Fraternity Cum Bucket – Part 2


Fraternity Cum Bucket – Part 2

Please read part one first:

The next day was Friday and Mom invited my cousin Jane over to spend the night. We had a nice meal and relaxed a little around the dining room table afterwards. Dad went out with his buddies basically just to get out of the house.

Mom decided to have a little wine tasting party. She opened a bottle of wine and poured four small glasses while Cinnamon got a tray of crackers and cheese that had already been made up and was in the refrigerator.

Mom made a big deal out of reading the label, smelling the cork, and telling us where it had been made. We got to swirl the wine around in our glasses, smell the aroma, and then sip the wine. We got to swirl it around in our mouths and coat our tongues with it to get the full flavor of the wine before swallowing it. We made some comments then sipped it again. When we were finished we had a cracker and some cheese to cleanse our pallets.

Mom opened another bottle and poured some of that wine into four new glasses for us. We went through the whole thing again. After the forth bottle of wine Mom let us pick out the one that we liked the best and have some more of it.

Jane was nineteen years old like I was while Cinnamon was only seventeen years old. We were not very experienced with drinking wine and started feeling pretty good. Actually we were too young to drink according to the law but we had snuck some before. This was much nicer because we didn’t have to sneak around.

Mom started asking Cinnamon and I about our sex lives and when we lost our virginity and how. After I told her that it was the girl down the street when I was fifteen Cinnamon told us that she lost it with that same girl’s brother when she thirteen. Mom thought that it was funny that a brother and sister lost their virginities to another brother and sister the very same summer. Then Mom asked Jane.

Jane told us about loosing her virginity two summers ago when she was seventeen at the Church Bible Camp that summer. She was a counselor in training for her church and was there the entire summer for all eight weeks. The second week there she went skinny dipping with some of the other girl counselors. The boy counselors took their clothes and made them come up on shore, show off their bodies, and beg for their clothes back. Well the begging involved letting Sex hikayeleri all of the boy counselors feel their breasts and pussies then sucking one of the boy’s penises until he cum. Most of the girls spit the cum out but Jerome asked her to please swallow his cum so she did. After that she and Jerome got together every night. After three nights of blowjobs he made love to her and then every night after that until Bible Camp ended.

Then Mom told us about her experience with the Fraternity. She mentioned that her sister Sioux was there too. Mom made it sound a whole lot better than when she told Cinnamon and I the story last night.

Mom said, “I had this opportunity of a lifetime to have sixteen very handsome college men make love to me all day long. That’s where I first met your Uncle Frank. My sister and I were chosen to help my brother Ted get a free scholarship to the Fraternity for his whole four years at college. That way he didn’t have to worry about where he would live or how he would pay for it.”

Mom finished her glass of wine and filled all of our glasses before continuing her story. “We arrived at eight o’clock in the morning on a Saturday. We were looking good. We had on prom dresses, stockings, and high heels. We had on makeup, our best jewelry, and perfume. We were the belle of the ball. We were escorted into the ballroom where the boys had placed several mattresses. My sister and I undressed as sixteen of the most handsome men watched. Even our brother Ted was among them.”

A sip of wine and, “Once we were undressed the boys examined us. It was a lot like being in a doctor’s office. Except we didn’t get to wear those paper gowns and there were sixteen doctors examining us. We were laid down and had our pussies probed by each of them then we had our pussies poked with their nice hard cocks. Oh it was the greatest feeling in the World. We never wanted it to end and it didn’t either because there was another hard cock to take his place and another one after that. Then we got to suck their cocks and swallow their cum like you did at Bible Camp. I always wondered what sixteen cocks tasted like and that day I found out. My sister did too. Then we were initiated into anal sex. It hurt at first but we quickly got used to it. However near the end we sure had more than we really wanted. The next morning at eight o’clock Sikiş hikayeleri the boys took us into the shower and cleaned us up real good inside and out then helped us get dressed and took us home. It was an experience that Sioux and I will never forget.”

Cinnamon said, “My brother asked me to help him get into that same Fraternity! Do you want to help me?’

