Feminine Persuasion Pt. 01


Chapter 1

One must look back at events in their life and laugh at times. One must even remember those that have come into there life and smile about them. But when someone has had such an impact on your life that you can no longer go back to how things were before them, you are forced to remember them everyday just by looking at yourself in the mirror, and seeing their physical effect on you.

I remember a person that at one time was just my hot next door neighbor at my apartment building, Ann. I can recall the first time I saw her. I had just moved into my studio apartment and I was carrying some groceries from my car and she walk by. It was like a scene in a movie. Time slowed down, my heart beat jumped up, and she just walked by me and smiled. Her hair seemed to glide through the air like a woman in a shampoo commercial, she seemed to glow like she was royalty and her smell was something that stuck with me for days. And I couldn’t help but notice that we were about the same height. I remember thinking of her later at home and wondering about her. What was she like? Did she have a boyfriend or a husband? Any kids? How old was she? I was shocked to find out later that she only lived right across the hall from me. The only thing stopping me from hitting on her was that I had just gotten out of a relationship that seemed to crash my whole world.

I was engaged with a girl that I thought was the love of my life, until I found out she didn’t feel the same way about me, and was having an affair. I moved out, changed jobs, and tried to pick up the pieces of my life anew. I began working in a warehouse at a retail store working nights. It paid ok, enough to live in a shoebox apartment, and put food in my tummy and gas in my car. I had started looking very mountain mannish. From my depression, my hair grew to a little past my shoulders and looked a mess, my face was covered by a thick facial hair, and I had even put on weight. I had a bear belly from trying to drink my sorrows away, love handles, man boobs, fat ass and thighs, and I was also hairy all over, plus I was only five foot seven. I could understand why such a beautiful girl like my neighbor wouldn’t want anything to do with me, let alone any women.

I had lived in my apartment for about 6 months until Ann finally spoke to me. I had just gotten off work and was walking up to my apartment from the parking garage and I was on my cell phone arguing with my ex about some of my things she had of mine that I was trying to get back. It was very hard to talk to her anyways, and it didn’t help that she was being so cold hearted to me, making sure to tell me how much she loved the man she was still fucking that she cheated on me with. I got so angry at her, that I hung up the phone and began to cry a little in the hallway of my door. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to find Ann, pulling me in for a hug. I began to cry as she held me. This woman was a total stranger to me, but opened her self open to me to just hold me as I cried.

“Shhh. Everything will be OK. What’s your name?”

“Eric,” as I sniffled and wiped my tears away.

“Well Eric, I’m Ann. Please come inside and tell what’s wrong. You seem like such a good guy, and I hate to see good people hurting.”

We went inside her place and the first thing that hit me was the sweet smell of her perfume, intoxicating the entire apartment. She held onto my arm and escorted me to her couch. We sat down and she sat next to me, handing me some tissues from a box on the coffee table. I told her the story of my ex and that I was still cared for her, even though she had treated me so awful. I went on to tell her that it was also hard to meet another woman, and that my appearance was fault to that, plus my self esteem. She just sat and listened to me, the whole time with her hand on my leg.

“I hate for you to see me like this, especially a woman as beautiful as yourself.”

“Well if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were coming on to me.”

“No, just stating the facts.”

“Aren’t you just the charmer? Say, how about I cook us some food, maybe which will cheer you up. And I’ll follow it up with some ice cream?”

“Sounds great, but I’d hate to put you through so much trouble just for me.”

“Nonsense, I was going to cook anyways for myself, and I don’t have company that often. Plus it would be a great way to get to know one another. What do you say?”

“I’d say yes, just as long as I can help you.”


We cooked some spaghetti, bread and salad, followed up with some white wine and some chocolate ice-cream afterwards. We talked and ate, and then I even helped her with the dishes and the trash. I found out that she had moved to LA from Kansas to try to act and didn’t really know anyone. She said where she was from; people helped each other and cared for their neighbors, family and friends. I ended up staying over until late into the morning. I told her how I would like to meet someone new but I didn’t think that I was ready. sakarya escort She said that she would like to help me as long as I was willing. The only catch was that we had to get to know one another better.

