She smiled at him, flashing her teeth. “hey baby, what are you up too?”
” not much honey just checkin you out.” as he smiled back he replied,”oh thats right youre a biter. I like that!”
She laughed a bit and pulled him on the bed with her “yea I’m a biter but you love it! Want to come curl up with me?” she said with a twinkle in her eye.
“yea, let’s cuddle babe.” he said opening his arms to her. “Mmm.” he smiled slyly as he already knew what was gonna happen next.
She curled into his arms facing him. She kissed his neck, then traced down his chest and pulled on his nipple with her teeth “you know I love doing this with you!”
“i know you do i have the bruises to prove it but im not complaining” he said as he pulled her in closer.
She smiled and kissed all his bruises “I’m sorry I was so rough my love”
“But i like it” he said as he ran his hand across her asscheek giving it a light slap as he caressed it. 
She moaned soft and kissed his neck again, taking a rough bite “I like it too.” 
When she pulled back he could see her nipples getting hard and felt moisture from her crotch on his leg as she slowly grinded up against it. She moaned an pulled his head down to her tits, they were begging for his attention. As he gently suckled one nipple and grasped the other he said to her “i love your tits i could suck on them all night”
She moaned an grinded on his leg “I love when you have my tits in your mouth. You turn me on so much!”
 “i love havin them in my mouth but theres something else i wanna suck on” he said with a grin.
She laughed deep in her throat “Yea and I’m missing my best friend. I’d like to play with him.” as Porno hikayeleri she said that he laid back letting her slowly undress him to expose his manhood to her. Her eyes lit up with delight as it sprang up from my undies. She took him slowly into her mouth, licking the head. “mmmm, oh I missed you so much. You taste so good!” The sensation was mindblowing as she gentle sucked on his member making his eyes roll back and his hip gently thrust upwards. She opened her mouth wider letting him slide more into her mouth, she groaned softly.
“mmmm you make it feel sooo good”he slowly slid his hand down her pants inserting a finger into her already drenched pussy. She moved with his finger wanting more of him inside her, she looked up at him with her brown eyes, his dick in her mouth, she talked around it. “baby….I want your dick in me.” 
“Not until i get to taste your sweet nectar” he flipped her around ad pulled off her panties exposing her moist puss, he gave it a flick of his tongue only to see her quiver with delight. She squirmed and shook a bit “dont tease me babe, eat my pussy!” she pushed her pussy into his face.
 as she did that he knew it was on so he drove his tongue up against her clit licking her furiously, she squealled a little. He knew she wanted more so he stuck a finger in her ass and one in her puss only to have her buck wildly with pleasure. She wiggled and opened her ass up wider for his fingers to slide in more easily “that’s right baby, finger my tight little asshole!” he could tell from how worked up she was that it was time to fill her pussy with his thick cock so he pulled his head out of her crotch Erotik hikaye and gently rubbed the head of his cock up against her clit asking her “how bad do you want it?” She pushed back on him and wined like a puppy “I want it so bad, give me you dick daddy! I want it in my pussy, I want you to fill me and stretch me out.”  He gently pushed only the head in with the intent of teasing her but as he did she had other ideas. She thrust back burying his cock deep in her pussy and she looked back devilishly and said “i told you i wanted it daddy” She moved slowly rocking her hips, pushing him in further each time. He smacked her ass, and she let out a little squeal. “harder daddy!”
He began to pump her harder and faster with every stroke he reached up and pulled her head back.
“oh baby I love when you fuck me like I’m a little whore.” she moved with him, she was wound right tight, all she cared about was his dick in her. He then started to really fuck her hard as he did he took his thumb and put it against her ass and pushed it in to the first knuckle. She bit the pillow and pushed against his thumb “oh baby….mmmm…..you fuck me so goood!” he then proceeded to pull his thumb out and spit on her tight asskhole and began to lick it. She moaned and wiggled with please. “that’s right baby. Eat my asshole. Mmmm. God, don’t stop!” he ran his tongue around her hole a few times and poked the tip of his tongue into her ass only to see that she was enjoying him eating her ass.
“oh fuck….no more…I need your dick in my ass, please baby. Fuck my ass!” 
She rotated her ass in his face. He continued to eat her ass for a few more minutes Sikiş hikayeleri before finally spitting on her rosebud and rubbing his cock across her tight hole. He pushed his cock deep into her asshole. She gripped the bed tightly and let out a moan, it hurt but felt good all at the same time. She felt like a dirty whore, but she loved it because she was his whore. She took her hands and spread her ass apart, letting him really fuck her. As she pulled her cheeks apart he seen hid opportunity to bury himself deep in her ass. He pushed a little harder and deeper with every pump, as he did he whispered to  her “your a good lil whore! daddys gonna fuck ur ass good”
She moaned and tried opening up more “oooh I love being your whore daddy, fuck my ass. Treat me like a dirty little bitch!” as she said that he really got excited and began to feverishly fuck her ass as hard and as fast as he could. He reached up and grabbed her by the neck and said “take it all you dirty bitch you know you love it”
“oh I love it, I love when you treat me like the bitch I am. Mmmm. Choke me baby, make your whore cum all over your thick cock!” she moved in little jerks, rocking back as hard as she could. all the excitement was beginning to be to much for him as he started to climax he asked her “where do you want me to cum?”
“cum in your whores ass, please cum for me baby!” she was practically yelling at him, she was so close to cumming. Without further encouragement he gave a dozen or so hard long strokes before erupting deep inside her tight ass finally slumping over her in total satisfaction. She came with him, she gushed all over his nuts. She laid on the pillow spent. He rolled off her slowly and wrapped his arms around her, they drifted off slowly into sleep.
So thats the end to our wonderful story…….or is it?

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