First Touch


Chapter 1 – First Kiss

Chapter 2 – First Touch

Looking back there has always been a little something between myself and my sister in law. We have always been a little flirty, she will occasionally touch your arm when she is talking to you or give you a cheeky smile when you say something a little bit naughty during a conversation.

Last summer we ended up going on a few family days out with my brother, sister in law and their kids but the first time we noticed our feelings for each other happened on a trip to the fair.

It was late August and we had just had one of the hottest summers I’ve known. As the evenings were now a little cooler we decided to take the kids to the local funfair. The fair was in a seaside town overlooking the sea and although there were no rollercoasters it was a fun way to spend a few hours with the kids. There were a couple of rides that the children couldn’t go on and the only adults that like a faster ride are myself and Beth.

We went on the run-away minecart ride with the kids, two of them sat in the front seat and we were in the back. It didn’t really move fast but as we flew round the corners it slammed us into each other, I nearly ended up in her lap a few times and when it went round the other way, her into mine. When Beth’s hips bump into mine, even for a split second the feeling sent my heart racing. I can’t prevent my reaction to her touch it felt exhilarating. A couple of times my hand slipped off the grab bars and I accidentally ended up grabbing hers. Even though we didn’t mean for it to, it felt intimate. The light touch of my hand on hers.

She never once pushed me away or said anything but I always let go when I realised what I had done, from that moment on the sexual tension between us seemed to increase. I want more of it her touch when I shouldn’t want any of it.

Did she feel the same as me?

We also did quite a bit of flirting on the Miami ride, it’s a long bench that you sit on, that rotates around a central point. It throws you upwards into the air at the top of the rotation and due to the harness pulls you back down again when the whole bench starts to drop.

After the mine cart ride, although physically it hurt, mentally it had loosened me up a bit, I had lowered my inhibitions and we were talking in a way we hadn’t before. We were talking about sex whilst waiting for the ride to start. The chat and touching from the previous ride had made little turned on. I’ve not ever discussed this with anyone but I ended up telling her that I love eating my wife’s pussy and licking her clit. I think this turned her on as well as she started asking me filthier questions than ever before.

We went on a few more rides with the kids but the last ride of the night was the log flume. Again, the children didn’t want to go on it with us so it was just us two. The ride only looked small and the drop maybe 10-15 oral yapan gaziantep escort feet but when we got into the ‘log’ it was full of water and the seat was soaking wet.

The ride operator asked me to sit at the back and Beth was in front between my legs. After the boat left the station, I asked if she wanted a little more room and she could move backwards if she wanted. There was a little shuffle and now we were nice and snug together.

We continued to flirt and asked each other some naughty questions as the boat lazily travelled around the man-made river. We mentioned at how dilapidated it all looked and how it needed a revamp but I also noticed that there was no possibility of being overlooked. No spectators and no CCTV. The high sides of the boat would make a perfect place to have a little fiddle if you were that way inclined. There was no chance of getting caught with your hands where they shouldn’t be.

I spent the whole 3 minutes with my hands on the side of the boat, not making a move that I dearly wanted to make. Even if it was just dropping my hands down into her lap, not having a feel but a deliberate placement of them, just to gauge her reaction.

When we got to the ‘small’ drop at the end of the ride, we couldn’t believe how wet we got. Beth took the full brunt of the water splashing up with it all over her top, hair and legs but I was still soaked from head to toe.

When we got off the ride I noticed that she had a small wet patch between her legs, I think it was from the splash and the seat being wet but I like to think it was due to our dirty conversations whilst we were alone on the rides.

Over the next few months, we continued to flirt and I thought about what had and hadn’t happened at the fair. Then just before Christmas we had our first kiss.

When the fair reopened for the summer we had another visit, after going on quite a few rides with the children, somehow the two of us ended up riding the log flume, alone.

As we got into the boat we took the same positions as last time. Both my hands are firmly gripping the side. I’d been fantasising about being in this position again since last summer and how it would get us in so much trouble.

The naughty little chats we’ve had, our likes and dislikes in the bedroom and the mental images conjured in our minds, whilst still never laying a finger on each other (apart from the kiss).

Feeling extremely nervous but also extremely turned on at the thought of moving past the point of no return. I slowly moved my hands down from the side of the flume and carefully placed them on Beth’s hips. Knowing that we were completely hidden from sight for a few minutes I gently pull her backwards so she was closer to me, with her bum almost touching my semi, she wriggled slightly with excitement and not knowing how far I’m gaziantep oral yapan escort going to take it.

Whilst gently gripping her waist with my left hand, I slid my right hand down and slightly backwards giving her bum a squeeze feeling her tight buttock, then I moved it forwards again back onto her hip. Moving both my hands round to her tummy, I let them both freely roam upwards around her torso, caressing her tummy, upper chest her sides. My heart beat was starting to quicken, then it was going 100mph, my hands were franticly touching every part of her upper body.