After that night, we started to hang out a lot. We would go out for coffee, go to the store together, cook for each other, watch movies, and just stay up and talk. This became the norm for us. All the while she would give me small pointers on how to help my self. Before I met her, my place was a disaster. She came in and helped me clean up and even went to the store with me as a bought a few things for my place to keep it looking clean and more organized. I began washing my clothes more often, and taking better care of my self, but I was still hairy and fat by my standards. Ann said she would help with this too.

One night at her place, we were watching some movies we had rented. I was sitting on the floor in front of her and she sat on her couch. She was running her fingers through my hair and kept saying how soft and pretty it was. As I guy, I didn’t know what to say to the except for “thanks.” Ann then went on to say that I had some split ends and that she could cut them off and also try to get my hair a little neater looking. I didn’t care at that moment, as I was very into the movie that was on.

She brushed and cut and combed and cut until she was done. She told me to go into the bathroom to see what I thought. She did a pretty good job, it was now shoulder length, all straight, and seemed to look good no matter how I wore it. Ann went on to say that she could have done a better job if I didn’t have so much facial hair. I told her that I thought that it was time for it to go as well. She said she could help with my eyebrows, but I had to shave my face. Ann then pulled to her couch and had me lay my head in her lap as she plucked my eyebrows. She told me they were two caterpillars sitting on my face. When she was done, they did look 100% better and the made me look a little younger in the eyes. They were now thinner and arched. Ann then handed me an electric razor and a regular ladies razor and I went into her bathroom. I used the electric razor to get the bulk of the facial hair off, and I also tried to line up my side burns a little. Then, I used Ann’s lady razor to shave my face smooth.

I almost didn’t recognize myself. It was more like looking at a new me, thanks to Ann. As I exited to the bathroom, Ann came running up to me and hugged me, saying how good I looked while rubbing her hands all over my new soft face. She was also rubbing the side of her face along the side of mine, somewhere in the middle of this, we kissed. We kissed and held each other. Ann stopped for a brief moment to drag me to her couch, where she pushed me down on my back and jumped on top of me only to begin kissing me even more passionately. We must have made out until morning. When we finally stopped, we were both half naked and decided we should stop before we do something stupid. As I got dressed, she helped me put my hair into a pony tail telling me that I should show off my smooth face and that I looked like a short version of Steven Segal. When I got home, I was so sexually frustrated that I took a shower and masturbated, thinking about what we almost did.

Chapter 2

A couple weeks later, we had planned to go out to eat. Ann wanted it to be like formal date. So I wanted to look my best for her. I had a nice suit that I hadn’t worn sense I was with my ex. I pulled it out of its plastic zip-up case and laid it out on the bed. I had already showered and shaved. While putting on the button up shirt, I realized how tight it was. It use to be loose on me. Then, I pulled up the dress pants and I couldn’t even zip them up. I had gained so much weight that my only suit was too small now. I felt awful. I was already running late and didn’t know what to do. I heard Ann knocking on the door, telling me it was time to go and that we had reservations. I went to the door (no sense not telling her) and told her of my situation. She said she had an idea, besides letting me wear something of hers which I said hell no.

She dragged me to her apartment along with all my stuff for the date. She told me to strip down to my boxers. This was no problem sense I was hoping we would skip the date and just go right to the sex. To my surprise, she dug into her dresser and pulled out a corset. I immediately protested, telling her that I was not going to wear women’s clothes. She went on to tell me that a lot of men wear corsets to lose weight and to gain their figure back. She said that that seemed to be the case with me, and seeing that that was all I had to wear for that date and it didn’t fit, that the corset would hold me in so that I could wear my suit. It was such a good idea that I said ok. After all, she was only trying to help, and we didn’t have much time anyways, and I sure as hell was going to wear her clothes for the date and I didn’t have any other izmir escort options. Ann led me to a door way and told me to hold on to the top of the frame of the door way. She then wrapped the corset around my waist and told me to let out my breath and hold it. She then pulled the laces tight, adjusting them and pulling them tighter, pulling in all my stomach and love handles. After she finished, I felt light headed and couldn’t breathe, and I also noticed I now stood with perfect posture. Without wasting time, she told me to get dressed. To my surprise, the corset worked. I could now fit into the dress shirt and pants. Ann had to help me pull the pants up as I couldn’t bend over to grab them and pull them up. After I was dressed, I noticed that the corset seemed to push all my body fat away from the corset, so it made my man boobs bigger, and it now seemed that I had bigger hips and an ass. Ann said that I was wearing a feminine garment made to do just that and that with my coat on, no one would notice.

