He had asked me to let him, but when I told him I had never done anything like that before, he promised that he’d go as slowly as I wanted. Nervously, I agreed. Taking my hand, he led me to his bedroom. The dark Mahogany furniture gave the room a classic look that contrasted sharply with the rest of his apartment, which he furnished ultra-modernly.

The large king sized bed focused the room. Its corner posts nearly touched the ceiling.

“I may not be any good,” I told him. He told me not to worry that he would do all of the work.

Fully clothed, I climbed onto the bed. I expected it to be soft and inviting, but beneath the blanket, it was hard and unyielding. He leaned over me and pulled the straps from the headboard. Putting my hands up, he quickly bound them together. The leather bit sharply into my skin but wasn’t painful. Commanding me to pull against the straps, he tightened and rearranged them. He pulled my arms so tightly above my head that I wiggled up the bed.

“Nuh-uh,” he admonished me. Walking to the foot of the bed he grabbed my legs and pulled me sharply. The muscles in my arms stretched uncomfortably. “Since it’s your first time, I’ll tie just one leg.” He looked questioningly at me. “Remember ‘armadillo’. I am going to be careful, so, hopefully, you won’t have to use the safe word, but just in case it’s too much. Ok?” Unable to look at him, I shook my head. He pulled another leather strap from under the blanket. One end was already attached to the bedpost. The other, he lashed to my ankle.

I heard him trip over my shoes and then kick them away. I turned my head and could barely see him; my arm blocked my view. When he got onto the bed, it didn’t move at all – where did he get such a firm mattress?

“You’re ok?” He looked at me with such tenderness. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this, but with him, I felt safe.

“Yeah, fine. ‘Armadillo’, right?” He smiled at me and kissed my cheek. Except that I couldn’t move or embrace him, this seemed normal.

As he kissed my lips, he murmured, “I have been waiting so long for you to be ready. I would wait forever for you, you know.” I knew. He waited over a year before I first stayed overnight with him. I should know everything about him. “Ready?” I didn’t know what exactly to expect. So although I said I was ready, I’m not sure if I actually was.

He pulled away from me and his face grew hard. He straddled my shoulders and unzipped his pants. Fiercely grabbing my head, he shoved his barely erect penis in my mouth. Because of the strange angle, I couldn’t suck him as hard as I usually did. Using my tongue, I kneaded his penis against my palette. He moaned, “That’s right” several times before pushing me away. My head bounced against the pillow.

Reaching into his bedside drawer, he pulled out a blindfold and covered my eyes. Forcing myself to relax, I reminded myself that we discussed this. I heard movement. I felt something sharp scrape my neck. My nervousness melted away as I realized that whatever he was doing felt good. I heard him swear before he pulled my shirt over my head and left it in a wad over my bound hands. “I was so worried, I forgot to undress you. You’re wearing the teddy I like…” His hands reached under my lingerie and moved it under my armpits. Using some sort of steel fingernails, he raked the sides of my body. My skin formed little, stinging welts. He traced the fold of my breasts. My nipples hardened too much and pained me.

I felt him get off me and rummage through something in the room. “Just the thing,” he announced. I felt him wrap something similar to the leather binding my limbs around my breast. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but then he pulled it tight. It squeezed my right breast painfully and then he bound my left one similarly. A cold buckle shocked the skin between my two breasts. Normally, my large bosom hides beneath my armpits when I lie down. These straps he used caused them to stand up. I suppose it is the leather version of a Cross-my-heart.

He began kissing and licking my breast. The straps seemed to intensify the pleasure I expected. Without warning, he bit my nipple hard. When I cried out, he stopped.

“It’s all right,” I comforted him. “I’m kinda enjoying this.” I heard cloth rustle and felt him straddle my torso. I felt him rub his penis between my restrained breasts. I heard his grunts. I chided myself for my earlier nervousness. This was enjoyable, not at all the perversion I feared.

A moment after feeling his warm semen run between my breasts and down my neck he swore. “Dammit! I thought I could control myself, but you’re just … Wait here!” Tied to the bed, I really had nowhere to go. I felt his semen grow cold and sticky on my flesh. “This should be ok for now,” he announced as he returned to the bedroom.

I shouted in surprise as something touched my nipple. At first I didn’t know if it was burning hot or freezing cold. When he put his mouth over my nipple, I realized that it was freezing. His warm mouth melted the ice causing frigid water to drip down my breasts and pool at the leather. I tried to move, to touch him more by couldn’t. He trailed the ice cube around each breast and down my stomach. He vigorously sucked the little river he led across my body. When he reached my pants, he stopped and rummaged in a drawer again.

He placed something cold and metallic on my stomach as he unbuttoned my pants. His knife between my flesh and my clothing, he left lines of goose bumps on my legs as he cut off my pants. “I’m saving your panties,” he told me, “I really like this teddy.”

Pushing the crotch of my panties aside, he rubbed a wet ice cube on my clitoris. Straining against my restraints, I arched upwards toward him. He replaced the ice cube with his mouth and sucked on my little jewel until I cried out. He brought me close to climax, but wouldn’t let me cum. I begged and pleaded for him to finish me, but he refused.

He inserted an icy finger into my pussy. My body tried to grab onto him. I felt my vagina began to quake, I heard my juices squishing at his ministrations. I thought surely he would allow me to climax, but again, he stopped. I draped my free leg over his shoulder and down his back. I tried to pull him back to me. I thought I won when I felt his fingers unfold my labia. I heard him loudly suck an ice cube. Surely this would be it. His fingers felt cold to my wet cunt. “Make me hot,” I demanded.

