Femboy Caught in Locker Room

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Hello everyone and this is the first part in possibly a series I will upload. The characters in the story are of the age of 18. I collaborated with another person in making this story in a discord server. The story is done as it was typed and sent however I will be editing small parts for such things as spelling errors. The story will be back and forth. Beginning with my collaborator and then myself. He eventually started to speak in 3rd person quite early in the story. You will get a sense of who’s talking overall I hope. It starts with him then me then him and then me. In that order repeatedly.


I walk into the locker room after gym, panting just a bit from the class as I walk over to my locker, running a hand through my hair as I open the lock with my other hand. I let out a bit of an annoyed sigh. At the moment I’m just wearing gym shorts and a tight t-shirt, glancing around the room for a second.

As I walk into the locker room after gym, having just been tired out from so much activity, walk over to my locker looking around for a second to see if anyone was watching me. I see one other person seemingly doing the same thing as me. I start to hurriedly rummage through my locker looking for my clothes. Having never been much for socializing I wanted to get the hell out quickly before the other guys came through and then it would turn into a hell house.

I stare at you for a few seconds when you walk in, looking you over quickly. I watch you rummage for your clothes, kind of zoning out a bit and forgetting to grab my own. I shake my head, getting out of my daze and turning back to my locker. I gulp a bit and take out my clothes, just another t-shirt and a pair of track pants. I glance back at you again, then back down at my clothes. “Will the dumbass group of guys be coming in any time soon?” I ask you without looking at you, pulling off my shirt, then sliding off my shorts, leaving me in just my boxers. I wasn’t looking forward to the other’s coming into the locker room, but I kept seeming to get distracted by you. I lean against my locker a bit, just sort of holding my change of clothes at the moment as I stare at you.

I wasn’t paying attention at anything other than getting my clothes but when I heard the other boy ask me a question I immediately looked over at him and said. “Yeah, those jocks are going to be here any minute after they talk to those girls. I wanna get the fuck out before they come in.” I say while looking at the other boy in the locker room. “What’s your name since we’re both trying to do the same thing?”

“Name’s Bond… Jame’s Bond.” I say back jokingly, a soft chuckle escaping my lips as I watch you. I was by no means a jock myself, but I was able to get through all the classes pretty easily. “I still don’t understand why they get worshipped or whatever for a pretty much mandatory class.” I state with a shrug, looking you in the eyes finally with a small smile. “My name is Vincent by the way, what about you?” I set my change of clothes done, then turn to face you, leaning back against my locker with my arms crossed.

I end up somewhat giggling at the other boys James Bond joke as it was pretty good. Then he asks a question I do know the answer too. As he was still talking I didn’t say anything till he was done. He asked my name. I reply. “My name’s Anthony. I like your name better though.” I say while slowing down my rummaging to pretty much a halt.

“Cute laugh.” I say back, smiling a bit more at you as I do. “Your name is nice, don’t know what’s so special about mine though. Thanks anyway.” I walk over to you and lean against the locker beside yours, taking a bit of a deep breath. I normally wouldn’t have even spoken to you, but you interested me, watching you rummaging a bit. “Not to pry, but what do you have in there that it’s so hard to find a pair of clothes?” I end up asking curiously, along with getting a curious expression on my face. I was about to tuck my hands into my pockets, then realized I forgot to put my change of clothes on. I gulp a little and look over at my locker for a quick second, trying to figure out if it would be more awkward to go back to my locker, or to continue to stand there half naked.

He walked over next to my locker and leaned against and asked me a very embarrassing question. I blushed so much but tried to hide it with my locker door. I decided to tell him. With a quiet but deep breath I grabbed my one pair of lace panties I had in my locker that I wore day in and day out. Nobody but me knew about this. It wasn’t going to be a secret much longer. I would get caught by the socks soon enough. Without a word I lowered in my hand my panties that I wore.

“Oh wow…that’s actually pretty hot I must admit.” I stare at the panties for a few seconds, then at the door to the locker room, then back at you. “You don’t have to agree to this, but meet me behind the school. Get changed before your school years get ruined by the socks.” I wink at you and kiss your cheek, then walk back to my locker, changing into Kartal Öğrenci Escort my clothes quickly once I get there. “By the way, you look cute when you blush.” I call out to you, grabbing my gym bag. I look you over again, about to walk out. “You’d fit those panties well by the way.”

