it up and down her dripping pussy lips. He then slid it in slowly. They both thrilled at the feel of filling her pussy with his cock.

“Oh, Daddy, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me, fuck me hard” she panted into her mother’s cunt. Each thrust of her father’s cock drove her face hard into her mother’s pussy.

Lisa was loving the attention that her pussy was getting from her daughter astalavista porno and that her tits were getting from her son. Then she realized that David’s dick was being unattended to.

“Son, I have just the place for your cock. Come up here by my face.”

David rose to his knees and moved next to his mother’s pretty face. Her hands came up to his throbbing erection and stroked it. Lisa pulled David’s dick into her mouth and sucked on it hungrily. He began to slowly move his hips and fuck his mother in the mouth.

The action continued like this for the next few minutes. Father fucking daughter’s pussy. Daughter eating mother’s cunt. Mother sucking son’s cock. Everyone was giving and receiving pleasure. They settled into a rhythm.

Mike had a full view of his cock moving in and out of his daughter’s pussy, her juices glistening on his shaft. He could see his daughter’s head bobbing up and down at her mother’s pussy. He watched his son fuck his mother in the mouth, her spit shining on David’s dick. He had never experienced or even imagined such and erotic event in his life.

Lisa was the first to cum. The constant attention to her tits and pussy had taken her high quickly. She sucked harder on her son’s cock and thrust her hips to her daughter’s face. She released David’s cock from her mouth long enough to say, “Debbie, baby, I’m going to cum. Finger me. Put your fingers in me, please.”

Debbie wanted to please her mother and quickly two fingers were into her mother’s cunt. The combined wetness of her saliva and her mother’s pussy juice had lubricated Lisa’s asshole. Debbie easily placed a finger there. Her hand went to work along with her mouth.

Lisa stuffed her son’s dick back into her mouth and sucked. The intense sensations from her crotch and the hard dick in her mouth were taking her over the edge. Her pussy was the center of her existence. Her orgasm hit hard.

While his wife was cumming, Mike reached under his daughter and found her clit with his fingers. As he fucked Debbie with his cock, he tweaked her clit. He could feel his daughter’s cunt get hotter and tighter on his cock. Debbie had pulled her face away from her mother’s soaking wet pussy and was pushing herself back into her father’s lusty thrusts.

Lisa let her son’s cock slip from her lips. “Sorry, son, but I need to catch my breath for a minute” she panted.

“That’s alright, mom.” He turned and faced his sister’s thrusting body. His engorged dick at right at her mouth. Debbie smiled up at her brother and opened her mouth. David eased his dick into his sister’s mouth. Debbie began to suck on David’s cock as she continued to fuck her father.

Lisa laid to the side watching the hot action. Her hands were busy on her body caressing her own tits and rubbing her clit. Watching her husband fuck their daughter and their daughter suck their son was incredibly erotic. Her own pussy was buzzing with excitement.

Lisa was suddenly envious of Debbie enjoying two throbbing dicks while she had none. She crawled over to the threesome and laid on her back. She moved between David’s legs. She licked and sucked his balls while Debbie sucked his cock. Lisa then began to move underneath Debbie’s body slowly to allow everyone to adjust to her presence.

She paused to suck and nibble on her daughter’s beautiful firm breasts, with their large dark circles. Debbie moaned in response to this added stimulation. But Debbie’s tits were not Lisa’s goal. She kissed and licked across Debbie’s firm belly to her patch of light hair. With one final scoot, her face was directly below where her husband’s dick was sliding in and out of her daughter’s cunt. Mike’s balls were being kissed by Debbie’s labia he was so deep into her. It was incredibly exciting to watch.

Then Lisa’s tongue was reaching out to lick the joined organs. She was able to lick the length of Mike’s dick as it fucked out of Debbie’s pussy. She allowed her tongue to be dragged to Debbie’s clit as Mike’s dick fucked into Debbie’s pussy. She caressed her husband’s balls lightly with her nose. She loved the combined odors coming from their crotches.

“Son, fuck me. Your nuts must be ready to explode.” She spread her thighs as an invitation. David slowly pulled his dick out of his sister’s mouth and began to fuck his mother, his dick easily sliding into her saturated cunt. He fucked her hard, his balls slapping at her asshole.

