Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 10


Her turn

It is a merry Christmas and together we eat delicious things that we have made ourselves based on a few special recipes. Tonight’s Portuguese stew is a huge success. There is still enough left for a second meal and we will eat that again tomorrow.

A nice glass of wine puts us in a cheerful happy mood.

Then Mieke says that I have to take a die because according to her it is time for her turn again.

She had rolled “2” and wanted to do that assignment again. But she also hopes for a new figure.

This time she rolls “5”!

That means I have to make her come three times in different ways in one day.

“That will no longer work today.” she says. “But then we will start early tomorrow. Then I want you to start pampering me under the covers in bed with your tongue.”

It is still dark when I wake up and realize I have an assignment to fulfill.

I slump under the duvet and push my head between her buttocks and start to rim her gently. My cock immediately jumps to attention. This is always so good. Certainly such a nice sweaty poo smell that hangs so vaguely in that crack. Mieke does not let herself go and grabs my dick gently and strokes my head.

I ask her to turn around so I can get to her tittler better. Instead, she tells me to lie on my back and then sit above me with her face towards my stomach. I can clit nicely in this way. I wet my right index finger and I also put the necessary saliva on her butt. Then my finger slides into her rectum and while I start licking her firmly on her tittler, I move my finger in and out of her delicious ass.

For a while I don’t hear or notice a reaction from her, but I notice that she is concentrating a lot. Then all of a sudden she starts to breathe very heavily and a few seconds later she comes moaning and shocking. This is also a highlight for me because I think it is very beautiful to feel her cum in my favorite place under her pussy and ass. That’s just beautiful!

I continue to lick, even though I know that this is also very sensitive for her now. She tries her best but can’t hold it, it is that hypersensitive now and she involuntarily lets a small trickle of morning pee run. In my mouth. That tastes deliciously salty and strong.

She pants a lot and lies with her head on my chest and gives me a big kiss and says “In an hour again, but with your fingers.”

Fingering after an hour is very easy. My dexterity works wonders. In less than 3 minutes she has another intense orgasm. Trembling heavily, she lies on the bed enjoying herself and gasping for breath.

“As if I’m under electrical power.” she pants.

“And when do you want to use the Magic Wand? Would you like to wait immediately or for a while?”

“Actually, I want to do that while sitting on the counter. Then you can decorate me a bit with chocolate spread at the same time. Is that what?”

Not much later she is sitting with her legs wide gaziantep escort on the counter and in one hand I have the Magic Wand at the ready and my other hand is reaching into the jar of chocolate spread.

While I turn on the vibrator and slowly lower it over her breasts and stomach to her tittler, I spread a handful of paste over her breasts and massage them with it. I also spread a little paste over her face and neck. It’s a beautiful sight. While I do my best to keep the vibrator in place I lick her breasts and suck hard on her nipples.

Together with the tireless Magic Wand, this ensures that she has another huge orgasm. She almost falls from fatigue, but I can catch her so that I also get a little chocolate spread on my chest and arms. Horny!

Together we take a shower and relax afterwards. In the shower I jerk off in front of her and she mischievously looks at it as she says hot words to me.

“It’s your turn tomorrow!”

My turn

After the three orgasms, she takes the die again and rolls.

“Like I said: Your turn tomorrow.” she says. “1!”

“That means banana party!” I shout happily.

The next afternoon, after I bought a fresh bunch of bananas, Mieke is firmly tied to the bondage mattress with a pillow under her buttocks and her legs folded back. This way all its openings are easily accessible. I say I’ll leave her there like this for a while.

In the meantime I take the magic wand and push it firmly against her tickler. She groans with pleasure. Not too long. Intermittently, I pull that huge device away from her so she begs for more. Then I lick her for a moment. Her anus too. It should get wet as well.

I go to the kitchen and get the bunch of bananas. Nice little bananas not quite ripe yet. They are therefore still a bit sturdy and very suitable for what I am going to do.

I peel a banana, break it in half and gently push the two halves with the pointed side into her poop hole. She likes that very much and I say: “I can probably shove more bananas up there.”

“I’m sure, what are you up to? Even more?”

“I put in a few more in the same way. Then I set a kitchen timer and you can not poop them out as long as the alarm is running. I think you will find the pressure to have to defecate but not allowed and be able to very exciting.”

Mieke nods. She also really enjoys being helpless.

One banana after another slowly disappears up her ass. Four small bananas in all. I feel some resistance with the latter. Apparently her colon is now completely full. She groans violently and says she has a lot of pressure now.

“I now set the alarm for half an hour. You are not allowed to squeeze them out for that long. When the time has come, you can let them go in this bowl. I’ll put it under you for certainty. When the time comes and you squeeze everything out I will eat everything. And you can help with eating if necessary.” I laugh.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that yet, Max. But the idea is very exciting. “

She gets a deep red color on her cheeks and neck and above her breasts. She got so hot from this.