We ended up actually making our dinner reservations on time. The entire time during our dinner, I sat up right up like I never had before due to the corset. Ann ensured that I look great and no one noticed what I was wearing under my suit. We had a great meal, and ended the night with a walk on the beach. Ann also helped me take my shoes off and pull my pant legs up above my knees so that we could would along side the beach and not get wet. She made some comment about how hairy I was. We walk, we talked, and after a while, we kissed. We held each other, kissed while the waves crashed into the shore, and our hands went all over each others body. She kept telling me how much she like the corset on me and that I did very well in it. Ann went to on to say that I should keep wearing them, and with a little exercise and vitamins, I would get back into shape. She said she would help and that all I had to do is what she told me she would have me looking good in a couple months. I felt so good to have someone in my life like her that just generally wanted to help people, even someone like me, so I said “deal.”

Ann said that I should start by eating better and running before work and everything I did she would do along side with me. We began cooking better food for each other. After a few days if food that I would have normally not eaten, we began running together before I went to work. Sense I didn’t have running clothes or sweats, Ann said she had some things left over from an ex that would fit me. And sense I didn’t have any money to buy some clothes to run in, I didn’t have much choice. She gave me some short running shorts and a sweat shirt. I wore these with my tennis shoes, socks, boxers and the corset, with my hair pulled back into a pony tail. As I came out of Ann’s bathroom, she couldn’t help but laugh. The shorts were so shorts that my boxers were hanging out, and that my legs were so hairy, Ann said it looked like I was wearing pantyhose. I didn’t know what to do, and I was embarrassed that Ann was laughing at me so hard. She said she had an idea but I had to do everything she said to do. I just didn’t want others to laugh at me as she did so I said ok. Ann told me to strip and she helped me out of the corset. She gave me the electric razor, another lady’s razor and some shaving cream and told me to take a shower in her bathroom and shave my entire body. She convinced me that runners and bikers do it to help with sweating and that I should do it too, and so that I didn’t look like a midget version of big foot. I just did as I was told. I was already in a life transition to better myself; this was just another part of that.

The shaving took awhile sense I had never shaved my body before. The final look was astonishing. I was as smooth as an underwear model. I didn’t realize how white my skin was. I was very pale, and in need of a tan. I thought with the now lack of body hair, I could also get some color on me. I also used her shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I thought I smelled like a fruit, but as I was going jogging, I would sweat it off anyways. After I dried off, I rapped my hair up in a towel, and found Ann’s rope, which was too short on me. It showed off my now smooth legs. I was trying to not get a hard on.

When I came out of the bath room, I couldn’t keep Ann’s hands of me. She wanted to know how I looked and pulled my rope off (or her rope off I should say) and let it hit the floor. All she could do is rub me all over and say how smooth I was. Then stopped, ran to her dresser and came back with a bottle of lotion. She began rubbing it all up and down my legs, all over my body and then proceeded to rub it all over my crotch and up and down my dick and balls. This made me incredibly hard. Ann just stroked me softly, saying that she loved me so smooth and soft like this and that I should be rewarded. She laid me on her bed as she jerked me off with the lotion. While she stroked me, she rubbed her other hand all over saying that she had to work mersin escort the lotion in all over me. Without warning, she began to rub her hand into my ass crack saying that I need lotion there too. Then, she pushed a finger into my ass hole as she jerked me off. This sent me over the edge. I told her I was about to come. She then put another finger inside me and began to pump her fingers in and out of me as she stroked me dick.