Debbie could then lean down and also lick her mother and brother, just as her mother was doing to her and her dad. They all got into the rhythm of this sixty-nine/double fuck.

Mike was the next to cum. Debbie’s tight pussy and hard fucking did it to him. He gripped her shapely hips in both hands and pounded her hard from behind.

She asyalı porno could tell what was happening. “Yes, daddy, fuck me hard. Shoot your cum in me. I want your hot cum in me”

Mike thrust his exploding cock deep into his daughter’s pussy. He could feel her pussy walls contracting on his cock, milking the hot white cum out of it. He did not even try to count the number of times he shot into Debbie’s pussy.

Lisa and her son heard Mike roar as he unloaded his balls into Debbie’s pussy. Then they heard Debbie shriek as her own orgasm hit. She was cumming hard on her father’s cum-shooting cock.

It was all David needed to inspire his own orgasm. Fucking his mother was wonderful and exciting. Knowing his father was finishing off inside his daughter made the whole scene too much to take.

“God, mom, I’m cumming. I’m going to fill your pussy, mom.”

“Yes, baby, do it. Fuck your mother and fill my pussy”

He did. The heat of his mother’s cunt increased around his dick as he shot off inside her. Lisa could feel David’s dick swell inside her. Then she felt the liquid heat in her cunt. As David continued to fuck her and shoot his load, she could feel his dick drag his load out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

It was still for a moment. The dicks of both men began to shrink inside of their women: son in mother and father in daughter. For a brief moment everyone was satisfied. The room was rich with the smell of sex. The only sound was the deep breathing of four sexually high people. They all delighted in it.

They lay together as one mound of excited flesh. Their mutual heat kept mother and daughter aroused. Tits, wet pussies, and hard muscles all pressed together started the cocks of father and son to stiffen once again. Kisses and caresses were shared.

Soon, Debbie and Lisa found themselves locked in a wonderful sixty nine position. Debbie adored her mother’s cunt. She loved the feel of the smooth wet lips smeering her brothers cum all over her face. Lisa loved cock, but she had to admit that eating her daughter’s pussy was a thrill. The fact that it was filled with her husbands cum just made it that much better. Their tits were pressed against each other bellies as the devoured each others pussies.

Mike and David laid back to watch the hot mother and daughter go after each others cum filled cunts. They could see their cum flowing from the two pussies and down over the faces of these two wonderful women they both loved so much. The two men were leaning against each other at the shoulders.

Mike put his arm around David’s shoulders. They looked into each others eyes. Mike smiled at his son. “What’s good for thegoose, huh?” David smiles back. “You bet, dad”.

The two men began to lay down head to toe, side by side, their dicks at each others face. Each reached out and grabbed the hips of the other and pulled closer. Both men opened their mouths at the same time and let the cock of the other slide in. Each man began to move his hips and fuck the mouth of the other. There was nothing feminine about this action between these two very masculine men.

And it went for the next ten minutes or so. Mother and daughter eating pussies, sucking clits, fingering cunts. Father and son sucking cocks, stroking shafts, and caressing balls. The room was filled with the sweet smell of cum and pussies and sex. Everyone was enjoying the sensations they were receiving and loved pleasing their partners. Everyone was patient and in no hurry to cum because they all knew the night would be filled with nonstop fucking and sucking, in any combination they wanted or desired.

Gradually, the two couples became one group again. There was no real break in the action as they repositioned themselves. David found himself flat on his back with his mother sitting full on his face. Mike was next to David, also on his back, his head toward David’s feet, their hips at the same level. Debbie had her pussy planted firming on her father’s face. The two women were able to hump the faces of their lovers while leaning forward to kiss each others lips or suck each other tits. All the while the two women continued to jack off the cocks of the man whose faces they were riding.

Lisa felt her orgasm building as she rubbed her soaked pussy on her son’s face. David’s tongue was deep in his mother’s cunt and her clit was rubbing his nose. He could feel someone jacking his hard cock. It felt great. He didn’t know if it was his mom, his sister, or his dad; all he knew was that it felt great. He heard his mother moan, hump his face faster, and heard her say “Oh god…. Oh fuck, son, oh yes, I’m cumming a gain… oh baby…”

Debbie was leaning forward sucking her mom’s tits when her orgasm hit her hard. duş porno Her daddy’s tongue had taken her over the edge. She let go of his cock and collapsed forward, her face buried in her mother’s cleavage. Her orgasm was so hard that her bladder let loose. Mike had felt his daughter’s cunt get hot has her cum approached. He felt her fall forward and felt her let go of his cock. His mouth was suddenly filled with her hot salty piss and he knew that he had done a good job of making her cum.

