Good Things Happen in Threes


Lola was walking down the street one winter day when she noticed a hunk walking the other way. He was wearing a sleeveless tank top which exposed his rippling chest. Lola looked at him and asked him, “aren’t you cold like that?”
He replied, “yes, but I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t take care of.”
Lola, realizing this hunk had just hit on her, and simultaneously subtly suggested sex, blushed. She said to him, “Do you really want me to do that? I could turn you from cold to hot quickly. Really, really hot.”
The guy said, “I like it when its hot enough to melt snow. Do you want to get started here, or would you rather we went back to my place?”
Lola asked, “what kind of girl do you think I am? I don’t do such things in public. And I don’t know you well enough to go to your place. We’ll go to my dorm room. My roommate is out, so we’ll have the dorm to ourselves. By the way, what’s your name?” Then she gave him a coy smile.
He replied, “Tony.”
When they got back to the dorm room, Lola was searching her purse for her keys when Tony squeezed her whole ass tightly with both of his huge hands. Surprised by this, Lola nearly drops her purse; but instead, begins to look for her keys quicker. She finally finds them at the bottom of the purse, and puts the key in the door. Before she turns the key, Tony gets close to Lola. He hugs her from behind, putting his hands by her belly, slowly moving one hand down toward her crotch. She could feel his cock through her clothes, pressing against her ass, growing as he hugged her harder. She turned the key in anticipation, hoping that she could restrain herself until they got in the room, and that no one saw them enter.
Once they got in, she could no longer hold herself back. Forgetting to lock the door, she turns around and draws Tony close, and starts to kiss him. She kisses him hard on the lips, and he kisses her back. The more they kiss, the more she wants him. Tony starts sticking his tongue into Lola’s mouth, touching her tongue. They french kiss for nearly a minute, when Lola starts to take his shirt off. With unrestricted access to his chest, she puts her hand on his hairless chest. It was hot, tanned, and ripped. She breathed heavy as she felt his heart beat under her hand.
“You work out. I like that in a man,” she said. Then she kissed him again. She worked her way down his neck, kissing gently as she went.
When she started kissing his chest, he said to her, “if you like muscles, I’ve got one in my pants you’ll love.”
She stopped kissing him, looked at his face and smiled. When he saw this, he began to unzip his pants. Excited, Lola took off her shirt, revealing that she wore no bra. Sex hikayeleri Her tits were perfect. Smooth and firm, with no stretch marks. The nipples were surrounded by perfect brown circles. The nipples themselves were firm and pointy from her arousal. After Tony dropped his pants, still in his underwear, he looked up and saw her perfect tits. He reached out to touch one, caressing it softly. He leaned toward her, and kissed her breast. His mouth moved closer to her nipple. He started kissing her nipple, then he was sucking on it while caressing her other breast. He took her nipple between his teeth, and gently pulled on it. This pleased her. He moved his head between her tits, and stuffed it in there. He wiggled his head back and forth, then stopped. He began to lick her cleavage with exaggeration. Going as far from bottom to top as he could.
Remembering his underwear, he took it off revealing an 8” cock. Hard as a rock, and promising pleasure beyond her wildest dream, she looked at it in amazement. Tony saw this look on her face, and smiled. Happy with himself, he began to kiss her again. As they made out, Lola reached for Tony’s dick and began to stroke it. His dick only got harder, and hotter. He felt as if he were about to cum. Not ready to, he pushed her away, then took her pants off.
Seeing her pink silk panties, he felt around the lace band surrounding her leg. He then poked a finger under her panties at this point, touching her pussy lips. He caressed her pussy carefully. Lola was happy, Tony had given up his orgasm just to please her. He bit her panties at the lowest point, and pulled it off with his teeth alone. They then went to the bed where Lola lay down on her back.
Tony rubbed Lola’s pussy with the palm of his hand, sending pure pleasure through her. As his hand went downward, he brought it to two fingers, one on each of her pussy lips. He then pushed her lips together, and then began to spread them apart revealing her pink insides. With her pussy spread apart, he used the first two fingers on his other hand to insert into her pussy. His fingers went as far in as it would allow. He began to move them in and out, slowly at first then faster, rubbing against her clitoris. She began to climax, and moan at the pleasure.
Just before she reached her peak, he stopped fingering her and spread her pussy with both hands, then stuck his tongue in her. He made sure to lick her pussy lips, and the side of it too. She wasn’t getting as much pleasure from this as she had expected, so Tony had stuck a finger in her pussy, wiggling it around while sticking his tongue around it as well. This time, Lola climaxed and had an orgasm.