I wasn’t expecting the first reaction to be the way he responded. I believed I had an idea of what he was offering. An offer I wasn’t going to pass up if he was someone like me. When he kissed my cheek I got so hot on the inside I felt like I was on Venus. I was still somewhat in shock from the kiss as I never received such sign of affection from someone other than close family.

His compliments were something I never received before and there was no way I was going to give up on Vincent himself. After he walked out I immediately took off my gym shorts and slid my panties on then got fully dressed and grabbed everything I needed. I ended up walking out as soon as the socks were entering the locker room.

He said to meet him behind the school so I headed towards the back of it not knowing what was about to happen.

I was just arriving at the designated spot by the time you were out, looking around a bit as I waited for you, smiling to myself. I had ignored the anxiety that told me to just not say anything to you, or try anything and it seemed it was a good idea to ignore. I leaned against the wall with my arms crossed, peeking over to see if I could see you coming. My heart was beating a bit quick and I was still having a bit of trouble trying to calm myself. I was unsure of what pushed me to do what I did, but I couldn’t just back out of what was probably a one in a life time chance. “I guess he’s expecting me to fuck him here…” I mumble to myself at the realization, sighing softly as I calmed my nerves down. “Worse thing to go wrong would be someone seeing I guess. No need to worry.”

I was about to turn the corner to the back but I stopped before I was in view from the side. I told myself out loud. “Okay, this might be a once in a lifetime chance to have a real friend. He knows my secret and I’m trusting him with one hell of a degree not to tell a soul.” I take a deep breath and peek around the corner. I see him. Nobody else is in view. I think we’re alone for now. I lift my head back from peeking the corner and take a deep breath. I walk around the corner. I greet him formally as I’m making my way to him. “Hi.”

As soon as I here your voice I stopped talking to myself, looking over at you and watching you come towards me. I give a small wave, along with a bit of a smile as I see you come over. “Hey, glad you came. I wasn’t sure if you were going to or not.” My smile brightens a little and I stop leaning against the wall, walking over and meeting you halfway. I stop in front of you, staring into your eyes for a few seconds. “So Anthony, just a bit curious to a few things… You know before anything happens.” I say, fidgeting a little with my hands as my eyes gaze over you, knowing I’m probably coming off as a bit perverted. I look you in the eyes once again, stopping myself from staring anymore. “So, do you cross-dress often?”

I could see him looking into my eyes. I did the same in return. He was asking me a question I could tell he was somewhat nervous about. I saw his hands fidgeting and the nervousness in him. When he asked me the question I could only answer honestly as he would be a close friend clearly. I answered. “I normally wear panties everyday unless I got to wash them. I gotta be very careful about that as this is a secret only I and now you know. My parents don’t know.” I resume after a moment of pause, “I have a box full of sexy things. Panties, lingerie, hell even a dildo and condoms. I wear the lingerie on the weekends though. I don’t cross-dress cause it’s fun or anything. I cross-dress cause it feels right.” I finish awaiting his response.

“That’s… amazing if I’m being honest.” He rubbed the back of his head and smile to himself, feeling like he should try to get closer with you. He was curious about how you even managed to hide that all from your parents, but wasn’t going to question it, thinking for a few more seconds as he stood quiet. He let out a deep breath and stopped his fidgeting, leaving his hands hanging at his sides. “I see why you have to be careful about it, if I’m being honest the thought of seeing you in any type of feminine clothing is…arousing to say the least. But if it feels right to you than people shouldn’t berate you for it.” He sighed and was slowly getting over his nervousness the more you and him spoke. “I wanted to promise you that I’ll never tell anyone about this also.”

I listened intently to what he was saying but also played attention to his movements. As he finished talking I let out a sigh of relief and replied. “Thanks, it’s good to know that someone cares for me enough and is open-minded about this.” I think to myself about inviting him over for the weekend since it was a Friday. “Hey, would you like to stay over at my place for the weekend since it’s a Friday?”