The two women fell to the side in each other’s arms, gasping for breath. The cocks of their men stood hard and dripping precum. David crawled around and whispered something in his dad’s ear. A smile broke out on Mike’s face. “Oh yeah? Let’s do it” was all he said.

The both stood up and went over to where Lisa was frenching with her daughter. Mike reached his hand down to his wife. She looked up questioningly but took his hand and stood up. She was beautiful to all of them. Her motherly love glowed. Her body glowed. She was a fuck goddess to her family.

Mike took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. His hard cock slid in between her thighs. Lisa instinctively parted her legs, Mike bent his knees slightly, and his cock entered deep into her cunt. It took her breath away.

Behind her, David and his sister were conspiring. That is, they conspired in between exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues, and continually caressing each other’s genitals. Debbie giggled and smiled.

Debbie crawled over to where her parents were fucking standing up. She got up on her knees and took her mother’s ass cheeks in her hands. She parted them. She had an awesome view of her dad’s dick sliding in and out of her mom’s cunt. She also had her target in sight. She leaned forward and stuck her tongue up her mother’s ass hole. As her dad fucked her mom, her mom’s ass bounced off her face and tongue time and again.

Lisa was moaning at the double assault below her waist. Then Debbie’s tongue was gone and her ass felt empty. She heard her daughter giggle again and heard her say “She’s ready big brother”

Then David stepped up behind his loving sexy mother and she felt his hard dick in between her ass cheeks and knew what was about to happen. Her husband stopped fucking her for a moment. She felt her son’s cock head at her asshole, gently probing. The head popped in and they both gasped. Then David’s cock slid gently and deeply into her bowels. She could feel the two cocks that she loved filling her so much. Her toes barely touched the floor and the two men in her life started to fuck her hard.

“Just like you wanted, right, mom?” David whispered into his mother’s ear as she drove her ass down hard on his cock.

“Oh god yes, only so much better in real life honey” She leaned her head back and she and her son tongue wrestled. Her husband’s hands were on her hips helping her fuck them both.

Debbie sat back on her heels for a few minutes watching the incredible hot fucking going on in front of her. Her mother was radiant as her father and brother fucked her. She was fingering her own cunt but then wanted to be a part of it. She moved carefully between everyone’s legs and looked up. She had a clear view of her father’s cock sliding smoothly in and out of her mother’s pussy. She had a clear view of her brother’s cock sliding in and out of her mother’s asshole. She tipped her head back and stuck out her tongue. She was able to lick her dad’s cock, her mom’s stretched out pussy and asshole, and her brother’s cock all at the same time. She moved her mouth around to enjoy all the sex flavors and to please the rest of her family.

Debbie’s tongue took the other’s higher and higher. David was the first to let go. He roared and shuttered as he felt his cock explode in his mom’s ass. He felt like a gallon of his thick white cum must have shot up into her. Lisa felt her son’s cock expanding and throbbing and pressed down hard on him. Mike felt his son’s cock explode on the other side of his wife’s thin pussy wall and it took him over the edge. He shoved his cock deep up into his wife’s cunt and came and came and came. And that inspired Lisa to cum. Her son’s and husband’s cocks filling her with cum and her daughter’s tongue working on her gave her an incredibly strong orgasm.

Below her, Debbie’s mouth was open wide, catching her dad’s cum as it dripped from her mom’s pussy and her brother’s cum as it dripped from her mom’s asshole. Soon, the two cocks began to soften and everyone had to fall to the floor.

Lisa was snuggled in her son’s loving arms. Their tongues played together and David fingered his mom’s cunt and she slowly jacked his semi hard cock. Debbie was lying in her father’s arms, stroking his cock. “Maybe I won’t go so far away to college after all” she announced. Her dad covered her mouth with his and their tongues met.

As Lisa was kissing down David’s chest and stomach, preparing to suck her son’s cock back to life once again, she said “You know, this is one vacation that we can continue to enjoy once we get back home.”

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