Four Poster Fun…


Gary is hard at work in the bedroom putting the finishing touches on the renovations he has been doing the past couple weeks. The place looks fantastic… new paint, crown molding, glass french doors that look out to a new patio, wall sconces and a four poster bed that just arrived yesterday. The place is the perfect love den he and his wife designed. Together they had picked out all the fabrics and colors.

He got them up early this morning so he could caulk some of the base molding he saw coming loose. He knew Suzie wanted to stay in bed with him, but he wanted to get it completed, in order to get all his tools out of the bedroom so they could celebrate the completion tonight in style.

As he was leaning down he heard her come in… “He baby, can you hand me that caulk gun next to you?” To which he heard no reply and she didn’t move. All he saw out of the corner of his eye was her literally tapping her little foot on the carpet.

He smiled to himself, not letting her see it, because he knew she was cranky in the mornings before her coffee, but was extra annoyed this morning because she didn’t get to make love first thing in the morning they way they usually did on the weekends. “Get it yourself” she said to him a moment later and started to march out of the room.

At this point he realized she was throwing a little fit and knew what she needed…some attention. He stood up and reached for her. As his hands met her arms from behind, she wrenched away from him and tried to keep walking. This annoyed him a bit, so he once again grabbed her and this time spun her around towards him with more force.

When she was facing him he said “Baby, look at me”. She was right up against him and was looking down like a petulant child.

“No. It’s too early for you to be doing all this carpenter stuff and I all I wanted was to stay in bed and cuddle and you just unilaterally decide we are getting up at the crack of dawn! “She said this time stamping her foot. She looked up with fire as she finished her sentence into his eyes.

“Hon, ten am is hardly the crack of dawn.” He said laughing gently. “Also, might I remind you that you were the one wanting this project completed, now that the bed had arrived” They both looked over th their beautiful new four poster bed with the carved posts. It was the kind of bed that was a pure indulgence. This is when he got his idea….He gathered his thoughts and said quite gruffly to her, shaking her shoulder a bit “So stop acting like this right now or..” He trailed off, throwing the gauntlet down…waiting for her to pick it up.

“Or what? Hmm?” She responded looking at him with her hands on her hips now. She was fuming, almost daring him now. She was either consciously or subconsciously trying to provoke him he realized and smiled.

“What’s so funny?” she said annoyed that he found her anger amusing. “You are being a brat right now sweetheart” Gary said holding on to her arms in a tight grip knowing she would not react well to this last comment.

“A brat???” She tried to break his hold on her but was not able to. “Let me go right now Gary! I’m serious…you can spend the rest of the day playing with your tools by yourself for all I care!” She was now working herself up to quite a state pushing against him to get away. He was not about to let her go now.

“I don’t think wanted my attention and now you’ve got it” He said deliberately pressing and turning her towards the bed. When the back of her knees hit the side of the bed he pushed her back and she fell onto the mattress. “Stay right there!” He said with force as he walked to the closet.

Suzie was a bit shocked at the strength in his voice. He sounded angry…she was thinking,..who is HE to be angry, she is the one who woke up all horny and wanting to make love this morning and instead was awaken to him asking for coffee while he got out of bed to start hammering things! As she thought about this she realized he was returning to the bed with something in his hand.

“What is that?” She questioned him, her arms crossed at her chest showing him she was still a bit annoyed but stayign where he told her to bomonti escort because she was happy to have his undivided attention now.

“My ties” He said calmly approaching her.

“Oh no…you ignore me one minute and want to get kinky the next? No way..I don’t think so!” She said, but with very little heat and what sounded like more excitement in her voice than protest. She glanced up briefly with interest to watch him walking towards her. He took in her body language. She was indeed turned on by this adventure. He could tell even as she tried to act non chalant.

“Oh yes susie. Now be a good girl for a change and lie back” He said this with such quiet strength that she did do just that.

A few weeks ago when they picked they were in the furniture store picking out beds, they saw this one. It was magnificant. Among all the other beds stood this mahogany canopy four posted creation. It had thick dark carved spindles that gracefully twisted and it led up to an arch of rod iron above the posts in a scolled twist. As he watched her walk around the bed he looked at the price tag. It was double what they had intended on spending. Gary read the price out loud and looked up to tell her they need to keep looking. But he stopped short by what he saw… Susie was looking and touching the bed. First she placed her hands on the matress and ran them over from top to bottom. Bouncing her hands on the matress. It was the thickest plushest one they had seen so far. Then she walked over to one of the posts and start running her hands up and down pointing out how beautiful the carving work was. From his point of view all he saw was her hands caressing the thick post in a sensual way that made him hard right there in the store. Then out of her mouth comes a joke about how it was the perfect bed to tie someone down and take advantage of them. She giggled and looked up at me quickly with a full blown blush on her face.

