For the Boys Pt. 03


Neal and Lucas, now both red in the face from the show I’d just given them, wasted no time in showing me the other effect it’d made on them. I could only feel the drips of cum flowing from my well-used cunt stop as Neal plugged it with his fat member. Lucas mounted the bed and wordlessly shoved himself into my mouth, and I knew from the sensation of his balls on my chin that he had all six inches of himself down my throat.

Full again. That didn’t take too long.

I wish I could’ve seen the looks on their faces as they pushed into me, but I was satisfied enough with hearing their sighs as their wait to enter the coxswain slut ended. As the two newest members of the A-boat, they were the most eager of the bunch, having only gained access to my well-advertised assets this semester. Being so new, they delighted in using me at odd hours, bending me over the kitchen table mid-phone conversation, tit-fucking me in bathrooms between classes, sitting me in their laps during meals and pressing their fingers into my always-sodden cunt. Of course, I loved every minute of it, but the irregularity was taking its toll. A girl can only change her panties so many times in a day, after all.

“Damn Ava, has Jamey not fucked you in a while? You’re fucking FILLED,” Neal said, easing his thick member out of me, only to cram it back in again. God, did Neal know how to stretch a girl out. I’d have told him so if my tongue weren’t busy lapping at Lucas’s balls.

“I think Kyle had a nightcap too,” Lucas muttered, grunting as I managed to ensnare his right testicle with my tongue and suck it into my mouth as well, rolling over it with my tongue, enjoying its salty tang. “Heard his door close just before Jamey woke us up.”

So it had been James! I rolled my eyes, not that anybody could see me do so, and sank back on Neal’s cock, pulling Lucas’s out of my mouth but continued stroking him as I looked at him seriously.

“You know, you two could really be better about getting this out during the day. How often do I tell you boys that night fucks should be the exception, not the rule?”.

Lucas had the decency to look embarrassed but Neal, who fancied himself somewhat of a charmer, tried a different tactic to appease me, taking hold of my hips and grinding me back into the base of his cock. I felt the soreness from my earlier railings melt away as he gyrated slowly inside my cum filled passage. Lucas felt delightfully slick in escort videoları my hand, his slow bend so pleasant to ride, too, I thought. He gave me a knowing look and I felt Neal kiss the soft skin under my jaw, and I had to fight to keep my eyes from fluttering.

“No!” I snapped, pushing myself off of Neal, and deftly hopping off the bed. I felt an obscene amount of cum begin to drip down my trembling legs but I ignored it. Looking at the two boys, dicks wet with my bodily fluids, on their knees on my bed, eyes hungry with want, I briefly forgot why I’d escaped from their delicious grasps, but then, recalling, I steeled my gaze and tilted my jaw slightly.

“You boys have forgotten who’s in control here, haven’t you?” I mused, beckoning them towards me. They sat on the edge of the bed, and I put my hands on their firm chests, pushing them backwards till they lied flat with their legs dangling off. “Now tell me, who’s gonna make you boys cum?”.

“You are.” They mumbled tersely. Lucas’s penis flexed, rising briefly off of his abs before falling back down.

“That’s right,” I said softening my voice, taking each of them in one hand. “And when are you going to cum for me?”, I asked, squeezing their lengths, savoring their texture. Neal’s thicker shaft filled my hand beautifully, and I delighted at the sensation of squeezing his nearly-purple knob thru my fingers, while Lucas was rigid as iron, veined to perfection, pulsing in time to my slow caress. I could hardly stop myself from salivating as they looked back up at me with those eyes, wild and lustful, and I couldn’t help but wonder what fantasy’s were dancing behind them.

“During… the day?” Lucas panted, twitching as I massaged the head of his penis, but not willing to risk further provoking me. I could hardly blame them for keeping me up, wanting to spill their loads in me after hearing me mewl like a bitch in heat under James’ ravagement. Especially considering they weren’t the ones who’d woken me up in the first place! But young bulls needed to be taught to respect their whore, and I’d long since given up trying to teach James.

I didn’t harbor any misconceptions that my teasing handjob was anything other than that – a tease. Even as skilled as a woman can be, (and I was quite skilled) a man wants to plunge himself into a woman, not be milked like a cow. He wants to watch a woman take his length, feel gaziantep escort bayan videoları her body stretch to accommodate him, her tightness wrapped around him. My throat, ass, and pussy were holy to these boys, and I could feel through their stare how desperate they were to worship. I looked each deep in the eye, sizing them up, trying to decide who’d earned their climax first, as I pumped, and pumped, and pumped, only pausing to lubricate their throbbing shafts.

