First Time Anal Pt. 1

Big Dick

This is a true story of my current girlfriend who is quite a nympho. To start off, she lost her virginity to me at the age of 16 but was sexually active prior. I’ve recently got her on taking up the idea of letting me and my friends fuck her. She’s a bombshell standing at 5’6″, 125 pounds with long tan, toned legs, a nice ass and a pair of DD’s at the age of 16. We’ll call her Taryn from now on.

It started off with some typical texting while I was bored at work. She was explaining how she wanted me home and how she was craving dick. I recently bought her two dildos, one small and one big. So I told her those would have to do until I got home. A couple of minutes went by of talking dirty when she text me saying, “I feel like I should tell you something that I haven’t told you before.”

So I agreed and let her tell me. I promised not to get mad so that she would feel more secure telling me. She starts to tell me how I wasn’t the first guy she’d done anal with. Of course, thinking of her with another guy turned me on because I like to let her have fun and the fact that she’s young. So I told her to tell me how it all went down.

She was 15 in the summer of 2009 and was out at a party drinking with some friends. Being the flirt that she is she started talking to the guy of whose house Sex hikayeleri it was. Wearing a low-cut shirt showing off cleavage of her big DD tits I’m sure any guy in there would have loved to see them. They keep talking throughout the night and finally he asks her to go upstairs with him so they could get away from the noise. She agreed and off they went.

It started off as typical talking but the alcohol quickly took control and her sex drive was high. She had sucked cock before and loved cum running down her throat so she knew what she was doing when they started to kiss. She started rubbing on his cock feeling it get hard while he started to lift her shirt off and reveal her massive DD’s. They flopped out in his face when she took her bra off and he began to suck on them making her moan and yearn for his cock even more. She had him pull his pants off and she did the same so she was completely naked for him. With his pants off, a nice 7″, 18 year old cock was rock hard looking at her body. She started to suck him off while he fingered her wet, dripping pussy. After a couple of minutes he was ready to go.

He put a condom on and asked if she was ready. She said yes and opened her legs for him. She was still a virgin and quickly decided not to let him in her pussy. But being drunk Sikiş hikayeleri and wanting something more then just giving him a blowjob, she said yes to him after he asked if he could fuck her ass. They climbed off the bed and and she got on all fours on the floor poking her ass up in the air for him to thrust his cock into her ass. He spit down on her asshole and pressed the tip of his cock against it. With this she pushed up and let his cock enter her tight virgin asshole letting out a moan, she told him to go. He spit again and began picking up the pace. Thrusting deeper and harder into her ass with his balls clapping against her wet, juicy pussy. He pulled her hair and slapped her ass treating her like a little slut.

After going for about 5 minutes of fucking her tight ass he said he was about to cum. She told him to pull out so she could swallow it because she loved the taste of cum. He went a couple more minutes and pulled out pulling off the condom and busting a load into her mouth. She stroked his cock to make sure she got every bit of cum. But she didn’t stop there…

She continued to keep sucking his cock until it was hard again. He climbed on top of her and began to slide his dick between her tits that she was pushing together. After he was fully hard she told him Erotik hikaye she wanted her ass to get fucked again. So he put another condom on and told her to roll over. She got in the same position and his cock slid in quite easier than before. He started slow going all the way in, then all the way out. He was grabbing hold of each tit to help pull himself deeper into her ass. He pulled all the way out this time and spit down on her ass and asked if she was ready for it to be fucked. She said yes and spread her ass open for him as he pushed his cock in deep and grabbed hold of her hips. He started fucking her relentlessly making her moan so loud that his friends ran upstairs and opened the door. They both quickly looked up and froze for a minute..with the alcohol still feeding their sex drive, he continued pounding his cock into her ass. The friends just watched for a little bit before shutting the door and leaving.

She kept telling him to fuck her harder and pull her hair and slap her ass. This is where my “slut” was born so to say. She loved being handled by this guy and feeling his cock rammed deep inside her. Her ass was bouncin’ and she was ready to taste his cum once again. He asked her if she wanted more cum running down her throat and she quickly replied. He pulled out again, pulled off the condom and shot his warm, sticky load into her mouth with a little shooting on her face. She moaned and smiled at him telling him thank you. This was the last time they hung out.

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