While the kitchen timer is running I still do all kinds of things to her. She is helpless and cannot move at all.

I put my dick in her mouth for a while. I push the Magic Wand for a while on the softest setting against her pussy and I tickle her with a feather over her stomach, breasts and nipples.

I also grab an ice cube which I let melt against her nipples. The cold drops that run over her breasts make her crazy with pleasure.

Then the alarm clock rings.

“Finally!” she says.

Immediately she lets herself go and shits all bananas in the large bowl below her. The last bananas to come out are brown and have streaks of poo. And after the very last banana comes a best load of soft poo.

“Dip!” I shout enthusiastically.

I start to fish the bananas from the bowl one by one between my thumb and forefinger and put them in my mouth. And indeed I use her soft poo as a dipping sauce.

“The combination of the taste of banana with that of poo is really delicious. That softens the bitterness of the poo enormously.” I explain. “Wanna try?”

“No, Max. I believe you. But not yet. Just make sure that bowl is empty.”

I do my “smelly” best to comply with that. One banana after another disappears after a good chewing in my throat.

There is only some soft shit left in the bowl and I scoop it out and smear it a little over her buttocks. Then I start licking her clean there too.

She likes that very much and asks me if I would like to use the vibrator again.

While I put my dick in her mouth I immediately put the Magic Wand on her tittler. She sucks my cock hard and rhythm and not much later she cums violently.

I do the last part myself and jerk off with my head in her mouth and I also have a great orgasm and Mieke slurps all the sperm and swallows everything.

Then I give her a fat French kiss where I taste my sperm very vaguely and she vaguely banana and shit.

“Actually, that doesn’t seem to taste bad at all.” she says. “A slightly earthy spiciness to the banana.”

“That’s right!” I say satisfied.

I untie her, we take a shower and we have another wonderful day of it.

Plate II

Slowly the days are getting longer and the weather is getting better. The harsh and wet winter made us sit indoors a lot. This also gave the opportunity for long sex sessions in which I especially played the “victim” who was tied to the bed for a long time. The one time while waiting for a measuring cup full of pee that was poured into my throat through a large funnel. The other time with shit in my face, held together by cling film wrapped around my head with a hole for breathing.

But again with Mieke who was bound to undergo multiple orgasms by a Magic Wand attached to her clit. Occasionally peeing in my face due to hypersensitivity when I was neatly waiting underneath during her next all-too-intense climax.

All in all, we had a great time.

On a Friday evening, Mieke says it is time for another big step forward in my poo training.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“You will notice that tomorrow morning, okay?”

Of course I hardly sleep a wink of the tension. I let my imagination run wild and lie in bed with a constant boner until I finally fall asleep at about four o’clock.

When I wake up Mieke has already crawled out of bed and when I get up and want to walk over to her I notice that the bedroom door is locked.

“Mieke? Why is the door locked?” I shout.

“Just you wait. Just go back to bed.”

Not much later I hear the key turning in the lock and the door opens.

Mieke carries a tray with a plate and 2 large glasses.

“Breakfast on bed! You will not get anything else until you are done with this.”

There is a large turd in the plate and one glass is filled with her dark yellow morning pee. The other glass is full of water.

“You can use the water to help swallow the poo.”

My cock is straight up straight. I’m really looking forward to this. For a long time I have wanted to be forced to eat all of her shit.

“And you will eat and drink it. Otherwise punishment will follow. I keep an eye on you and there is no orgasm as long as you are not done with it. Even if it takes all day!”

I sit down on the chair next to the bed and grab the sturdy turd between thumb and forefinger, break off a piece and put it in my mouth. The taste is moderately bitter. Actually, there is not much taste to it.

I start to chew a little and when there is enough saliva in my mouth I dare to swallow the first time. That is going well. I should manage with this amount of poo at a time.

However, it becomes more difficult to swallow per bite. A somewhat sick feeling is taking hold more and more of me.

I therefore decide to chew less on the next bites and to swallow the poo with a drink of water. That’s going a lot better and I’m getting more and more excited again because this will be the very first time I’ll be eating all of her poo.

The last bite is just a little bit and then I’m done. Then I start on her strong pee. I tell her it’s a hot idea that I’m actually part of the sewer system now. Everything that comes out of you normally disappears immediately in a toilet, but now my body and digestion are still an important link between them. And then into the toilet.

“Second-hand poo and pee.” I laugh.

She laughs and says she hasn’t thought about it that much, but she thinks it’s a nice extra dimension.

“My human toilet.” she says proudly.

I empty her pee with big gulps because I don’t have many problems with that anymore.

“You can prepare a breakfast like that for me sometimes.”

“You just wait.” she says defiantly. “You will have to deal with it quite a bit”.

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