Jane just smiled then said, “There’s more to this than you have told me isn’t there!”

Cinnamon said, “Well yes! The sixteen boys will include my brother and the boys will try to fuck us to death!”

Jane got a big smile on her face and said, “Count me in!”

I said, “Wow!

Jane said, “Mom keeps a very close eye on me and I can’t hardly get laid any more. I really need to be fucked good!”

Mom turned to me and said, “Why don’t you take the two girls up to your room while I clean up down here.” Then she added, “Take care of your cousin first! Your sister can always get all she wants anytime she wants it. Hell I know her father has been wanting to give it to her too.”

Cinnamon giggled and said, “Cool!”

So I took Jane by the hand and went to my bedroom. She wanted it desperately and told me to forget about any foreplay and that she was more than wet enough. She was right too because my hard cock slipped right into her wet pussy. She had her first orgasm before I even hit bottom. She exploded and didn’t care who knew it either. She kept shouting, “Oh God, Oh God,” over and over until her orgasm subsided.

Cinnamon laughed and said, “God, Jane you really did need it!”

Jane said, “You don’t know how badly! I can’t even finger fuck myself at home or I get yelled at. The only time I can ‘Jill off’ is when I’m sitting on the toilet and that can’t be for more than a minute or two and either my mother or my sister comes in to check on me.”

Jane reached another orgasm with my cock stroking into her. Then Cinnamon reached her hand in near my cock and started playing with Jane’s clit while I fucked her. Jane said, “Oh God, Cinnamon that feels so good. Please don’t ever stop.” So together Cinnamon and I gave Jane five terrific orgasms before I filled her with cum. Once I pulled out Cinnamon got right in there and kept up her fingering of Jane’s clit. Then she put her mouth to Jane’s pussy and started slurping up our combined love juice. Cinnamon Erotik hikaye used her tongue on Jane to give her another orgasm.

By then Mom was in the room with us and suggested that I break in her ass for the Cum Bucket event. Jane was all for it. Mom reached out a finger with a big gob of K-Y Jelly on it and poked as much as she could into Jane’s virgin asshole. Then she coated my cock with what was left on her fingers. All I could think about was “Wow My mother just played with my cock.” That in itself made me harder than I could ever remember. Cinnamon helped me guide it into Jan’s asshole as Mom held her ankles up next to her ears. She had placed a pillow under Jane’s head so that she could watch my cock slip into her asshole. I had only fucked Cinnamon’s ass two years ago and nobody else would let me do it to them since. All four of us watched as my cock disappeared completely into Jane’s asshole until my balls were resting on her butt cheeks. Then I slowly and gently fucked her for more than ten minutes. After all I had just cum a few minutes ago. Jane actually seemed to be enjoying it. That or the fact that Cinnamon was rubbing her clit again while I fucked her. Either way Jane enjoyed it and had three more orgasms.

After that Mom suggested a blowjob but Jane said that she was already very good at that. Every Sunday before Church Services she sucks her Pastor’s cock. He likes it and is much more relaxed during the service. She used to be an Alter Girl until he promoted her to Cock Sucker.

When Jane asked me to fuck her pussy again I told her that she would have to wait a little while. Dad spoke up; “Can we be of any assistance?”

Mom turned to see her husband and her brother in the doorway. Sioux was right behind them. The rest of the evening we tried to scratch that itch up inside Jane’s pussy. Dad and Uncle Ted did their best as did I. However, the three women helped out too by sucking and playing with her clit. Jane was in heaven being on the receiving end of this sex match.

After we were all exhausted Jane said, “Cinnamon would you mind if I took care of the Fraternity all by myself?”

Cinnamon said, “No! I think you really need it and don’t think you need any help at all. In fact I think it’s the boys that will need the help!”

We all laughed. Mom tucked Jane and I in bed together and turned off the lights.

I saw Cinnamon grab Dad’s cock and say, “I want some of this too you know!”

Then Dad said, “Not tonight dear! How about you wake me up early and I’ll see what I can do!

The End

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