I couldn’t hold it, and just as I began to cum, Ann wrapped her mouth around my dick and caught all of my cum into her mouth. As I tried to catch my breath, Ann came up and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue, then she pushed it into my mouth. As I was on my back, I had no choice but to swallow it or I would choke. It was bitter and kind of thick. I realized it was a lot too. I looked down at my cock; it was now flaccid and small. Ann had milked my dick to almost nothing. My balls seemed shrunken and small. We laid there and caught our breath. Ann then asked me if I enjoyed that. I could only reply that it was one of the best things I’d felt in a long time and if I could do anything for her. She said she would take a rain check due to time and that she was glad I like it.

Ann pointed out that we had better get going if we were going to jog and be back in time so that I could go to work. She helped me back into the corset. It seemed to be a little more comfortable now that I didn’t have body hair in the way now. Ann then said she had an idea. Knowing that my boxers hung out of the jogging shorts and I didn’t own any briefs, that she had something for me. Out of her dresser she pulled out a pair of panties the same color as the corset, black and trimmed with lace. She said that she had no other idea, and they would be better then having my genitals hang out of the shorts as we ran, plus they were comfortable. She said what could it hurt, and no one would know but us and to just give it a try. I agreed knowing that we were short on time. They went up so smoothly up my legs as Ann pulled them up and into place. Ann said I looked great in them, but I looked odd with the little bulge in the front. She reached her hand inside the panties and pushed my genitals down between my legs a bit and then pulled the panties up a little more, making them hug my ass. Ann was in aw. Me standing there in her room, my long hair now out of the towel and hanging down, wearing a corset that pushed my fat around to have a chest, ass and hips, and wearing matching panties. She said I look amazing and couldn’t believe I was a guy. I didn’t know hot to react except to say “thanks.” She gave me the running shorts and even helped me put them on. I put on the sweat shirt, then my socks and tennis shoes. Ann then helped me brush my hair and pull it back into a ponytail, we grabbed some water bottles and we were off. We went around the park next to our apartments a couple times. I couldn’t help but notice everyone that passed us. I wondered if they knew what I was wearing under my clothes. I could also feel my chest, hips and ass as we jogged. They seemed to be sticking out. I knew this would be taking care of the more I exercised and ate right.

After the jog, we went back to her place, where we showered together using her shower supplies, and then dried and lotioned each other up. Ann then gave me a pair of Lycra, lace, maroon panties and helped me into a matching corset. I asked her why I needed the panties still sense I could just wear my boxers. Ann said that my boxers were too big and that my skin needs to breathe so that it can sweat out the fat. The panties do not cover up as much skin as my boxers do and will help me to sweat more, and will keep in my hips and ass. It seemed like a good idea. I just hoped that no one would notice. I figured I was already wearing a woman’s corset, what harm could the panties do. But why did the panties and corset need to be so feminine looking. She said it was all she had and that she was sorry, but it was all she could do and if I didn’t like it that I could lose weight on my own. I let her know that I was very appreciative of her and that I was thankful for her help, and I was sorry if I upset her. Ann let me know it was ok and that I should wear her rope so that I could go to my apartment to get into my work clothes. As I was leaving, I gave her a kiss good bye and told her I’d see her when I got off work. She handed me my new vitamins and told me to take them as soon as I got home.

I rushed across the hall to my apartment hoping no one would see me in a woman’s rope, corset, and panties. When I got inside, I took my vitamins then got ready for work. My chest seemed to not look as puffy in this different corset. It seemed to be held down and flat. I thought I looked great, and I felt great. The best I’d felt sense I had proposed to my ex. At work, I realized I had to go into the stall of the restroom every time I had to go in fear that someone would see my new feminine garments. Feeling them all day at work got me excited too. They were so soft and way more comfortable than my regular underwear. As long as no one found out, and they served a purpose, I would wear them. While I worked, I just wore a back brace so that it covered up my corset and it made it seem why I was standing up right so much. No one seen to notice, sense we are suppose to wear them anyways.

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