He realized right there that he had to have this bed. When he insisted they buy it, she insisted she was just kidding and it was way too expensive. As far as he was concerned he would count down the days until it was delivered.

So now here they both were, on their new beautiful bed acting out her and now his biggest fantasy. They had not talked about it at all since her comment in the store.

She realized that as she lied back on her new bed she had been looking forward to this moment since they first saw the bed.

They looked at each other then and both smiled. Each knowing they were thinking of the same thing.

She was still wearing his long tee shirt that she wears to sleep on most nights. She wore it because she got to smell him all night. He took on a stern tone again and said “Lie back right now Susie and put your arms and legs out..DO IT!”

She scrambled to comply, a little nervous and a lot turned on. “Ok baby. I want to apologize for my snap earlier, I was just…” H He leaned over her and put his finger to her lips. He said quielty leaning close “Be quiet now Susie, you WILL apologize but when I ask you to and that time is not yet.” He proceeded to tie each of her hands and legs to their new four poster bed. When he completed this he lifted his tee shirt up and it covered her face.

“I can’t see” She whined.

“I am aware of that sweetheart” He said smiling.

He now leisurely sat on the bed and stroked her belly softly and lightly with a whisper touch. Her belly contracted as she was very ticklish. He grazed her waist and hips with his fingers. Everywhere his fingers touched came the goose bumps. She started to squirm a bit . Gary then put his hands on each of her nipples and rubbed back and forth lightly until they were both standing at attention.

“mmmmm” was the only thing he heard out of her at this point. To which he surprised her by pinching each nipple slightly between his fingers at the same time and twisting them gently.

“OHHH” She said with surprise in her voice. It was as if she was going to say ow, but it came out more of an exclamation of pleasure.

“Your nipples like that baby, they are little pebbles between my cihangir escort fingers.” He said this rubbing them between his fingers, driving her slightly mad. She was moving her hips now a bit back and forth, rubbing her ass on the sheets. He could tell her body was heating up nicely.

He stood up and undressed. “What are you doing now?” She asked more timidly now, still not able to see him with the tee shirt resting over her head. “May I see please?” She asked so nicely that he removed the tee and slid it back down over her beautiful breasts so she could see again.

“Hi” Gary said looking into her lust filled eyes

“Hi” she said back, smiling at him now. He just stood there for a moment watching her tied to his bed, open to him, wanting him and knowing he was the luckiest guy in the world. He was raging hard now and she was staring at his cock. He looked at her and said leaned over to her to whisper in her ear “Don’t think you are getting off so easy after your little fit, I’m still going to teach you a lesson in manners.” He actually felt her shiver a little at this. He got on the bed and straddled her head after making sure there was a pillow under it. They had never done this particular position before but she knew what was coming and welcomed him by opening her mouth. He straddled her face and pressed his cock into her warm and waiting mouth. Her lips took him down her throat. He pressed deep in this position and she gagged a bit. He lifted off of her a bit and looked down to make sure she was ok…she was. She looked up at him with her mouth full and smiled with her eyes. He pressed down deeper again taking in her vulnerable position of having her hands splayed wide and secured tight to the bed. She was fiddling with the silk ties with her hands holding onto them for leverage as she swallowed him. After a bit he lifted off of her and sat next to her on the bed.

“I bet you want me to fuck you now don’t you baby” Gary said to her as he again tweaked her nipples.

“Yes please” She said sweetly smiling at him. “Also would you please remove these ties hon?”

“No” He replied calmly. He leaned down and sucked her nipples, one then the other. As he did this he pressed two fingers up inside of her very wet pussy. “You like being restrained don’t you baby?”

No answer. He pressed his fingers deeper inside of her and nipped her left nipple a bit harder as he added a third finger and pressed deeper. She gasped. He moved his fingers in and out of her stretching her tight pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb. He did this for a while, listening as her breathing quickened and her skin became flushed.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes” she responded and started rotating her hips with his movements. He could tell she was very close. He stopped everything and removed his fingers and mouth and sat up to look at her. She opened her eyes bewildered and said “Why did you stop?”