“Huh, Kartal Çıtır Escort I umm, sure! I mean yes I would enjoy that.” He was not expecting the question whatsoever, answering pretty much immediately without a second thought, accidentally failing at keeping the excitement out of his voice when he first spoke. He could feel his heart pumping and his mind was racing, going through all the possibilities of what could happen. “Also sorry about kissing your cheek before…wasn’t sure how to respond to the situation, so random flirting sort of happened.”

I was quite glad that Vincent would be happy to stay over with me for the weekend. Not that I had any sexual intentions but that could end up being placed on the table.

When he apologized for the kiss earlier I replied. “Eh, don’t worry about it. I felt happy on the inside that someone would take a moment to do that. Mind if I repay you for it?”

“Oh umm okay I won’t worry than.” He gave another happy smile to you and nodded, unsure really of what you were going to do back for it. He was mostly just expecting a kiss on the cheek in return and he would defiantly be okay with that. “I’m still surprised you offered for me to stay over, glad you did though.”

I leaned over, not that I had any experience kissing whatsoever, and kissed him on the lips. “Now, before we get in trouble, let’s get back to class quick. I don’t want to deal with trouble. Today’s too good for it.”

He was…satisfied and surprised to say the least when your soft lips connected with his own, making a bit of a shiver go down his body. He nodded slowly, looking down at himself. He brought his hand down, embarrassingly tucking his partly hardened crotch into a spot in his pants so it would be more hidden. “Umm right, so are we friends now?” He asked curiously and nervously, tucking his hands into his pockets as he began to walk back with you.

I looked back at him with a smile and replied. “Oh more than definitely. Just don’t betray the amount of trust I’ve put in you please.”

“I may have a bit of a sassy and mean attitude at some points, but I won’t ever betray the trust of someone…especially someone who has given me so much to trust them with. I’d rather come out as gay to the whole school instead of hurting you like that.” He rambled on a bit, groaning as he felt his blush finally go away.

I giggled at his last sentence. “I’d be surprised if you did come out like that. But, let’s focus on not getting in trouble now.” I look at my watch to see the time. I realize it’s 1 minute till class starts back. “Come on, class starts in one minute! We gotta hurry!” I start to run to beat the clock.

“Huh, oh crap.” He shook his head and ran beside you, holding back a small chuckle. He did find it sort of cute how you panicked about the class so much, but he did prefer not to be late to it also. “I might come out like that now, but only if I end up getting a boyfriend by the the end of the school year heh.”

We end up beating the clock by mere seconds. We were lucky enough to realize as quickly as we did.

After school was over I went up to Vincent and asked how he’s going to get to my house. “So Vincent, how are you going to get to my house?”

“Huh oh well. How far is it from here?” He looked over at you and got a small smile again. He seemed to be pretty happy just all around, but happier when he was with you. “Is it too far to walk?” He added in.

“Eh, it’s like 15 minutes if you walk.” I replied.

“Too tired from gym to walk that long?” He asked you in a playful teasing tone, winking at you as he stood up properly. “My house is only like 10 minutes away, so I normally walk anyway.”

“Eh, why not? Come on. We’re gonna walk to some tunes on our way.” I replied in a somewhat playful tone.

“What, are you going to sing in that cute little voice of yours?” He asked, smirking a bit at you. “Well if we’re walking lead the way.” He seemed to have calmed down from earlier before, acting his normal, non anxiety filled self around you now.

“Maybe I will maybe I won’t we’ll see. Come on.” I reply.

After 20 minutes of walking and standing around cause of traffic we finally reach my house.

“Yep.” He walked beside you the whole way, humming a bit to himself during the time you both were walking. Once you got to your house he turned to you with another smile. “Have always wanted to be home alone with a cute guy.” He said in a bit of a fake flirty tone.

“Stop it you little flirt.” I replied in a playful voice. “Okay, my parents aren’t home so we’re good.” I unlock the door and let him come in. “Here it is. Come on, let me show you my room.” I say while leading the way.

“Aww I try my best.” A soft chuckle escaped his lips and he walked a bit behind you, looking around curiously as you both walk “I’m just being honest, you’re probably, no you are the cutest guy I’ve ever met.” He said honestly, smirking a bit to himself.

I giggled a little bit when he replied to my comeback.

When Vincent finished his compliment Kartal Elit Escort I looked at him with a slight happy but seductive look while biting my lip. “Thanks, you are too.”

