Foliage trip in the Mountains


Driving slowly in the bumpy driveway, a large dog appears on the porch, barking and drawing attention to the couple sitting in their rocking chairs.He stood and staired at me as the car approaches and comes to a stop, then the lady arouse from her chair. As I open my door I hear the gentleman talking and asking, hello sir can we help you, as he yells at the barking dog to quiet down. The lady takes a long swig from the bottle she holds in her hand and steps closer to the man, lowering the bottle from her lips she expresses her interest in me as i walk towards the steps, he’s a handsum hunk of a man.

I seem to have gotten lost in your beautiful surroundings, I answer. He stand their looking down at me, taking a deep hard puff of his pipe. Hes dressed in a hillbille atire, straw hat, dirty torn white teashert , bib overhauls and a large pot belly. I’m wearing a light colored button down shirt and a snug fitting pair of jeans. She is an attractive lady, hugging on the mans arm, a dirty blond in a knee high flowered dress. Yummy she smiles stairing at me then adjusts her dress, I think I’m going to enjoy this visiter, walking toward the front door and asks, would you like something to drink. The man speaks out, what shall it be,water or shine, starting to walk up the stairs, I respond oh, shine please. The lady opens the door, flicks her hair back and pulls the hem of her dress up her thighs, one glass for the shine and another fresh bottle. The dogs tounge hanging out of its mouth and tail waging back and forth, come take a seat he says, you’ll have to ignore her Sex hikayeleri comments shes an over sexed, never pleased tease sometimes.

As she comes back out the door, blushing and carring a jug and glass mason jar, setting them on the table,with one hand she unbuttons a button, exposing her large breast, as shes pours a glass and ensures my full view of her cleavage passing me the glass. Figeting in my seat she takes a slow lingering look and murmuring what a great body you have, she repeats yum yum, as she stops and glairs at my crotch hoping to see my penis stir in the tight jeans. Taking the glass from her hand I take a large gulp then gasping trying to collect my breath, wow, thats some powerful shine escapes whispering sounds from my mouth. Cityslickes he says as he sits and chugs down his glass of shine without a flintch, not to be undone I do the same, then set breathless for a moument. I must have passed out as now i’m tied to a bed, laying on my back arms and legs out streched and naked, while she stands over me cursing her breats. Setting next to me she rubs her hands and fingures across my face and hair, hes got beautiful eyes and soft puffy lips, then looking over her shoulder to the man bathing in the fully exposed bath tub. Her hands continue to rub and explore as she slips down my neck over my shoulders and across my semi hairy chest, sighing long and load as her hands rub,pull and tug at my nipples. A fevering pitch washes up and down my body, twisting my nipples in between her thumb and forefinger,lowering her head she licks and laps at my Sikiş hikayeleri nipples as they stiffen, she continues to hum lick and bite at the nipples until they are red swollen and raw. Then her hands continue down my stomach to my slowly rising cock, yes she expresses as she rubs and squeezes my cock and balls, she rough at first then slows the stroking to a steady rythem , eagerly express her pleasure, lowering her head she breaths and blows fresh cool air across my balls and cock, then a soft tender kiss, stating later as she rises from the bed.

Walking over to the man as he rises from the tub, water running and dripping from his short chubby body, grabbing a towel she wipes and dries his body,stopping and lingering at spots of attention. Talking with him and expresses her view of what he will be experiencing, she licks then bite very hard on his nipple, hes screams out in pleasure, yes eat my titty,as he pulles her head firmly into his chest. Wipering and drying him she works her way behind him, grabbing fully on his ass cheeks, then rubbng tightly up against him hers hands reach around and caresses his cock and balls, while pulling him back into her as she dry humps his ass. Holding his stiff cock pointing towards me, she asks how would you like a nice warm mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking your sweet nectar from its well, then she moves to the front and leads him by the cock to the bed. Delivering his cock to my face as she wipes the precum from his cock then rubs it over my lips and inmy mouth. Trying to resist holding my mouth tighly closed Erotik hikaye and turning away, I feel extreme pain in my groins as she slaps me hard and repeatedly, until i beg her to stop, you will suck and fuck him and enjoy it if you want my pleasuring your cock. Tears running down my face I agree and except my faith, leaning up and over my chest and face he feeds me his rock hard cock, slowly across my lips saying lick it, get it nice and wet,before he presses foward into my mouth. Hear she says as she says ill show you how, as she does the same and talks me through the procedure.

Time continues as he face fucks me accuality at a gentle pase,but then his grunting and force continues as his cock slides deeper and faster in my throat. I feel a sharp pain at my asshole as she drives her dry finger deep into my ass, not stoping until the full lenght of her finger has entered. Dry fingering my asshole she tells the man how tight it feels and grips at her finger, hes fucking my face full force, buring his entire length, gagging me. She pulles her finger out of my ass with a poping soung, your on your own sweetie as she watches and he feeds me his first load of cum, grunting and pumpimg until his well is dry, and beleive me that felt like forever. As he slides off my face and chest,my face and lips a red and swollen, I’m not sure if I will ever be able to talk again. Stand at the head of the bed she asks if he liked that mouth, he says yes very much as she says his lips seem very swollen, I’m tryin to say fuck you bitch, but nothing comes out in words. By now its dark outside and they move over to the couch as they pour themselves a drink, and discuss the adventure.

Rest and recoupe for a bit before you turn him over and fuck him deep slow and hard, she says.

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