Good Pet


As I lay between the boys I closed my eyes and began to imagine what was to come. I had worn a small denim skirt and low cut top and both boys were wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We were just watching TV and I offered to give them a massage each, as long as I got one in return. I straddled Ty and began to rub his back, neck and shoulders. Dylan lay down on his front next to us ready for his turn and I moved onto him, running my hands up under his t-shirt.

I lay down between them and Ty began to rub my back, relaxing me. I could feel his soft hands on my bare skin. Both boys smelled wonderful. I knew the scent of the aftershave they were wearing and it turned me on to smell the masculinity of them both as they crouched over me. Dylan took his turn and in doing so, unhooked my bra. He ran his hands over my shoulders and round my sides to cup my breasts, taking my nipples between his fingers and squeezing them.

I turned onto my back and they removed my bra and top, I was lying half naked between them. They took a boob each and began to massage me into a state of lust and sexual desire. When this wasn’t enough, Dylan licked his fingers in order to make my nipples wet so he could arouse me even more.

I reached down and felt their hardening cocks beneath their jeans and began to work my magic on each of them, feeling their shafts straining to break free of their confinements. Whilst Dylan continued playing with my boobs and nipples, Ty turned his attentions to my ever-moistening pussy. I brought their cocks out from their confines in order for me to fully pay attention to their shafts and run my hands up and down their entire lengths. Meanwhile, Ty was pinching my clit görükle escort and sliding his fingers inside me, feeling the juices from my pussy surround his fingers.

Dylan took my head and guided my mouth to his cock, and I obligingly opened up. I took him deep, slowly at first, enabling him to adjust to the warmth of my tongue wrapped around his hardened cock. I looked at him, cock in mouth, so he could see the glisten in my eyes; I enjoy going down on a man. This only turned him on faster and he gripped the back of my head and pushed his cock deep into my throat. He fucked my mouth hard, I should have gagged but that reflex disappeared long ago. Soon enough I could feel him shoot his load deep into the back of my throat.

Ty was ready for his turn. Still swallowing my first load of hot, sticky cum, I wrapped my lips around Ty’s cock and began to flick the underside with my tongue. He gently held my head but did not force me deep like Dylan; I was a little disappointed but knew that he would get more excited as I began to massage his balls with my free hand. I could hear Dylan getting undressed as I received another load in my throat.

“Get on your knees.” This was more like it. Dylan was used to what turned me on, a good, sharp order that I would follow without question and I knelt between the two boys. I held both cocks in my hands and took it in turns to deep throat them both. Dylan held my head and massaged one boob whilst Ty had the other. He forced me down as deep as I could go onto Ty’s cock and I heard a little moan escape Ty’s lips.

They pushed me onto my back and Dylan knelt at my head whilst Ty was between my legs. Ty spanked me görükle escort bayan and hit my pussy, catching my clit and turning me on. He sucked at my pussy lips and clit and I could feel them swell and become sensitive under his touch. Dylan held his cock at my face and slapped my cheeks a few times before making me take his cock deep again, forcing himself down on top of me.

As I sucked Dylan’s cock and he played with my rock hard nipples, I knew that I was coming closer to orgasm. Ty lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and rammed me deep and fast till I came, my pussy muscles squeezing around his cock as he pumped harder inside me. As I opened my mouth to scream in ecstasy, Dylan shot his load over my face calling me his dirty little whore. I liked being his whore, the sex was so much better that way.

I licked the cum off of my face and swallowed everything I could, not wanting to waste anything. Dylan dragged me up by my hair and Ty lay on the bed, his cock standing to attention before me. He sat near the edge with his feet on the floor and Dylan forced me to sit on his cock and not to move. I could feel my pussy wanting attention with it filled up of cock. Dylan stood behind me holding me still by my hair and playing with my nipples, I could feel my pussy dripping wet. Ty reached down and started to rub my clit furiously and I leant back against Dylan, arching my back. I knew I would not be allowed to cum unless they told me to and I tried desperately to hold it in.

“Do you think she’s waited long enough?” Ty asked and I felt Dylan nod in agreement. He pinched both my nipples hard and pulled them up towards him, twisting them and bursa escort causing me to gasp in pain.

“Cum for us, slut.” I let go the orgasm I had been holding in and proceeded to squirt as I came, soaking Ty’s chest as I sat, straddling him still.

“Now clean your mess up.” Dylan once more grabbed my hair pulling me up off of Ty and then bending me over to lick my juices from Ty’s chest. He forced my head down and spanked me hard as I lapped up my own juices. He pulled my head up but continued to push me in a way that I was bent over in front of him, over Ty on the bed.

I screamed out as Dylan rammed his hard cock up my ass with no warning. His cock was bigger than Ty’s and I had no warm up at all. He held my hips as I steadied myself on Ty’s legs and pulled himself deep inside my ass over and over as hard as he could. Ty grabbed my boobs and pulled me towards him.

“Ride me, too.” He said. I climbed onto the bed straddling Ty and lowering my pussy onto his cock. As Dylan pumped my ass with his large cock, Ty lifted his hips and thrust inside my pussy. There was no way that I was going to be able to stop my impending orgasm this time. I screamed out and fell against Ty, holding him close to me as Dylan shot his load inside my ass, groaning as he did so. Ty threw me off of him and he too came to fill my ass with his cum.

They kept me bent over, holding my head against the bed and my ass high in the air. One of them pulled my ass cheeks apart to reveal their cum dripping from my ass hole, down towards my cunt. They slapped my ass and pussy, telling me I was a good pet and that I had pleased them.

I slept in their arms, their little play-thing, feeling loved and cared for as I knew they loved me. Just because my relationship with Dylan was in the past, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to treat me. And starting my relationship with his best friend Ty, I believe there was a lot that he could teach him about his new Pet.

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