Fantasy #01


My hands have been bound. My arms are stretched and the ropes that are binding my hands are attached to a hook. I stand wearing just a skimpy frilly skirt, platform heals and a shelf bra — the kind with no cups.

The man walks around me. He is holding a purple silk scarf and he lets the soft material flick against my body.

He stops and picks up some rope and begins to tie it around my chest as if to frame my DD breasts. He pulls them tighter so my breasts protrude forward and stick out more than they normally would. He steps back to admire his handy work.

He steps over to his bench where he has laid out numerous items. I didn’t notice the bench before.

He picks up a tube. As he walks over he opens and places a bit on his finger. He then places his finger on my nipple, which is already very erect. And begins to rub this liquid into it. He repeats the process on my other nipple.

All of a sudden I feel a cool burning sensation at the tip of my breasts. I look down to see my nipples start to increase in size until xslot they are double what they just were. I feel the skin between my legs get moist. My breathing starts to develop deeper and a slight bit quicker. The sensation on my nipples starts to get a little more intense and I feel a slight pain running through them. I have never seen them this big and erect.

He goes to the bench again and places the tube down and picks up a bowl. In the bowl I discover there is some ice. He picks up a cube and walks over to me. He puts it on my nipple and pushes it in. The sensation is almost unbearable. The cold icy pain with the burning sensation of the cream he had just used was almost to much to bear. I grit my teeth and a moan slips out over my lips. The melted water falls and drips down my bare skin.

He picks up another piece of ice and places it on my other nipple and again pushes it in. I feel the same sensations. Pain, pleasure, and that cool burning as my nipples remain incredibly erect. He holds the ice cube there xslot Giriş until it is all melted. The cool liquid dripping down my body.

He picks up a third cube and places it down near my pussy. I gasp in shock. He pushes it on my clit and down to my cunt and then up into my pussy. The icy cold feeling is so sharp. I squirm as I feel the cool melted liquid flow down my legs.

He places the bowl back on the table and undoes his belt. He loosens his pants and they drop to the floor. They slip down his legs and he steps out of them. His cock is rock hard.

He walks over to me with the purple scarf in his hand again and walks behind me. He places the scarf around my eyes and I can’t see. I can’t see what he is going to do next. My arousal is so strong. My body is so sensitive to his touch.

I feel his hands down the inside of my legs. He pushes them apart.

His fingers enter my pussy and the invade the coolness it still has. He takes his fingers out and he reaches around and cups my breasts. He xslot Güncel Giriş pulls them and squeezes my nipples. I let out a little shriek.

He starts to rub his cock over the outside of my pussy. He rubs it back and forth. Eventually it slips into me. He starts off slowly moving all the way in, going deep into my core. Then he slowly pulls all the way out. He moves back into me and starts to fuck me whilst pulling me closer to him with every thrust. He squeezes my nipples with every tug on my breasts.

He starts to gain a bit of speed and is now fucking me at a regular rhythm. I am groaning as my pussy slides over and accepts him into me. I feel him so deep with every thrust. He starts to pulse inside me with a great deal of force. I feel my legs loosing balance.

All of a sudden my nipples intensely harden and I feel my pussy start to pulsate. My orgasm starts slow and deep and then I find it overwhelming me. The waves run through my body right to the tips of my nipples which tingle immensely.

As I start to come down from my orgasm I feel him start to thrust so hard into me. He is ramming me from behind with a great force and a grunt that follows each thrust. He suddenly bangs into me and I feel him shoot cum into me. He thrusts into me once more and even more cum fills me up.

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