I wanted to catch my breath for a second and I ran my hands back down to her hip. I slowly slid my right hand forwards and with two fingers traced the panty line through her trousers down to the top of her thighs. Sliding my hand round the inside of Beth’s thigh, so that the tips of my fingers were nestled between her legs, touching the front of her panties.

The sexual tension that had continued to build between us over the past year started to overflow and I got more adventurous fuelled by desire. I move my left hand down copying the path that my right made tracing the outline and give her thigh a gentle squeeze with both hands. I let them rest there for a few seconds before continuing.

I could feel a slight pressure where Beth was gently holding her legs closed, willing me to continue but not giving me all of her straight away.

I slid both my hands down the inside of her thighs towards her knees then slowly back up, using my fingers to send shockwaves through her cool skin. When my hands come to meet back at her crotch, I gave her leg another light squeeze. Beth let out a slight moan and she pushed her hips backwards into my now hardening cock.

I dragged my fingers back up between her legs as she parted them slightly, again tracing the outline of her panties back to her waist. I hooked one finger under the trouser waistband and asked if she wanted me to continue? She turned her head slightly and with her lips almost touching mine panted “yes”. She was clearly out of breath as well from my hands roaming across her body.

With Beth’s approval I pulled the fabric of her waistband away from her tummy and I gently slid the flat of my hand down the front of her trousers. The feel of my hand running inside the fabric sent tingles down her spine. My fingers delicately tracked down across her lacy panties and I cupped Beth’s pussy with my hand. Using my middle finger, I slightly depressed the delicate fabric of her panties, barely pushing the fabric between Beth’s lips. I can feel the heat radiating from within and the damp crotch of her knickers.

I moved my hand down again to squeeze the inside of her thighs and she spread her legs further, giving my hand a little more space. At the same time, she pushed her hips gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan backwards into my solid dick.

I ran my fingers back up Beth’s leg, brushing her panty covered pussy again. I slid one finger down the edge of her knickers and fiddled with the seam, the border between her leg and most intimate area. As my fingers slid under the material they intertwined with the sticky, hot mess in her panties. If I ever needed a sign that she wanted me to continue, it was how wet she had got just from my teasing. It felt like an eternity I’d been waiting to be this naughty with her.

Teasingly I edged my fingers back out of her knickers and she let out a disappointed whimper.

Within a second, I pulled back the waistband of her panties and I guided my eager fingers towards her slit, sliding from the top to bottom of her outer lips. I parted them slightly with 2 fingers and slowly start to slide one finger between her awaiting vulva, I could feel how slick her pussy was. Teasing Beth with the tip of my finger, then a little more until I had one finger inside her. I could feel Beth’s pussy tightly gripping my digit as I slid it slowly in and out.

One finger leads to another as I penetrated her horny little hole. As she took both my fingers her pussy constricted and another moan escaped her lips. I continued slowly fingering her and spread a little bit of lubrication onto her clit. With two fingers still moving in and out I brushed her clit with my thumb, giving it a gentle tease. I moved my thumb away and easily slid a third finger into her eagerly awaiting hole, I keep pumping my fingers in and out whilst slightly curling them upwards.

Beth pushed her hips forwards to allow my fingers to plow deeper into her hot, wet pussy and she start to buck her hips rhythmically matching my thrusts. Slow at the beginning but getting faster and faster as I concentrated sliding in and out of her puffy pussy. With my 3 fingers now buried deep inside, her juices ran down my knuckles and dripped into the crotch of her knickers.

Beth let out a gasp and I could feel her pussy convulsing and the flood of juices spreading across my fingers. From the wetness and clench of the muscles deep with her body I knew that she had climaxed. She tried extremely hard not to make a noise but wiggled slightly in my lap instead.

I carefully removed my hand from her trousers leaving behind the sticky mess between Beth’s legs.

I wish that I could have buried my face between her legs, cleaning up the mess that I had made. Devouring her pussy and licking her clit. As a consolation prize I took pleasure in sucking her cum off my fingers, tasting the delicious naughty juices, savouring every moment of her horny pussy. The smell, taste and image of the orgasming beauty between my legs.

Fortunately, the release came moments before we went down the big drop on the flume, which soaked both of us. The water in our hair and all over our bodies masked the dishevelled look on both our faces. Our hearts were pounding as we exited the ride. The only sign of our naughty activity was her wet panties. This could only be seen externally by a small wet patch between Beth’s legs, which was easily disguised as the rest of her body was soaked from the log flume.

Continued in Chapter 3 – First Taste

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