“What a nice look to give someone when you’re about to bring them into your bedroom alone with you.” He chewed on his lip softly when he saw the look, watching you bite your lip. “Trying to seduce me already?”

“Might. But not now since my parents get back from work in 30 minutes. We wouldn’t have time if we did.” I replied with a somewhat down look.

I whipped up my head right after and said

“However, we could fool around once my parents go to bed.”

“Heh really gonna make me wait that long?” He asks jokingly, thinking about your words for a few seconds. He was being a bit joking before, but now he wasn’t so sure. “Anything we could do before they get home that we can’t while they’re here?”

“Hmmm, not that I can think of really except.” I say and leave off.

“Except?” He had a few ideas himself, but wasn’t really sure how long they would take

“Except taking a shower together and all that would come with that. There’s an idea. We wouldn’t be able to do it for long though.” I responded

“True. Might get too into it and end up fucking for hours in your shower.” He chuckles a bit and looks st the ground for a few seconds, nodding his head slowly. “Well I’d be up for that.”

Agreeing that’s probably what would happen. I responded with. “Alright, let’s do it. We can undress in here. I’ll have to time us however so we better make sure we make every moment count before they get back.”

“Sounds perfect to me, just in case the rare chance they come back early what should we do then?” He grabbed onto the bottom of his shirt, watching you as he pulled it off, placing his shirt on the edge of your bed. “Nevermind, if that happens i’ll just stay in the bathroom and let you talk to them if they ask why you’re showering for some reason.”

“Good idea.” I say in response

As I was taking off the lace panties I’d worn all day my phone rang. It was my dad. I picked it up and was told that Mom and Dad were going to stay out tonight the whole night and would be back the next morning. I knew they weren’t joking around about times cause they stuck with what they said. I turned to Vincent and told him the entire thing of what I was told.

“So, still up for the shower?” He asked seductively, with a small smirk after listening to everything you were telling him. He grabs the waistline of his pants, then slides them off, watching you take off your panties was a wonderful sight to him to say the least. “Then move back into here after?” He was very noticeably hard in his boxers, loving the sight of you. He slides his boxers off, letting his hard cock spring out

“Yeah, we’ll still shower together. You could help me in a few places with shaving for later.” I replied

“The sex can wait a bit.” I added on.

“Of course, well I’m ready when you are sweetcheeks.” He winked playfully at you and placed his hand on your ass while staring into your eyes. “Just making sure you want to do this right? You don’t feel like you have to?”

I was amazed at the movements Vincent was performing on me. Still, I wanted him. Bad. I didn’t want to let it seem till later. “Of course I want to do this. Come on.” I grab and hold Vincent’s hand to the bathroom leading the way.

I grab the hair removal cream, shaving cream and razor so i can be smooth for Vincent later. With these in hand I step into the shower along with Vincent.

He followed you in a bit of a slightly nervous smile on his face as he did. He took in a deep breath and looked at you again once you both were in the shower. He leans forward and leaves a small kiss on your cheek, then cups your chin, looking you in the eyes as he leaned forward, planting his lips onto yours and kissing you deeply. “I’m happy that you want to do this.” He said against your lips, releasing your chin and sliding his hands down your body, gripping your hips and pulling you close against himself. “This better not be a one time thing.”

As I was being given immense affection I’d never been given before Vincent was worried this would be a one time thing. Little did he know it was never going to be a one time event. I giggled somewhat at his worry and said, “One time? Never.” I reached down to his hard dick and slightly stroked it a few times and let go of it.

We stayed in the shower for an hour washing each other, Vincent applying hair removal cream to large areas of my body after the initial wash to get rid of any body hair, and shaving highly sensitive areas with the razor where we couldn’t put the cream and me shaving some areas of Vincent’s vital to the sex we were going to have later.

He let out a relieved sigh once you and him were both shaven and washed off, giving you a bit of a smirk as he left another kiss on your cheek, holding your body close to his own at the moment. “Well I’m glad you didn’t plan on making this a one time thing in that case.” He had quite bright of a smile resting on his lips as he held you, his chest pressing close against your back as he did. “Ready to leave the shower before we start getting all pruny?” He asked, resting his head on your shoulder softly, one hand holding your thigh, the other arm wrapped around your waist tightly

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