“You are not the one making demands tonight,” he growled. He thrust an ice cube deep inside me. He couldn’t stop me. I thrashed and pulled against my restraints as I unexpectedly came. The sensation overwhelmed sense. I knew that it should have been painfully cold, but my body wanted more of it. The ice melted and ran out of me. Why did I hesitate when he asked me to experience this?

“You’re a bad girl. You weren’t supposed to cum yet. If you do that again, I’ll punish you severely. Let’s play a game. You have to tell me what each thing is.” I grunted my consent. Something narrow, smooth and hard pushed inside of me. Slowly he twisted it. It was not quite round and longer than he finger. “Guess,” he demanded. He pushed and pulled the object slowly inside of me. Logic had long since left me, so I guessed the first thing to enter my mind, “Carrot?”

“Very good,” he congratulated me as he pulled it out. Next was something short, rough and warm. He pushed this deep enough inside of me that I felt his sharp nails on my lips.

“Meat product?”

“Sausage, I’ll give you that one.” Next was something cool, wet and spongy. I cried out as he thrust its great width into me. I felt like a virgin being torn open. Unlike the other two, he thrust this one deeply inside of me. “Guess,” he commanded as he began moving it faster and faster. I’m not sure which dominated, the pain at being stretched so much, or the pleasure that its movements caused. (Reading those gothic novels had made me think that pain became pleasant. It didn’t, but the two feelings entwined and I couldn’t tell one from the other.)

“Guess!” When I told him I didn’t know, he removed it and told me to open my mouth. Cautiously, I obeyed. This was getting strange, but I was curious. “Wider.” I opened my mouth as wide as I could and felt him rub something against my lips. Resting it against my teeth he directed me to bite. I refused; I could smell myself on whatever it was. My stomach churned. “That’s twice.”

He jumped off the bed, grabbed my free leg, and roughly pulled it over the tethered one twisting my hips and torso. My arms were able to rotate and the pillow engulfed half my face. Before I could imagine what he wanted, I felt him hit my ass. Harshly I sucked air. Before I could exhale, he struck me three more times. Feeling my cheek stinging, I screamed. “I’ll teach you to be a bad girl who disobeys,” his voice was hard and harsh. Tears streaming down my face, it took my a few moments to remember.

“Armadillo!” Before the second syllable left my mouth he stopped and quickly removed my blindfold.

“Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. I thought you were getting into it. Are you okay?” I nodded and told him that the hitting was just too much too quickly. He kissed my tears as he untied my hands. I started to roll flat on the bed, but winced back as my injured bottom touched the blankets. Quickly he climbed off the bed and released my leg. I threw off the shirt that still restrained my arms and lay face down on the bed.

I heard him close the bathroom closet. “This will take out most of the sting.” He sprayed sunburn mist on me. The cold hurt nearly as much, but it quickly quelled the pain. “Baby, I’m so sorry. I thought you would like it.” At my non-committable grunt, he kissed my bruises. “Oh, baby,” he murmured as he continued to kiss my ass. Despite the humiliation I felt, he excited me. When I groaned, he told me to let him make it up. “Please, just relax.” He removed my panties and zigzagged his tongue across both sides of my ass. I wanted to be disgusted with him, but couldn’t. His tongue felt like a dozen butterflies. Gently he pulled my cheeks apart and licked the hole. No one had ever done that before. I raised my torso so I could breathe better.

“Is this okay?” I could hear the concern in his voice. I moaned happily at him. He spat into my crack and rubbed my hole with his finger. He slowly wiggled his dexterous digit where nothing had ever entered before. I always thought that my fantasy of anal sex was somehow wrong, but this felt better than normal sex. Within a few thrusts of his finger, I was writhing. I tried to raise myself onto my knees to push him deeper inside.

I heard him rip open a condom. Its cool jelly eased his passage into me. Groaning, I raised my hips and pulled a pulled a pillow under my still bound breasts. He thrust himself into me gently and shallowly at first. I felt light headed. Why had I been afraid of this for so long? How could I have waited?

I threw my head back and screamed, this time in pleasure. He grabbed my shoulders and rammed himself deep inside. He clawed my back with his fingernails. Sweat poured off my body. As he grabbed my hips to pull me closer to him, I orgasmed. The world went white for a moment. I couldn’t stop as my body jerked upwards; I pulled him out of me.

“Can you roll over,” he asked. Shakily, I obliged him. He put my ankles onto his shoulders. And repositioned himself. “I have a gift for you that I’m not sure if you want to use.” Legs splayed in the air, I opened his gift – a cock-tus. When I told him to use it, he quickly ripped open the plastic. “Front or back?”

“The little nodule is for my clit, so front.” Deftly, he inserted the batteries and turned it on high. “Do you have to use a condom?”

“I thought it would be more comfortable for you if I used one.” I convinced him to go bareback. As he loved my ass, the toy vibrated and shivered inside me.

“I can feel the vibrator. Gods does it feel wonderful,” he sighed.

We stopped talking for a long time after that. With my head between my knees and my teeth rattling from the vibrator, I wouldn’t have been able to hear him anyway. As selfish as this sounds, I didn’t want to think about anything other than my pleasure. I rotated my hips so that I could grind him deeper into my ass. Unfortunately, this caused the vibrator to shift. He took my hand and had me hold it in place. I began jiggling it up and down.

Fluids wet my hand. I closed my eyes to more deeply enjoy the pleasure and climaxed a moment before he did. His semen burned a hole into my center and he fell against my legs. I moved my legs down and hugged his waist with them. As he fell on top of me, he pushed the vibrator sharply into me. I pulled it out and threw it on the floor, where it buzzed softly in the rug.

“I love you,” he whispered to me as he teased me with a peeled cucumber.

“What a night of firsts. I guess I should wear leather under my wedding dress.” His eyes sparkled as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me on top of him.

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