Tony Sikiş hikayeleri wasn’t done however. He climbed on top of her, sitting so his dick was between her tits, and began to tit fuck her. He pushed her tits together so they would simultaneously rub against his dick. Lola was still tingling from her orgasm, so this had little effect for her, except to see the expression on Tony’s face. Tony was getting only minimally aroused, so he got off her tits, and stuck his dick in her mouth. She took it in slowly. It was only the head at first, but she eventually took him all in, deep-throating him. Tony quickly got frustrated because he didn’t like getting a blow job while he was on top, so he moved them around where they were both lying on the bed, side by side. She continued to suck his long hard cock, until she almost bleached it. After several minutes, he pulls his dick out of her mouth, and starts jerking off until his cum shoots out all over Lola’s face. She enjoys the warm feeling on her face, and is grateful that he didn’t make her swallow it.
Just when Lola thinks they’re done, Tony lays her on her back, and straddles her, placing his now flaccid dick in her pussy. It felt curious to her. She had never before felt a soft dick inside her. To her surprise, she felt it grow to the full 8 inches. Only now, it felt bigger, if only because the biggest thing she recently had in her were his fingers. She was amazed he could keep going. She had always thought men were finished after one orgasm. He surprised her when he started pumping her again. As his dick went in and out, his muscular chest laid against her tits. Their faces close to one another, breathing heavy. They began to kiss as they fucked. It grew passionate. They french kissed until they had a simultaneous orgasm that was better than anything either of them had ever had before. It was like spectacular fireworks. Tony had really given all of himself to her.
When they were done, Tony lay on his back, on the bed next to Lola. They both smiled, happy. Lola then climbed on top of Tony, straddling him. She sat on his dick, but did not put it in herself. She laid his dick on his belly, and put her pussy on it, spreading its lips to surround his dick. This aroused them both. She looked at his dick poking out from under her pussy, and began to play with the head. She looked at Tony’s face pleased. She had asked him if they could do it again, and he had said, “any time.”
“Are you ready for more now,” she asked.
“Sure,” he replied.
She moved just enough to remain on top of him, and for his dick to go into her asshole. As Lola started moving up and down on him, the door Erotik hikaye opened. It was then that she remembered that she was too much in a hurry before to lock it. She was glad no one walked in on them sooner. She stopped moving on Tony, with his full dick inside her, and looked at the door. It was her roommate’s boyfriend, Angelo.
Angelo saw what was going on, and said, “sorry, I was looking for your roommate.”
“It’s ok,” Lola said. “You could wait.” Angelo had accidentally seen her naked getting out from the shower once, so Lola didn’t mind him staying.
Angelo watched as Lola and Tony continued fucking. Angelo started to get horny watching, so he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He started jerking off while looking at them, especially Lola with her perky tits, and little pubic hair. His dick was so hard and tense, you could see the veins popping out from it.
While jerking off, he realized the door was still open when he heard noise outside the room. He closed and locked the door, then walked over to Lola while he continued to masturbate. Lola and Tony continued to hump while letting out little moaning sounds. When Angelo got near, Lola pushed his hand away and started jerking him off while she continued to go up and down on Tony. She was on automatic, she wasn’t even thinking about what she was doing; she was just doing it.
When Angelo was near climax, he pushed Lola’s hand away, and climbed on the bed, standing facing Lola. Hard as a rock, he pulled Lola’s face toward him with one hand and pushed his hard dick down to go in her mouth. Initially, she resisted having already given someone a blow job that day. Angelo insisted, so Lola reluctantly agreed. She was now sucking his dick, while she continued to go up and down on Tony. This was a new experience for her. She never had sex with two men before. She was near her climactic point the entire time. It felt like she was going to explode.
Angelo wasn’t as thoughtful when he orgasimed. When his cum came out, it went directly into Lola’s mouth. It was the first time she had ever tasted cum. She was surprised to find it tasted good. Although she wouldn’t want to make a habit of drinking it. When Angelo was done, he began to feel Lola’s tits. The nipples stood out like missiles on a launching pad. He licked them one at a time, careful to caress the brown circles around each nipple to heighten her pleasure.
Angelo then lowered Lola backward so that she and Tony were both on their backs on the bed at the same time, and Tony’s dick was still inside her ass. Angelo then looked at her pussy, and rubbed her clitoris once as if for good luck, then began to put his own dick in her pussy. Tony and Lola were both motionless at this time. Every time Angelo thrust his dick into Lola’s pussy, it shook all three of them, giving them all pleasure. This time, they orgasmed one at a time.

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