Neal I had blown this morning, filled my throat with his cum just before breakfast as I knelt between all five of them underneath the kitchen table, punctuating the other four’s conversation with the sounds of slurping and orgasms. But Lucas had to leave for class early, and hadn’t finished for me once today. Undoubtably his balls were filled to bursting, as he usually finished in me twice daily like clockwork. First, his morning blowjob, and then our post-practice session where he’d fuck me silly in the shower prior to turning the water on, reeking of sweat. He’d sheath himself inside my soft, wet hole and I’d put my arms against the wall, bend over, and bounce my ass on his cock, letting him relax after his workout. But I’m no real athlete, and when he wanted to cum, he’d gather me into his arms, pulling me tight to his musky body, and he’d piledrive my pussy until we both needed cleaning.

My wayward thoughts lit a match between my legs. Lucas looked at me with unveiled desperation behind his eyes as I spat on his rigid member. Neal was still putting up a suave charade, grinning at me, but his confidence was chipping away as each breath I took pressed the underside of my pale breast against his thigh, his engorged penis now almost as hard as Lucas’s. Almost five minutes had passed since I’d removed them from my all-too-empty orifices, and I decided they’d suffered enough.

Letting go of their cocks and grabbing their hands, I pulled them back up to sitting positions on the edge of the bed. Standing up, I turned around, letting my ass bounce a few times as I spun, and though I couldn’t see them, I was sure their eyes were locked on to my cheeks, already red from abuse. I grabbed under my cheeks and pulled them up and out, so that my slick, gaping holes were on display. Cum gushed out of both of them, and I was glad they couldn’t see my face as I blushed, slightly embarrassed.

“Who gaziantep escort videoları needs it?”, I cooed shyly, slowly swaying my hips. Neal grabbed for me, trying to line my cum filled asshole up with his cock, but I batted him away.

I felt behind me, found Lucas’s cock, and sank my cunt down onto him, resting my hands on his knees as my ass made impact on his hips. An explosion of fireworks popped into my head. His bend touched every part of me, and I rode him deliriously, bouncing up and down on his lap, my ass twerking on his absurdly hard cock, I could practically feel each ridge sluice through my juicy cunt. An orgasm shot thru me and I stopped riding only to grind down on his base to let him feel the clenching of my walls before I was bouncing again, eyes closed, trying to reward Lucas for being such a good boy. So patient. So hungry. So dominant. So respectful. He was learning so fast how fuck me like a whore.

Not like a whore. Like THE whore. The whore whose pussy cured insomnia, stress, and frustration. Whose curves would make you forget you’d ever seen a woman’s figure before. Who eagerly sucked down every load you offered while looking up at you with enormous eyes that begged you to fill up her throat again and again and again.

They would fuck me as goddamn Aphrodite.

My legs gave out as I came for the third time that night, falling backward onto Lucas’s toned chest. Without missing a beat, he began thrusting into me, holding my twitching body against him as he reamed me, my convulsing cunt hugging and massaging his invader. I was in heaven. Wave after wave of orgasm consumed me as he took what was his, claiming me. He kept such a furious pace I began to grow numb from pleasure, I wouldn’t have known he was close if it weren’t for his groans in my ear, letting me know he’d passed the point of no return.

I coaxed him on, telling him how good he felt inside me, how he earned his right to take me, how badly I needed his cum. As impossible as it was, his relentless thrusts inside me quickened, and the sounds of wet flesh on flesh rose to a crescendo until, with one last, impossibly deep thrust, I felt his entire length pulse, pulse again, tremble, and violently erupt as his cum filled me. Burst after burst filled me as the muscles in his upper arms strained to clench my body tight to him, relaxed, and then clenched again, each time filling me up with wave after wave of his warm, sticky cum. I ragdolled in his arms, happily accepting his load, murmuring incoherently how good of a job he did, how happy I was for him, how proud.

I could’ve stayed like that all night, drenched in sweat, Lucas still inside me, delirious from orgasm, if I hadn’t felt another strong pair of hands lift me off of him, and an unfamiliar cock thrust into my open, hungry mouth.

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