He looked at her and replied “because you will now apologize for being a bitch this morning and you better mean it or I will not let you have an orgasm.” This really pissed her off and all of a sudden she started fighting against her bonds.

“I will not apologize” She said it petulantly as she turned her face away from him. It was actually funny to see her try to fight her own body. She was so aroused that her pussy was glistening wet. He just stayed on the side of the bed and turned her face back towards him.

“Yes you will and you will beg me to make you cum as well.” He took one finger and wet it with her own juices and then pressed his finger to her lips coating them. He then leaned down and kissed her on her beautiful mouth. Against her better judgment she kissed back, both of them licking each other’s lips and sucking each other’s tongues.

He was rock hard for her but was determined to tease her and bring her pleasure like this before taking his. He moved his head to her ear and darted his tongue inside. As he did this he resumed with fingering her. As he pressed deeper, his knuckles hit the inside of her pussy lips stretching her wider. She moaned and opened her knees a bit wider. kurtuluş escort He whispered in her ear “If you want to cum baby, you must ask me nicely first.” She ignored this and started squeezing her muscles around my fingers. Her breath was quickening and she was close. He stopped what he was doing. “Ask me” he said.

She was so turned on and so ready to cum that she responded with “Let me cum.”

“Not good enough” he responded and lightly spanked her pussy with his open palm. It stung a bit but not enough to hurt. She yelped and he dove his tongue back into her ear making her squirm again. “Tell me you want me to fuck you with my fingers. Tell me you need to cum. Tell me anything baby, but ask me nicely” He said this resuming his administrations with his fingers back inside of her. He was moving them faster now and deeper. He even curled them a bit inside of her and was hitting some magic area.

She was soaking wet and he felt her juices coating his hand. She was again close so he stopped. It was hard to so. Finally he heard what he wanted.. “Please Gary, please make me cum, I can’t take it, don’t stop, I’m sorry I was bitchy, I didn’t mean it, I just needed you. I need it so badly, please darling I’m begging you!” She said this last with desperation and pleading.

It was more than he had hoped for. He fastened his mouth to her nipple and sucked hard as he pressed not three but four fingers this time up inside of her. She moaned a bit as he stretched her even further with the fourth finger. He fucked her hard with them. She rode his hand with abandon. He sat up to watch the look on her face as she climaxed. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Her eyes were closed and she was bucking her hips wildly. Her head was tossing back and forth on the bed as her hands and legs strained against the silk ties. Her little pants and moans filled the air. When she came it was like she froze for a brief moment and then shook all over. Her reaction was his undoing, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer to fuck her. He waited until her pussy slowed in its pulsing on his hand. He then moveed above her and entered her with his raging cock. She was not able to hold onto his back as she usually did, all she could do is take him inside of her and move her hips up to join him. He heard her say “Yes, Yes, please fuck me, take me..I’m yours!” This sent him over the edge of civility. He wrapped his hands under her ass and drilled her hard. She took it over and over again squeezing her muscles around him. He fucked her hard and fast and deep and he groaned out in release on top of her. As he came inside of her he felt her pussy contracting in a release once again.

As soon as he was physically able he sat up and undid the ties holding her to the bed. She rubbed each of her wrists where the ties left a little red mark. She was quiet and watching him as he finished undoing her ankles. He laid back down on the bed next to her. They laid next to each other quietly for a while. He knew this was a new experience for both of them but it being so exciting he planned on a repeat performance in the near future. He was lying there hoping she was not too freaked out by giving in to him the way she did. Just then she moved her head to rest on his chest and hooked her leg over his draping herself over him slightly. She then started to trace little circles on his tummy. “um..hon?”

He smiled, hearing the nervousness in her voice but knowing with her actions she was a happy girl. “Yes baby?” He said, wrapping his hands around her gently running his hands up and down her back giving her little chills as he knew she liked.

“You were quite forceful today” She said as if they were discussing the weather. He knew she was exploring a subject that was both intriguing and intimidating for her. After how well their experience went, he was already trying to think of scenarios in which he would control her again.

“Yes Susie, You were a bad girl and had to be punished.” He continued with this line of speaking feeling the chills raise on her back. “After you gave in and apologized though you were rewarded, weren’t you?” He asked, now stroking her hair with one hand.

“Yes” She whispered. He knew she had more on her mind, because she kept almost speaking. He kept silent ..waiting.

“Gary?” She finally asked very sweetly.

“Yes, my love?”

“Did I happen to mention that I put a small dent in your car door last month pulling in and hid it from you?”

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