Feminized to be Her Lesbian Girlfriend


I would never have thought I would be in this relationship with Marsha! Most of the time it’s wonderful, but sometimes she can be so mean! She slowly wore me down. She knows exactly what to say to dominate and humiliate me. Now, the only thing I care about now is pleasing her.

For a long time, I couldn’t tell if she’s was taking control over my mind, or if I was falling in love with her. I’ve only known her for two months. It’s been a roller coaster ride, sometimes so exciting and other times I feel silly, dirty and humiliated.

I was on my own when it started, and still a little down about my divorce with Lydia. The ending of my marriage left me feeling confused and apprehensive about finding someone new.

Lydia had said some pretty nasty things as we were breaking up. She said I wasn’t even a man to her and that I should go and suck some guy’s cock because I was no good to her. The thing is, Lydia is partly right, I may not be a super masculine man, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with women. We had been broken up long enough that I had started to crave the energy that comes from a real connection with a woman, where I can just be myself and she likes it!

I met Marsha when I was out for a walk. I was sitting on a park bench watching the wind moving in the trees when she came and sat down next to me. I glanced over and said hello. She looked me directly in the eye and said hello back. She asked what I was doing out there sitting on a park bench and I said, ‘Well, I couldn’t think of anything else to do..’.

She sounded annoyed when she said, “That’s kind of weird… Nothing better gaziantep escort to do?” She sized me up and told me to come to her house with her, right then and there. “If you’re not doing anything then you’ll help out around the house.”

It was really strange because she hadn’t even introduced herself and already she was pushing me to come and work at her house? But the reality was, I didn’t have anything better to do and I am pretty good around the house. I like to keep things neat and tidy.

And she did keep me busy, but not with the things I was used to, like fixing the car, or handyman tasks. She had me doing things like cleaning her bathroom, doing the dishes and her laundry. She’s very picky about the laundry! I had to hand wash all of her panties and hose.

I was really working up a sweat when she told me to undress. The way she ordered me was a little weird, but I did as she asked, taking off my shirt. Then she really got in my face and everything had to come off. There I was, scrubbing the floor and toilet in the nude! I caught her looking at me and I thought she might be stimulated by watching me serve her.

We continued to see each other a couple of times a week. She had come up with a list of weekly chores for me to complete. I enjoyed pleasing her so I did the best I could to do a perfect job on everything. At that point, we were just friends, although I felt a certain chemistry that I longed for when I wasn’t with her. It turned out she lived just a block away from my apartment and by this time, I felt comfortable and safe with her.

At konya escort one point, Marsha told me she thought she might be bisexual, but so far had never been with another woman. That was a little disappointing for me, because it sounded like there was no chance for me to be with her in that way. But it felt like we were getting closer and closer.

Then things changed.

I was at her place on a Saturday. I had finished all of my chores, except for the laundry. I grabbed the hamper and started separating the colors from the whites, and created a special pile for her delicate things. As I was dropping her panties into the sink to hand wash them, I stopped and brought her panties to my face and smelled them. I thought, ‘So that’s what she smells like.’ I brought the panties down and rubbed them against my crotch. It felt so good to rub them against myself. I brought them up again to my nose and heard a noise behind me. I turned around, and there was Marsha. She looked so angry!

“Don’t you ever smell my panties again, you little Sissy! Now on your knees you little slut!”

I was a little afraid of her so I did what she told me immediately. I told her, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!’. I was afraid to look at her face so I just looked down at the ground. Of course I was naked, as I had been taught to disrobe before doing my chores, so it really hurt when the first spank landed. I was so surprised I let out a huge ‘Ouwww!’ As I turned to look back, another hard slap landed and she kept them coming…

I felt like I was going to pass out when Marsha stuffed kayseri escort some dirty panties in my mouth and secured a ball gag in my mouth and around my head. She also put a collar around my neck, with a short leash. She handed me another pair of dirty panties and told me to put them on. I complied, and my cock got hard instantly. She came up behind me and reached down into the panties. “Sweetie, your clit is getting hard! Is that because of me?” I said ‘Yes’, but no sound came through the panties she had stuffed in my mouth.

I was breathing heavily through my nose when she pulled my cock hard, forcing it backwards into the panties, tucked under me. That really hurt, but the way it was pushing hard against the panties made me even harder. It felt like the fabric was going to rip. She yanked hard on my leash, leading me into her bedroom. I was completely helpless now.

I was scared when she pushed me down on the bed, but she took of the gag and kissed me so nice and sweet! I felt her fingering me, first one and then two fingers inside me. It just made me feel so in love with her, I just wanted to please her.

I was moaning like a girl. I felt so stupid, but all I could do was trust her and do what she wanted. She tied my hands in front of me and mounted my face, rubbing her pussy and ass all over my face. She said I was her little bitch and that my pussy belonged to her. And you know what? I was her bitch, I was prepared to do whatever she asked of me if it pleased her. That was the night I moaned, Mistress, I love you so much! All she said was, “Who does your pussy belong to sweetie?” And then she smothered me as I said over and over again, ‘My pussy belongs to you Mistress!’

So, at first it was uncomfortable, but now I find I crave her so deeply. I have so much more to tell!

Yikes! I need to go! Mistress is home! She’ll need her feet massaged and I’d better get started on her martini!

Chat soon!

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